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    • Playstation 5
      Until we get solid info from Sony, theres only speculation so far about the final list of features, prices, etc. The latest rumor I just read was this:


      If true the price will be $499 and be available for preorder early February. And there will be full backwards compatibility with digitally owned games. And ps4 controllers will be forward compatible, which would explain that new extra back button attachment that was announced.
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    • XBOX Series X
      Sony made the first announcement, but MS makes the first reveal. The Next Generation kicks off next holiday season.
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    • Coronavirus disease (COVID-19)
      Hows the Coronavirus impacting you? Thankfully I work from home and my job is not affected yet so I haven't had any work outages. I know quite a few people now having drastically reduced hours in the food industry and they'll be struggling to pay bills here by next week. I haven't been shopping since last Friday and it was a mad house then and only gotten worse from what I've heard. There is coronavirus cases in my county here in NY and it looks like the economy is going to crash. Maybe this new stimulus package will help? If they do send out checks to everyone like the Bush stimulus did, I'm going to have to throw that money right at my roof leak instead of additional food supplies. x_x I have one piece of roof that is not in good shape and apparently has been leaking for a while, buried under masses of snow until it recently all melted. Home insurance guy was a prick and doesn't want to cover it. I'll be switching home insurance companies just because I didn't like the guy. I also think my agent misrepresented to me the actual quality of the insurance package too.
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    • Samurai Jack
      See the trailer for the Samurai Jack video game!
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    • Post in Arknights
      Arknights Episode 5 drops on 2/16
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    • ^ that post above is post # 2138 and your score is 3128. Talk about eerie ... 

    • ^ ever since i was little, my grandma warned me not to answer back at a voice im not familiar with, if i do, ill get possessed. when i first came to the States, i use to live in an old house which i believed was haunted. so one day i was lying down in a downstairs hallway (it leads to a small restroom but the hallway itself is very narrow and dark), i hear a woman's soft voice calling my name, like whispering but didnt sound friendly at all. i stayed dead silent, and she called me again. now im scared..one more time she called and i stayed quiet. i was thinking to myself thats it. they only call you three times..i passed the test..then BAM a picture frame just drops like an half inch away from my face. holy shit it was a sharp corner that hit the ground first. was she trying to warn me of danger or was she angry that i didnt answer her back?? i really have no idea why i was lying there to begin with because i remember i hardly ever go in there because it feels eerie. i checked the house and no one except my mom was upstairs and she told me she never called out my name. when i told that story later on, my grandma and my mom both recall a woman calling their names in their dream telling them to come outside, including my dad but he said it was my grandpa instead, who passed away when i was two, calling him to join him. anyway i remember recieving a family photo from a mail to the right address..assuming they were the previous residents of the house..about six months after we moved in so theres really no reason why that photo showed up the way it did. and we all looked at each other like..yup.. this house is definitely haunted. O_o

    • 20 hours ago, Pchan said:

      Is that why being away from the boards was bad for me because I was one of the very few who bought into this and now ... owns it? I almost cancelled my pre-order on the kickstarter/ indiegogo/ whatever thing but I didn't remember what account I used to sign up for the initial order. Months later, I received the box. I'm telling ya ... this's gonna help bankroll my kid's college tuition in the future. 

      I think the future will be won by Handheld PCs like...

      1. Smach Z (Dead)
      2. Alienware UFO (CES 2020 Concept)
      3. Lavie Mini (CES 2021 Concept)
      4. Aya Neo (I backed it on indie go go...)
      5. OneXPlayer (I didn't back it on indie go go.)

      In the end it will be known that Nintendo's last butterfly effect (Nintendo Switch) somehow killed the console wars.

    • 22 hours ago, Pchan said:

      Speaking of, didn't the Pentagon recently acknowledge the legitimacy of the UFO video that was shared by the Air Force last year? Fun stuff. 

      This one? (Which happened years ago.)

      (Most interesting thing in this video was the bottom left image at 0:35.)

      Or did you mean Pentagon confirms leaked images and videos of UFOs buzzing over US Navy warships are genuine?

      In any case if Aliens from other planets turned out to be real they'd probably still have more interest in McNeal than the average human.


    • Pretty decent overall, I enjoyed it more than The Witcher and it's within the same realm of action adventure fantasy sort of story. 

      Don't watch the trailer for it - try out the first episode or two and then choose to continue or not. Trailers these days spoil more than they should. 

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    • Sledgstone

      I have to get a dead tree cut down on my property. Its going to cost me $500. x_x But that doesn't include the removal. To save money I'll borrow a chainsaw from one of my friends and cut up the pieces myself. The tree is tall enough that when it eventually falls, it could hit my house, the garage, the deck, the pool (when its up for the summer) or my propane tanks so its got to come down.
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    • Sledgstone

      Its been a month since my root canal. I had another appointment yesterday for the rest of the work. They removed the temporary filling, xrayed it to make sure its all good, then did the permanent filling, then shaved/shaped the tooth for the crown, then imprinted my teeth/jaw line with a mold, then put on my temporary crown. Took them an hour. My new permanent crown will be ready in 2 weeks and then I'll finally be done. This root canal situation has been quite the experience. $1200 total after insurance. I have another tooth that might need one if it gets another cavity. If that happens I think I'll have that one pulled instead since its in the far back. Screw all this. x_x
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    • Sledgstone

      One week ago my little dog Elsa had to get a surgery to remove a few bad teeth. The vet initially though it would be 2 teeth, maybe 4 max. After they did the xray they noticed she had severe bone loss in multiple parts of her jaw and the majority of her teeth had to be removed. She has 1/3 of her teeth left.  The vet thinks it is a genetic issue that caused the periodontal disease to ravage her jaw the way it did. Shes been healing but its been a struggle. Very depressing week but shes over the worst of it now. Shes starting to feel like her old self but we're still trying to find a soft food she enjoys. More bad news is after we heard it was genetic, we checked our other dog Bella because they are cousins and she has 2 loose teeth in the front. Once we get some stimulus money we'll schedule xrays for her to see if her issue is as bad. Elsa had horrible breath going on as the main symptom but Bella's breath is fine. I hope she only needs the 2 little teeth removed. My poor babies.
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    • DeathscytheX

      A friend was able to score me a PS5 while I was at work today. I'm pretty pumped!
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    • DeathscytheX

      While wholly unoriginal. The "final" season of Attack on Titan is brutally dark and amazing. The Titan's origins are explained... but we fall back on racism and xenophobia... Code Geass/Aldnoah.Zero style and every other anime that use it as a crutch. They literally are pulling and blending aspects of WWII German and Japanese culture. But it works. I've heard the final season won't cover to the end of the manga, which I suspected since there is way to much left.... but I also heard there will be a sequel series. I stopped reading the manga when I reached the end of where it was at the time... which is still probably after this anime ends. Is it the best ever? Nah... but for me its highly entertaining.... the anime pacing, seasonal wise was handled poorly due to the no use of fillers, but at the same time not waiting for the manga to get to a certain point. I've said it before, but season 2 shouldn't exist. It should have been parts of season 1 and 3. If you binge it now, it won't make a difference though since you didn't have to wait. Regardless, this series has some of the best high tension action sequences around... and the damn near best monologue I've ever seen on a show of any medium. I'll be interested to see where they call it for the end.
      I rank this the best fucking dub performance of all time... I don't even like this character, but this scene made me respect him and the voice actor that fucking nailed it... which leads to the best action sequence by the best character of this series not contained in this clip.
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