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    • No Man's Sky

      I knew they were a small company, but I was hoping for some kind of plot to the game. They said it would be pretty much just an exploration game of an entire universe and then the hype train threw everyone's expectations all over the place. Thanks for your info on it. I always wondered why they kept saying "center of the galaxy" instead of "center of the universe" considering the game is the size of a universe. I kept thinking there would be an engine upgrade or there was some kind of massive stargate to travel between galaxies or something, but instead you get reset with a new game+ basically by going to the center of any galaxy.. and then another galaxy gets procedurally made. Eh. I know alot of people like simulation or survival games that have no plot like goat simulator, space engineers, Rust, etc. I honestly don't care for that type of game tho. I'll pass on No Man's Sky. The exploration aspect of it would be much more appealing to me if I actually saw more diverse life forms. Sure the life forms are diverse, but most of them look like random animal parts put together in some kind of horrific jigsaw puzzle and their limbs and featuristics don't seem to make sense based on the planet they are found on, evolutionary speaking. That and every picture I see always tends to be in the same color spectrum. Every creature seems to have yellowish, green or red highlights. When exploring an entire universe I always think of star trek or star wars. So many humanoid or intelligent species. But in No Man's Sky the only hint of other sentient species are those aliens that sit inside of buildings or some ships you come across in space from what I saw. Knowing that the only thing to look forward to in this game is to find more and more whacky looking creatures it's quickly loosing my interest.

      The hype train really got No Man's Sky popular. It really is an indie game that got blown way out of proportions and got a price tag to match it.

      I just watched this:

      It seems so accurate. -_-

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      Good. I'll set this up on my account later today.

    • No Man's Sky

      So yeah. The ending of this game is to get to the center of the galaxy and the game basically resets and you go to another galaxy. Zero ending. You keep all your stuff, but every single bit of tech is broken. I read you need 10 atlas stones to create a new galaxy. I assume if you don't, you just get sent to a galaxy someone else has created. Pretty shitty for a game I'm starting to feel is highly unfinished. I'm still having fun with it, but it's def not worth the $60 I paid for it. I haven't been to the center of the galaxy yet, but there are a lot of things that have become apparent playing even longer now.

      The game is very vast. I've only run into 1 system discovered by someone else, and that was probably only because it was an atlas interface system. The most likely way you'll find a previously discovered system.

      My main gripe is between the 3 races. Gek, Korvax, and Vy'Keen. I seem to run into the Gek systems lopsidedly over the other two. I know a ton of Gek words and can traslate 80% of way they say now, while the other two races I barely ever come in contact with. For every 5-6 systems of Gek I hit, I'll hit one of the other. Yet, I've managed to max out favor with all 3, so there is a bit of inbalance with how easy it is to max favor, while missteps barely make a dent when you lose favor sometimes. There really isn't much point to any of it anyways after the first 20 hours.

      I say this because I gained all the blueprints the game has to offer probably within the first 10-20 hours of the game. There really isn't much point in talking to aliens outside of learning new words, because I always get "This blueprint is already known" every time now. None of them use the yellow metals that you can craft or find in rarity, and even some of the purple tier elements are never used. These things had a purpose outside of selling on the TP. Green items are labeled trade commodities, and were designed to be sellable treasures, the yellow labeled items feel like they had a different purpose that never made it into the game.

      Honestly, once you get a 48 slot ship and max your inventory, you've beaten the game for all intents and purposes. you can lock up all the achievements, and after that you're just sight seeing. You could learn more alien words and what not, but outside of that, there isn't much else to do.


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      Day 2 of being back to work and I'm dead/exhausted. Good god these 10 hour days are rough, so not used to it (not to mention my feet are killing me, my shoulder hurts like hell, and my hands are stiff and ache all over (this assembly shit is not easy on your body)). If you don't hear from me for awhile I'm probably dead from exhaustion (and I have mandatory overtime this week too so no three day weekend , just got to think of all that lovely money).
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      In BF4 my favorite troll was RPG chopper take downs. In Overwatch it's trap/mine Genji, especially in his ult with Junkrat. I'll have to upload my match later where two Genji's tried to harass me, I got the better of them both way more times than they got me. 
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      Rotflmao! http://www.collegehumor.com/post/7039465/surprised-ping-pong-player-gets-volleyed-with-photoshops
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      I beat The Walking Dead: Michonne tonight. Poor Michonne. The end really makes you feel for her. The action in the game was decent but was very short. It was only 3 episodes but compared to the original two TWD games Telltale has done, the Michonne game's length is equal to 1 and half of those episodes. I was also confused as to the time line of the game. I kept wondering why she had a machete and not her katana. I looked it up just now and the game takes place after some event in the comic where Michonne leaves the group for some reason. And this is the side story of that. But they don't hint at that at all. The entire time I thought the game was taking place before she even met Rick's group at all. Overall it was worth playing for the $5 is cost me. But aside from a few choices that could have changed things, this game could easily be watched on a lets play instead.
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      Happy birthday Lady! she probably wont even notice this. lol.
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