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  2. I have to get a dead tree cut down on my property. Its going to cost me $500. x_x But that doesn't include the removal. To save money I'll borrow a chainsaw from one of my friends and cut up the pieces myself. The tree is tall enough that when it eventually falls, it could hit my house, the garage, the deck, the pool (when its up for the summer) or my propane tanks so its got to come down.

  3. Myk JL


    … I'm still slowly transitioning to becoming a PC Gamer.
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  5. More rumors that will go unconfirmed.
  6. While nice it still falls way short of what they should of done to begin with, give us a bigger internal drive. Sadly they could easily make them run on external drives if they just take the internal one and sell them as external add-ons (not like the option is great, they'd probably cost more then they're worth). My major concern here is what USB drives are actually compatible? All it says in their faq is USB 3.0 or higher and not all will be compatible. Are we talking Passports, external HDD's, or USB sticks? We talking certain brands or every brand? Sigh, I own so much external storage and the thought that I'd need to buy a new one just for this depresses me if the current one I'm using on my PS4 won't work. Sigh, Sony really out here this generation just pissing people off (though I don't know how many people are pissed about storage capacity like I am). Man, really starting to think it's not worth buying a PS5 anymore (even if I do want one).
  7. Sledgstone

    PS Plus Games

    I got Days Gone with the free PS5 game pack.. I tried to like it... It plays very similar to Last of Us, but the entire motorcycle aspect and never ending zombies annoyed the hell out of me way too much. I cleared out an area, went to grab some loot, next thing I know I'm being attacked again. The zombies were just spawning somewhere off in the distance and they'd just keep coming. I swear there was no way I could just explore without being harassed by something. Combo that with driving a loud motorcycle around that draws there attention and it got even more annoying. Theres hardly any roads but there is plenty of paths for the motorcycle. And I sucked at driving it. So I'd clip the damn thing on rocks or in a small river or graze a tree, well then the motorcycle takes damage and I have to repair it, or it would be in a spot where my guy couldn't get it back up right so then I'd have to respawn the motorcycle so I could get back on it, and thats when the game decides to spawn it a half mile from me. On my way to getting the bike I got attacked by 20 zombies. I couldn't just rush to it because these things run.. and the bike was damaged so I needed to clear some out to repair it first. Screw all that. I'm glad the game was free. Oddworld looks interesting.
  8. Sledgstone

    Playstation 5

    https://blog.playstation.com/2021/04/13/ps5-april-update-brings-new-storage-options-and-social-features/ At least the PS5 can cold store the games on an external now instead of having to redownload or install all the time when swapping between multiple games. Still can't play off an external but at least its progress towards the space limitations of the small SSD the system comes with.
  9. Kaji

    Battlefield V

    I'm always impressed by Battlefield and how they progress the game with each version coming out. My favorite is still battlefield 5 mostly due to the maps and weapons though. I mean the amount of things you can do while you play in a multiplayer in that particular game is just incredible. Another thing I love is that on PC you can get some cool cheats from wallhax.com and fool around a bit with kids online. It's also a great way to have some content created if you have a Youtube channel for gamers.
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  11. Myk JL


    If I remain indifferent to Epic's fail is it still an epic fail?
  12. Myk JL

    PS Plus Games

    My bad for the late past.
  13. Myk JL


    In other words PT isn't Abandoned even though PT was abandoned.
  14. Nothing to say, it's says it all. God I fucking love this show.
  15. Looks like it'll be another season of Clone Wars but starring the bad batch. I'm cool with that.
  16. There was no huge extra cameo in the last episode, but damn this was a satisfying series in the end with an epic finale. Get past the first 3 episodes and its a completely solid amazing show.
  17. The only way we'll get any significant change is if we can get term limits and maximum age limits put in place for all political positions. The two political parties are all back and forth with their extremist views and they'll never agree with each other. Aside from the presidents that get swapped out, everyone in the highest positions of power are almost all the same old people that have been in power since I was a kid. They'll never agree on anything so they should all go. Instead they'll all keep hold of their power until the day they die. China could screw our country hard in a single day by selling its US debt holdings. China and Japan both hold over $1 trillion each of US debt and they can call in that debt whenever they want By selling their treasury bond holdings. As well as all our goods being imported from China our nation is completely dependant on China to continue functioning. They basically have us by the balls. They will be the main super power in the future surpassing the constantly divided seesaw USA. Neither Trump nor Biden should have ever been president. These old dicks don't represent the actual real average American in the slightest. https://politics.theonion.com/stress-of-presidency-already-ages-biden-10-years-1845565660 I laugh at this, but at the same time this is what he is now. I will be honestly surprised if he actually lives through all 4 years of his presidency. Back to the latest covid stimulus people on SSI will get their $1400 stimulus this upcoming Wednesday April 7th: https://www.cbsnews.com/news/stimulus-check-social-security-recipients-payment-irs-april-7-deposit/
  18. Its because our government is more dysfunctional than at any point in history. Say what you want about Trump... he exposed it for what it was. There was literally no reason to reverse the executive order on insulin prices and now they're skyrocketing again because Trump bad. Biden is a fucking husk of a human being. You can't tell me thats the same person that debated Ryan in the VP debates when Romney was running. Each time the party switches they're just going to undo everything the last admin did and its gonna be a seesaw non stop every 4-8 years. Who is even running this nation? The debt is astronomical because neither party cares anymore. We have a super dependence on the Chinese for so much stuff now, we have to tread lightly.
  19. Regardless if it came from a lab or from some wet market it originated from China. I'm really surprised there isn't alot more news of countries raging against China's government and it's policies for causing all this. Instead we have asians around the world getting attacked with race crimes which is pointless as they're regular people like everyone else that don't deserve that shit and they have nothing to do with the Chinese government's failures. A year later and covid is still screwing over the country. The debt of the country is astronomical now and I'm guessing that's the same for alot of other countries. Thanks Chinese government for dropping the ball on everything and screwing the planet. NY decided to keep covid vaccines limited to the elderly only or front line workers for like 3 or 4 months. So of course because the majority of the people getting the vaccines were already old and unhealthy, whenever anyone got sick or died after they got a vaccine they blamed the vaccines. And of course all those cases spread like wild fire over the internet making everyone think the vaccine will kill them when most of the time it was other underlying conditions. NY's governor Cuomo finally decided to let younger people finally have access to the vaccine as of earlier this week. Me and lady got our first dose of the Pfizer vaccine yesterday. Aside from some arm soreness there's been no side effects for us. We get the second dose in 3 weeks. What we need at this point is a "herd immunity goal". We need states to issue a solid number goal to reach the removal of mask mandates. If they can say "once NY hits 80% immunity we'll remove the mask mandate". If we can get a statement like that it'll motivate more people to get vaccinated and we can check the progress daily to see how close we're getting to going back to normal. It'll be a great motivational boost for people to see an actual end goal in sight.
  20. This movie was fucking awesome!
  21. I kept ignoring this thread because I couldn't stop thinking about how Sony shutdown PlayStation Home... Almost missed out on Ratchet & Clank...
  22. Just an opinion... … Umbrella is real.
  23. Fruits Basket openings have all been winners as have the endings. Whoever has been choosing the songs needs a raise because they're doing a damn good job. Hmmm, it'd be hard to me to even pick between all the good openings over the last couple years (and even from this past winter season, there a few damn good ones) but I'll see your five with five of my own I'm starting out with the best of my five and that goes to Sincerely from Violet Evergarden (you name dropped it so I'm here to drop the opening). From the minute I heard it I fell in love with the song and I can't hear it without tears streaming out of my eyes (yes I'm an emotional wreck when it comes to VE). Next on the list goes to Chaos Drifters from No Guns No Life Season 2, While I love Motor City from Season 1 I'm obsessed with this song and it's actually one of my most played songs on Spotify (god damn banger it is). Third on this list goes to Rise from Shield Hero, fucking banger of an opening (as is Faith, the second opening but I personally prefer Rise). Surprisingly enough this opening is what actually sold me on watching the show since it does a pretty good job of encapsulating what the show is about (and lets face it, Naofumi is probably one of the most relatable protagonists in any isekai show to date). We all knew this was going to happen since I absolutely adore the show and three of its four openings, it's Mayday from Fire Force. As DX can attest this show is freaking awesome and I feel Mayday does the best job of encapsulating that no only in the animation but the song as well. I adore Inferno (opening 1) and Spark-Again (opening 3) but Mayday is just fucking amazing. And last but certainly not least my fifth pick. This song was literally an obsession of mine from the moment I heard it (and we discussed this much earlier in this topic I believe) and that would be Shadowgraph from Boogiepop Phantom. MYTH & ROID have quite a few amazing songs (Jingo Jungle from Saga of Tanya the Evil, Voracity, Hydra and L.L.L. from Overlord) Shadowgraph has resonated with me and completely sucked me in. The ending from Boogiepop Phantom (Whiteout) is also amazing but I'm sticking to openings here. While not part of the top five thing I also wanted to post one of my favorites from the 2021 winter season. While not my absolute favorite (that belongs to The Promised Neverland's S2 opening (even if S2 is a dumpster fire but I won't get into that here)) it's from one of my favorite Japanese Rock bands (in fact this is there first ever anime opening) and I feel they don't get anywhere near the attention they absolutely deserve. Different by Band-Maid, these girls absolutely kill everything they do and this is no exception and I'm so glad they were chosen to do this for Season 3 of Log Horizon.
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