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    • Thanks for the info. I know Arise is on netflix. I'll watch it soon when I get the chance.

    • On 9/22/2016 at 9:18 PM, Sledgstone said:

      I still haven't watched Arise.

      Don't get me wrong they're not overly bad (I mean I bought the first two when they came stateside and plan on buying the last two when I get the money (or if it's on Rightstuf's Black Friday or 12 days of Christmas sale)) they just weren't as good as the original movie or the SAC series's and movie. It was such a huge departure from what made the setting and the character's so enjoyable (I mean the Major just rubs me the wrong way in the OVA, she's just not as awesome as she was in the original movie or the series). It was like they decided to just take the framework of the story/background and the characters basics information from Shirow's original manga and throw everything else out the window (it's not like the movies and the SAC series/movie didn't do the same but they were more in line with what they were in the manga (and believe me the manga is completely different from the original movie, they took a lot of liberties when they adapted it)).

      The Arise movie however was amazing and I actually enjoyed it, it really went back to what made GitS what it was (I really need to buy it). The Major actually seemed like the Major and while the other characters still irked me (Ishikawa was probably the only real character I liked in Arise, he didn't really change much) it felt more like GitS than the OVA's did.

      (Honestly don't know why I didn't cover this in my earlier post but like I said these 10 hour days are slowly melting my brain)

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    • It's a lot easier. The Unbound Guardianis more similar to the raid than the Queen Sloth. 

    • The most dramatic potato chip consumption in all of anime. XD

    • I should do my dailies more often, but if I'm in gold making mode I usually login with all my characters, hit a rich iron node and flax farm with each, hit my home instance nodes, guild nodes and then do one of the dailies, either regular, BSF or ember bay.

      Ember Bay is a good sized map and is much better with FPS than the HoT maps. The HoT map verticality was too much IMO. There were so many levels on each map it was like having 4 Ember Bay maps loaded at once and the FPS was crap as a result. The repeatable hearts has worked out much better than I thought they would. Being repeatable it makes the ambient mood of the map feel more alive. Theres alot of core maps that feel pretty empty to me once the hearts are done since those NPCs just stand around and have no more interaction with us. Although my OCD tendencies make me cringe at seeing my map completion for ember ray reset daily. x_x

      I still haven't done the sloth event in ember bay yet. I'm guessing its the same sloth model from the raid and back piece right?

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    • Sledgstone

      Since we've had more gallery image comments lately, I added a recent image comments block to the sidebar on the main page forums.
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    • DeathscytheX

      Ordered an ASUS ZenFone 3 Deluxe. Samsung seems to be continually plagued with ass for battery life. I didn't like my S6 as much as I did my HTC One.
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    • DeathscytheX

      Someone already 3 manned Destiny's new raid and I heard the story was really short. I don't get people that still put money into this game. 
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    • Sledgstone

      These GW2 events I skipped out on doing over the last couple months are actually pretty fun. I've got some new skins to unlock. I think I'll change up my warrior's look a bit this weekend.
      I could have made a new character look like Mei from Overwatch, but I didn't buy the wide rim glasses when they were available.. and custom head pieces can't be used with outfits. ;_; Theres a perfect outfit/glasses combo to make Mei, but the game won't allow the combo to happen.
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    • Sledgstone

      The first presidential debate is this monday. I can already predict the winner..
      Fox News: "Donald Trump crushed Hillary in the debate!"
      MSNBC: "Hillary easily won this debate!"
      NPR: "There was a heated debate between the two presidential candidates with opposing views on tax reforms and Syria."
      lol. NPR is so boring compared to the other networks, but at least it's news. After the debate, and all future debates, everyone who has already decided who they want to vote for will feel reassured with their decision and feel more substantial hatred to that person's opponent. I'll watch fox news and msnbc the day after the debate to see what each party's commentators believes are the positives and negatives.
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