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    • I made a Titan and got him to 20. Its amazing how much Warlock gets in this game. The best jump and Healing Rift are amazing advantages in PvE. Blink and Empowering rift for PvP. I do like Striker Titan's 2 grenade option, but barrier sucks for PvE... its actually pretty garbage. The AI will flank you or walk right through it to continue damaging you, and unless you pick a subclass tree that grants healing off a melee kill, you'll die unless you try to run for cover. The smaller barrier that reloads your weapons automatically is nice until something gets in your face and you have to move, only to try and come back for the auto reload not to work anymore... oh and Warlock has an exotic armor piece that grants party reloading with rifts... so there is that too. Just about anything another class can do, Warlock can with an armor piece or just an ability. They really should add more utility to the other two classes some how. Taking away the bubble, and making it a alt super was bad enough, then you can't shoot from inside of it.  I haven't unlocked the 3rd subclass, but two of Titan's supers are pretty subpar in PvE because half the important targets fly and float, making ground pound useless, and you can't spam the shield throw, it has like a 2-3 second cool down. Striker is super weak too... I mean it clears more adds and works in PvP, but against heavy targets you might get a bit of DPS in until a Cabal or Vex stomp you and send you flying away while your super drains. I wish they had the one big smash option similar to Hunter getting different options on Golden Gun.

      On another note, I picked up Nameless Midnight from Zavala, and holy crap is it amazing. I'll redo the Mida quest on my Titan and infuse it into this gun. It shoots just as fast, and kills almost any small target in one shot like a hand cannon.

    • The trailer for the campaign. Looks alot better than all the futuristic stuff CoD has been doing lately. 

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    • The grind has gotten the best of me TBH. I seem to be stuck at 283. The exotics that drop for me have all been 283 instead of dropping higher like they have been.. all my legendary weapons are 283-289. Chest piece drops are nearly non-existent for me. I get High Minded Complex Boots and Gloves along with Tone Patrol more than anything. I think I've capped and will have to rely on the reset for the luminous engrams. I've beaten every adventure and mission the game has, and I've looted every lost sector and about 98% of the regional chests. I feel like I got $60 worth out of the game. I'll continue to play casually off the reset.

      The best way to level up is being in a clan, because you can get up to 4 more luminous engrams a week without doing anything at all, so long as someone else does the tasks. If your clan beats the raid, you'll get a raid drop from the corresponding clan reward, seemingly same for trails. This is rather interesting. The other two come from a PvP win and Nightfall clear. Being a leech benefits the clan so long as you cap out your weekly clan XP contribution of 5000XP. You can hit it in a few hours of just doing patrols at 250XP a pop or a strike at 500XP a pop.

      I tried the first half the raid the other night. All the guys that got me through them in D1 are out of college and have jobs. XD Sadly my work time doesn't match up so I told them to pick up a different 6th person. I got a 284 Shock and Awe fusion rifle out of one of the encounter chests which I boosted to 289 with a mod. I want to infuse it to my Merciless because its the new Gjally of this game, but then my legendary power weapons would be limited. Xur is selling it, you better buy it. XD Anyways, the raid seems to be heavily puzzle oriented. I enjoyed the Bathhouse part, when we figured it out. Apparently it took the streamers the most time to figure out how it worked, we got it in about an hour of wipes. We got stuck in the dog room for much longer and that's when they called it a night. The difference between this raid and the ones I did in D1 is that everyone has to play a part. You can't just take 2-3 of your strongest players to clear a hard part like the Gorgon in VoG or the Bridge on Crota. The puzzles I did required all 6 people to be involved somehow. It was enjoyable, but very time consuming, I saw them on tonight again and they still haven't beaten it. But at least I'll get a raid weapon or armor piece when they eventually figure it all out.

      Merciless is insanely OP, Its a fusion rifle that basically shoots fast like the original Pocket Infinity after its first 2 shots. With 9 rounds in the mag its just damn amazing. The catch is the shots can't be lethal for the speed of charge between shots. So for regular mobs its kinda useless, but for majors and other high HP targets, it melts. It comes in handy when the game doesn't put anyone in your instance for the public event. I can get the Cabal Excavation to heroic super easy now, and I can solo Injection Rig. XD Swords and Fusion Rifles are clearly the best Power Weapons. Outside of the Hawthorne shotgun, all the other ones have been pretty shit that I've gotten. I have a 283 Sun Shot and Gravaton Lance now. I really want to get my hands on the new Hard Light. Outside of these I don't really love any of the other weapons. I infused my MIDA into my Call to Serve because I couldn't get Nameless Midnight to drop for me... everyone on reddit says its amazing. I liked Uriels Gift too, but I'll need a 280+ Sweet Business or Hardlight to drop to make it worth a damn. The hand cannons are kind of lackluster outside of Sunshot which is basically Fatebringer with a pretty skin. I kinda miss ole Red Death, damn thing would be pretty handy in some of these solo adventures I have with Heroic Events. And thanks to Bungie's hard-on for PvP balance we'll never see Ice Breaker or Invective return.

    • So I finally beat the story today and I have to say I'm actually quite impressed with what Bungie did with Destiny 2. Story was great but there were a few low points, as DX said the humor was upped considerably (I now officially love Cayde even more), and the loot is generously doled out as you level (I got 2 exotic engrams before I was even 12, one from a public event and one from a random chest). While I still have problems with the game (there's a few things they didn't change from D1 that irk me and I'm still pissed about the Crucible changes) all in all it's definitely worth a buy and play through if your so inclined (though if you're not willing to pay full price wait until it goes on sale).

      Now to start the long and arduous power level grind, ugh.

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    • I really enjoyed it. For a remake, it was really well done. I never read the book, so I don't know how much closer this was to it over the mini-series. Obviously they couldn't fit everything into a +2 hour film, and they didn't try to cram the whole thing into a single film. I read there will be a second film, so I look forward to it.

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    • Sledgstone

      Me and a buddy made some bulk sausage last night. It was a fun experience using a meat grinder for the first time. I have enough sausage in my freezer for almost a year now. Only cost about $20 for this amount. My friend bought way more pork butts than me and we made sausage for hours. Lol.

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    • Sledgstone

      I finished LoTR: The Fellowship of the Ring yesterday. Great novel, but if I ever read it again I'll skip the first 150 pages of hobbit only adventures. lol. After that chunk the book turned out to be great. And the fan theory about Gandalf telling them "fly you fools" as in get to the eagles is debunked to me. Theory:
      In the novel the word 'fly' was used as the word run in multiple instances. It was just the writing style. I'm glad they kept that scene like that in the movie, but Gandalf had no secret meaning when he said that. He was simply telling them to run for their f*cking lives or they'd all die in Moria.
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    • Sledgstone

      I was listening to some music on my PC while I was working earlier today and after a while I shut the stream off. About 20 mins later my speakers abruptly starting making loud low noises like a test pattern. I shook the speaker a bit and it stopped and I turned the power off on them. I kept working and another 5 mins later I smelled burning plastic.. and then smoke coming from my speaker.. wtf. It only stopped burning after I unplugged it from the wall. I don't know if the speaker caught fire because of a component in it, or if the ac adapter kept failed and kept pumping electricity into it. I'm glad I was there when it happened or it could have caused a serious fire incident. Now I'm paranoid about my other electronics catching fire on me. x_x
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    • Strider Hiryu

      Finally got caught up on my backlog of Marvel movies over the last two weeks (well the backlog of ones I wanted to watch, the only one's I haven't seen are Thor 2, Homecoming (which I will watch eventually), Ant Man (no real interest in seeing it) and I've only seen half of the first Captain America). Will say things make a lot more sense now in the big picture after getting them watched, thoughts below:
      Winter Soldier: As much as I hat Cap I really enjoyed this movie and when my friend said shit hit the fan he wasn't kidding. I finally understand why Shield wasn't around in Avengers 2 (I really had no idea what was going on since I never watched the TV show and I really had no interest in watching Winter Soldier until recently) so a lot of my questions about certain things were finally answered. Really like how it played out more like a spy/action flick then a superhero flick, definitely one of my favorites in the the Marvel verse behind GoG 1 & 2 and Civil War.
      Civil War: Good god I really enjoyed this movie though I do feel like the whole movie focused more on Cap and Stark's underlying past issues (and personal issues) then it did on the real issues at hand (it really felt more like a Cap obsessing over Bucky and Stark reliving his daddy issues more then a flick about a superhuman civil war). Have to say I'm completely pumped to see the Black Panther flick, after seeing him in Civil War I'm sold on him (great actor choice and the character alone is really interesting). I have a ton of questions and theories now about how Infinity War is going to play out (can anyone say Nomad).
      Doctor Strange: I honestly didn't know about this one and based on the reviews I had seen about it I wasn't even sure if I'd like it. Glad to say I'm wrong. Though I really don't like Strange (his attitude rubs me the wrong way) I really enjoyed the movie (fucking trippy as hell). Considering I knew nothing of this character I thought it was a really good origin story for the character (yes I know the actual origin story but for the MCU this is actually a great introduction). I have some issues with the movie (like a lot of people) but I'm interested to see what his role is in the MCU going forward (especially considering the Infinity War movies are going to reset the MCU (or at least kill off quite a few heroes)).
      Guardians 2: Watched this last night and I absolutely loved it, tied for favorite Marvel movie with Guardians 1. Brought back all of the charm and humor from the first one and backed it up with a pretty serious story. Was great to see how the interactions between all the characters have evolved from the first one and yes Baby Groot was fucking adorable (the beginning of the movie was freaking cute with him dancing, yes I said cute (get over it)). Overall the movie was a fun ride and the ending, while sad, was a great way to send off such a great character (even if he was an ass).
      So yea, gotta say the Marvel movies are really impressing me considering my general distaste for superheroes (I'm sorry my heroes as a kid were the Ninja Turtles, Transformers, and G.I. Joe. Superheroes never realy interested me, men in tight spandex beating up other men in similar costumes just seemed wrong). As I said above I'm really looking forward to the Black Panther movie and after finally watching Civil War I'm really looking forward to seeing how things play out in the Infinity War movies.
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    • DeathscytheX

      Tried to get back into No Man's Sky after the big patch... nah. They took away the boost jump. Having to constantly get back in your ship to take off and refill the booster fuel because the planet is hazardous is tedious. Your 2 levels of protection upgrades last all of 10 seconds before eating away at your shield is annoying annoying enough and wasn't buffed. They took away on foot mobility, so you can't go very far outside your ship or shelter unless its a rare planet that doesn't have a hot/cold/caustic/radioactive hazard. At least with that boost jump you could quickly get back to your ship or find shelter for your protection to recharge. Its just not for me.
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