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  1. GundamFreakX

    CGRH's Tat ^^

    Well, boy, I can only imagine what it could be for. LOL
  2. GundamFreakX

    Iron Photochef 2007 Open

    This kind of makes me wish I had Photoshop. Too bad today is Friday, and there's no submissions yet.
  3. GundamFreakX

    So...What is everyone listening to right now?

    Out Here - Pendulum Let Me Borrow That Top - Kelly Prepare for War - Dragonforce
  4. GundamFreakX

    So...What is everyone listening to right now?

    Hold Your Colour - Pendulum Born Too Slow - The Crystal Method Sucked In - Jerk Shoes - Kelly (I'm HOOKED on this song. It's hilarious! ) Landslide - The Dixie Chicks
  5. I'm guessing you've probably heard this a thousand time from a thousand people before, but let me tell you it so you can be sure that I am the one thousand and first person to agree with them. It's YOUR poetry! WHat you do with it is what you do with it, and nothing nor no one can change your work. There, I said it before anyone... As for grammar correction...nah, I'm just kidding. It's a really good wor, though. I almost forgot what Starry Night was, actually. Then, I read this, and it came to mind. No lying.
  6. GundamFreakX

    Kingdom Hearts 3 world wish list

    It's about time, then, although a few Disney worlds would still be good. Still, some Final Fantasy worlds will hopefully get some deserved attention. Does this mean that Squaresoft is takig full control over the project then, because it would seem that this would kind of raise the ESRB rating to Teen, IMHO, and I thought Dinsey shyed from doing things like that (although Pirates of the Caribbean is quite the exception in their movie standards).
  7. GundamFreakX

    How much manga do you have?

    My collection of manga is a bit low right now, but at the current moment, they are as follows: All seven volumes of FAKE (I LOVE this series) 1st volume of Gravitation (I don't plan on continuing this, but I might) You and Harujion (That's a good one-shot) Unfortunately, that's it. I wish it could be bigger, but the most I get out of mangas are the ones I borrow from my friends. I am trying to get Yellow, though.
  8. GundamFreakX

    Kingdom Hearts 3 world wish list

    Well, to get back on the topic...(although that argument was fun reading) Drop List: 1. Atlantica - I'm sure we can all agree that this world sucks, especially in KH2. Being half-dolphin gets tiresome after a while. And I won't even talk about the singing... 2. Pride Lands - Sora as a cub, while cute, did nothing to remove the annoyingness of the bad voice acting and, shall I say, un-original storyline. 3. Hollow Bastion - I have to agree with Hell Cat. This world is getting annoying. The only reason I put up with it was the promise of battling Sephiroth. Keep: 1. Tron - Maybe because I'm a science-fiction cyberpunk junkie, or because this was one of the only Disney worlds that had a good storyline without using it's storyline. 2. Hundred Acre Wood - I love Pooh Bear to death. I lover him so much...*hugs Pooh Bear* 3. Hercules - Love the tournaments. Wish List: 1. Meet the Robinsons - The desecrated world controlled by that sinister hat would an awesome plotline. (For those that have seen the movie, you know what I'm talking about.) 2. Buuz Lightyear - I can imagine some nice mash-ups with Star Command ships and Gummy Ship flying. *dreams Galactic battle* 3. A Final Fantasy World - Self-explanatory. That's my two cents.
  9. GundamFreakX

    Hip Hop/Rap

    I listen to rap here and there, but I've kind of moved away from it. I do listen to the Streets, though.
  10. GundamFreakX

    Weird lyrics

    I actually paid attention to Only a Lad by Oingo Boingo, and figured out why they said he was only a lad. Never knew...
  11. GundamFreakX

    So...What is everyone listening to right now?

    Through the Fire and Flames - Dragonforce Dawn over a New World - Same Fury of the Storm - Same...again Heart of a Dragon - Yeah, the same people Valley of the Damned - Yep, again Ride on Shooting Star - The Pillows (Ha, different one!) Clint Eastwood - Gorillaz Just a mini playlist.
  12. GundamFreakX

    Gundam Universalcentury MMORPG

    Sucks for us Gundam diehards.
  13. GundamFreakX

    Soo what kind of Gundam does everyone watch

    My favorites were 08th MS Team and Wing. I kind of liked SD, but it got too kiddish. And I won't even talk about G-Gundam. Ugh...
  14. GundamFreakX

    Funimation Acquires One Piece!

    Like they do with almost every released anime dvd? I don't quite have that much money to spend.
  15. GundamFreakX

    15 - 0

    I'd hate to see him in real person. That's a scary thought.
  16. GundamFreakX

    Sigs with Renders

    Practice makes perfect. Great going, Hell Cat.
  17. GundamFreakX

    Gawd Finally...

    Very nice sigs, and the second one is the best. THe others are still good, though...
  18. GundamFreakX

    Share a sig

    Many of them use Photoshop or other programs. I've been trying to save enough money myself to buy the CD instaallation stuff, but can never find the time. BTW, great sigs, people.
  19. GundamFreakX

    PS3: Initial Thoughts

    You make me want a PS3 even more man. Glad you tested it out for us.
  20. GundamFreakX

    So...What is everyone listening to right now?

    "Dragostea din Tei"- O-ZONE
  21. GundamFreakX

    You Are A Pirate!

    X'D That's great. *runs away from dirt being swung by crotch shovel*
  22. GundamFreakX

    I got my PS3!!!

    Yeah, I'll judge after our wonderful DX gets his hand around it and makes the call. I didn't want to be any of the suckers taht waited in that line with the smashmyps3.com ppl. It was a waste of time, like seeing the Borat movie.
  23. GundamFreakX

    FLCL sig request

    I'm requesting a sig for one of the best short-series animes ever: Fooly Cooly (that's how to spell it in full version, right?) I would also like a matching avatar if that were possible, but don't overwork yourself for me, whoever it is. *grabs whip* Alright, here are the images. For the sig: http://www.horreur.net/img/flcl.jpg I'd like the people (and the Moped) to be in the right corner of it, and make it like the focal point of the sig. http://i5.photobucket.com/albums/y189/arcaneagent/FLCL.jpg I'd like this to be the background. Also, try to add the phrase "Never Knows Best" somewhere in there. (Just for the record, that's the phrase found on Mamimi's cigarettes) As for the avatar: http://www.mangadome.info/images/articles/flcl_1.jpg Somehow make it mostly her face (the one with the handkerchief) and add GFX in Japanese characters (if it's done that way). I hope someone can do this for me, because I know there are a lot of talented sig creators on Ancient Clan. Thanks in advance!
  24. GundamFreakX

    Devils, Ghouls, and Pilots! Oh My!

    I like the Halloween one and the second Cid. He's so kewl!
  25. GundamFreakX

    Why Men Prefer a Gun

    Great list! It brightened me up! X'D