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  1. slippers

    YT thread

    i slept in my car before. it wasn't bad. but how are they even doing these for years? where do they get an income sufficient enough to live a lifestyle like that? having a car is essential in america..i mean it can be your mobile home when you are in a bad situation.
  2. makes my blood boil as i was told this company i worked for raised .75 cents an hour to their drivers during this dylan mulvaney controversy. one of lowest paying manual jobs in trucking industry. two sides of the same coin, both of these greedy companies need to go down..although i prefer miller over bud light lol ahahahahaha.. i need to go grocery shopping soon. i have my day off today and tomorrow. i want to check it out myself if these no selling bud light products is true or not.
  3. slippers

    YT thread

    lol honestly who cares. i know they are shoving transgenderism in our faces in recent years but over a damn beer should company employees have to suffer the backlash bc of out of touch VP/CEO whatever? bud light tastes like rat piss anyway. Woking dead
  4. 🤷‍♂️ "there aint no telling" as my trainer once said. i like it, it's easy, but you have to hustle to make that dough. it's hard to get in though, but once you get in, you have to be really pay attention to what you are doing. easy to get fired too if you mess up, i really haven't made up my mind yet about this job after 2 months in. i hope things work out for me but if not i don't care. i just..trucking is hard. too many regulations and sh*t lol..it just is.
  5. i finally caught up. binge watching on my day off. i'm just sad..they are going to kill off joel in the next season. i hope not but that's how the game rolls. this sucks. i really like joel and ellie now.
  6. damn man. weapons do break like Botw. i won't be playing this ;_;
  7. i'm watching it free thru those movie/tv reaction videos..but man..that "you are my kind of grizzly bear" scene had me laughing. the ellie girl seems to be growing on me. she's really believable and a good actress. toad and yoshi..oh no lol. taking a little jab at this last of us woke agenda though
  8. slippers

    YT thread

    the sad thing is it's already forgotten. everything after 2 weeks no one cares. that's what happened when a hurricane hit my city years ago. no electricity, no contact, no food and water, and when my power got back on after 3 something weeks, no one really gave a damn. we relied on family friends and neighbors to get supplies. honestly you are really on your own in the end. that's why i said money or no money get the hell out. it's not worth waiting for someone or even anyone to come and rescue you bc likely that'll never happen. as a fuel delivery driver, i'm not allowed to go through a downtown at all. i'm sure there are laws in place to prevent such a practice, but all they are doing now is do a cover up and ignore it. and that's what's happening.
  9. i dug out well preserved my brother's gamecube only to find out it's not working ;_; so bent on playing zelda wind waker since i never got to finish. trying to move away from ps5 and trying to play more switch games but it's not really appealing so far. currently playing zelda skyward and link to the past.
  10. i'd buy that for a dollar. cain vs robocop scene still haunts me, especially that elevator scene. scared the crap out of me when i was a kid and i still watch it time to time. can't wait. but from what i know, a terminator game got a bad rap for bad gameplay and i'm still thinking to rather get it or not.
  11. mannnn i already dropped it on a hard floor. it seems okay. only been playing ocarina 64 and starfox 64 so far, but i already have those on my pc. got a wired pickachu controller and planning to play zelda skyward. my brother told me it was for wii (totally forgot about that console). but i really want to play windwaker again. i never got to finish it. as expected, not many games to choose from. paid $50 membership a year to get free gameboy, nes, snes, and n64 free games but meh. it's alright i guess.
  12. gave my switch to my brother bc his controller was all messed up plus his has a burnt screen (got too hot when he forgot to turn it off and went to bed) but he gave me his bc i only play on a big screen. i haven't played for years i mean..but a couple days ago i don' t know i just bought OLED on a whim. bought a couple games with it but still haven't played yet. nintendo really needs to change and come up with better games. enough mario, enough zelda, come up with something new.
  13. slippers

    YT thread

    i would've moved right away. money or no money. it's in the air, water, who knows where else. the lack of response from local/state/US govt and presi..nevermind but it's sickening. time to time houston gives boil water notice but no one ever catches that on time. when you finally realize it, it's been 2 or 3 days after and we gp..oh..we weren't suppose to wash our dishes with tap water yesterday. but that's nothing compare to what they are facing. i really hope they all move and get the hell outta there.
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