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  1. I was prepared 😛 i stockpiled 3 months worthy of supplies back in February. Hurricanes after another, or if anything bad happens, shelves are always empty here. As soon as i heard 1st case of corona virus hit the US, i was like yup..now or never. My aunt in South korea didnt believe me when i told her ppl here were fighting over toilet papers..i couldnt explain any furthur.. Texas is beginning to catch up to california in corona cases it seems. Will have to see in coming weeks but Houston's response has been very slow and not enough testing. One of 4th largest cities in the States and yet we dont even have a curfew yet. Our current weakass lockdown order ends in a couple days, so we are going to hear soon about extention and hopefully a strict curfew. stay safe guys. As long as you are healthy you have nothing to worry about. Unconfirmed source has it that corona has been spreading since semptember of last year and as early as november here in the States. And like many, showing corona like symptoms, i was sick for 3 days in January, with body chills, chest pains, and some headaches but no fever. and lingering dry cough that lasted for 2 months.. but we'll never know if it was or not and take this seriously as it passes like other respiratory viruses slow down during warm weather. Unless its manmade..cough 😛
  2. good job at trolling that manager. at least he was honest
  3. yikes that's brutal. i would have at least stayed one more week to get a free forklift training though. who knows it might come in handy one day I remember seeing this episode of Undercover Boss where warehouse workers simply collapse from heat exhaustion because they have no running a/c and they have to pay for a bottle of water. scary part was despite camera was rolling, managers there didn't give a crap. lol. <<<I asked my boss.. "umm.. I don't know what to tell these people about these serious issues. Are you sure a temp is right for this job?" Boss: "I'm sure everything will be fine. How difficult can 'Bob's' job be? I swear he just sits on his ass all day browsing the internet. Ask Jolene if you need any help." Me: "Hey Jolene, what in the hell should I be telling these people?" Jolene: "Well I would tell this person.. blah blah and this person.. and this.. (actual decent advice)" Me: "Ok, thanks, I'll see what they say. btw, how long have you been working here?" Jolene: "1 week. I'm a temp too." Me: "Wow. Don't you think this is the worst position to fill with temps?" Jolene: "Absolutely. This place is a disaster." I worked at that place for 1 1/2 weeks. That company filed for bankruptcy within 5 years. When I heard about it, I wasn't surprised in the slightest. >>> HAHAHA X'D Me: "Hey boss, how long have you been working here?" Boss: "1 week. just got promoted from package sorting"
  4. cool. what did you do there? did you drive forklift and stuff? I spoke to someone who worked at a warehouse before and he told me they only gave him two days of work. and every week, his schedule was different like one day he can work monday and wednesday, next week, he can work tuesday and friday etc., giving him no room to get a 2nd job and he didn't know when his paycheck gonna come each week. ouch. they built a new warehouse a couple miles from my home not too long ago. but i didn't give a good look but i think they are for distributing mechanical parts. no sign of hiring. their alleys(?) are open but it's always empty though. but yeah driving forklift sounds fun.
  5. thanks! when i applied, i told them i wanted to do interstate (to have better chance of getting hired). but it'd be awesome if i could do local/state. but right now, i got this as a back up. i needed some kind of skill, just incase something happens at my current job, get laid off or whatever. i'm thinking about getting a part time job maybe as a class B driver, or get a bus endorsement (which requires another road test). one of my coworkers has a sidejob as a plumber helper and he said he made $150 just changing waterheater working only 3 hours. that motivated me to get my CDL in the first place because i'm not that young anymore lol, hopefully i can learn other trade too.
  6. i passed my (CDL class A) road test today. so happy :D. watched so many youtube videos about trucking that i actually learned how to pass driving big rigs and getting my license (plus playing euro truck simulator video game helped lol). instructors from trucking school that i went to had little to no help because of limited time and being busy/stressed out etc (they had only two working trucks, only an hour a day training/practiced for 2 weeks..8 to 12 hours total..not enough time imo), although i can't blame them since DPS is two months behind their regular road tests as there are so many people applying for their CDL. economy man, still sucks for lot of ppl. just couple examples what it's like to expect during road test: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MqK8jKSDCGs https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wvWgTJve6-s
  7. It's on Netflix. Korea(called Joseon then)'s Yi Soon Shin defeats 300+ Japanese warships with only 12 during Japanese invasion of Korea in 1500s. Despite imprisonment, torture and hatred from his own King and jealous politicians, he accomplishes what needs to be done. i use to have a piggy bank turtle ship when i was a kid lol..
  8. slippers


    Around last year my brother found this cat at his church. Lost. Took him in. Cared for. He's been with us ever since. My brother is moving out soon but this cat stays for now because my mom loves him so much. He is our family member.
  9. slippers

    Road Rage

    can't believe they attacked a family with a wife and a little baby. doesn't matter if they knew it or not,because the windows were tinted. slashing his tires after purposely blocking the suv on the road, "bumping' it on purpose, expecting him not to retaliate. a little saidstic to say but glad one of them was paralyzed for life and he got what he desereved.
  10. Lucky you get presents at least. My birthday is also close to Christmas so I get nothing lol Happy B.
  11. I think I've been watching too many kitten/cat videos on youtube recently, forgetting how bad and costly it was when I had my old cat, it's slowly losing my interest of having a cat again. Thanks for the help though. Someday I would like to get one, but right now, I don't think it's a good time for me and it would be unfair to that kitten/cat as well.
  12. Eee that's gross. I prefer female cats anyway lol Only pet store here I know is at the mall but they sell kittens at $300-400. ; Petsmart gives away cats for adoptions but I'm still thinking about it. Some of them have been returned so something might be wrong with them. Plus my previous cat had fleas (and parasites) and they only liked my blood so that's another downside, but yea smell can be a big problem. Hmm.
  13. Not much, and you? ^_^

  14. After giving away my cat about 10+ yrs ago haven't stopped thinking about him ever since..not the most affectionate cat and hated cuddling/hugging but still.. And my new job will take most of my time and I don't think I will be able to take care of it other then petting and giving food time to time. But I would like to get a kitten..or adopt a cat. What should I do? No one would be around the house for at least 9+ hrs or so so I don't know. And I heard if a cat wants attention and not get it, it would pee on anything so I'm little worried about that too (my cat once peed in a box where most of my Super Nintendo games were)..and foul odor from its litter box etc.
  15. Haha ... how goes it man?

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