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    • Dark Souls

      I'm back to playing Dark Souls as of today.

      I thought about naming my new female thief, Rodham after Hillary Rodham Clinton. But that seemed like an insult to thieves. Perhaps Rodham will be the name of my Dark Souls 2 female.

      My new female thief is now named Mjoll. She is named after Mjoll The Lioness from Skyrim. It also serves as a reminder that my ultimate goal is to get Ornstein's Armor. Though if Mjoll were real she'd be insulted as she hates The Thieves Guild.

      The major difference between Jenny & Mjoll will be the fact Jenny was a Glass Cannon.

      Personal Goals Achieved (Again)

      1. I defeated The Asylum Demon again & got it's Demon's Great Hammer. Though this time around I won't be leveling up my strength to wield it for a long time.
      2. After raising my Faith to 14 I went back to the Valley Of Drakes to pillage the corpses around that Undead Dragon. (I decided to permanently lose 6 Souls.) I'm glad to have Astora's Straight Sword again. I don't remember using it last time but I'm also glad to have the Dragon Crest Shield again. Then I used the (consumable) Souls on me so I could get my strength up to 10.
      3. I easily bought all of the key items of the Male Undead Merchant in Undeadburg again. The Bottomless Box is a necessity when you don't have a way to sell items.
      4. I once again murdered a Crystal Lizard in Undeadburg for Twinkling Titanite. Upgraded Astora's Straight Sword to +2. Now I just one hit kill all Hollows unless I need to shield break them first.
      5. I bought a Spear.... Because I might need it later & didn't want to wait for it to be a "Rare Drop". Had to raise my strength to 11.

      Current Personal Goals

      1. Raise Vitality to the 30 or 50 soft cap.
      2. Raise Endurance to the 40 soft cap.
      3. Upgrade spear then armor if I get enough Titanite Shards.
      4. Go through Blighttown. Most likely defeat Maneater Mildred. And upgrade spear then armor if I get enough Large Titanite Shards.
      5. Remember to equip the Crimson set I will find once I'm at the first bonfire in The Great Hollow. If it doesn't prevent curse I'll hopefully have enough health to fight ghosts in New Londo. Where I will hopefully find the Cursebite Ring & remove curse.
      6. Hope that raising my Strength to 11 to equip a Spear to fight Basilisks was worth it.
      7. Farm for Twinkling Titanite at Ash Lake. (Maybe I'll need to defeat that Hydra there so that might be my first mini boss fight in this play through.) And maybe Tail Cut the Stone Dragon for a sword I won't be using anytime soon.
      8. After all of that I guess I debate whether I defeat the Undead Dragon in the Valley Of Drakes, Haval The Rock in Undeadburg, or both. (Both seems like a great idea for making victory laps around the areas!) Also remember to defeat Halberd Black Knight in Darkroot Basin as it's near a Bonfire I'll be using.
    • Windows 10

      It was def my usb adapter. It seems people with wireless cards weren't affected as much. USB adapters are the main source. I got my new one in today and at first it was doing the same thing. Even though it said the best drivers were installed, I had to hunt down the actual windows 10 driver and install it with a drag and drop. o_O; Once I did that it works. I actually only lose about 2-5mbps as opposed to the 10 I'd lose with my old one. There are still packet losses here or there, but its minimal. Hopefully future patches will fix this. Just searching it seems to be a widespread problem.

    • Windows 10

      BTW if you haven't turned off background apps, do that to save some PC resources.. and your privacy. Go to the search icon or bar at the bottom left of the screen and type in: privacy

      You'll get the windows 10 settings screen. Turn off the background apps you don't want or need at all and set all your privacy settings in all the categories on the left:


      Its the one big issue I have with Windows 10. It can detect that I'm using a PC and works as a desktop OS, but it still keeps all the apps running by default. My PC has no contacts list, phone dialer, apps that need these other apps, text messaging, etc. Gotta turn them all off and then check this list after any big windows updates in case more got added to the list.

    • Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice - Official Trailer 2 [HD]

      XD That video is great. That one part: "Like a good butler.." got me laughing pretty good.XD

      I hated Eisenberg as Lex Luthor in this movie. Worst portrayal of the character ever. And this video covered the first thing I thought of too.. Just fly around really fast and x-ray vision everything. Superman is so damn powerful he could have probably smelled the shampoo she used and tracked her down within 5 minutes. :calm:

    • YT thread

      I love that video. XD

      Heres how the fight with Abaddon went down and the scene at the end were Kormir takes all the god powers. She doesn't discuss it with anyone and just helps herself. The player character just stands there mute in shock because shes so greedy. I know I was complaining. I wanted that power for my guy. -_-;

      btw theres a friendly Mursaat in this video. It was actually an Asuran summon. One of their cultural skills lets them turn a polymock piece into an animated creature resembling an enemy in the game. We also had summoning stones in the game where we could summon a friendly npc to battle with us. I miss those things but they're not needed in GW2 considering its fully open world while GW1 was all instanced content.

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    • Strider Hiryu

      While I have yet to watch BvS all the way through (I skipped around just to see if it was as bad as many have said it is, I'll probably end up watching it all the way through this weekend) Affleck has my full endorsement to continue to play Batman until he's sick of it (not like my endorsement means much). His portrayal is by far the best one I've seen since Michael Keaton (I liked Christian Bale's portrayal but Affleck is just so much better) and I can't wait until they finally film and release the new Batman standalone film, it's going to be epic (and Affleck is directing it).
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    • Sledgstone

      My new graphics card is working great so far. I'll be testing games and taking some screenshots of my GW2 characters this weekend. I had no idea that characters were supposed to have shadows.
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    • Ladywriter

      Very disappointed nobody shot Trump in the face last night. 
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    • Sledgstone

      I hate FedEx. Their tracking is crap and they've delivered my packages to my neighbors before. As long as my graphics card works, the first thing I'll try out is GW2, then Starcraft 2. I purposefully stopped playing SC2 last month because I was hating the low graphic setting and FPS drops. Once I see it in max settings, I'll marathon the hell out of it in my free time.
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    • DeathscytheX

      My wealth is swelling. I should have near 1600g before LWS3 comes out. Thats uncharted terrority for me since I I've bought precursors the last two times i've reached just under 1100g. So much weird inflation on common items as made making gold super easy. I dumped all my powerful blood before the FGS chain starts. I'll plug away at that all week and save the mats for when prices go back up.
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