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  1. slippers

    YT thread

    never watched the show itself but it made enough headlines over the years to know what it is. its eerie how their young cast slowly die one by one while actors from friends and seinfeld are well into their 50s and 60s enjoying fruits of their labor
  2. my brother played it as mobile a lot and i played it in dock but it didnt make much a difference i dont think. his got the worst of it anyway. i bought a seperate controller bc i didnt like putting joy con in and out when a mission required me to and i thought i would play more games with it..oh well. so yea i played like 4 - 6 hours a day and i havent touched switch since i finished zelda botw around last year. there arent that many titles that i want to get right now but im still looking. i bought dragon quest 11 and attack on titans 2 on ps4 instead of switch bc ps4 graphics looks far better too
  3. ^it has lot of issues. mainly my nintendo switch overheated when i was playing zelda breathe of the wild. i didnt notice it at first but when i touched it (bc there was a part where it was required to complete a mission via portable), it was as hot as a coffee mug or at least felt like it. so everytime i played, i checked it and it got heated up pretty fast. i havent played any other games and it was brand new so it couldnt have been dust blocking air vent but seems like other ppl were having a similar problem when i looked for a fix. worse, one mentions your cartridge can get bent and get stuck inside from the heat if you played for too long. also my brother ruined his switch when he was playing a game and then forgot about it. when he realized hours later, it was too late. the portable screen was burnt so he can only play in dock connected to tv now. he had his one or two years longer than mine and his joy con doesnt work that well anymore. i dont think both of ours are defective. its just a very small console so im not that surprised this had happened.
  4. i wonder how accurate these surge numbers are. my coworker told me today that one of customers said she was very ill last weekend. went to hospital and without any tests done on her, they told her she had corona so she needed to stay home. she had fever, diarrhea, and coughs, but later turned out to be some kind of throat/stomach infection. thinking she had corona, she got home but it got worse and worse so she called an ambulance twice bc first one wont take her in. when she got there, they gave her the test and it came out negative. so basically first hospital she went to probably reported that one of their patient had corona and sent her home to be quarantined. and i doubt that 2nd hospital notify first hospital that they diagnosed her wrong and needed to correct their corona case numbers for that day. i mean watching local and national news about surge in houston, all their hospital footage shows nothing but empty beds and interviewing maybe one or two patients. *crickets* and im suppose to believe them that its getting worse here than how italy was. anyway ive been asking a few customers (those who visit hospitals regularly) if they have to wait in long line and they tell me hospitals are not that crowded and seems normal like any other day. when houston was suppose to have its peak in april or may, it didnt have the test available except for extreme cases only. now people are trying to get it done by thousands everyday even for a slight cold or allergy and im sure there might be mixed ups and errors in data bc they are extremely overwhelmed and not well prepared. but we still have one of lowest death rates due to corona compare to other states/cities. at least one thing i know for sure now is im immuned. some of regular customers had tested positive and their coworkers or relatives come to let us know why they were missing for days. id been exposed to them daily and that was way before mandatory mask was ordered and no one was wearing masks then. and one irony thing, county judge who championed face mask mandatory here is sick at home with corona. guess her face mask didnt work.
  5. its standard size bc other 2 best buy stores i went to have similar interior space and displays. but the one thats permanently closed had larger options of hd tvs and games bc of competition nearby. target was only walking distance away and walmart was a couple streets down. i went back and forth between target and best buy looking for better deals of games, tvs, and apple products etc when i wanted to buy something that i didnt want to order online. when the lockdown started, they were closed for like a month and i think that really hurt that place while target benefitted with almost no restrictions. and any work place that had corona positive employees, the place had to be shut down for 2 weeks minimum. schools were suppose to open in august but thats likely not going to happen, and i havent heard any plans about 4th of july here but other cities are canceling parades and firework shows. normally around this year, there should be firework stands all over the place for several weeks prior but i dont see them anywhere
  6. not good. all bars are closed in texas. all restaurants dropped to 50% capacity from 75%. my nephew's daycare center is closed bc one of employees has corona, my fav bakery shop was closed since last month bc owner got sick so who knows when itll open again, and best buy i use to go to got permanently closed so now i have to drive extra 15-20 miles to shop at a different location. yesterday i had to line up outside and waited 30 mins to enter (just before big rain was dumped on my way home). no more than a week ago we were all free to enter and shop so thats a big step backward. i wont be surprised if best buy revert back to its curbside pick up only and go out of business like the other one. banks are still drive through only here and line's way too long. so unnecessary when places like walmart, target, and body shops've had no such restriction and inconvenience during the lockdown. and recently two night clubs were raided here and got their business licenses taken away for letting too many ppl in. and my manager saw undercover cops lurking outside the store early this week so thats comforting to know..not. we have to put signs that requires customers to wear masks and stores can be ticketed if these new restrictions are not followed. im sure other states will follow similar suit soon. cant control everyone but it seems like they are punishing businness owners and working ppl as if its their fault for govts failed response to corona at the early stage. they are going to tank the economy at this rate.
  7. slippers

    YT thread

    so this is whats trending as of now, reaction videos to star wars and lord of the rings. although i doubt it really is their first time watching but they are raking good 60k-100k views per video. not bad.
  8. i didnt realize this game was out already. YT recommended to me of that infamous "cutscene" so i just got done watching. man..thats just wrong. i know i only played a couple hours of 1st game but it was really upsetting. im glad i didnt invest any more of my time in this game series especially to those two beloved main characters otherwise i would have threw my ps4 out the window in anger lol. its really too bad. graphic and gameplay looked fantastic. so much potential if had their story done right.
  9. crap man. another mandatory mask order and $1000 fine to those who do not. crazy county judge over here shes pathetic. she didnt say a peep when protests and ritors caused havoc for two weeks, but its us law abiding working citizens who have to suffer now. all employees and customers have to wear one. my mask was hanging on my left ear almost all day. so thats close enough har har. some brands of supplies running low like cigars/cigarettes and imported beers and banks only give out 5 rolls of quaters per week when we need boxes so its making my job difficult. florida i heard is planning a 2nd lockdown and another stimulus check is vey close to pass and we could get it as early as august. we'll see.
  10. slippers

    Playstation 5

    eh..i dont order anything above $200 from online. i know itll be hard but ill just wait until it reaches retail stores. i eventually gave up on getting Wii back when lol. i couldnt find that thing anywhere for years. waiting can be good though, it gives time to release better titles. i remember when my brother got his ps4 on its release day..there were only like 2 interesting games out and he was so bored with it. and then they started to re-release ps3 games to ps4 and i was thinking so ppl buy ps4 to play ps3 games..that just seemed pointless.
  11. slippers

    YT thread

    its been ages since i got interested in toys again. last week i bought the five classic lions but havent taken them out of boxes yet (im not a collector or anything but theres no grace way to open these boxes it seems..cutting isnt even an option sadly). and netflix's legendary defender lions look awesome too but i cant find the red lion from a same seller. ill might just get 4 defender lions and add red classic one since both voltrons are compatible.
  12. media is blaming its surge on reopening too quick but not on protests. it might be just a rumor for now but some states/cities are considering 2nd lockdown. and another controversial killing and this time in atlanta. this is the full version. this morning one of customers showed me a partial one thinking it was the full version. it was missing first couple mins which makes it look like rayshard brooks was sleeping in his parked car and the cop was unlawfully trying to arrest him and seemed to have racist motive. but the full version shows rayshard was driving while intoxicated and fell asleep on wendy's drive thru so the cop had every right to arrest him for dui. but its too late, rioters burned down wendy's and 100s of looters targeted walmart. this thing is not going to end anytime soon i dont think..what a mess
  13. ^ they are sending checks to dead ppl as well. just enjoy your free money im sure mine would be going to ps5 fund, thats if any stores are left standing by then. -------------------- just a bit of rant..cities are burning and national guards are deployed to 20 states. thanks to corona you cant even ban face masks so its convinient for them to terrorize and destroy everything in their path. so it happens his funeral service will be held in houston next tuesday. its gonna be a big mess. im hoping itll be held at downtown so at least riot police might have some control like last weekend when rioters trashed it. they were able to shut it down and blocked all the exits for several days. if not, then im guessing southwest area will suffer big. large black population live there. they always have shootings and killings going on (but lets not profile it hurts feelings) its not safe to go there unless you are just passing through to get to galvestone. a worst case scenario would be after all this bs is over, govt is gonna impose 2nd lockdown due to 2nd wave of corona. but screw that, no one is listening anymore. and ppl better learn how to protect their businesses like rooftop koreans, otherwise stay the hell away. that poor restaurant owner in dallas almost died several days ago trying to protect his livelihood and now hispitalized. it so sad what they are going through and now this after lockdown already crippled them financially.
  14. from what i remember houston local news has covered 3 questionable deaths involving police officers within 6 months. victims were 2 white couple (drug raid but no drugs found) and 1 hispanic father (on video clearly kneeling with hands behind his back but gunned down anyway). none of them made national headline and their story was buried. i visit bestgore (very graphic, not recommended) time to time and most of police brutality videos they have involve white victims, especially homeless and mentally ill are targets. not only US but canada and other countries as well. theres no question the guy was murdered, and without a video and protests the cop wouldnt even be charged with 3rd degree murder. but if the victim had been any other race, this would be buried just like the rest of em. media loves this kind of race dividing shit. its weird i was watching yt videos and interviews from LA riot last week before any of these happened. remember that infamous violence involving a truck driver in the middle of street? well recently they interviewed the black guy who pulled out a white truck driver and hit him with a brick says if he could do it all over again, he would. bc society hasnt changed so he wont either. wtf.
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