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  1. ^ yeah they are kinda small but have some weight on it too. im guessing the middle one has some real gold mixed in it or something. the guy also found old bills/banknotes in a very good condition from europe, china, and other unknown origins (looked like greek or russian letters..not sure) in an single envelope lol. one of them had "Berlin 1910" on it, only a few ones that we can able to read lol, very cool.
  2. slippers

    Vintage Pocket Watches

    i have a customer who works at storage units and he is allowed to keep valuables and throw away junks. he finds all sorts of things, pretty cool stuff. anyway he got fed up with ppl he was trying to sell old pocket watches he found so he sold them to me real cheap lol. gotta say, $70 each wasnt such a bad deal. top to bottom, copper one "columbia usa" dates back to 1896-1899. they all have serial numbers and he showed me how to identify them online. gold one "elgin" has inscription, obviously a gift from a mother to her son with 1924 on it. they both work (i have to wind em up) except silver one, another "elgin", havent checked its date yet, but he gave me that one for free. 😛
  3. stayed up all night finishing up the final season. meant to play only one episode for that evening but couldnt put it down. it was really good, more story driven than previous seasons. clem longing for lee in her dreams, still seeking his advice/guidance, was a nice touch. overall they really put a lot of thought into this for their final project and not half ass it to just get it over with like some other game developers do when dealing with its sequels. i cared for almost everyone except AJ lol..crazy little bastard. i wont say much bc others who havent played this game yet, but the spoiler YT video i mentioned earlier i saw was only the half of it. it ended in a cliffhanger so i thought that was it but there was like 40 mins more left to a gamplay/story so im relieved how it turned out.
  4. ^ you were right. season 3 wasnt so bad. as soon as i encountered clem, things picked up and got interesting real quick. all my decisions were towards protecting clem but i begin to care for javi's interests too later on. and i actually got a happy ending for once. i thought either javi or kate would die towards the end but they all made it. kate wanting to protect ppl of richmond from hords didnt make much sense to me but whatever. storywise i dont think it affects season 4 that much. its kinda like filler to explain how clem managed to survive while caring for an infant. i think only thing that carried over from S3 to S4 is the bad haircut javi gave clem lol.
  5. just finished season 2. i had to put kenny out of his misery. the guy was losing it..XD and idk wth is up with season 3. i dont wanna play as someone new. ill might skip this one and move onto season 4. i already know what happens though (ending only), got randomly spoiled by YT recommendation like last year. wish i hadnt seen it
  6. slippers

    2020 Predictions?

    ehh i think everyone got a plan until you get hit applies here. shoot him in the neck, get him in the face, idk, there really is no time to think as it happens so fast. you just act on your instinct as your head go numb. when i got robbed at workplace at gunpoint i just froze. i had my snub nose in my back pocket and i left one chamber empty bc i didnt want the gun to go off accidently while i was working so it was too late to draw my gun anyway but it wasnt even an option. i dont know why i thought i would have time to casually get my gun out, roll the chamber once and im ready for gunfight. lucky he only grabbed cash on register and left bc other customer was pulling in. but my former coworker got worst of it. someone quit so my schedule changed and i had to go to a different store to help out. it was a slow night so he was putting motor oil in his jeep when 4 men with shotguns and pistols came out from corner and dragged him inside and beat him (kick, punch, pistol whip him) pretty badly. he normally have his pistol tucked in his back pants. but on that night he left the gun under the counter. extremely lucky robbers didnt find it when they were searching everywhere for valuables. while they were getting away he grabbed his gun under the counter and pointed at one of running robbers and "click"..his fking pistol was jammed. he wouldve been so so screwed if he had his gun on him. he said he had that gun for years, never had prob with it so he was very shook. just imagine i was suppose to work that night. and another time i was opening the store in the morning when alarm went off bc i forgot the password. cop came and stood outside asking for my ID. i have my ID in my car so i reached for my keys..But i had forgotten that i keep my gun in my front pocket now fully loaded bc of that 1st incident. i was like oh shit, ppl die for this shit. remember that guy who got swatted by his game buddy as a prank, he reached for his front pocket and died as a result? it wasnt even that long that i watched that video and commented i would never be that stupid and here i am doing the same thing. i glanced at him as he was looking at something else so i casually reached my back pocket to get my keys out. just to show, you just never know when or how its gonna happen. i planned and played in my head numerous scenarios if i ever get attacked and need to use my gun, i would do this and that, but when it actually happened, i didnt even have time to think. just be alert on your surroundings but nothing else you can do about it.
  7. slippers

    2020 Predictions?

    do they even accept copy of expired driver's licence or other means of copied ID when mail in voting? i hear most states DMVs are so backed up due to covid that even if you make an appointment, it'll take two months or more to get it renewed. some states are giving extensions of 60 days after expiration but thats not enough. in texas i think theres a limit if you want to renew it online, you have to be in a person at some point. a couple years back, houston closed all the small ones and made big ass DMV centers from abandoned malls. at first it was great bc it went fast, but it started to clog up and waiting became longer. and this was all before covid bs. i still have one and a half year before mine expires but ill might just drop my CDL if it becomes annoyance and do it online if its allowed. and screw voting, i never voted anyway bc there might be a chance that i could get called up for jury duty. no one can fix this scamdemic no matter who gets elected is it easy to get guns in your state? i dont blame you if you want to. all these civil unrests and unemployment..its really getting crazy. in texas i just fillout a form and after a background check, a cashier walks me out the store with a gun and it takes no longer than 30 mins top. im personally not into shotguns though..lol. i dont think i can handle something that dangerous. hell i dont even like pistols. but at least with a revolver, i know i feel safe handling it.
  8. i played season 1 on steam and enjoyed it but that was years ago. i recently ordered telltale definitive series on ps4, which is suppose to have all 4 season at the price of one. this should be fun.
  9. slippers

    Playstation 5

    ^ unreal. i just read it on yahoo news. ppl cant find nintendo switch either for months. look at sweden, they dont care and news says they developed herd immunity and doing just fine. elitists are crossing the line here. even if things go back to normal today, it could take years before i ever get to play one since i wasnt even going to preorder. 👎👎
  10. funny thing..fresh out of a shark game at the start i put on a full samurai armor and started swimming along the coast as soon as i saw the open sea. after 30 mins in, i realized jin cant drown lol..unless you drift far far away from land and it starts 30 sec countdown. those water tides and waves looked awesome from a cliff but i couldnt figure out how to work the damn camera so i didnt get any snapshots beat the game yesterday but i ended up rushing it bc all the side missions are same and repetitive. basically you go to point a and b and kill all bandits and mongols..rinse & repeat. at first i was experimenting with all 4 fighting stances so it was fun, but enemies are scattered around the map and even at camps, it was hard to get them attention to attack me if they stood somewhat far away. i rarely used any ghost weapons bc it felt like cheating and towards the end i only stuck with a stone stance cause that was more challenging. it would have been great too if jin could learn to use mongol weapons like spear and shield. i liked the main story, especially fueding with straw hats and storming in to take back shimura castle but i just stopped caring about side characters like masako or warrior monk storylines and i didnt complete them all. despite that i had more than enough tech points so upgrading skill trees wasnt that hard. i also have made my mind about jins uncle early on so it wasnt a difficult choice when it came to make end decision i was somewhat disapponted at its lack of monetary system (flowers? really?) and hunting was pretty much useless too. i know they were in war and game seems to only focused on fighting but even gold was used for mere sword and armor upgrade so it felt somewhat incomplete. it would also have been nice if they had taverns/inns so day and night actually meant something bc jin didnt eat nor sleep. overall i liked it, if i have time ill play again and not try to rush it. well worth the money
  11. slippers

    mafia remke

    yeah! this is great. graphic looks awesome too. one of very first open world game i ever played on pc. i really wish they do this well so they can remake mafia 2 as well. they really screwed up mafia 3 so i didnt even touched that. too bad characters faces and voices are changed though. paulie was my fav lol. comes out in september.
  12. GG: yeah well im little impatient and usually spoil it with watching all the fight scenes on YT (leaked) while it was still fresh in theatres. forgot about it until it was free on amazon prime and i just couldnt watch it through bc i already saw the best scenes and know the ending as well so everthing else seemed dull sledge: ive heard that setting was suppose to be in WW2, but since gal godot's israeli nationality and movie studio wanted to avoid any controversials involving jewish ppl altogether so they just went with WW1 era. i know WW2 games and movies are overlydone and the movie turned out okay without it but still shouldnt have succumbed to pc imo and i dont think i can take kristin wiig setiously as a villian after that bridemaids bathroom scene
  13. this is getting ridiculous. first they try to blame that dollar bills are spreading covid but now with coin shortages. at grocery stores self checkout lanes dont accept money anymore, and cashiers put up signs that either exact change only or use bank cards only. and mandatory mask order is suppose to end next week, but i dont know what ill do if it gets extended again. like last week one of customers had threatened to report me for not enforcing all customers to wear masks in the store but i told him that stores have signs up at front windows and doors, its no longer my responsibility to babysit everyone. and then i told him to go ahead and call them and gave him stores number and address. he called and waited 30 mins until he got tired and left he came back in like 3 times to buy cigarettes and drinks bc he had nothing to do while waiting. dont underestimate the incompetent work of houston police, buddy. they rank way up in one of slowest responding enforcements in the whole state lol. they never showed up
  14. slippers

    2020 Predictions?

    seems like covid bs will drag this through november election and will affect post office significantly. as i posted earlier, they are not ready. they are all going to make the same mistake as they did in wisconsin no doubt. not only that, trumps trying to disrupt its operation bc hes against it wtf. but joe biden is such a weak candidate, even obama had stated "dont underestimate joe biden's ability to fk things up" this election will be a big mess didnt see this coming when millions are already struggling with unemployment. this will be devastating if uber does shutdown their operation in california until election. i heard new jersey is following a similar suit going after uber. are they purposely trying to sink the economy? O_o
  15. i ordered it this monday (under $60) and got my new copy just yesterday in mail. it arrived fast considering it was estimated 2-3 wks delivery time. i was surprised that price dropped pretty quick too bc i was tempted to order it when it was like $120..several days after its launch day..thinking itll take forever to drop its price like how ff7 remake sellers tried to screw ppl w/ price gouging for over a month. good thing i was occupied with other games and waited a week otherwise i wouldve been mad lol. i only played for like 15 mins so far. so far so good
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