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    • King K. Rool is in this despite him looking like a Waluigi version of Bowser?

    • More effort was put into a SSBU campaign than Black Ops 4. XD

    • Now that I've played it for several hours and I'm into act 3. Some of the initial issues with the game are subsiding. The tombs of wisdom and portals drop abundantly. The major drawback to the game for me now is that loot is absolute shit. I mean there is way too much junk. Maybe thats because I'm playing standard and not league. Getting a good tier drop with shit amounts of sockets and wrong colors makes me hold on to my old armor a lot longer. I finally got to the point where I can obtain things that randomly change the colors, fuses, and amounts, but these items are RNG and can go either way. You basically have to either have a lot of these items, have enough alternate currency to trade for them, or only use it on new things you haven't grown attached to hoping for the best. I do like the skill gem system, its my favorite part of this game. Now that i have a good 40-50 of them, I have a lot of options and flexibility for new armor drops.

      For me the Skill Tree/Skill Gem system is better than D3's system, which only let you alter your same set of attacks. I haven't played D3 in years so I don't know what if any kind of alterations they've made to it. Plus the classes aren't as limited to a single weapon set... even though a ranger using a wand or bladed mace is weird, you can do it, and work your way through the skill tree to support it. XD Its probably not end game worthy, but hey you can do whatever you want.

    • Honestly I'm not all that impressed with Path of Exile. I downloaded it yesterday since I was out of work sick and played for about two hours. While the systems they have in place are interesting and I do like the in-depth skill tree I'm honestly not sold on everything else and that inventory system is atrocious (and don't get me started on the whole Scrolls of Wisdom thing (used as currency and to identify items, wth?)). I wouldn't go so far as saying it's D3 with D2's character build system x10. There's obviously some correlations between them but quite frankly I wouldn't even consider this a poor mans D2 or D3. Again just my opinion (and I understand why others like the game I just can't bring myself to. If I want to play a D2 inspired game I'll stick with Torchlight 2, it not only captures the intricate character build system from D2 but it also plays a lot like it (not to mention it was developed by the guys who developed D2 for Blizzard)).

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    • Strider Hiryu

      Sigh, I actually had to break down and get a FunimationNow account because half the shows I was planning on watching on CR got pulled yesterday (and I didn't actually realize Funi had the license). Going to go broke if this shit keeps happening >.<
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    • Sledgstone

      I still haven't had the time to play any of the GW2 halloween event and it ends tomorrow. but i did get the new entrance to my deck completed. I cut a good chunk of the wood fence off, reinforced it with pieces of 2x4, sanded it and reinforced adjacent parts of the deck with huge deck screws. I borrowed my friend's impact driver. Holy crap I need to buy one of these. That thing is beastly and amazing.
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    • DeathscytheX

      Red Dead Redemption 2 is a testament to what single player games can be when you spend years developing them rather than 1-2 years and throw them out there with endless sequels. It would take me a few hours to hammer out my initial thoughts on this game. The level of detail is truly spectacular. My one concern was having to juggle all the health/stamina and weapon maintenance, but somehow Rockstar made it very uncumbersome to where its there, but you don't really have to worry about it every few minutes... I've gone hours without having to rest or use consumables. I've found myself getting lost in just tracking/hunting for hours. The amount of random side content is astonishing. After I get off work tomorrow, I'll have a whole week to dive into it and get lost. I'm really looking forward to it.
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    • Sledgstone

      The people that were renting the house I bought ended up breaking the stove and the master bathroom faucet. Over the last week I got my new gas stove, converted it to propane, got it hooked up, replaced my faucet... ran duct work and installed a new dryer vent.. the owner never installed a proper dryer vent. Their tenants must have been venting the dryer into insulation into the house.. wtf. I have more projects still.. I also have to change the faucet in the kitchen.  I hope I can finally be done with house work this weekend. My PS4 is still sitting in a plastic walmart bag and I have multiple boxes still left to unpack.  
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    • Sledgstone

      I've been too busy with moving and stuff. I didn't realize facebook login crippled the front page of AC unless you were logged in. I don't know when that started happening, but I've disabled facebook and twitter login for now until I have the time to resolve the issue.
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