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  2. i know haha..i dont feel the connection like i did with toonami’s sailor moon. but i manage to finish season 1 and i liked how they added queen barrell’s background story. i started season 2 but when rini pulled a pistol on sailor moon LOL im done. i think this is suppose to be close to manga or something but the flow of story is just too fast. little awkward even..hell, darian comes off as some kind of creep, even luna yelled at him to LEAVE SAILOR MOON ALONE because when she was unconscious, he tried to make out with her 😂
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  4. This HISHE wasn't as funny as I hoped... I can't believe the previous HISHE was funnier...
  5. Aside from the ballistic shield specialist, all of these look more useful than what we had in the beta. Being able to see through walls will be extremely useful in CQC areas of maps. It might be OP tbh. The smart explosives seem to be OP on vehicles. I hope countermeasures work on those and unguided rockets are the only true 1 shot for choppers and jets.
  6. Would it be offensive for me to say I hope he doesn't die from intentionally getting COVID-19?
  7. I tried watching that new sailor moon on Netflix and I just couldn't get into it. The animation was decent but after 3 episodes I felt bored.
  8. If there's already a thread about this video game then I'm sorry I didn't find it. I know the 1st trailer I saw for this video game had Superman save a helicopter pilot, but I didn't care for it. This new trailer is way more interesting to me. Also I still prefer King Shark from the 2021 movie, but I'd be with playing as King Shark in this game.
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  10. Myk JL


    I'd Vote with my Wallet, But Scalpers already made my vote for me. Woe is I for I save money.
  11. Myk JL

    2020s Predictions?

    Fuck Joe Biden. Edit 1 Manchin still sounds like a faker name than McLovin. Edit 2 Joe Manchin wins? Trump will likely defeat Biden in 2024.
  12. I know a lot consider this to be way too violent. But GoW3 was completely justified to me. Fuck all those gods. Each kill was satisfying to me.
  13. slippers

    2020s Predictions?

    its bad when ppl from other countries start chanting lets go brandon..
  14. ppl are fed up with covid bs mandate. while US leaders and politicians wage war against front line workers by threatening their jobs and livelihood, large protests been broke out in europe and some parts of middle east over covid “green pass” imposed on them. showdown between police union and chicago mayor over vaccine mandate several states like oklahoma and texas fighting back.
  15. Yeah everyone being able to spot is gone forever in BF I think. I've come to accept it. I used the sensor grenades exclusively once I discovered them. I would lob them into the point before trying to take it so I could see where enemies were on the mini map. There will def be more COD-like reliance of the mini map rather than spotting. I don't see many people taking the recon drone over the grappling hook. I honestly think its too good of a gadget and that everyone should have it. The beta spread sheet showed how lopsided it was... by over double digit millions. Like the grappling hook had 111 million deploys and then the sentry turret was in second with only like 20 million. The healing gun was dead last. Looks like Hazard Zone is a BF take on The Division's Dark Zone. https://www.vg247.com/battlefield-2042-hazard-zone-everything-we-know-full-details?fbclid=IwAR3Ac-3TAFCPNixx8dMsNEfdU0OcKd7H-4ru9DD3KXCtljbs9Ma1_hhaBE4
  16. is this it? lol. its called crystal when i was randomly browsing netflix yesterday and started watching. story seems to go fast but i dont mind i already know what happens. EDIT: my bad!! i only looked page 1. i didnt know it came out in 2014.
  17. welp, i finally got to it and it works on my 43” samsung with apple tv. but my 55” samsung connecting to pc doesnt. yt says id need hdmi splitter and thats like $30+ something dollars so meh ill pass. i mean if i play directly from tv itll display 4k..i just dont like to connect my tvs with internet access. and i didnt know TCL made phones. their tv is great from what i can tell. i just got done setting it up..its called TCL A30 ($109) and it has like a 0 review frim amazon or anywhere else lol..but i took a risk and ordered it bc another one thats $89 more has great reviews called TCL 20se. what happened was i accidentally left my iphone 7 in a truck for about half an hour and it started showing temperature warning/error..since then its been acting weird. i reset it a couple times and didnt help. but updating it manage to fix a major glitch when making/during phone calls. but it froze when i was using apple map to get to DMV to renew my CDL license so its not reliable anymore. i do have a new iphone i bought last year but its $400 and i dont want to damage it or lose it. so far cheap TCL phone works. no problems yet. if it does well, ill might get that better version either TCL 20se or 20s, between $189~$250 range.
  18. I still prefer Stilwater from Saints Row 1 & 2.
  19. I had a good time with the BF 2042 beta and it definitely feels like BF4 again. My biggest issues are with spotting. Spotting still seemed non existent to me. I could spot someone or a vehicle and that spot lasted a whole .05 of a second. The only time spotting felt good was with the recon drone. I was able to get alot of spotting done and it felt like I was a huge help to my team when I was doing it, but I received absolutely no points for spotting, no kill assists, no anything. Even though I was helping the team there was no incentive at all for me to continue doing so. Also, one of the attack helicopter seats was for spotting and that was it. That helicopter moves so fast to try to avoid being shot down that spotting seat was completely pointless. Not only was it incapable of spotting anyone or anything, the camera almost induces motion sickness. That seat was pointless and all it did was give me a few points towards the helicopter by leaching off the pilot doing all the game play. They need to add bombs or something to that helicopter seat to make it at least somewhat functional. The gun play was good, but I had an easier time sniping people with an engineer kit crouched with a tripod than I did with a sniper rifle. I liked the gadgets, especially the heat seeker missiles to shoot down air vehicles. The PC version felt better than the PS4 version, mostly because the PS4 beta seemed much less populated on the large maps with only 64 players. The 128 players on PC was a huge difference. I felt like I was running into people and enemies constantly which was nice. Overall it was a good beta, but I personally didn't get that joy I used to have with BF4. I'm thinking its just my own personal preferences that have changed over the years. I definitely prefer single player campaign games nowadays over multiplayers. Edit: Heres my one good highlight from my PC gameplay. My weapons and gadgets are all over the place because I was using the mouse scroll wheel to swap around.
  20. Myk JL

    2020s Predictions?

    If I had to take this seriously I'd ask for a UBI cap of 21 Hundred dollars a month. Meaning I shouldn't spend over 21 hundred dollars a month if I don't want to work. If I wanted to save over 21 hundred dollars I'd have to work in order not to have that capped off. Have The Living Wage be $22 an hour for 8 hours a day, 3 days a week. But if it goes over 8 hours a day or over 3 days it becomes $23 an hour. $525 of that weekly wage would still come from UBI & the rest would have to come from the business that's legally obligated to pay the rest. What might happen next would simply be the business making sure you'd only work a max of 7 hours a day, 3 days a week or less. That would help (small) businesses have a healthy work force without it turning into the problem we have with minimum wages right now. Then when it comes to rent the state government would have to be able to offer $500 a month apartments. If not the state then the federal government. If the state wanted more than $500 rent a month than they might lose out on a source of revenue from the federal government's apartments being cheaper. If someone wanted to make money off of apartments they might have to offer them for less than $500 a month. If this could somehow replace State's sales taxes that would make it even better. Any Federal Taxes after this I would still want to be a Deflation Tax that applies to top earning businesses that make billions or more. So they still have their purchasing power but with a smaller number. And if another federal tax were necessary it would be a "Billionaire Person Prevention Tax" where the maximum a person could have is $900,000,000. So if a (former) billionaire wanted their business to be treated like a person then it would get taxed like a person. These $900,000,000 millionaires can still put the rest of their money back into there businesses & not die from a lack of money.
  21. With the beta coming to an end, you know I had to get at least one in. I could have done more but I was too busy checking out the other gadgets.
  22. October kind of sucks. I don't think I'll play any of these games. 🤔
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    Quick take. Regardless of the final product. The BF2042 beta is so much better than BF5.


    1. Sledgstone


      Good. I'll try the beta on Friday after work. 

  24. Myk JL

    PS Plus Games

    I enjoy Hitman gameplay. October seems duller than September.
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