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    • Steam Deck - Steam hand held gaming system
      Steam has made its own hand held game console. It can be used as a handheld or docked to a tv like the Nintendo Switch. Honestly, this looks like a solid hand held. Everyone that does PC gaming has a steam account and most likely alot of games already in their library. 

      There are three versions: $399, $529 & $649 depending on the internal storage. Its shipping December of 2021.


      The hardware looks great too:


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    • Playstation 5
      Until we get solid info from Sony, theres only speculation so far about the final list of features, prices, etc. The latest rumor I just read was this:


      If true the price will be $499 and be available for preorder early February. And there will be full backwards compatibility with digitally owned games. And ps4 controllers will be forward compatible, which would explain that new extra back button attachment that was announced.
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    • XBOX Series X
      Sony made the first announcement, but MS makes the first reveal. The Next Generation kicks off next holiday season.
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    • Coronavirus disease (COVID-19)
      Hows the Coronavirus impacting you? Thankfully I work from home and my job is not affected yet so I haven't had any work outages. I know quite a few people now having drastically reduced hours in the food industry and they'll be struggling to pay bills here by next week. I haven't been shopping since last Friday and it was a mad house then and only gotten worse from what I've heard. There is coronavirus cases in my county here in NY and it looks like the economy is going to crash. Maybe this new stimulus package will help? If they do send out checks to everyone like the Bush stimulus did, I'm going to have to throw that money right at my roof leak instead of additional food supplies. x_x I have one piece of roof that is not in good shape and apparently has been leaking for a while, buried under masses of snow until it recently all melted. Home insurance guy was a prick and doesn't want to cover it. I'll be switching home insurance companies just because I didn't like the guy. I also think my agent misrepresented to me the actual quality of the insurance package too.
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    • Samurai Jack
      See the trailer for the Samurai Jack video game!
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    • Yeah I spent a lot of money on Genshin Impact... I feel like I'll be spending even more on this one for character rolls. XD

    • If it were a bunch of Right-Wing Christian Teachers getting emotional a "Don't say God" bill prevented them from grooming, I'd have no problem with it. Science doesn't care about your emotions. Please keep your grooming out of public schools.

      Now replace God with Gay & you have my same response to the religion known as Woke.

    • But Cyberpunk was the "Next Fallout 76"

    • On 4/8/2020 at 6:20 PM, slippers said:

      that sucks. oh and say hi to lady for me. i dont think she posts here anymore 😛 i hope shes doing good

      i remember my brother seemed shocked and upset when he found out his classmate (use to be his science lab partner and said he was really nice) died in a car accident and had to go to his funeral. it was like a couple months after their college graduation so that was like back in 2004. to think you spend your half of your young life on study and only after finishing all that hard work you get killed..maybe thats why i never liked studying and school seemed like a waste of time to me..

      and theres this girl, i never met her but my mom and my brother knew her bc they use to go to same church together. she was very well known in her TKD (taekwondo) sports community for giving her olympics spot to her injured friend back in 2000 sydney olympics. she was on news and everything. she died at age 40 died of liver and kidneys failures last december. its so weird how she died though as if death was planning her demise like in final destination. she was already malnutritioned and wouldnt eat anything, and she only drank strong liquor so she was very weak and her bones were fragile despite warning from her doc many times over the years to stop drinking. one day she saw a cockroach on a wall and she tried to sidekick it. the impact of hitting a wall with her foot traveled all the way up to her spine and cracked it. she went to hospital for back pain but instead she went into coma. she was conscious for following week and doc told her she was too weak to do surgery. for the first time she agreed to have dialysis but it was too late. even though she was sedated, still she died an agonizing death after they removed her feeding tube. her mom waited until she woke up from coma, she wanted to let her know she will die and to say goodbye. she turned this way all bc her dad decided to leave his family and screw around with his young assistant at his dojo, she hated even associating with TKD she once loved so she got a job as a bartender and that started the whole thing. i know it was still her choice to make changes but oh well
      She hardly spoke to me and was walking without me more often with the girls with whom we used to quarrel, and in general, they were enemies. One day she walked and didn't even say hello. After that, we went to different cities and never saw each other again. I recently found out that she works on the Internet and sells mba essay editing services. Now I think I should forget old high school grudges and try to write to her! It's very sad when you stop communicating with someone you've spent a lot of time with one day!

      Pretty interesting.

    • Rumor

      On some level I can comprehend Sony wanting to buy Final Fantasy 14. If I remember correctly, Sony convinced Bethesda to bring ESO to PS4. Bethesda brought ESO to both PS4 & the 3rd Xbox. Now that MS owns Bethesda, Sony wants to own a bigger MMO.

      What I can't comprehend is why wouldn't Sony want to own reboot Laura Croft? Were they afraid they might be too Woke with Laura Croft being better than Nathan Drake? Do they have proof that reboot Laura Croft doesn't sell as well as original Laura Croft? Or is it some other reason?

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      Correcting a grammar issue...
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    • Sledgstone

      My neighbor next door is moving so he had a full house sale over the weekend. I lucked out and bought his snowblower for $150.  Its got some years of use on it, but hes kept it in amazing shape. A new gas one like this is around $800+. I hope it works great this next winter. It could save me all kinds of time shoveling.
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    • DeathscytheX

      My PC came with a free month of Game Pass Ultimate. I decided to check out what I can play for free and found out how garbage the Xbox App for PC is. I downloaded Halo Infinite. The game wouldn't load. It would show the spartan insignia and then I'd just get a black screen. I never got to the title screen. Upon investigating this, its apparently a common issue. I tried all the "fixes" and uninstalled and re-installed the game twice. It never worked. So then I try to play The Ascent with a friend. The game worked fine solo, but we couldn't connection to each other. Again, I look it up and its once again.... a common issue. This time with no fix. We gave up and bought it on steam where it works without any issues. Needless to say, I'm cancelling Game Pass.
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    • DeathscytheX

      I never wanted to try to Souls game. The thought of being one shotted and having to start all over again from a single mistake always turned me off. I don't have as much time as I use to to "git gud". Fallen Order was the closest i ever played to a souls style game, but by the time you got force powers, the game became more like  inFAMOUS games than Souls. I got Elden Ring for whatever reason and honestly... I've been enjoying the hell out of it despite some soul crushing moments. I like the freedom, the exploration, finding good gear laying around without having to fight anything. Gear that will give you a fighting chance to get even better gear. You're not forced to fight any of the bosses in any particular order You can skip bosses to get to most of the world with exception of the last 2 areas. The purpose of beating bosses to to progress the story. So I've played in a way where I've gone to most the world. geared up as high as possible.. allowing me 1 fully upgraded legendary weapon.. and being able to have an easier time with the story bosses... then there are "optional" bosses that are just savage AF and HP sponges. I've beaten a few but some are just beyond my skill level. Either way, I highly recommend this game as a non souls fan. At the very least, its worth your money when it goes on discount sometime down the road.
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    • Sledgstone

      I haven't been active on the site lately. My dad's health issues became much worse over the last few months and he passed away 10 days ago. I took a couple trips to Ohio during that time and I'm glad I got to spend multiple days with him before he passed. RIP dad. I miss you.
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    • Sledgstone

      February this year has sucked with way too many single digit days of bitter cold temperatures. Thankfully tomorrow and thursday will finally be a melt day. 40s and 50s with an over night low of 40s. A large amount of this snow will finally disappear and I'll be able to walk around my yard again.
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