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    • Star Wars Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker
      Watch all the trailers for Star Wars Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker and read our theories...
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    • Post in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare
      *sigh* I really hope this is beta only but after all that talk of UAV being a high streak, its 4 kills on the beta. Without a mini map its an overwhelming advantage for one team to see everything on a mini map and you don't get to see where they are when they shoot. I was ok with the lack of mini map until this came to light. And you have to suffer through this until level 12 to get the Ghost perk. This is just going to force Ghost and rocket launchers as a necessity. Terrible.
    • Death Stranding
      All the latest info about Kojima's PS4 exclusive starring Norman Reedus.
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    • lmao! XD See ya Chadd. XD 

    • Yes, they are "loosely direct" sequels. Its hard to describe. Its all on the same time line, but the focus of the story is different each time. For every game the villains are different and have no connections with the previous one, also the characters you can choose from to play are different. The player characters of the last game become major story NPCs of the next game. You'd be lost on some of the lore, but you could still easily enjoy the story and the game. Since the characters you choose from are new to the borderlands world, the game treats your character as someone that doesn't know anything. So all the characters get their own introductions to you and things are explained to you as if you've never played a previous game before. This game also presents a ton of new characters to the universe like the owners of all the weapon brands. Borderlands shines more on its comedy, satire, and not taking it self too seriously. This is also the first game that leaves the home planet and you visit multiple worlds.

      Best side mission ever. XD


    • Are the Borderlands games actual sequels to each other? Or will I not understand any plot if I skip the first two?

    • Unfortunately the Multiplayer has become unplayable as of late. I guess devs forgot how to do P2P after we all demanded servers. XD Tons of lag, rubber banding, and audio going out when playing with friends. Hopefully a patch gets put out soon. The game works amazing solo though. Its just a shame with all these great scaling features for co-op its not working well right now.

      I'm about half way through and the story is solid, but the side missions is where this game shines. They're absolutely hysterical. Gone are the go kill 20 of these or collect 10 of these. Every side quest has been as good if not better than a main story quest, full of dialogue and cut scenes. Simply outstanding.

    • I haven't liked TDM in years. I didn't play any when BL3 came out, so I never got to play with the mini map always on. But I didn't like how they were forcing me to play TDM if I wanted to get a round of Domination in. I don't know if they changed that but the preorder exclusive didn't allow you to take TDM off the filter. I stucked with Headquarters for the most part. These maps encourage camping so I'll stick with objectives which camping is a strategy. Demolition will always be my favorite game mode, I don't know if it will be in this one or not.

      I always prefer the git gud COD kill streaks over anyone can get them by racking up cheap points without getting a kill. Thats just me though. The cruise missile was too annoying to use when I got it. Its animation took forever, and I never got hit by one either because you have an eternity to hide from the time its announced to when they actually get to aim with it. Everyone can get inside buildings. The predator missile in MW2 was so much better because you didn't have to wait 5 seconds to hit the boost button.

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    • Sledgstone

      Now I understand why the last Lord of the Rings movie had such a long endless ending.. I'm halfway through the last book, the ring is already destroyed, the war is won and everyone is celebrating at the castle.. theres still like 300 pages left. wtf.  and one of the biggest differences from the book and the movie was the last stretch of Frodo and Sam's journey. In the movie, they fought Shelob the spider and after Sam killed a couple Orcs and saved Frodo, they  took some more paths and were at the the lava in Mt Doom.. in the book, Sam had to infiltrate a massive Orc base, most of the Orcs killed each other in an argument, save Frodo.. and then had to actually go to Mt Doom still because that was only the first mountain. wtf. They had an extra week of traveling through enemy controlled land, sneak past multiple Orc bases and encampments, dress up as orcs and had to blend in with an Orc march to get over a bridge, get to Mount Doom, climb it.. lmao. the movie could have been so much longer.
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    • DeathscytheX

      As a hater of CGI in anime for the most part. I must say Mobile Suit Gundam: The Origin has done the best job I've seen of using it. The Battle of Loum was an incredible sequence. This should be a clinic on how to do proper CGI if you're going to do it. I'll always prefered drawn, but damn that episode was phenomenal.
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    • Sledgstone

      I think I found a new web host. If all goes well I'll transfer AC over to it sometime this month. It might have slower page loads but it'll save me money and some time since I wont have to do server maintenance / troubleshooting anymore.
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    • Sledgstone

      And the first ceiling fan I put up is making a noise.  I'm going to have to take it back down and adjust the damn steel mounting bracket. x_x When I did the second fan I realized I could get my phone at just the right angle to see exactly where I was mounting the damn thing. I'll have to do that for the first fan now. That'll take multiple hours this weekend. x_x
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    • DeathscytheX

      Since the founding of Kickstarter I've only backed one project and that was Kung Fury. I recently backed two more projects. A new wallet and a retro style watch.
      I honestly don't get the whole "minimalist" wallet thing. I think it's pretty dumb actually. Before this fad even started it was hard enough for me to find a wallet with enough card slots to begin with. I have a debit card, drivers licenses, concealed carry permit, Social security card, health insurance card, dental insurance card, Kohl's card, and 3 credit cards (Visa, Master, Discover). Now that everywhere takes Visa I kinda wish I didn't have all 3, but there was a time Sam's club only took discover, and my master card was my first line of credit that just got upgraded to a mastercard when it was originally just a sears card. Anyways all in all I have 12-14 cards, and I feel like I always need them in case of an emergency. I don't carry cash, so the whole billfold that only holds 1 card... I don't know how people do it. I backed this Grip6 wallet because I've been using their belts and they're amazing. I also break belts a lot since I only use 1 for everything and I'm very active at my job. If it wasn't for the leather sleeve that increases card capacity to 14, i wouldn't have bothered. It's a cool concept. I use my debit card multiple times a day. All my cards that pay for stuff will go into the pop up slot. My lesser used cards like insurance and ID will go in the leather sleeve.
      I've also reinvigorated my love for watches. I own 3 in my rotation. I've lost my love for metal bracelet watches as I always break them, and leather I ruin from sweating at my job so much. I just ordered a canvas strap to replace a leather band actually. But I also love analogue watches. I don't like pulling my phone out to look at the time, its just easier to look at my wrist. I've always had a watch since I was 14. I'll never be one of those serious watch collectors that owns $5000 watches... thats too extreme. I stay under $400. I've been looking for something retro and classy to add to my collection.. buying real vintage watches is out of the question so I found this... but its only half funded with 27 days left so It may not become a thing.
      I'll never back a kickstarter game after all the shenanigans over the past couple of years, but recently I've found it to be a good source of finding things that no one else is making to my needs. I still did my research on the company/owner before backing, but hopefully I get two decent products. With all the crazy OT I've been getting lately I have the luxury to splurge a little.
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    • I really wish GW2 would add this system. There is a "sexy stretch" in the hand on hip idle. Each idle stance has an animation that goes into it. That way people that bitch and moan about it never had to see it, but people that liked it can have it in that stance. I have more fun that I should messing around with poses in this game while I wait to be match made into a dungeon. /sit has different sitting positions, and you can sit in chairs or on boxes and have different sitting positions there too. I'm sure this is nothing to every other FFXIV player, but to me its so unique and fun. There is even a /pose where you do a little turn around over the shoulder look.
    • I miss sexy stretch. lol.
    • I didnt have access to bunny girl when I made her.
    • Bah, needs more Bunny girl. Looking good there sir, can't wait to see what she looks like come 50 and beyond.
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