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  1. slippers

    YT thread

    but jokes are on us bc i read that these streamers make tens of thousands a week on twitch and tiktok etc..X_x
  2. ill have to check it out. looks funny i feel kinda ripped off though. i watched Greenland the other day and it was good, but rental costed $20..here Fatman is only half the price. oh well.
  3. are they deciding on $2000 stimulus now? this isnt kids play, wow. make up your mind already. so far biden, aoc, even texas gov are getting live vaccine shots, what it seems to be like they are trying to encourage ppl to take one before making it mandatory. next year might be worse when vaccine becomes available to public a couple more banks are temporary closed now in my area. i was about to open an account on one of them. now im not so sure. ill just find a working atm to deposit cash when my new debit card arrives. its nearly becoming impossible to get a service in person
  4. slippers

    Christmas Videos

    ^ that rudolph one wtf lol this is a winter themed kdrama called winter sonata. not necessarily a christmas centered one, but a thoughtful and innocent christmas gift plays a major role in the storyline. i first watched it 20 years ago and i still watch it even today. it was so popular in asia that japan made anime 10 years after it aired. it also improved korea’s image and relations among asian countries and tourism/kdrama/kpop flourished (called korean wave). its still popular, ppl still visit sites and houses that were filmed on. i heard they even built a statue where they first met. O_o basically two highschoolers fall in love and they were going to meet on christmas eve for their first official date. on his way, he dies in an traffic accident and shes devastated. the main event takes place 10 years after when she sees a guy who looks exactly like him. kdrama opening: anime version:
  5. my guess is deepfake has been critisized for being used on political figures and porn sites so idk maybe disney wants to keep their squeaky clean image or something lol. or maybe they have a contract with some cg programming companies that they cant get out of. but yeah its their loss for not using it bc it looks really good and has a lot of potentials, especially now that star wars want to backpeddle from disaster movie sequels and throw fans back in timeline
  6. $600 stimulus is a joke. im not for giving ppl free money but it wasnt even ppls fault for losing their jobs to begin with. that puny amount doesnt even cover one month’s rent in most states. just let ppl get back to work. most ppl would rather work than recieve that kind of chump change. ever since chris benoits murder-suicide back in 2007, ive been reading any news articles that related to that. it was like average from one murder-suicide news every 3 months before lockdown to one murder-suicide news every 3 DAYS after lockdown. shitload amount of unnecessary pressure put on them from eviction, unemployment, restrictions, etc., and no wonder ppl are losing it. i read recent articles about young japanese and korean women committing suicide due to covid isolation, far exceeds the deaths from covid itself..i keep asking myself, for what? oh that 99.99996% something survival rate flu. i see.[/rant]
  7. amazing a random youtube person can do a better job than disney. so much difference even though its a short scene of luke
  8. ^ some random youtubers did deepfake on rogue one’s cg leia and she looked much better. if amatuer’s can do that, id hope movie/tv industries pick it up and improve it. like i mentioned earlier in other thread, a series on younger obi and ani would be really good imo
  9. this is one of my concerns, what if someone follows around ups/fed ex trucks and take your packages? holiday seasons added with covid restrictions on retail stores, ppl are ordering more and more online, plus many package thieves wear masks now so thats no help. i always considered lucky that the front door to our house is hidden by garage and bushes so you cant see the door unless you go around the garage and walk up very close. but i did get a couple of security cameras just incase and installed around the house to make sure it actually arrives. i got two packages today since like 8am and they just sat there for 7 - 8 hours until i came home. been kinda staring at my phone at work to see if any strangers come near by lol. i seldom see packages in plain sight when i drive, passing by residents area and it seems so easy to just take one and not get caught. i wish there was a better way to protect ppls deliveries rather than just sit and wait.
  10. ive heard of epic before but never really bothered to look into its controversial stuff. O_o like i wanted to get world war z from steam but i couldnt find it. later i learned that its only available on epic.i wasnt happy to hear that honestly and it seems a lot of ppl dislike epic for such a reason as well for monopolizing newly released games to their store platform only, plus ppl complained the site has been hacked multiple times before so theres that. idk, free sounds good but i trust negative views more now than good ones lol. but if you think its a good place for gaming, how do you compare with steam?
  11. ^ LOL wtf this games definetly broke. went to my brothers house yesterday and i was watching my brother play a mini mission and like every 20 seconds combat alerts were buzzing like crazy and he was really confused wth was going on. its a simple misson going from point A to point B looking for someone lol. graphic was okay, things were moving smoothly, but the big city is EMPTY..hardly any ppl around and cars rarely moving. and upgrade will be what like later next year so damn they really screwed up with this one “As for the game play issues I doubt they'll be fixed (it's a fundamental problem with the combat system, gun play is clunky at best and not satisfying at all. Guns are extremely inaccurate (even pistols)” i thought it was my bad aiming at first bc i suck at FPS games playing with a console controller but when i shot at a flying police bot at point blank range, i still missed, while it has some kinda seeker bullets that follow me and hits me no matter where i hide. and since there was no one to really fight, i shot at some civilians. some die “correctly” but not everyone. i put 8 bullets in a chest and 2 bullets in a head of this person and still manage to runs away from me lol
  12. my checking account gives me 2 options to avoid a fee each month. one is to have a certain amount of daily balance in it or make a direct deposit of $500. one time i did a transfer from my emergency account to my current checking account bc i needed some funds to pay and it counted as a direct deposit. i could just transfer back and forth every month without paying a fee that way too lol. but this is a really old account, opened it when i was like 18. and with bad rep its getting from news in recent years, ill just use it as a backup account when i get a new one later. thats really sad that ppl are losing their livelihood. if availability of vaccine somehow eases things down, thatll be great and we'll hopefully get back to normal, but i have a feeling this vaccine will cause more havoc than covid because its being rushed and pretend its suppose to work. most ppl i know says let others take it first and see what happens to them..i mean thats not a confident thing to say when someone says they found a cure for something that public desperately needs. i watched an old documentary long ass time ago about a morning sickness pill for pregnant women back in 60s. it took 2 years for them to alert that those who took the pills have babies born without limbs (affected 46 countries, w/ tens of thousands children born with deformities). who knows what long term effect this vaccine will have it on ppl in such a way or worse, scary thought.
  13. ^ that bank sounds great. too bad i cant find m&t in my area. ill keep looking but ill might wait it out for now and to see how vaccine release and 3rd wave of covid would do to banking services in the coming weeks.
  14. wow thats horrible. just saw the comparison video, even pc version is crap. i was a bit hesitant to buy and good thing i didnt order it bc my bro was telling me about how good it will be since early this year but wasnt sure if i want it or not. O_o i knew there was some kinda catch when they promoted the game with a celebrity up front like that. i like keeanu as an actor but not interested in the game where he has no connection to his movie roles at all. what a fail.
  15. ^ one of my bank's ATMs is incoviniently placed in a drive thru lol. the one that got closed didnt even have a drive thru. anyway i read google review about this location and ppl complaining about how it never works and it eats money and no ones really there to assist them lol. theres a small local bank that allows entrance so im thinking about opening an account there bc i need to deposit some cash too. —————————————— there are 6 death reported from covid volunteers recently. my coworker showed me an article from spanish newspaper but it doesnt state exactly where, only that it was in the US. i dont know how accurate the source is but after getting a vaccine, they died within 3 to 60 days span of cardiac arrest, and they were in there 50s and 60s. pretty scary if its true, bc vaccines are suppose be ready and available to public soon
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