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  • 2 comment , 122 views
  • Sledgstone | Nov 10 2014 09:39 PM
  • .Source: http://legacyofthevoid.com
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  • 4 comment , 85 views
  • Sledgstone | Nov 10 2014 09:25 PM
  • In a time of global crisis, an international task force of heroes banded together to restore peace to a war-torn world. This organization, known as Overwatch, ended the crisis and helped maintain...
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  • 20 comment , 255 views
  • DeathscytheX | Oct 28 2014 04:45 PM
  • Guild Wars Living World Season 2 begins November 4th!
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  • 5 comment , 168 views
  • Myk JL | Oct 22 2014 09:43 PM
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  • 0 comment , 227 views
  • DeathscytheX | Oct 16 2014 11:26 PM
  • Mortal Kombat X (called X instead of 10) will arrive in 2015. The MK series has a history of relying on cheapness rather than skill. MKX is trying to evolve into a more complex fighter. I will upda...
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COD:AW Exo Zombies

Nov 26 2014 06:08 PM | DeathscytheX in Games

Here is the trailer for the upcoming zombie DLC for COD: Advanced Warfare.

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Jurassic World

Nov 25 2014 09:39 PM | DeathscytheX in Movies

Here is the trailer for Jurrassic World!

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Destiny Expansion I: The Dark Below Preview

Nov 24 2014 08:48 PM | Sledgstone in Games

The new weapons and gear seem cool. I wish the game would emphasize more on the plot and new locations. I was hoping to see a new world shown in this trailer, but it doesn't. Instead it looks like they added some more missions to the earth and the moon and added 1 strike and a raid that I'll probably never complete. But at least there is all new raid gear for the hard core players. I'll definitely play this when it comes out to see how the new story missions are but I wish they would add match making to the raids and weekly missions tho to make the game a bit more enjoyable.

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Guild Wars 2 Tangled Paths

Nov 17 2014 05:28 PM | DeathscytheX in Games

Guild Wars 2 Living World S2EP2: Tangled Paths begins Nov 18th!

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Battlefield 4 Final Stand

Nov 17 2014 05:20 PM | DeathscytheX in Ancient Clan News

Here is the Trailer for BF4's last DLC: FINAL STAND. Premium members will get access tomorrow!

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