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    • Nintendo NX = Portable Console (rumor)

      The NX being a handheld is something I would've wanted before the Wii U happened. It's not that I wouldn't want it now. But I rather wait for Gaming on AR Glasses. But now I'm hoping that NX is a console. Because part of me is hoping The Elder Scrolls 6 could come to a Nintendo Console. That it could take place in Valenwood. And I think Link's Green Tunic would fit in as a Nintendo exclusive.

    • Nintendo NX = Portable Console (rumor)

      Jack brings up a lot of good points in this video and while I don't agree with every single one of them (like the handheld market dying) I feel he summed up a lot of what I said above and did a much better job of it.

    • Guild Wars 2 Heart of Thorns

      I played the world boss tonight, It was interesting. A lot of getting downed involved. So much AoE it reminds me of the Division at times. XD I found two communal MP along with a champ fight that gives one... but I still need one more because there is a new mastery line I spent one MP on. -_-; What is interesting though is that I was gaining XP for that even though I didn't have it selected. I assume this is a change or else I would have been wasting all that XP on nothing.

      The new area is neat. Leyline gliding will make life a whole hell of a lot easier. Hopefully I can finish up the story tomorrow..

      I def need to get some blood stone consumers. WTF the bloodstone nodes give you bloodstone dust with a small chance at a ruby.

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    • Nintendo NX = Portable Console (rumor)
      39 minutes ago, Sledgstone said:

      If the screen is the normal size of a cell phone and its meant to run games all the time, I wonder how hot the thing will get and if it'll need to be recharged every 2 hours.

      Not exactly. I know it's running better tech then a 3DS (if this is true) and the displays on those are only slightly smaller then an average smartphone display (which is usually between 4-5 inches, my Note 4 as a 5.7 inch display and that is the biggest out there for smartphones) but I'm expecting battery life to be around that of a 3DS if not better (you gotta remember a 3DS runs two screens, a 3D and a normal one. I get roughly 8-9 hours of continuous play on my 3DS when I actually play it (it's kind of neglected, the poor thing)). Plus my 3DS never runs hot (then again different tech here). The one thing Nintendo is good at, which you said, is handhelds and they've always had great battery life once the Pocket Generation of Gameboy's hit the market (the original "brick" could probably get you around the same battery life as a 3DS if you were lucky and that was only running one screen). Plus, in all honesty, the graphical quality of the new Zelda game for the NX isn't all that better then a 3DS (I equate 3DS graphics to PS1/N64 era while the Wii U is still sitting at roughly Gamecube era, maybe slightly better) so I don't see the games that might be coming out of the NX being all that graphically taxing.

      What it will come down to is the on board O/S and whether or not the console will support features like the Nintendo Store, Virtual Console, and everything else the Wii U currently has. If it does then yea battery life is going to be atrocious on this machine especially with detachable controllers (which I'm thinking, for practicality, will only be usable when the system is docked). Honestly, if this proves to be true, it could either kill Nintendo's future in the industry as a console developer or it could save them. I'm leaning more toward killing their console division because the only way I see the NX working (in this format) is if they kill their DS division and make this the new handheld which they would be stupid to do as it's the only thing making them money (outside of those few gamers who own Wii's and Wii U's). As a huge supporter and fan of Nintendo's handheld division (I've owned every incarnation of the Gameboy (with the exception of the Pocket and Advance SP) and two incarnations of the DS (the DSi XL and the 3DS XL)) I don't think I could support Nintendo's decision to make the NX a portable system, it makes no financial or practical sense as one thing in this equation is going to have to die to make things work and my feeling is it would be the DS platform.

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    • Nintendo NX = Portable Console (rumor)

      Powered by the same GPU as the Nvidia Shield and a couple smart phones and chromebooks, (and not as powerful as current gen consoles or even close to gaming PCs), the Nintendo NX will use the Nvidia Tegra as a GPU/CPU combo for a handheld console with detachable controllers. It will also come with a home base that you can plug into to play the console on the TV. It will still play cartridges.


      On the move, NX will function as a high-powered handheld console with its own display. So far so normal - but here's the twist: we've heard the screen is bookended by two controller sections on either side, which can be attached or detached as required.

      Then, when you get home, the system can connect to your TV for gaming on the big screen.

      A base unit, or dock station, is used to connect the brain of the NX - within the controller - to display on your TV.

      My guess is that it will look like the Wii U controller, except with detachable nunchuck controllers on the sides. I would photoshop something to look like that but I need a new photo editing program. ehh.


      The Tegra is a decent chip, but I don't see Nintendo competing with Sony or Microsoft at this point anymore. Its like they are doubling down on their handheld market, which makes sense to me. They know how to make good handhelds and they sell. But if this is all true it seems a bit too gimmicky to me. The Wii and Wii U was all targeted at families and party games, but this is obviously targeted toward individuals and solo players. If the screen is the normal size of a cell phone and its meant to run games all the time, I wonder how hot the thing will get and if it'll need to be recharged every 2 hours.


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