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    I want a PS5 so bad, but until I am able to get one myself, I'll continue playing Madden NFL 21 on my PS4. It's a great way to stay connected with my friends, who also love football games.
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  5. Honestly its probably just coincidence with her medical stuff. I say that because 66% of all americans are on medications for some illness. Overall we're a really sickly unhealthy country. https://hpi.georgetown.edu/rxdrugs/#:~:text=More than 131 million people,Prescription drugs are costly. And 2/3rds of the US is overweight or obese which puts them in the unhealthy category and prone to medical issues and complications.. So its really easy for there to be a coincidence with anything health related with anything in the US when literally the majority of everyone is sick or unhealthy with something to begin with. 2/3rd of the the population is at increased risk for heart attacks, diabetes, high blood pressure, etc. at any given moment. So once somebody does something like get a vaccine and their next doctor appointment they'll get diagnosed with diabetes, they'll blame the vaccine and not the 5 boxes of twinkies they eat every week. x_x https://www.healthline.com/health/obesity-facts#1.-More-than-one-third-of-adults-in-the-United-States-are-obese. Wow. Did he get the j&j shot? That one is only 66% effective. He'd definitely still get sick from covid, but at least it would prevent hospitalizations. But even that 66% defense doesn't kick in until 2 weeks after getting the shot. Its the same with the other vaccines. Like 1 shot of moderna or pfizer is 35% effective I think after 2 weeks, but 2 weeks after the second shot it'll be 95% effective. Theres still that 5% of being able to get covid still, but it'll keep everyone out of the hospital. But this is also how the covid variants keep happening. The more the virus spreads from one person to the next it'll keep evolving through mutations to become more efficient and more deadly. If someone is sick they should definitely be wearing a mask since it'd help contain it to themselves. People that are sick and don't are being offensive since they don't care that you might get sick from them. Reminds me of how cigarette smokers will smoke their asses off and the majority of them don't give a damn about where their smoke goes in the wind when around other people. Meanwhile I have asthma and that triggers me into having to use an inhaler after a few minutes. I take that as offensive. The smoker doesn't think anything about it because they smell like an ashtray all day and don't even notice. Same with people with extreme BO or people that work on farms. They smell like shit all day and then walk into a store with actual shit all over their boots. Nasty. Anyway, alot of people don't think covid is serious still and probably never will, unless it mutates into a new variant and starts killing everyone off. Ever play Pandemic 2? Its an old flash game. It looks like someone adapted it so people can still play it online since flash was removed from all PCs: https://www.addictinggames.com/strategy/pandemic-2 Its interesting because you can play as the virus and the goal is to kill everyone on the planet. It starts off as a regular cold until it can mutate into more powerful strains. The effectiveness of shutting down airports is actually useful to the humans so you want to get your virus into their borders before they become aware of the lethality. My mom got her second shot of moderna last thursday, she had a bit of a rough night feeling a bit sick that night and the next day she was very tired. By the day after she was completely back to normal and feeling great. My facebook feed has been getting more people with covid. The one person is a friend of my moms.. she got covid last week, her kids and husband got covid 2 weeks before and they went out to eat for mothers day. None of them ever got a vaccine and they're helping spread it. 🤦‍♂️ And the comments were like, "I hope you get well soon." Nobody says, wtf where you doing at a restaurant while sick with covid?
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  7. reminds me of bruce willis’ deathwish when i first saw the trailer. ive been wanting to watch nobody when amazon lowers its rental price though
  8. ^ but how many cases are not reported? 🤔 theres this old customer who got the jj vacine about a month ago. shes like in her 70s and she has some health problems before but it was only recently that she was diagnosed with arthritis and is taking blood thinner medications due to her heart condition. she also needs her lungs checked out but her appointment is not until end of june and she said hospital is keep pushing back the date for some reason. i asked her today if she thinks its bc of jj, and she said she just doesnt know if its related or not. thats some serious coincidence if not. idk it is said 26 countries have travel banned on india, i guess some countries have higher percentage of taking vaccinations than the US but it might be because there could be covid variants that they are afraid of. so even with vaccines, theres no guarantee that they are safe either. and one of customers tested positive for covid like a week after getting a vaccine. he was sick for two weeks..all the ppl he worked with got it, but he still worked and he still came into the store to buy stuff and his face was red and sweating like crazy. i had many customers who were like that showing similar symptoms, some didnt even wore a mask and telling me his or her family members are too young to shop so has no choice. i didnt care though, i had so many customers sneeze and cough at my direction even before texas mandatory mask order had been lifted like months ago so i just let them shop regardless.
  9. Wow, the trailer for Nobody (2021) is so awesome they played it twice. This movie is basically what if John Wick had a family & end with it's own version of Home Alone. My movie rankings for 2021 so far Nobody (2021) - 5/5 Wrath of Man (2021) - 2/5
  10. The trailer for Wrath Of Man is amazing. Plenty of scenes with Jason Statham are amazing. But everything else about this movie and it's ending suck. Jason Statham - 4/5 Wrath Of Man - 2/5 Just enjoy this trailer without watching the actual movie.
  11. That J & J vaccine getting stopped seemed like a pointless scare tactic by the media. It was 6 people out of 6.8 million that got blood clots that might or might not have been related to it. Thats a 0.0000147% chance of getting a blood clot. In comparison, peloton treadmills caused 70 injuries and 1 death out of 125,000 units sold. Thats a 0.06 injury rate. Theres almost a 5,000 times greater risk of getting injured or killed by a peloton treadmill than getting a blood clot from a vaccine. But the moment someone gets a vaccine and something happens to them, its the vaccine's fault according to everyone. The media jumps on that story too because its a way to make people scared. All the "news" channels aren't happy unless they can make their audience afraid of something or angry at something because its good for their ratings. My understanding is that the travel ban is in effect because over 1/3 of the US population refuses to get the vaccine. The vaccine won't work when people don't get it. If you hold out long enough eventually enough people will get the vaccine so herd immunity should be good. Assuming enough people eventually get it. If not I guess we'll all just wear masks the rest of our lives. x_x Honestly its your choice about getting a vaccine. After the second dose I was groggy the next day, but I've been fine since. Hell, I'm going to have some bbqs this summer. Most of the people I know around here have all been vaccinated. My neighbors across the street got the moderna, lady's mom got the J&J just over a month ago and she didn't even get a sore arm or any side effects. My parents both got moderna and everyone at my dentist got pfizer. I know more people that got the vaccine than I do for people who got covid. I will say tho, my one friend got covid a few months ago and he crapped constant diarrhea for 2 weeks and lost his sense of taste for 2 months, even drinking water made him crap. That convinced me to get the vaccine.
  12. Myk JL

    Playstation 5

    In Sony's defense all consoles are obsolete once Switch like PCs become the norm. So Cross-Play might have a shorter lifespan than Blu-Ray.
  13. Myk JL

    YT thread

    This is why I stick to Furry Nightmare Fuel. Just look at how well Lucy Lacemaker ages.
  14. i knew its going to have problems. recalled it, banned it, and now reissuing it..a couple years down the road, itll become just like that cancer causing baby powder..who knows O_o it is my understanding that right now you cant get on an airplane without getting vaccinated. some countries still have that 2 weeks or whatever quaranteen rules they use to have intact. and the US has issued a travel ban on India but thats just pointless if vaccines suppose to work as it advertises. anyway since my brother moved to other state, i kinda thought about getting one so i can travel, or just get a fake vaccine receipt like everybody else lol..but if i wait several more years, this stupid virus or paranoia whatever you want to call it will probably pass and i dont want to get something thatll make me sick to begin with. if it drags on any longer than that, then idk what anyone else can do.
  15. slippers

    YT thread

    oh man..such a shame. her beautiful face.. just age gracefully ppl. all my celeb favs like uma thurman and courteney cox, now they are hardly recognizable
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  17. Me and lady both got our second doses of Pfizer last Friday. We both got some side effects the next day. Arm soreness, light overall body fatigue and tiredness. I still got all my regular Saturday stuff done like mowing, etc. But I was feeling a bit groggy. By Sunday morning we were both back to normal.
  18. It was a fun movie with great special effects and awesome fatalities... and that was it. Horrible acting outside of Kano... but that didn't matter. The pacing and Cole sucked. Cole should have never been in there. He wasn't in the games, he was so out of place... and his first victory was stupid without spoiling it, you know why. The pacing... it was all the pacing. Started out strong... then lets go searching.... then lets train... then boom everyone fights at the same time... no focus on individual fights.. then ok.. we won.. time for MK2. Such an abrupt ending. It was pretty jarring. The original movie was better.
  19. Myk JL

    PS Plus Games

    I kind of want to play Stranded Deep... It's not the kind of game I would buy if it was still in Early Access.
  20. I thought it was a fun movie. The acting was bad and the plot wasn't good, but the fights and cg were great. The main character was pretty dull and his fight scenes weren't the best. I was expecting a syfy quality B-movie plot with triple A special effects budget and I wasn't really disappointed because my expectations were so low. But I'll have to say my biggest gripe is that it is a movie about Mortal Kombat, which is a tournament... and in the movie they never did the tournament. wtf. I read they'll make at least 1 or 2 more sequels and that was planned. But even so they could have done a second tournament in a second movie. And Liu Kang's character seems like a wasted opportunity because he had no real substance. Also, for the characters to have abilities because of a mortal kombat mark on their bodies seemed like lazy writing, but I did like that they all had their powers from the games as it made for good special effects. My favorite character was Kano.
  21. I swear I would've added Horizon Zero Dawn to my library on day 1, but I've been distracted by reality.
  22. Horizon Zero Dawn: Complete Edition is currently free for PS4 until May 14 at 11:00 pm EST. PS+ is not required to add the game to your library for free. https://blog.playstation.com/2021/04/19/play-at-home-update-horizon-zero-dawn-complete-edition-free-starting-today/ https://www.playstation.com/en-us/games/horizon-zero-dawn/ I loved this game. Combat was great and the story was an epic sci-fi adventure. For anyone new to this game, do not underestimate the usefulness of the Ropecaster. It does no damage, but it is amazing for enemy management to keep some in check when getting overwhelmed, because alot of enemies in this game will charge like all hell and do not let up.
  23. I have to get a dead tree cut down on my property. Its going to cost me $500. x_x But that doesn't include the removal. To save money I'll borrow a chainsaw from one of my friends and cut up the pieces myself. The tree is tall enough that when it eventually falls, it could hit my house, the garage, the deck, the pool (when its up for the summer) or my propane tanks so its got to come down.

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    2. Sledgstone


      Tree guy came over and took care of the job. He got it down in about 6-7 cuts.






    3. slippers


      ive seen youtube videos where tree cutters get killed when a tree branch snaps and somehow tangled rope drags the cutter down with it. very dangerous but they do make good money it seems, my ex coworker’s husband is a tree cutter and during summer one job earns him $500-$800 average, thats after giving his workers their share. in winter he sells firewood from trees he had cut down

    4. Sledgstone


      Oh yeah, I've seen alot of failed tree felling videos. I'm pretty sure most of them where people getting killed, but the video just shows the tree whacking them or the person falling from a distance, not what they look like in a mess on the ground. One of my mom's friends has a son in law that was trimming a tree over the weekend. He fell 30 feet, broke 2 ribs and collapsed a lung. I think hes still in the hospital. Screw that. Thats why I paid a guy. He was here 2 hours. First he climbed the tree next to the tree he was going to cut, trimmed like 15 branches off the good tree and attached a safety line to it. He had to trim those branches because in case something happened with the dead tree he was cutting, he'd be able to do a quick latch release and swing off the dead tree over to the good tree and those branches had to be cut so he wouldn't impale himself on them in case that situation happened.

  24. Myk JL


    … I'm still slowly transitioning to becoming a PC Gamer.
  25. More rumors that will go unconfirmed.
  26. While nice it still falls way short of what they should of done to begin with, give us a bigger internal drive. Sadly they could easily make them run on external drives if they just take the internal one and sell them as external add-ons (not like the option is great, they'd probably cost more then they're worth). My major concern here is what USB drives are actually compatible? All it says in their faq is USB 3.0 or higher and not all will be compatible. Are we talking Passports, external HDD's, or USB sticks? We talking certain brands or every brand? Sigh, I own so much external storage and the thought that I'd need to buy a new one just for this depresses me if the current one I'm using on my PS4 won't work. Sigh, Sony really out here this generation just pissing people off (though I don't know how many people are pissed about storage capacity like I am). Man, really starting to think it's not worth buying a PS5 anymore (even if I do want one).
  27. Sledgstone

    PS Plus Games

    I got Days Gone with the free PS5 game pack.. I tried to like it... It plays very similar to Last of Us, but the entire motorcycle aspect and never ending zombies annoyed the hell out of me way too much. I cleared out an area, went to grab some loot, next thing I know I'm being attacked again. The zombies were just spawning somewhere off in the distance and they'd just keep coming. I swear there was no way I could just explore without being harassed by something. Combo that with driving a loud motorcycle around that draws there attention and it got even more annoying. Theres hardly any roads but there is plenty of paths for the motorcycle. And I sucked at driving it. So I'd clip the damn thing on rocks or in a small river or graze a tree, well then the motorcycle takes damage and I have to repair it, or it would be in a spot where my guy couldn't get it back up right so then I'd have to respawn the motorcycle so I could get back on it, and thats when the game decides to spawn it a half mile from me. On my way to getting the bike I got attacked by 20 zombies. I couldn't just rush to it because these things run.. and the bike was damaged so I needed to clear some out to repair it first. Screw all that. I'm glad the game was free. Oddworld looks interesting.
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