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  2. slippers

    YT thread

    oldest cat video O_o from 114 years ago
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  4. happy thanksgiving everyone. had bbq on tuesday at my brother’s because i couldnt make it on thanskgiving bc of work. i tried to talk to my brother and his wife about the covid, and dangers of its vaccine, and how i think its just a flu but they didnt want to hear it..telling me i should really be careful and that its very serious bc im the one exposed the most. not that i disagree with the latter but THEN they kept asking me to hug and play with my nephew and my brother wanted to share a chocolate cake with me after the dinner and im like what if i have a covid? and hes like Nehh..LOL. that threw me off, completely opposite from what they told me and how they act around me so that was funny. so yeah when i thought i wouldnt have any turkey this year, one of customers brought us some turkey and side dishes today so it was great. i was little hesistant to eat at first bc his cousin died of covid like 2 months ago but i was hungry and it was delicious lol. only scare i had was last month when a post office lady bought some soda and told me she had just recovered from covid..and right next day i was sick so i was little worried but it only lasted a day so maybe it was just allegy related cold i normally get around this time of year when weather changes. i suppose covid cases would skyrocket now after today as media is already blaming everyone for traveling and seeing our family and friends for thanksgiving. oh dear.. https://www.yahoo.com/lifestyle/despite-covid-warnings-2m-jerks-112616451.html
  5. slippers

    Steam Autumn Sale

    75% off!! got like 5 games that i wanted real cheap yesterday..mostly resident evil series and 4 dlc for american truck simulator. good thing i didnt buy any games last month. alot of good titles so far, some with 30%~60% as well, not bad. i’ll look for more today hehe. the sale ends Dec 1st https://store.steampowered.com
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  8. Myk JL

    2020 Predictions?

    I tried to give Trump the benefit of the doubt until the final state, Georgia, was called. I'm still certain Pete Buttigieg cheated during the 2020 Iowa Democratic presidential caucuses. On the other hand Trump likes to go against reality. Insisting that he is more popular than anyone he can be compared to. Or that anything he does is popular with people he might be harming. If Trump is a Wannabe Anything, I'm certain it's Trump is a Wannabe Antichrist. And now since Trump has officially lost Georgia I'm now 99% certain Trump can't deal with reality and 1% certain that Republicans are using Democrats as a patsy. I'm saving my who loss celebration for after (or if) Trump is out of office next year.
  9. I tried to get one from the Walmart sale. All 4 drops the same thing happened. I got it into my cart, and there was endless loading and crashes trying to place the order until it was out of stock. Its so senseless. It should be reserved for you for at least 5 min until you can check out on a secure area of their servers. I pre entered all my info for my credit card, address, and not having their 2 year warranty.. but it still asked me for all of that or to verify it. Once again giving all the advantage to the bots while slowing down the humans. I then got on playstation direct. I was in the front of the line... got to the end of the queue in 15 min and then the site did something funky and kicked me into the back of the line.. this happened to all my friends that were also on. Of course people that joined late got their PS5, and we just got a sold out notice 2 hours in. Honestly I wish I could just fucking pay someone and let them send it to me when it's available. I'm tired of trying to order something. Everyone should do this so bots can order 20k PS5s and bankrupt all these assholes when it takes the money or overcharges their card.
  10. slippers

    Playstation 5

    i went to my brother's house today and played ps5 little bit. he only has that new spiderman game for now so i lend him half of my ps4 games lol. he said the game crashed once, he just got it yesterday so that doesnt sound too comfy. he installed ghost of tsushima and it was pretty quick, i remember when i was installing it, it took awhile with my ps4. and i dont think there was any loading time now that i think about it. he kept asking me is it faster, does it look better? but idk i couldnt tell the difference, graphic or gameplay wise. its too early to tell from just a few ps5/4 games so yeah.
  11. Well they counted enough of the absentee ballots here to confirm my district went republican for the 4th term in a row. Dana Balter ran on a campaign of medicare for all/universal healthcare, bail reform, other democrat talking points, etc. Another democrat running on crap campaign ideas that will never secure them a win. If she'd have run on legalizing marijuana, jobs, reducing medical prescription costs, etc. she could have won. Instead, like the majority of democrats this time around, they pandered once again to ultra minorities and focused on their ultra liberal base and that doesn't win elections when you need a majority vote. https://www.syracuse.com/politics/2020/11/dana-balter-concedes-to-rep-john-katko-in-race-for-congress.html Oh well. Katko has been ok for this area for local stuff but nationally hes not good because he has no backbone and votes for everything exactly how the republican party tells him to vote for. Ehh. Another prediction for 2021 and the next election in 2022.. democrats still don't realize they should campaign on things they can win on and will instead double down on dumb programs and political correctness that ensures them more losses in the senate and house.
  12. Sledgstone

    Playstation 5

    I just downloaded the ap. I haven't used it in years. Wow this is much much better now. My younger brother has a ps5. I'm going to log in to his system and see if I can get these free games on my ps4.
  13. Its much easier from the newly updated app. 😛
  14. Season 3 started and its 5 episodes in so far. This has become one of my favorite Star Trek series. I would have never imagined myself saying that during the horrible season 1, but season 2 was amazing and season 3 is awesome so far. I highly recommend this show. I did not think the show could get better than season 2, considering captain Pike and Spock were top notch, but its maintaining that same quality easily. Talking about season 3 is a huge spoiler if you haven't seen season 2. Regardless of that I will say "The Burn", the event that completely changed the entirety of star trek, all species, all great powers in the galaxy, etc. is an extremely interesting plot. Well done for the writers because this has me hooked all over again. It makes the show completely unpredictable in terms of where that plot is going and I have no idea what they will reveal next. CBS is working on more Star Trek series and for the first time I can say hell yes. They're reviving one of my all time favorite scifi shows back into the glory days of having new series coming out and they're all high quality.
  15. Sledgstone

    Playstation 5

    Exactly. This is the first generation where they made a variation of the console that is digital only.. but we can't access our full library of digital purchases from that company on a single device. And I hear ya about the licenses. Along with the lack of physical media being produced and no employees having to stock a shelve, there should be discounts for digital games over physical on day one of release. At least one good thing about digital release games, regardless of licenses there will always be people making ROMs out of those digital games. Even if a company pulls a game, there will almost always be a way to still get that game on PC or android emulator boxes. There are some decent emulators I need to setup on my nvidia shield so I can play a crap load of old retro games. I've seen quite a few streamers on twitch use them so I'd like trying them out myself. I still prefer digital supported releases when they are available, I bought the Castlevania & Contra collections for steam a few months ago for $7 total. But there are so many old games that have never been re-released in a digital that it looks like ROMs are the only way to play them anymore.
  16. As someone who loves going through their collection and playing old stuff this is one of the major things pushing me toward PC gaming (besides the above and a few other reasons). Ok I get it, PS2 backwards compatibility is out the window. I can live with that. My PS2 still works (though it is showing it's age, wonder if you can still find a relatively new (and still working) PS2 Slim anywhere for a decent price) and I can still hook it up and play my old games if I want but when you won't even allow your users to play games from two generations ago, bought digitally on your platform, it's getting bad. It's also bad considering you want to push gamers to digital only without giving them access to already purchased games (sorry, licenses. Another reason I hate digital only (console wise, I'm okay with it on PC to an extent) is you don't actually own a copy of the game, just a license to play the game that can be revoked at any time should the developer/publisher decide to do so (another reason why I feel digital games shouldn't be priced at $60+)) when in the past we could just throw our PS1 disc in our PS2 and play like nothing had changed. Guess semi-retro gaming is something console devs just don't support anymore (and it's sad really). Granted most old titles have been ported/adapted for PC it's the principal of having to re-buy something you already own just to play it in another format that urks the fuck out of me.
  17. Strider Hiryu

    PS Plus Games

    Holy fuck, I never thought Shadow of War would come to PS+. I still haven't even finished Shadow of Mordor yet, guess I now have a reason to finally go back and beat it.
  18. Sledgstone

    PS Plus Games

    This topic hasn't been updated this in a while. Lol.
  19. idk i think it might be good to prepare bc no one knows how things will turn out. i have some cash in hand just incase emergency so i wouldnt do something that drastic though. but yea he said he was worried about banks being closed during a national lockdown bc ppl will panic and try to withdraw all their money out all at once and cause havoc. cant forget all that toilet paper fiasco that no one expected lol so its a plausible scenario. and online orders arent always reliable bc i remember watching news, during our 1st lockdown, that online grocery stores were overwhelmed with orders and having trouble delivering orders so you never know.
  20. Sledgstone

    Playstation 5

    Just a heads up for everyone with ps+.. if you don't have a ps5 yet you can add the free ps5 games to your library so you can have them for when you get a ps5. But Sony updated their Playstation store website recently and only Microsoft edge browser seems to work correctly with it. Google Chrome and Firefox blank out the area on the site that let's you add games to your library. https://www.playstation.com/en-us/games/bugsnax/ I heard the new Playstation app works for adding to library to.
  21. slippers

    Playstation 5

    my brother manage to order it trying like 6 - 8 different sites at the same time as soon as it started and the whole process took him about an hour. he said he had his card info ready and kept refreshing bc checkout pages continue to reject/disappear really fast. he thinks bots were spamming orders so it was really difficult but he had his luck with sony bc it requires psn id. he tried to order it for me too but he couldnt. its okay, im not in a hurry, but it wouldve been nice to try out. besides i retired my 10+ year old pc just last week and replaced it with a new one so i can wait longer
  22. Sledgstone

    Playstation 5

    Maybe Sony's user data shows the majority of players install a single game, marathon and play it to completion and then uninstalls it to never play it again. If thats the case the smaller hard drive may not be as much of an issue.. I'm not one of those people tho and I have another person using the console to. I love single player games but some have become too long.. like Last of Us 2 literally took me a month and half to beat, 45 hours. I was very busy for that month and a half so I didn't have much game time, but after I while I was starting to get burned out playing in small chunks so I threw a different game on here and there for 15 minutes increments or so. Sometimes I might have a couple games like that going or lady might have a game or 2 installed as well, so PS5 only having that amount of space will leave me almost always on the edge of running out of space depending on the size of the games. I bet families that have 2-3 kids all wanting their own game on the system for when its their turn to play will be the biggest issue with the hard drive size limitations. I'll get a PS5 eventually with a larger hard drive in it. I still love console gaming, its convenient sit on the couch and play. But I will say my PC is becoming my goto gaming system more every day. Especially since I stream my games straight to my 4k tv with surround sound. Steam Link app for android is amazing, the nvidia shield makes the games know its hooked up to 4k and surround sound. Very user friendly. I've been using my xbox 360 controller or my wireless keyboard and mouse with a lapdesk to play games on my tv like it was a console for just over a year now. I can hook up my ps4 controller or an xbox one controller with blutooth no problem too. What does urk me more than anything is the consoles not having full digital backwards compatibility. I own all the Final Fantasy 13 games on ps3, I've been wanting to play them.. but they are locked to my PS3 thats in another room and the controller isn't the best. But if I bought those same games on PC, I could load them up right now at max settings and stream them right to my living room and play them with a ps4 controller. Meanwhile ps5 comes out and says "no, you can't play those ps3 digital games on the new console." Ok... so when ps6 comes out and they say I can't play my ps4 digital games on it, what motivation do I have to keep buying their games when I can guarantee you that every pc game I buy now I will be able to play for basically the rest of my life on any new pc I own. In the end its coming down to the library. I own a lot games in my own personal library. When a new console comes out and says I can no longer access that library on their new systems that aggravates me. Other people will say, "its a new system, buy the new games." Sure... but I actually still enjoy playing old games. Not necessarily full on retro games all the time, but theres a crap load of games out on the market that are great and still being sold to this day that were originally released over a decade ago that I still want access to without having to buy them over and over. Oh well, I've said this complaint plenty of times but I don't think Sony cares about it anymore. They just want to sell their own version of google stadia with their PSNow subscription. Yeah, no thanks Sony.
  23. Sadly PC is a major threat it's just they don't see it yet (I used to be one of those "PC gaming is dying and will never threaten consoles" stans for many years but once I bought my PC I've come full circle). With Gaming PC's becoming more affordable every year (hell you can get a decent one for slightly more then what you'll pay for one of the new consoles that you can continually upgrade beyond the life of a console as long as you're case can support the upgrades (as well as your wallet)) and the major tech advancements only PC's are seeing (console gaming is far behind tech wise and will only continue to be) it's only a matter of time before Sony and Microsoft start shitting themselves due to their shitty practices (it won't happen anytime soon but it will happen). As you said the only issue is cheating but if all you're looking for is to play multiplayer games and you don't want the hassle stick to console, single player games are just as good if not better on PC (what with mods and what have you). We're honestly at the point where a console is just a severely hampered gaming PC with, at any given time, tech that's 1-2 years behind current PC's. I digress though, PC gaming isn't the subject here. Honestly my only gripe has been why do they keep doing this shit? Storage tech keeps advancing and keeps going down in price, there's no call for using a smaller storage device just because you want to "eliminate load times" with a much faster version of what you can get on the open market (and as I said you will never eliminate load times, you can hide them with fancy UI elements and what have you but never fully eliminate them (current tech does not support this and won't until quantum computing becomes a thing)). While the current generation of gamers currently don't give a shit about this they will once they realize they can only have less than a handful of games on their console to play. Not all of them just play one BR/FPS, they play multiple and I don't foresee them being willing to constantly delete and re-download a game to play it and until all internet infrastructures support fiber speeds for an affordable price streaming games isn't exactly viable (something Stadia ran into and besides the lack of games is the major reason the idea flopped hard). As someone who plays pretty much solo games only I just can't support this move (the only games I play that can be considered multiplayer are FFXIV and my mobile games, otherwise everything else is solo based). If fucks my ability to play multiple games at once without having to constantly uninstall and reinstall shit (it's the major factor behind why I bought a 2TB passport for my PS4). Then again I'm just a literal representation of the "old man shaking fist at sky" meme. I now take my leave and thank you for attending my TED talk.
  24. They offered me to upgrade to I think 400 mbps for $99 but didn't include the phone service. The spectrum lady i talked to did say that they have specials that run monthly which I found interesting. She said I could call next month and ask if there is any specials on the package I have now and if so they could change me to that deal with no issues. She said there was currently no specials/promotions for the internet package I was on. So I asked her its OK for me to call once a month every month to see if there's a deal and I can get a locked in cheaper rate. She said yes and it'll never be a contract. When time Warner upgraded my internet to 300 mpbs years ago they had to upgrade my cable modem because the modem could only go up to 50 mbps. When I moved to my new house years ago they made sure to get me a decent modem again, but their wifi router sucked ass. They never charged me for the wifi until my bundle package finally expired And they wanted to start charging me $5 a month. I turned that router in with the cable boxes the other day. This is the tp link router I have right now. It handled the 300 mpbs no problem. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B079JD7F7G/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_fabt1_s69QFb4H7BB4Y I'm thinking the cell phone companies will become the new internet companies. We're getting 5th generation networks now, but once 7g, 8g, etc finally start coming out, cell phone internet will probably be as fast as current cable internet. At that point we can completely cut the cord and either have the phones be our personal hotspots or buy a dedicated hotspot from the cell phone company to be the equivalent of a cable modem. But then again wifi tech is growing just as fast. Once wifi can be so strong my local Walmart broadcasting its wifi across 50 miles could become a new internet provider and wifi phone provider because they'll never give it away free once it becomes that far reaching. And whoever controls that wifi router controls everything on it. They could restrict the ip#s needed for wifi voip phone connections, restrict all internet traffic on all connected devices to just walmart.com only or less restrictions but still block domains of competitors like Amazon.com so people can't price compare while in store, etc.
  25. Even with a normal SSD they still would have probably had size issues. They took a gamble to do something different... almost a Nintendo gamble. We'll see how it plays out. Xbox isnt much better, seeing as their expanded memory costs as much as the console just about. Until PC becomes a legit threat to consoles, they have no reason to play nice with the SSD drives unfortunately. Outside of exclusives the biggest drawback to PC is the cheaters... and the great thing about a lot of crossplay is you can toggle PC users off and just play with Xbox and PS players. Maybe we'll get there one day. Yeah single player games have been more appealing to me the last couple of years. I hate to say it. It makes me kinda sad when I try to play a mutliplayer game and just don't feel it. I liked Modern Warfare but found myself not really enjoying it after an hour or two. I use to play MW2 and BF3 pretty much 15+ hours in a day if I didn't have anything to do. I guess its the part of getting old.
  26. I spend around $99 a month for Cable Phone Service and 200-400+ MBPS down 20+ MBPS up internet. When I upgraded I found out my TP Link was only capable of doing about 50 MBPs so I rarely use it now. I still don't have the urge to get Wi-Fi. I still get snail mail about how all my neighbors are bundling Cable TV with their internet and phone services and how it's my turn to join them. I could care less whether or not those letters are actually true. I was shocked when I first started getting those offers through my email. It just makes them seem more desperate. I'm still expecting the cell phone industry to crash once VOIP Wi-Fi Phones become a thing. Who is going to want to pay for a phone bill when plenty of places will offer free Wi-Fi? Only thing Spectrum can do now is sell me on upgrading to Fiber Internet.
  27. Man I hope they don't do endless free money to everyone again. That was some bs in my opinion. Trump basically gave everyone free government paid wellfare to sit on their asses for half a year. Democrats would be dumb as hell to do that all over again. But then again I wouldn't put it past Pelosi to try to throw more money out the window at everyone. I only ever got a stimulus check, I wouldn't mind getting another of those again, but all those people that got hand over fist money in unemployment making more money than they ever did while working, that was insane to me. I doubt we'll get a national lockdown, but I bet we will get a national mask mandate.
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