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  • Recent Status Updates

    • Strider Hiryu

      Welp second round of layoffs today at work (oh we weren't going to have anymore my ass) and I got myself a permanent vacation from work again. At least this time it's not an outright firing and I did get paid for the whole day plus I'm getting paid for the entirety of next week as well. Also get to retain my health insurance to the end of the month (which means my ass needs to get down to the pharmacy and get my HBP meds refilled before I lose it).
      Fucking sucks after putting all that time into that fucking company and learning shit I never wanted to learn in hopes it'd help keep my job. Fat lot of good that did. They also had the audacity to say I'm able to be re-hired once market conditions favor them hiring more people. When will that be? Fuck knows but I have no intention of going back unless they're willing to hire me back at more or equal to what I was getting paid (though, in all honesty, not fucking worth it).
      Now I get to experience the joy of finding a new job again in a market overflowing with job seekers and nobody's really hiring in my area right now due to this epidemic. Not only that I need to find a job that pays roughly what I was getting which is going to be hard around here as well. Looking like I'll have to go back to retail which will be a massive hit in pay for me.
      I also get to experience filing for unemployment for the first time in my life. So looking forward to that.
      Sigh, on the bright side I have plenty of time to watch anime and play games until I find a new job. Guess that's a silver lining.
      · 5 replies
    • DeathscytheX

      Hasbro put up 15 episodes of GI Joe on their YT channel for the quarantine. I was a bit hesitant to watch it again after 3 decades or so. After all I remember trying to watch HE-MAN on Netflix and it was fucking horrible. But, Surprisingly its held up pretty well over all these years. Yeah its still super cheese, but I was surprised to see how many eps were linked together in a larger story arc. Pretty ahead of its time for American animation. The best thing I've seen so far is Snake Eyes getting trapped in a radioactive cave, wonder around in the freezing arctic with his body glowing radiation, and get rescued by some blind nomad which magically cured his radioactive poisoning with no explanation.
      · 3 replies
    • Strider Hiryu

      They done went and did it like I was predicting,
      Finally. I've been wanting to play this since I beat Automata and now we'll get to play a remaster. Was kinda hoping they'd remaster both games but I'm quite happy with one of them (as the story beats are only slightly different between Gestalt and Replicant). Now if only they'd give us a release date (better not be in September, that's Cyberpunk time x.x).
      Not entirely sure what this will be about but we're also getting a smartphone game. Still haven't announced if it's getting a release over here or not but still cool to see we're getting more Nier titles to continue the fantastic lore of this universe.
      · 3 replies
    • DeathscytheX

      The internet is about to get lit son. I highly suggest downloading and redownloading games and other media you can use if there is no internet. Probably just a precaution and overraction since I was having a lot of constant loading and network errors on Azur Lane this morning. I suspect people will be hitting their mobile gaming more. I know Netflix decreased the streaming quality in Europe already anticipating this. I almost had a cow earlier when I won a PvP and it started loading a long time before registering my victory.
      · 15 replies
    • Sledgstone

      Went grocery shopping today so we can skip this weekend. It was crazy. Like black Friday busy but for groceries. At walmart, the aisle with toilet paper was blocked off with an employee at both ends allowing only 2 customers at a time in it because yesterday there was a fight over toilet paper. Wtf. The smaller grocery store in the same shopping plaza was busy as hell to but didn't have aisles blocked off. Flipping crazy.
      · 14 replies
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