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  1. slippers


    noice i really like the color
  2. thanks! im on a little bit of spending spree right now lol. need to pause..soon they send a technician to check first but it could take hours waiting if they are working on somebody else. both of my cases were dead batteries so it got resolved quickly. and ive seen trucks get towed back to the yard but i doubt theyll send another truck bc thatll take too much time. i was like 30 miles away when it happened but he was working on another truck nearby so he got to me less than an hour or so, so i was able to finish my route that day. but prior to that one it was really late in the afternoon when he fixed my truck so i didnt get to finish it.
  3. slippers

    YT thread

    damn i remember this guy because he was fueding with other mukbang ytbers but he was like 100 lbs lighter. yt randomly recommned him again a year later and now he is huge and he is mentally falling apart wtf
  4. slippers


    Some of my recent stops including hospital and supermarkets
  5. doing a lot of backing lately delivering to big supermarkets. confusing part is my assigned route and plastic pallets are not suited for them. store managers ask me why i didnt bring a (electric) pallet jack using wooden pallets, which would be super easier, and im as clueless as them. mostly i have to touch every case which sucks. its hard work but its okay. ever since pay changed to $25/h..i made $1,600 before tax last week only working 5 days. biggest truck i drove was 32ft tractor trailor. mostly i drive 26ft straight truck. sometimes 20 bay or step van depending on my route/stops. i even delivered to a childrens hospital which was very unusual. farthest ive gone out to was 50 miles away from warehouse, consists of 10-15 miles per stop, totalling 200+ miles by the time i finished. some of assigned trucks are breaking down a lot lately..already happened twice for me. it can be fun though, out there on my own and get to come home everyday.
  6. i know haha..i dont feel the connection like i did with toonami’s sailor moon. but i manage to finish season 1 and i liked how they added queen barrell’s background story. i started season 2 but when rini pulled a pistol on sailor moon LOL im done. i think this is suppose to be close to manga or something but the flow of story is just too fast. little awkward even..hell, darian comes off as some kind of creep, even luna yelled at him to LEAVE SAILOR MOON ALONE because when she was unconscious, he tried to make out with her 😂
  7. slippers

    2020s Predictions?

    its bad when ppl from other countries start chanting lets go brandon..
  8. ppl are fed up with covid bs mandate. while US leaders and politicians wage war against front line workers by threatening their jobs and livelihood, large protests been broke out in europe and some parts of middle east over covid “green pass” imposed on them. showdown between police union and chicago mayor over vaccine mandate several states like oklahoma and texas fighting back.
  9. is this it? lol. its called crystal when i was randomly browsing netflix yesterday and started watching. story seems to go fast but i dont mind i already know what happens. EDIT: my bad!! i only looked page 1. i didnt know it came out in 2014.
  10. welp, i finally got to it and it works on my 43” samsung with apple tv. but my 55” samsung connecting to pc doesnt. yt says id need hdmi splitter and thats like $30+ something dollars so meh ill pass. i mean if i play directly from tv itll display 4k..i just dont like to connect my tvs with internet access. and i didnt know TCL made phones. their tv is great from what i can tell. i just got done setting it up..its called TCL A30 ($109) and it has like a 0 review frim amazon or anywhere else lol..but i took a risk and ordered it bc another one thats $89 more has great reviews called TCL 20se. what happened was i accidentally left my iphone 7 in a truck for about half an hour and it started showing temperature warning/error..since then its been acting weird. i reset it a couple times and didnt help. but updating it manage to fix a major glitch when making/during phone calls. but it froze when i was using apple map to get to DMV to renew my CDL license so its not reliable anymore. i do have a new iphone i bought last year but its $400 and i dont want to damage it or lose it. so far cheap TCL phone works. no problems yet. if it does well, ill might get that better version either TCL 20se or 20s, between $189~$250 range.
  11. is this where mary jane disappers into a different dimension? i think i remember watching a cartoon of that. i havent watched spiderman since to toby mcguire was in it though. too many reboots and sequels hard to keep up x_x
  12. slippers

    2020s Predictions?

    20 years and 2 Trillions later, we barely held them back. afghans have no chance. i dont blame afghans from abandoning their posts and running away. talibans basically beat two superpowers of modern world. what i dont like is biden, who is given a responsibility to pull out (trump’s deadline), is blaming everyone else but his failure to evacuate our allies and citizens safely. he was asked in july by reporters that same scenario and he was like, “nope, nothing like that would ever happen.” milks been spilled, yeah we cant go back and blame everyones thats involved but biden is just incompetent. just owe it up and make decision how to handle crisis. theres just no leadership and now all he does is run away from reporters. really pathetic
  13. they dont care about patients. if they do, they wouldnt be doing this. they closed down 3 emergency hospitals just yesterday. im literally scared of getting hurt. a guy was shot 6 times at kroger where i go buy groceries, no more than 2 miles away. that was like 2 weeks ago and he still is not allowed to get surgery. does that make sense to you? afraid to get sued from covid death but every other death is somehow protected? i had a customer who was a hit and run victim 2 years ago. they inserted a metal bar thing on his right arm and was suppose to take it out within 3 months, any longer than that he could get infection and without doctors clearance he cant get a job. when i quit my job in july, he still had his metal thing in his arm, with no job and no place to stay. his surgery is kept pushed back bc of covid, and now with hospitals closing down in houston, its a death sentence for him. man he used to work 7 days a week, a place to stay, now his health is deteriorating and homeless. all bc of flu that you dont even know you have it until you get tested? come on. and those nurses fought hard for patients when there were no masks left during 1st wave. back when everyone thought you could die 99% from it, later it was 99% survival rate. what my beef with them is they threw out those nurses like trash, who risked their LIVES for patients who didnt take care of themselves in the first place. why not seperate buildings for covid and noncovid patients only so only vaccinated nurses and doctors could treat covid patients and vise versa? or why not suit nonvaccined doctors and nurses up with hazmat uniforms and test them constantly like some states are doing to their police officers and military personnel? no, lets just fire them all and close down hospitals. they protested for 2 months, man. at least hospitals could do is accommodated with their demands because they deserved it, not giving them ultimatum and then have no back up plan to fill those spots where they were needed. i wont be surprised if they start turning away unvaccinated patients because literally that was the reason those nurses got fired for. using that logic, every profession is at risk. i honestly would rather listen to doctors and nurses in their fields belive these experimental vaccines are unsafe than tv fake doctor like fauci or politicians who think they can be experts on anything they wished and telling everyone whats good for you.
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