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  2. Their login servers screwed up during the event. If you were logged into your ubisoft account during the stream you could claim the game for free. Since nobody could do that they have a form right now to login from to claim the game for free for PC. https://support.ubisoft.com/en-US/News/000056669/Ubisoft-Forward-Rewards I don't know if this form will be available for 24 hours or a week since they didn't say yet. I don't know how long it'll take for the game to get loaded in either. I think someone might be DDOSing their servers still.
  3. Honestly I'm not a huge fan of the new Fire Force Ending. The OP on the other hand I'm digging even if it fails to live up to MAYDAY or Inferno.
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  6. slippers

    YT thread

    never watched the show itself but it made enough headlines over the years to know what it is. its eerie how their young cast slowly die one by one while actors from friends and seinfeld are well into their 50s and 60s enjoying fruits of their labor
  7. I used the Switch Dock once. Thought it was too hot. And stuck to handheld mode for the rest of the time I owned a Switch. Would've kept my Switch Lite if I could've transferred my Dark Souls save file. Also Scuttlebutt.
  8. The malls around here will be opening back up this friday. No news so far about when movie theaters will open back up yet. The numbers here have still been good and we've had no deaths in this county for a week straight. https://www.syracuse.com/coronavirus/2020/07/coronavirus-update-no-covid-19-deaths-for-a-week-in-onondaga-county.html https://www.syracuse.com/destiny-usa/2020/07/destiny-usa-cleared-to-reopen-friday-county-exec-says.html
  9. Damn heat wave needs to stop. :sweat2: We usually only get around 8 days of 90s+ every year. Mostly we get high 70s and high 80s during the summer. So far we've already hit 9 days of 90s+ and we have even more coming. It wouldn't be so bad if we could get some rain though. Everything is so dry I'm only mowing twice a month now and I think I'll mow this weekend.. but its mostly to cut all the clover thats growing because most of the grass is all turning brown. I bought mulch today for our garden because I'm burned out on watering it every morning. We'll mulch all those veggies and I should only have to water every other day then.

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    2. DeathscytheX


      People bundle up in the 70s here. XD Its ridiculous. If it was 50 all year I'd be happy in a t-shirt.

    3. slippers


      there really is no time getting use to when temp drops to 40 over night and then shoots back up to 75 in the afternoon during fall/winter. X_x; i dont even have a winter jacket so i wear 4 - 6 layers of clothing at a time lol

      and some jackass reported me yesterday for not wearing a mask. A/C was not working and inside the store temp was close to 90. lucky i already went home and my coworkers played cool so the store got off with a verbal warning but this sunday will be over 100 so idk. itll be hard.

    4. Strider Hiryu

      Strider Hiryu

      Man I wish I had 40 nights and 75 days in the winter (that's the only thing I loved about living in Arizona, 9 months of the year were high 60's to low 80's with no humidity. It was the 3 months of the year of 100+ temps that sucked ass) instead of this 10 above days and -30 nights bullshit (that's average, we've had down to -60 with windshield).

      Bah, I'd take straight 90's without humidity. The average temp the last couple of weeks here has been high 80's with roughly 80% humidity (plus we're getting pummeled every other day by severe thunderstorms which is upping the humidity factor), fucking sucks when you have a wear a mask and unload trucks all day at work (where it's at least 10+ degrees hotter).

      Pfft, I remember when it would hit 60 in Phoenix and everyone would be all bundled up where I'd be outside in a tank top, shorts, and flip flops. Damn Southerners don't know what true cold is XD

  10. Rebels is a polar opposite of Clone Wars. I care about the characters less and most my excitement comes from seeing established characters like Leia, Yoda, Vader, Lando, and even Hando. But the writing is waaaay better. The story is less predictable. Its not folly after folly. But the animation quality is shit, Lightsabers are too thin, and its like the series is a video game that loses FPS during intense moments. They should have stuck with the same animation studio. I hope one day we get a legit collab with a top tier anime studio like Madhouse to get a high quality hand drawn Star Wars series. Preferably an Ahsoka series, or even an Old Republic series.
  11. @Strider Hiryu PR3 Ships incoming and two are Iron Blood!

    Oof, I guess I'll have to throw what little I have in the dorm to be able to farm XP on later levels. 😭

    1. Strider Hiryu

      Strider Hiryu

      Yea, I saw them on Twitter. Suffice to say I'm going to be putting way more hours into AL now

    2. DeathscytheX


      OMG they even laxed the XP grind. Now its just Vanguard or Main fleet requirements instead of specific ship types.

  12. TL:DW: You can turn off everyone else's cosmetics if you don't want to see pink and neon green tie fighters and X-Wings.
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  14. He legit been lookin 60 since Dune, and now hes like 120.
  15. don't follow him on Twitter then, he's really been showing his age the last few years.
  16. I watched the entire season a month ago but forgot to update this topic. It was good. A direct sequel to TNG. The CGI for the ships was ok but not as good as a full on physical set, but I guess they were going for that more futuristic feel, but overall the CGI was actually really good for the entire season. The acting was great and I love that they brought Seven of Nine back and a few others I won't spoil in case they weren't in trailers. But man, Patrick Stewart is so old now. lol. Its like he didn't age at all for years and then Picard came out and he abruptly became an old man to me. There were many scenes I kept thinking.. Oh no Picard, don't break a hip! It was a good season but the ending was a bit whacky. The highlight of the season was all the Borg and Romulan story.
  17. my brother played it as mobile a lot and i played it in dock but it didnt make much a difference i dont think. his got the worst of it anyway. i bought a seperate controller bc i didnt like putting joy con in and out when a mission required me to and i thought i would play more games with it..oh well. so yea i played like 4 - 6 hours a day and i havent touched switch since i finished zelda botw around last year. there arent that many titles that i want to get right now but im still looking. i bought dragon quest 11 and attack on titans 2 on ps4 instead of switch bc ps4 graphics looks far better too
  18. The Switch does get pretty warm in mobile mode from what I remember. I've played mine on docked 98% of the life span. For hours and hours with no issue. In fact I played BoTW pretty much 10+ hours a day for 7 days with no issue. I guess I got lucky because I've seen where people had theirs warp from the heat. I also believe you can turn that part of Zelda off and can use the controller although it's a bit harder like that? I can't remember. I bought the Switch for BoTW, Metriod Prime 4, Mario Odyssey, and Smash. Still no MP4, but I will be getting Paper Mario.
  19. ^it has lot of issues. mainly my nintendo switch overheated when i was playing zelda breathe of the wild. i didnt notice it at first but when i touched it (bc there was a part where it was required to complete a mission via portable), it was as hot as a coffee mug or at least felt like it. so everytime i played, i checked it and it got heated up pretty fast. i havent played any other games and it was brand new so it couldnt have been dust blocking air vent but seems like other ppl were having a similar problem when i looked for a fix. worse, one mentions your cartridge can get bent and get stuck inside from the heat if you played for too long. also my brother ruined his switch when he was playing a game and then forgot about it. when he realized hours later, it was too late. the portable screen was burnt so he can only play in dock connected to tv now. he had his one or two years longer than mine and his joy con doesnt work that well anymore. i dont think both of ours are defective. its just a very small console so im not that surprised this had happened.
  20. I haven't watched this yet but I've seen what happens mostly at the end. I'll get around to it one day but I will say the special effects look pretty bottom tier from what I've seen. Blue screen bridges and CGI ships will never compare to models and real sets. There comes a time where flashy lights everywhere, is just too much and even in the most distant future its non-functional. I'll always prefer TOS movie bridges as they looked the most mechanical while being futuristic. They still hold up to this day. TOS series and TNG series sets were products of their time. TOS heavy red theme def clashes with modern times... but so does the Enterprise D's 90's minivan interior beige.
  21. I currently don't own a Nintendo Switch. Still preorder Games for a future version.
  22. Myk JL

    XBOX Series X

    Shipping Tifa & Dante?
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