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    • Overwatch - Trailers

      Day 1 report.

      The game hit a snag when servers went live. It lasted about 20 minute and then servers officially began functioning. I was booted out of my first game where I was going on a tear with D.Va but after that the game ran as great as the beta.

      People either learned a lot from the beta or studied reddit intensely. Reinhardt isn't as much as a powerhouse as he was in the beta. I shield was constantly getting shattered by Bastions or just the whole team actually focusing me down. I found myself swapping to Pharah quite often to AoE Bastion or push him off target with her special fire.

      Torbjorn is still as powerful as ever, but people to take better notice of the Turrets. I've had some Junkrats and Pharahs take them down pretty fast. I also learned Reinhardt's charge instakills them on impact.

      Mercy has a bigger target on her back than in the Beta... she needs a buff

      Most the trophies/achievements consist of getting 4 kills with one ultimate.

    • AJIN: Demi Human

      It's hard to find an anime where a kid isn't the main character. I don't know what or where the trend came from. I started watching Dimension W, and not only is it great, the main character is a man. Sadly it's a simulcast and I watched all the dub eps which is only 1 ep behind the subs.

    • AJIN: Demi Human

      I finished this series tonight. I was pleased with it. I loved the amount of violence in it. I just wish the main character was "the guy with the hat" than the young guy (whatever his name is. lmao). That guy was too boring and naive.


      The guy with the hat was this anime's bad ass and I look forward to seeing him possibly taking over the country in season 2. :D

      After watching Deadpool I thought, man I'd love to have those powers. Then after watching AJIN, I'm like.. NOPE. Endless experimentation sounds much more plausible than becoming a superhero. No thanks. x_x

      The animation style takes a bit to get used to tho. Its like they took the animation style of RWBY and made it more anime based.. but then lowered the character's FPS so it seems like nobody actually moved fluidly. Kind of odd.

    • Preacher Season 1 Discussion (Spoilers)

      I set it to DVR, but haven't watched it yet. Alot of shows I've been watching have had their season finales this last week and / or this week. I'll have time later this week to check it out.

    • Preacher Season 1 Discussion (Spoilers)

      Anybody watch this? I thought they tried to do way to much and introduce way too many characters in the first ep. Hopefully it will take a more steady pace, but the next episode is 2 weeks away I read. They'll play an encore of tonight's ep next Sunday.

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    • DeathscytheX

      Finished Linebarrels of Iron. It was an enjoyable Mecha anime. Although I feel the trend of a main character tapping into a incredible power, only to look weak in a fight unless they have an emotionally traumatic moment is getting old. It seems to be the most overused cliche in all of anime.
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    • Sledgstone

      I played the original Uncharted on PS3 and I'm playing the remaster now on PS4 so I can refresh my memory before I jump into Uncharted 2 and then 3. I found something out last night. If you shoot an enemy a couple times and then punch them to finish them off you get 1 of 3 unique kill animations. 1 is a roundhouse punch to the face that knocks the guy on his ass, another is a drop kick kill and my favorite and most frequent kill is a slide between / under the enemy's legs and punch them in the balls while sliding. I love killing people by punching them in the balls now. I never knew this was a thing the first time I played the game. Oh.. and hip firing while running auto targets enemies. This is so much easier my second time playing this. And grenades seem way easier to get kills with now. I'm going to have to try to dick punch people in the other uncharted games next.
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    • Strider Hiryu

      Sigh, after watching so many live streams of Total War: Warhammer over the last two days I totally want to buy it (even though I've never had any interest in Warhammer before). Sadly my laptop would probably kill itself (which is why I never bought Shogun 2) and I can't afford it due to that whole being jobless thing going on.
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    • DeathscytheX

      Since I used my last Citizen Eco-Drive for 12-13 years before the band broke and I left it in the dark for too long, I ordered myself another one. Got a killer deal off jomashop.com. the watch is $725 MSRP and I paid $349. Considering amazon had it listed for $540 I feel I got an unreal price for a titanium timepeice.
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    • DeathscytheX

      The new overtime law takes effect 12/1/16. It would require my company to give many of us  $10k raises. I highly doubt that will happen. They'll probably make us all hourly instead. 
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