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    • On ‎7‎/‎31‎/‎2016 at 9:11 AM, Sledgstone said:

      How is the female armor in dark souls? Is it all boob plate or cleavage or can you deck out your character in some heavy plate gear to look like a huge mass of metal?

      Armor is gender neutral. And there is no sexy armor as far as I know. I doubt you would want to see a Hollow in such armor if it existed in the game.

      Mini Bosses Defeated (Again)

      1. Havel The Rock - Yeah.... I'm too scared to go to Blight Town, The Great Hollow, or even face The Hydra at Ash Lake. I got my Vitality up to 30 & my Endurance up to 19 once the next level up would cost over 10,000 Souls. As boring as this fight looked it was a lot easier thanks to having enough Stamina to block Havel's strikes if I got hit. I got his ring.
      2. Prowling Demon at Undead Parish - Strafe Right, Attack from behind, repeat.
      3. Heavy Knight at Undead Parish - I got a Greatsword from that fight that I will probably never use.
      4. Channeler at Undead Parish - I got nothing from him. Then went upstairs to free that guy that was going to escape anyway.
      5. Oscar Knight Of Astora - Elite Knight against Elite Knight! Astora's Straight Sword against Astora's Straight Sword! Dragon Crest Shield against Crest Shield? An almost identical face off. I got his Crest Shield after defeating him.

      I didn't lose once to any of these mini bosses as Mjoll.

      Some items found or upgraded (Again)

      1. I did fully level up that Spear I bought with Titanite Shards that were rare drops. After that I eventually got some Spears that were rare drops.
      2. 2 Twinkling Titanite & some form of regular Titanite from Murdering a Crystal Lizard between Darkroot Basin & Darkroot Garden.
      3. Obviously found The Elite Knight Armor Set in Darkroot Garden which is what I was wearing when I fought Oscar.
      4. I got The Wolf Ring!.... After having to retrieve my Souls & Humanity from being killed by a Giant Stone Knight.
      5. I got The Rusted Iron Ring in Undead Asylum. I can't believe I would've gone into Blight Town without this.

      I had 10 in Humanity, but I dwindled it down to 3 because I didn't want to unplug my Xbox 360 from the internet or face players.

      Current Personal Goals

      1. Don't defeat the Armored Tusk in Undead Parish until I have The Covetous Gold Serpent Ring & 10 Humanity. Even if that means never going over there.
      2. Upgrading Armor with Titanite. Especially now that I can buy Titanite from Andre Of Astora.
      3. Maybe get back to leveling up my Endurance once I'm done leveling up Armor Sets (& maybe weapons I won't use).
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    • I did at one point get myself back into playing this. My only real goal was to get everything up to the highest Mk that I could. Which ended up being Mk6. Maybe there are Mk7 items but I think those are in the one solar system that requires me to play the story missions.

      I'm happy to say that my ship, a barracuda, is extremely fast.... Extremely too fast.... Like I can find myself going past jump gates I intend to go through fast.

      I've given up on smuggling since I never found armor or whatever that would prevent my ship being scanned if I had more than the smuggler's hold could hold. However I did at one point end up being neutral with The Devil's Cartel after doing a lot of missions for them. I instantly ended up enemy's with the Militia every time I tried to be neutral with both. The Militia also rarely has missions that benefit both of them. But with the exception of Civilians (Merchants, & Mercenaries) I think every faction was designed to hate you if you tried to be everyone's friend.

      Doing Mercenary Missions for the Mercenary Guild is odd. They're not really good guy. Their missions will randomly make anyone an enemy; including themselves. I got them up to 10 then I went back to getting Merchants Guild back up to 10 doing dead drops.

      Doing Very Low missions is quite relaxing.

      Once I get back into playing this from my last save I think I might as well just do the story missions.

    • Thats really what all these fanboys don't get, Its not just the Switch, but the Joy Cons attached to it. Its going to need a carrying case unless you're willing to get hand cramps. It doesn't bother me though, as long as good games come out for it. It will never leave my house for the most part. There are rumors that there will be a GameCube virtual console, and they wont deny it either. The only issue with that is that there will have to be a GC controller adapter. Games like Mario Sunshine used analogue buttons that relied on different types of pressure to adjust the power of the stream from FLUDD. You couldn't play a lot of games on the run. 

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    • DeathscytheX

      I used 56 Machetes on DS and still didn't get the charged horn and focus part. I can do DS 2 more times for a guaranteed part from the big chest, which is probably what I'll have to do because I can't afford to buy any machetes with this grind. What is funny is that I went to AB afterwards and it happened to be a finished map so I looted all the chests without helping the meta. It helped me finish up the machined staff and in turn I finished up the Druid staff collection.
      Now I'm wishing I bought all the mystic weapon skins back when they were 10g each. They're upwards of 50g each now because of Mystic Coin prices. I'll need one for each spec weapon... thankfully staff counts for DD's staff as well. I def want a free asc warhorn so next time I see that Trixi person doing an HoT run I'll take my Ele along because I'll never be able to bare it otherwise.
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    • Strider Hiryu

      Red Mage and now Samurai are confirmed as the two jobs for the upcoming FFXIV expansion Stormblood. I am completely hyped about this now and Samurai is going to be a DPS this time around (Sam was a tank in FFXI), god I can't wait. Finally a job I've been wanting since the game released (besides Ninja which I already play as). The only bad thing is I'm torn about which one I want to level first.
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    • DeathscytheX

      Mediacom sent us a new modem, apparently our service was upgraded and our modem was out of date, I now get 60mbps instead of 20. sweeet.
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    • DeathscytheX

      I finally managed to flip something for a massive profit on GW2. Apparently I bought a few Superior Runes of Antitoxin pre HoT an tossed them in my old guild's bank. They were barely worth 60s each when I bought them according to GW2Spidy, and today they are worth 9g each. I'll make 57g when they all sell. At long last a successful flip. All the rest of the runes I bought are still worthless. 
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    • Sledgstone

      After about a year of on and off fractals in Guild Wars 2 I finally crafted the legendary back pack Ad Infinitum. It looks amazing but the glider version is complete crap. I really wanted a legendary back piece because its a legendary that can be used on any class and any build. I loved my necro's green look but it's condi build doesn't use any legendary weapon I currently have. At least I can flaunt off a legendary at all times now regardless of what weapon I want to use. Its a shame it doesn't make footprints like a regular legendary does. It would make up for that with an awesome glider but damn this glider looks pathetic.
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    • , poor Sledge. Yea they come in Small, Medium, and Large and as I said cost a fortune just to buy the plot. All things said and done you could probably spend well over 100 million gil just to buy the plot and the materials to build your house.
    • There is different size housing options.... I just want 1.
    • I dunno. If they made an Arah themed legendary scepter, I'd be all over it.
    • I don't know on Ranger. I'm sure it does because the second press on 4 for guardian throws it.
    • She's a cat girl (damn anime and it's influencing my character design decisions), those ears are real (as is the tail you can't see).
      Apartments was SE's way of placating those of us that couldn't afford a housing plot (small plots cost 3 million gil while large plots cost over 52 million (on my server, bigger pop servers cost even more)) or didn't get a chance to buy one due to scarcity. I'd love a house but I can't afford one at the moment and my server has no small plots available.
      They're still somewhat expensive (300,000 gil) but it's better then nothing (even if the room is small). If I remember I'll take pictures of my Free Company's Medium sized mansion (our FC Master blew a lot of gil on it) to shoe the size.