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  2. I've never played a Warhammer 40K game before, but here are the ones I'm considering due to Flashgitz.
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  5. I am shocked that Mass Effect Legendary edition will be free with PS+. I'll play these after I finish FFX, FFX2 and Witcher 3 remastered.. so maybe this time next year.
  6. This movie looks hilarious!
  7. Myk JL


    If this fails nothing of value will be lost.
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  9. I'm semi-annoyed that this looks like a fun movie that I want to see.
  10. I haven't watched a Transformers movie since the sequel that killed Ravage. I guess this is being made now because of 90's nostalgia. Here's hoping Cheetor lives.
  11. Myk JL

    PS Plus Games

    Should I be surprised that Mass Effect hasn't come to the Nintendo Switch?
  12. Myk JL


    I haven't done any online shopping at GameStop since being able to walk to one.
  13. Well my dryer broke after about 15 years and multiple repairs I've done over those years. I had to buy a new dryer. So far so good. I was finally able to get my laundry done again and my bathroom no longer smells like dirty socks and febreeze. XD

  14. The finale was trash. It was just 90 min trailer to Segway into the 3 new shows. They ruined Mercer's moment when he was going to take a stand. The comic was way better in every way.
  15. But will Deadpool III still come out? And will Deadpool III be good?
  16. Years later and The Walking Dead has ended. They really milked this series. Overall it was a great show but did drag out a bit in different seasons. I'll miss the show and I'll try watching the two spin off series because they have introduced new walker varients that are a bit smarter now (climbing, picking up objects to use as weapons like rocks). I still have no interest at all in resuming Fear the Walking Dead because that show is hot garbage.
  17. Season 3 was decent with the synth life versus the AI mastermind, but I would have preferred a terminator style war. Season 4 was ok but felt so slow.. and thats the end because HBO cancelled it. https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/tv/tv-news/hbo-cancels-westworld-1235255955/
  18. And now for John Wick Chapter 4 where I can't stop looking at his Altair finger...
  19. Myk JL


    Hasan would've been better off saying he was making Super Monkey Ball.
  20. How am I going to save money if the modern audience is a myth?
  21. Myk JL

    PS Plus Games

    Next month is mostly boring followed by Nioh, which has nothing to do with Keanu Reeves.
  22. Myk JL


    Makes me wonder if PT would be considered abandonware if I could get PT on PC.
  23. FML my pressure tank is failing for my well. Its getting replaced next week. Getting a new whole house water filter installed too along with some new valves and safety upgrades. Props to the well company employee for giving me the tip of hooking up an air compressor to the pressure tank to put some air in the bladder to get the system gimping along until the repair work is done. I miss public water. lol.

    1. Sledgstone


      Got my pressure tank replaced. The water pressure in the house is much better now. :D

  24. So that interaction finally happened.
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