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    • Playstation 5
      Until we get solid info from Sony, theres only speculation so far about the final list of features, prices, etc. The latest rumor I just read was this:


      If true the price will be $499 and be available for preorder early February. And there will be full backwards compatibility with digitally owned games. And ps4 controllers will be forward compatible, which would explain that new extra back button attachment that was announced.
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    • XBOX Series X
      Sony made the first announcement, but MS makes the first reveal. The Next Generation kicks off next holiday season.
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    • Coronavirus disease (COVID-19)
      Hows the Coronavirus impacting you? Thankfully I work from home and my job is not affected yet so I haven't had any work outages. I know quite a few people now having drastically reduced hours in the food industry and they'll be struggling to pay bills here by next week. I haven't been shopping since last Friday and it was a mad house then and only gotten worse from what I've heard. There is coronavirus cases in my county here in NY and it looks like the economy is going to crash. Maybe this new stimulus package will help? If they do send out checks to everyone like the Bush stimulus did, I'm going to have to throw that money right at my roof leak instead of additional food supplies. x_x I have one piece of roof that is not in good shape and apparently has been leaking for a while, buried under masses of snow until it recently all melted. Home insurance guy was a prick and doesn't want to cover it. I'll be switching home insurance companies just because I didn't like the guy. I also think my agent misrepresented to me the actual quality of the insurance package too.
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    • Samurai Jack
      See the trailer for the Samurai Jack video game!
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    • Post in Arknights
      Arknights Episode 5 drops on 2/16
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    • Sledgstone

      I went to Ohio to visit my family for Thanksgiving. Yes, there is covid, but we were careful. We did restaurant style rules for eating, masks on when getting plates of food, my brother's familys at their own tables all 6 foot+ away from the other tables while eating. We kept our masks on near my dad because of his immune system being compromised by the cancer treatments. Aside from that we kept the windows open to keep fresh air circulating in. We took our masks off when we'd be 6 feet away from him and each other. Its good that my mom's house is so big, the kitchen/greatroom is literally big enough to have parties of 50 people. Our handful of people was able to keep distances pretty easily. Its been 4 days since Thanksgiving and nobody is coming down with any covid symptoms so I'm guessing we did good.
      It was a fun time. Alot of good memories. I hardly ever visit Ohio during winter months because of winter snow storms in NY. We lucked out and its been in the 50s and only raining off and on. I caught a ride back and forth with my cousin who now lives in NY also. He had a covid test done the day before we left which was negative and I quarantined in my house for 2 weeks leading up to the trip. I'll be quarantining again for another 2 weeks just in case, but that doesn't bother me much.
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    • Sledgstone

      My neighbor came over with his bulldozer on sunday. That was one hell of an experience. lol. He dozed my driveway to get the big hump out of the end of it. My driveway is almost flush with the road now.
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    • DeathscytheX

      Fruits Basket ep 16.... the onions.... so many cut onions.... 😭
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    • Sledgstone

      I got a new phone. Galaxy S20 FE. I bought it from best buy with an early black Friday sale. $350 with my Verizon plan. I'll pay $15 a month for it for 2 years. I just got it in the mail but I'm not going to activate it until monday when ladys phone gets here, she got the same phone except different color. I read it had a touch screen issue that was fixed with a patch. Hopefully I don't have any issues with the phone. It looks like a significant upgrade over my old galaxy s7.
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    • Sledgstone

      I bought a new reciever last week to replace my broken one that died about 6+ months ago. I finally got a new hdmi cable from amazon the other day so now all my stuff is full surround sound again. Oh man I didn't realize how much I missed surround sound until I heard it in all its glory again. I love that all the receivers now have all the hdmi inputs on them and then it has an hdmi out to the tv. No more audio sync issues ever again. The only game I've tested so far is Starcraft 2. I stream it from my PC over 5ghz wifi to my nvidia shield. I love that shield, it auto recognizes its 5.1 surround and the game auto adjusts to the shields audio settings. And because SC2 is such an old game my PC has no problem playing it in 4k. So I've now played SC2 in my living room in 4k with surround sound. It's awesome.  I need to try some ps4 games. I have genshin impact downloaded so I'll try that soon. Hopefully the deck work I need to do doesn't consume my entire weekend again.
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