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    • Dualshock 4 Back Button Attachment
      There is a lot to digest here.

      The current product

      Why wait to the end of the generation to make this? I have my thoughts on that later. Its interesting, but I have questions about it's ergonomics. That being said, this is a step in the right direction. Xbox has had its elite controller for years now. A $30 add on is nice rather than a $200 controller. Scuf and Cinch are great concepts but the quality is notorious. These 3rd party companies take a controller and mod it for you. Its not original hardware, its stuff compiled on top of the DS4's hardware, making it do things it wasn't originally intended to do. The paddles and buttons fail after less than a year. For the price you pay its unacceptable, but for the convenience it provides, people pay up.  Nacon and Astro makes controllers but they're not faithful to the DS4 design, and are often large, clunky, and cheap feeling. With something made by Sony for their product I'd hope this lasts. But I have a feeling this will drain your battery even faster.

      Again, why?

      I have a feeling this is just a test run, or a preview. Maybe this OLED screen on the back is what is actually on the front of the DS5? Maybe the DS5 has programmable back buttons? Maybe they're trying to perfect the DS5 version by putting this out there? Scuf isn't exactly competition right now, They're paying Sony for a licenses to be the official "pro" controller of PS4. But Sony could make way more money with this accessory if its a success, or moreso with their official controller next gen.

      Should you get this?

      It depends. This is a niche accessory. If you're playing mostly single player games don't bother. If you like to play FPS and want to be super sweaty? I couldn't recommend looking into this enough. Having back buttons is a huge advantage. Being able to reload and jump without ever taking your thumb off the right stick is something you won't be able to live without once you taste it for the first time. And if you're the ultimate MLG pro try hard, this thing has 3 profiles that you can swap on the fly. Scuf will charge you an extra $15 for a similar feature that you need a weird tool to adjust and can't be done on the fly mid game. 

      This is the evolution of the controller we need. Not motion sensors, game functional screens, touch pads, or light bars. More buttons that can be programmed the way you want them to be.

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    • Overwatch 2
      Trailer and Gameplay preview
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    • Post in Diablo IV
      Diablo IV Trailer, screens, and demo gameplay inside.
    • Post in Final Fantasy XIV
      So after having done the Nier raid twice now I definitely have to say the FFXIV team and Yoko Taro knocked it our of the fucking park. This is probably my favorite 24-man in the entirety of XIV and favorite story based raid in the entire game. The boss fights are extremely fun and interesting, the enemies are well modeled and varied to say the least (some of which don't appear in Automata (they might as I still haven't beaten it yet but from what I could tell quite a few of them are original to this raid)), and that soundtrack is fucking amazing (the final boss theme is fucking beyond amazing and I so want it now, looks like I'll be buying the next Shadowbringers soundtrack just for it (its a remix of Weight of the World and it's tear inducing)). Not to mention the story for it is damn good and I get the feeling we might be meeting some more familiar faces in the next two raids (I won't ruin it unless you've already seen or been told but I wasn't honestly expecting to see who I saw at the end of the raid even if it was kinda spoiled in the trailer). Now if only I could win the god damn roll on the 2B armor set so I can be happy and have my 2B look (I want those fucking thigh boots god damnit, they'd fit so well with a current glamour set-up that I have).

      I look forward to patch 5.3 and 5.5 for the next two sets of this raid because if they're anything like this I'll be more then happy (now to get around to beating Automata, I'm almost done with 9S's route/B ending. Should hopefully have that done this weekend if I don't keep getting distracted by side quests or the XIV raid (I must have my 2B glamour)).

      Also I take back what I said about the 5.1 Samurai changes. While I still don't think we're where we should be dps wise I'm feeling like we're in a better place then we were prior to this. Now to try out the new Ninja changes and see if I pick up Ninja as my secondary main.
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    • Finally after 25 years Tank Girl gets a sequel! It's bringing back Jet Girl. And it has a better budget than the original so we might not have to look at fursuiters!

      Wait, they're still saying that's Harley Quinn?.... The person I'm mistaking for Jet Girl is Huntress?.... I'm pretty certain "Bruce" isn't a fursuiter.



    • Imitation is the sincerest of flattery. Pretty much every movie/tv series with a definite start and end is a rip off of something. It's just in the past its normally been of obscure things. Anime was a huge source of this in the 80s and 90s before it exploded over here. They could still get away with it probably. Normally things that were getting ripped off were obscure comics, books, short stories. etc. Pretty bold to rip a game, but the producers and directors are probably boomers that think not a lot of people play games. XD

    • We got this game free with PS+ membership a while back and I played it this last week. The game was originally released on PS3 back in 2013. 3 years later Stranger Things season 1 came out on netflix. I make that reference because Stranger Things is a blatant rip off of this game. The trailer shows Jodie and Aiden, the soul/entity attached to her.. and she has psychic powers. Based off the trailer alone it doesn't look anything like stranger things, but the game is all over the place in her timeline and you see her story from childhood to full adult. The more I played I thought to myself, wow that is so much like Eleven from Stranger Things.. but when exact scenes from stranger things started happening... repeatedly... I couldn't help but notice it can't be just a coincidence. Aside from exact scenes with different sets, the overall theme was the same. Government doing tests on a psychic kid, government running a secret facility to open a portal to another dimension, Jodie aka Eleven having to close said portal. When Jodie overexerts herself she gets a nosebleed and is weakened. But instead of a sheriff father figure its a scientist, still a strong father figure. The only thing stranger things did that was unique was throw a bunch of kids into this character's life so it wouldn't be nearly so dark and then made it cheery and funny, once again to not make the story so dark. I could go on, but I don't want to ruin the game, which by the way was great. It was like a full interactive movie mostly run with QTE inputs which sounds boring but its not. There is plenty of walking around, running, exploring and even combat. Using psychic powers to kill people was quite enjoyable as well.

      I'm sure there are some youtube videos showing all the comparisons. My guess is Netflix paid this game developer/publisher money for movie/tv rights under the table with a clause that the game wouldn't be referenced as source material. If not I don't see how in the hell the game company hasn't filed a lawsuit. Direct scenes happen, multiple times, like almost shot for shot that occurred 3 years later in stranger things. When I got to the end of the game and saw scenes that took place in season 2 of stranger things theres no doubt in my mind this was the source material. It really opens my eyes as to how unoriginal Stranger Things actually is and I'm sad this game didn't get nearly as much publicity for being as good as it was back during its release. If you got this free with PS+ or can get it cheap, I think its on PC now, I recommend playing it.

      If the next season of stranger things is a time skip and Eleven ended up joining the CIA.. well, play this game to find out what happens!

    • Well you do have that complete Anthem overhaul to look forward to if reports are right about them reworking it from the ground up (what good it will do who knows). Honestly Respawn would be the better choice between the two since BioWare Austin (makers of TOR) are pretty much a skeleton crew at this point and they couldn't be repurposed for a new KoToR at this point (I mean they're barely pushing out any significant updates for TOR outside of rehashes of old events, the reason why I'm currently not subscribed anymore (until the next big content patch hits where I get my hands on my long vacated Dark Council seat)).

      I would assume Respawn is probably working on the next hush hush title (I mean they're currently working on the VR Medal of Honor and I'm sure the constant updating of Apex keeps them busy). I would assume we see another Titanfall game from Respawn before another Star Wars title or even a sequel to Fallen Order. Then again with as greedy as EA is I wouldn't be surprised if they hand over the story focused SW games to Respawn after there hit.

      We'll just have to wait and see. Hopefully, if the rumor proves to be true, the devs stick to the story and spirit of the original KoToR's and deliver just a complete remaster instead of a complete remake. I doubt it though since I'm sure Disney will put their foot down on keeping it true to new canon (I mean EA has the game license but Papa Disney holds the license for everything so it wouldn't take much for them to pull it if EA said no, no one fucks with Papa Disney (even terrible Uncle EA)).

      Edited by Strider Hiryu
      My thought process sucks right now >.<
    • At this point everything should be scary when you can't even trust established developers in their respective genre to make a complete and satisfying game. If I had to choose between Bioware and Respawn though, I'd choose Respawn. If they can go from FPS to 3rd person action/puzzle game. I'd have more faith than Bioware making something better or even on par with the original. I'm sure they'd consult heavily with Bioware either way.

      I could be completely wrong though. I mean they just put out Fallen Order, so I doubt they've been developing a KOTOR remake for any lenght of time for this to be news. It would still be or just exiting the concept stage I'd imagine. It could be Bioware, their burning trash pile of Anthem is almost a year removed. What a dissapointment that was. The gameplay engine was absolutely phenomenal... and that was it once you got past the campaign.

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