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  1. slippers

    YT thread

    the sad thing is it's already forgotten. everything after 2 weeks no one cares. that's what happened when a hurricane hit my city years ago. no electricity, no contact, no food and water, and when my power got back on after 3 something weeks, no one really gave a damn. we relied on family friends and neighbors to get supplies. honestly you are really on your own in the end. that's why i said money or no money get the hell out. it's not worth waiting for someone or even anyone to come and rescue you bc likely that'll never happen. as a fuel delivery driver, i'm not allowed to go through a downtown at all. i'm sure there are laws in place to prevent such a practice, but all they are doing now is do a cover up and ignore it. and that's what's happening.
  2. i dug out well preserved my brother's gamecube only to find out it's not working ;_; so bent on playing zelda wind waker since i never got to finish. trying to move away from ps5 and trying to play more switch games but it's not really appealing so far. currently playing zelda skyward and link to the past.
  3. i'd buy that for a dollar. cain vs robocop scene still haunts me, especially that elevator scene. scared the crap out of me when i was a kid and i still watch it time to time. can't wait. but from what i know, a terminator game got a bad rap for bad gameplay and i'm still thinking to rather get it or not.
  4. mannnn i already dropped it on a hard floor. it seems okay. only been playing ocarina 64 and starfox 64 so far, but i already have those on my pc. got a wired pickachu controller and planning to play zelda skyward. my brother told me it was for wii (totally forgot about that console). but i really want to play windwaker again. i never got to finish it. as expected, not many games to choose from. paid $50 membership a year to get free gameboy, nes, snes, and n64 free games but meh. it's alright i guess.
  5. gave my switch to my brother bc his controller was all messed up plus his has a burnt screen (got too hot when he forgot to turn it off and went to bed) but he gave me his bc i only play on a big screen. i haven't played for years i mean..but a couple days ago i don' t know i just bought OLED on a whim. bought a couple games with it but still haven't played yet. nintendo really needs to change and come up with better games. enough mario, enough zelda, come up with something new.
  6. slippers

    YT thread

    i would've moved right away. money or no money. it's in the air, water, who knows where else. the lack of response from local/state/US govt and presi..nevermind but it's sickening. time to time houston gives boil water notice but no one ever catches that on time. when you finally realize it, it's been 2 or 3 days after and we gp..oh..we weren't suppose to wash our dishes with tap water yesterday. but that's nothing compare to what they are facing. i really hope they all move and get the hell outta there.
  7. got a new job. gonna do fuel delivery. nothing physical, just connect hoses and make $$ as my friend says. today was my last day at miller. i'm so relieved. had an interview last wednesday, gave my two weeks notice and did my physical and drug test this monday. felt like an eternity waiting for the test result. will be starting next tuesday. looks..easy..sure.
  8. this is it basically. although our company require us to merchandise products so it takes us longer. i applied to my friend's company that haul fuel about a week ago. if that doesn't work out, i'm just going to give up and keep doing beer. like i said, pay is low in the company i work for, but it can be fun sometimes. my body aches, especially my right arm and my back so i'll give it about 2 more years then quit. i'm too old for this. i had a minor accident involving my personal vehicle last august, so if other CDL employers see that as a no hiring candidate list then screw them. i applied to about 7 companies so far and it is very disheartening. you hear about truck driver shortage? i don't know about that. if they just want super truckers then so be it.
  9. "Very fast pacing for the show and I'm glad they're not dragging it out into some 5 season mess of extra characters and BS." That's what i like about it even though i only saw a glimpse of the first episode, bc i only could handle a 2nd season of the walking dead bc they were dragging and dragging to all its worth. but i'm scared what they'll do when they reach to the 2nd game of the storyline.
  10. slippers

    YT thread

    damnnn..i remember one time i was so miserable working at a gas station job..i just let my steam off on this random customer telling him to move because i was walking down the aisle he was blocking. he said sorry but i didn't care. a few mins later he picked up a pair of my working gloves i dropped and gave it back to me and i didn't say anything. once i came to my senses he was already gone for me to apologize.
  11. i caught a last half of the show when someone was livestreaming. where the first episode ended, that's where i left off, stopped playing that video game bc i couldn't loot a gun or ammo..but there goes live action joel, picking up that dead man's weapon like it's nothing..lol. but i did watch an entire cutscene all the way to end some years ago so i know how the story ends. if the show becomes successful and makes it all the way to the end of the first game, i really hope they don't follow the sequel bc that's where they are going to lose their audience lol. hbo max is offering free 7 day trial. so i'll might have to wait until the first season ends so i can binge watch it instead of paying. there isn't even a paying option for the show anyway so oh well.
  12. new ellie's look really bothers me..look at the voice actress vs hbo series one. their looks are totally different. i'm not being shallow, it's just that when a game/comic gets adopted into a movie or series, i expect everything including characters look should match to every detail. just look how horrible that old mario movie was, luigi didn't even have a mustache. anyway i don't know what i'm hoping for but i'm a bit excited to watch it.
  13. still regret my purchase after a year. there was no rental option but wanted to watch it. it was a mediocre at its best. it's kinda rip off between john wick and whatever bad revenge movie you throw at it, it was not definitely worth 20 something dollars. my first fight back in 2016, my very first punch, broke my hand. you can't handle that kind of beating and continue on. i'm sorry, it's just not realistic, no movie is, but the kind of beating he took? no way. i hate it lol.
  14. slippers

    YT thread

    i barfed alittle..this is sickness. wokeness has gone wild.
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