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    • Coronavirus disease (COVID-19)
      Hows the Coronavirus impacting you? Thankfully I work from home and my job is not affected yet so I haven't had any work outages. I know quite a few people now having drastically reduced hours in the food industry and they'll be struggling to pay bills here by next week. I haven't been shopping since last Friday and it was a mad house then and only gotten worse from what I've heard. There is coronavirus cases in my county here in NY and it looks like the economy is going to crash. Maybe this new stimulus package will help? If they do send out checks to everyone like the Bush stimulus did, I'm going to have to throw that money right at my roof leak instead of additional food supplies. x_x I have one piece of roof that is not in good shape and apparently has been leaking for a while, buried under masses of snow until it recently all melted. Home insurance guy was a prick and doesn't want to cover it. I'll be switching home insurance companies just because I didn't like the guy. I also think my agent misrepresented to me the actual quality of the insurance package too.
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    • Samurai Jack
      See the trailer for the Samurai Jack video game!
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    • Post in Arknights
      Arknights Episode 5 drops on 2/16
    • Star Wars: The High Republic
      Star Wars: The High Republic will be the next saga in the Star Wars universe.
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    • Masters of the Universe: Revelation
      While everyone is raving about Hamill.. I'm like "Damn, they could NOT have picked a better person for Evil-Lyn" She kinda even looks like the old cartoon.

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    • 6 hours ago, Strider Hiryu said:

      Hey now, don't go mocking my fish sticks XD Dip them in a little Mayo and you got yourself a fucking feast (like I said I'm considered the weird on in my family).

      I only buy fish sticks when I also buy mozzarella sticks. It just feels balanced when they're together.


    • On 3/22/2020 at 1:03 PM, DeathscytheX said:


      XD Ok wtf? Fish Sticks are an abomination. Sushi is amazing, and there is nothing like some fresh never frozen grilled salmon or fried catfish. I'm not down with Seapak or Captain Gordons. XD

      Hey now, don't go mocking my fish sticks XD Dip them in a little Mayo and you got yourself a fucking feast (like I said I'm considered the weird on in my family).

      So shit seems to be getting real around my area now. The company I work for decided that instead of closing up shop for a few weeks that they'd just go ahead and lay off quite a few people in an effort to "protect as many peoples jobs as possible in these trying times and to try and prevent a company shut down". I survived for now (but my department is hurting badly as we lost 4 people, two of which were rather essential to getting shit done and we're pretty sure they're not getting their jobs back) and they said no more lay offs were being planned (but I and everyone else doubt this hightly). Quite honestly it's fucking retarded considering we're not an essential business (for fucks sake we're a metal fabrication shop), most of our customers are shut down or running at less than half capacity, there's a fear our suppliers might shut down (my supervisor was pretty worried about this yesterday), Bobcat has currently shut their doors to everyone but employees (rumor has it they're considering shutting down), and COVID cases in our county are on a steady rise. Yet for some god damn reason we need to stay open and lay people off so those higher ups can line their fucking pockets cause god forbid we close down to save those people's jobs (we're a multi-million dollar company, we can afford to shut down for awhile). Yea I'm fucking pissed because two of them (the two essential ones I mentioned above) are friends of mine who were already in tough financial spots to begin with.

    • Not entirely sure how I feel about the new GitS. On one hand I'm excited to be getting more GitS (we all know how obsessed I am with GitS) especially since it's linked to SAC but on the other hand I just can't get over the CG animation and the fact that Netflix is releasing it (you can praise Netflix all you want but I'm always going to be leery of anime they release, especially when it's linked to franchises I adore. VE is an exception since they just got the streaming rights and it's not exactly an anime original as KyoAni worked on it without their funding). Plus with the lackluster Arise entry I'm even more leery about any new GitS show (I'll praise the Arise movie as it actually felt like GitS but the OVA was lackluster at best (good moments marred with a shit plot line and character rewrites that make no sense)). Now my question is do they have the English VA's from SAC because, as much as I'm a sub elitist, I actually prefer to watch GitS dubbed and I'd hate to have to get used to a new VA's (the SAC dub is probably one of the best dubs out there second only to Cowboy Bebop for me).

      As for BOFURI I can't be happier. While I still haven't watched episode 12 yet I was really hoping we'd get another season because this show is just so god damn adorable and I love seeing how much more god like Maple is going to become every episode (I swear she's literally a god at this point on only continues to become even more absurdly powerful and she has no fucking idea what she's doing).

      I'm super hyped for Slime as well but I'm pissed they're splitting the second season into two instead of doing one massive airing. Really hate when they do that shit (was extremely pissed when they did it to SAO: War of Underworld because they left it on such a huge cliff hanger and it's been agonizing waiting for this last half to air). Hopefully they don't end the first half on a major cliffhanger because I'll fucking riot.

    • I wish it wasn't full blown Pixar, but its SAC so I'll watch it anyway. 

    • March games are still available at the moment. Shadow of the Colossus and Sonic Forces


      April games:


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    • DeathscytheX

      The internet is about to get lit son. I highly suggest downloading and redownloading games and other media you can use if there is no internet. Probably just a precaution and overraction since I was having a lot of constant loading and network errors on Azur Lane this morning. I suspect people will be hitting their mobile gaming more. I know Netflix decreased the streaming quality in Europe already anticipating this. I almost had a cow earlier when I won a PvP and it started loading a long time before registering my victory.
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    • Sledgstone

      Went grocery shopping today so we can skip this weekend. It was crazy. Like black Friday busy but for groceries. At walmart, the aisle with toilet paper was blocked off with an employee at both ends allowing only 2 customers at a time in it because yesterday there was a fight over toilet paper. Wtf. The smaller grocery store in the same shopping plaza was busy as hell to but didn't have aisles blocked off. Flipping crazy.
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    • DeathscytheX

      Its no secret I have an extremely poor diet consisting of mostly red meat and dairy products. But I have definitely cut back on sugar intake over the past couple of years. I'll still eat candy and sweets now and then, but I drink soda maybe a few times a year when something interesting comes out. (Like Dr. Pepper Cream Soda 🤤). I'll drink a glass or two of sweet tea when I go out to eat, and on holidays. But outside of that its coffee and water daily. I haven't put sugar in my coffee in probably 15 years. A few months ago I got into sparkling water because I miss soda, but at the same time I don't... I really don't enjoy it as much as I use too, but water gets awful boring sometimes. La Croix is fucking nasty, I already knew that well before this. But with the sudden explosion of new rivals I took a tour of whats available. Pepsi's Bubly is ok, The apple is probably my favorite out of all of them. Coke had Desani sparking water which was actually pretty good. The lime almost tasted like sprite... but they discontinued all of it for this new AHA shit with weird ass flavors. I tried Blueberry Pomegranate because it was the most normal one, and it seriously went flat before it even got room temp. I sat it down for a few minutes and when I took another sip all the carbonation was gone, wtf? San Pellegrino makes decent ones as well. But the best IMO is Perrier. I'd say Strawberry is the best, followed by Watermelon and Peach. It has a caveat though. There is something magical about the can. You have to drink it out of the can ice cold, and the flavor is good along with the different style carbonation (apparently it's natural). Once you pour it into a glass or get one of those plastic bottle versions, its not the same. It tastes flat and flavorless. Its very odd.
      But anyways. I don't enjoy sweet drinks anymore at all outside of tea. Maybe its a mental thing because it bothers my acid reflux, but it all started with the alcohol I drank, I moved away from rum or anything mixed as I stopped liking sweet liquor. Then it just kinda carried over to my daily beverages. I treat the rare soda as a dessert now. I can't stomach more than 1 in a day. I have no idea how I use to throw back 3-4 a day when I was a teenager.
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    • DeathscytheX

      I see Netflix stepped up their anime game just a little bit. I've been wanting to watch Akame ga Kill for the longest time and what do you know, its on Netflix and its dubbed. It was a fun watch but damn they savagely kill off a lot of characters in the most brutal fashion. There is no power of friendship to be found here. The last fight was 10/10. My only knock is the bit of DBZ'ism in all the fight dialogue "This is my ultimate move achieved only under these niche conditions which you now know!" And the constant letting the opposition prep for a big attack on both sides. Anyways, its worth a watch if you need a good violent action series to burn. I guess I'll check out Cagaster of an Insect Cage next.
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    • Strider Hiryu

      So over the last two weeks I've finally taken the time to watch two of both Arkada's and Geoff's most recommended anime both of which scored pretty highly on each of their respective top anime of the decade videos. Those of course being anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day and A Place Further than the Universe. I also watched them because they've been sitting on my lists forever but I thought I'd open with that little bit.
      We'll start with anohana. Quite frankly I honestly don't see where all the love Geoff has for this anime comes from. Don't get me wrong it's a good show and I actually did cry during the final episode (extremely emotional and it's really hard not to let it hit you right in the feels) but I just can't see why it's highly praised. The story is alright (dealing with the loss of a friend and the drifting apart of close friends after said death), characters are so-so with most being bland or downright unlikable  (Poppo is the only real character I actually liked, Naruko being the second after I got over my initial dislike for her), animation is top notch, and the soundtrack also gets high marks. Sadly though it felt like a lot of the events in the show were just placed there to add extra, unneeded drama and filler to continue the show for it's 11 episode + movie run (note I haven't seen the movie yet, not available on streaming services and I have not got around to dling it). Again I liked the show overall I just don't know how it gets such high marks from people when there are other shows and movies that do drama and loss so much better then this one. Still recommend giving it a watch if you want to ball your eyes out in the last episode (and for Poppo's hilarious antics and lovable nature).
      As for A Place Further than the Universe I'm totally on board with Arkada's gushing about it. This show was a pure joy to watch and I'm actually extremely sad it was only a 13 episode run. It's definitely one of those cute girls doing cute things shows but it's also so much more then that. You have four girls going to Antarctica for completely different reasons (one to make the most of her youth, one as a job and to embark on a journey with actual friends, one trying to run from her past and do something interesting, and one looking for closure after a past incident involving the frozen continent), becoming friends, facing various hardships, and growing as individuals before the climax. Throw in a bunch of cute antics here and there, some minor and major drama, fights, penguin obsession, long sea voyage with plenty of sea sickness, and interesting and hilarious side characters and you pretty much have one of the best shows to come form the 2018 Winter season and season as a whole. Quite frankly this is another of those this is what Strider looks for in an anime shows and I rate it as high a Violet Evergarden (in fact it's the only other show outside of VE that's gotten a 10/10 from me in the last five years). Sadly it doesn't have a dub as it didn't get a BD release in the state as of writing this (which disappoints me just as much as the lack of a VE BD release) but if you can get over having to watch it with subs I highly suggest giving this one a watch, it's definitely worth it if you're looking for a laid back, relaxing show.
      I would talk about Sound! Euphonium as well (finished watching it before I started anohana) but I kind of want to watch the movies first (which I can't find anywhere x.x) and I really don't want to sit here tying up a novel. Suffice to say I loved every minute of this anime and would also recommend it (I mean it deals with a school orchestra band trying to get to nationals but the character interactions alone are worth watching this if you don't want to watch school band the anime).
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