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  2. Strider Hiryu


    Sadly though I think Ghost is going to be an odd outlier for the minimal to no UI approach (plus it's very obvious that SP designed the game this way because they were going for the Kurosawa feel and aesthetic). The gameplay and the sheer vast openness of the map and environment made it so a UI would hamper you more than help you (plus the game is breathtakingly beautiful and marring it with anything more then they did would be an atrocity). Plus, as you noted, they implemented a vast variety of things to hide what wasn't needed until you actually called upon it (I love the guiding winds mechanic and think more games need to implement something like it). Based on that little bit of gameplay footage I'm of the opinion Godfall needs a UI or they're really going to have to figure out how to implement some sort of minimalistic hp tracker because this type of game needs some way of tracking that stuff (I mean I'll dump on Destiny any day of the week but there UI implementation is crisp and, imo, the ideal way of going about a UI in a looter type game (though I don't like their quest tracker in the least as I think that's garish as hell and right in your face)). Then again I'm still not all that impressed by what I see. It looks fun and I'd definitely be all about those dual blades but quite honestly I think it looks rather meh. Then again looters in general just aren't my thing anymore and I blame Destiny for killing that passion in me. Ever since playing it I just can't get interested or find joy in playing anything remotely of the genre (old school looters like D2 and Torchlight are exceptions because that's my jam, it's these new ones that lack anything remotely interesting for me).
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  4. Playing through MW2's campaign again, I forgot how many batshit crazy watershed moments there were. XD  Like MW1 was way more grounded in reality. Both are great but MW2's campaign is like an 80's action movie at times. My heart still raced stealthing through the snow and hijacking the snow mobiles near the start. running through the favela tops, escaping the gulag. Its pretty fun experiencing it all again 10 years later with slightly better visuals. I'm glad it's this month's free game.

    1. Strider Hiryu

      Strider Hiryu

      Meh, I never really liked the campaign to MW2 so I didn't bother downloading it (plus lets get something more meaty Sony, the last few freebies were rather meh). I'll agree it's batshit crazy and there are a few standout moments but MW1's campaign was so much better for me. It's most likely because my favorite mission in any CoD campaign is All Ghillied Up. Such a wonderfully crafted mission (and fucking difficult as all hell on Veteran).

    2. DeathscytheX


      MW1 was def the best, but MW2 was just fun, and MW3 was kinda brutal. I hated MW3 with a passion for the MP, but I'd still replay the campaign. 

  5. DeathscytheX


    I believe this is this studios first major game, and it is surprising since Gearbox has apparently helped them... but being a big release like this without being a major named studio, they probably don't have the resources to run a game as a service. It will be interesting to see the longevity of this game. They'll really have to make it in the spirit of Diablo 2 where there is enough variation to keep coming back. Although this is early stage development footage, and there probably is all of that.. the lack of UI might be the way of the future. If you ever play Ghost of Tsushima you'll get to experience a game, that in my opinion, is the first to successfully implement the environment as the UI. The lack of clutter on the screen while not having to check a map or objective every 3 minutes really added to the experience. It wasn't perfect, but I'd like to see this strategy for more non competitive games. Tsushima had the HP/Resolve meter in the bottom corner and that was it, aside from special objectives progress when doing camps/strongholds. Any abilities/weapon menus only popped up when you pressed the button to switch, and there was no need for a minimap with the the guiding winds, and ludicrous draw distances you could see. Maybe it was a little less convenient at times, but climbing a tower or cliff and looking around, or seeing a smoke plume, or other type of signal from ground level, really enhanced the experience rather than looking at menus and symbols.
  6. Sledgstone


    No microtransactions or DLC. I'm surprised. I assumed every looter game was designed to have DLC come out every three months to wipe all your gear progression and make you start the grind all over again to keep everyone playing endlessly or be left behind. I like that Godfall won't be doing that. It actually makes it more interesting to me now. I like the shield combat. As long as there is a good campaign I would like to play this now. I hope they implement a decent UI, I noticed there's no map, no hit point indicators for enemies and no screen to equip gear. Regardless I like where the game is headed now.
  7. Damn ground bee stung the hell out of my arm yesterday while I was weed whacking. If I could have gotten to their hive with the whacker I'd have shredded it into a million pieces and then ran for my life. XD But the hive was in a concrete block. I sprayed it last night. I'll hit it with some expanding foam spray tonight to seal off the rest of them so they'll be buried alive.

    1. Sledgstone


      Take that ground bees!


      I used the giant expanding foam. There's like 20 of those bees flying around it since I sprayed it 2 nights ago. I'm surprised that many were outside the hive at 10pm at night. Hopefully that hive will die off soon and the leftover bees will fly off.

  8. i ordered it this monday (under $60) and got my new copy just yesterday in mail. it arrived fast considering it was estimated 2-3 wks delivery time. i was surprised that price dropped pretty quick too bc i was tempted to order it when it was like $120..several days after its launch day..thinking itll take forever to drop its price like how ff7 remake sellers tried to screw ppl w/ price gouging for over a month. good thing i was occupied with other games and waited a week otherwise i wouldve been mad lol. i only played for like 15 mins so far. so far so good
  9. slippers

    YT thread

    Lol!! i had no idea what it was called or how to play until now. early 90s back in korea, kids at school started to bring these pogs and they got annihilated by thick square paper called ddakji (its a similar concept but playing rules are different) bc we didnt know what to do with them. the ones with these pogs cried foul bc they were losing so badly against ddakji and tried to amend them as a prize for winning the most ddakji. but eventually found em useless and started to give them away. one of kids at my TKD class gave me like 20 ninja turtle pogs (both cartoon and movie pics on em) and i thought i could sell them or something. since my uniform had no pockets, it kept falling off one by one when i was practicing kicks and eventually my instructor picked one up and hes like wtf is this lmao..i seriously thought i was gonna be in serious trouble bc some adults back then didnt like us playing with foreign stuff. i was sweating like crazy but luckily he didnt pursue who dropped them. after the class was over, i tried to sell them but no one wanted them so i gave them away to a little kid living next door to me. i even had to convince him that they were valuable otherwise he wouldnt have taken them granted we didnt know much about american cartoons and movies so they faded away within a month or so without gaining any popularity
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  11. Now that the state of Mississippi has opted into the lottery, I can take a 15 min drive across the state line to a little gas station and buy tickets. Its astonishing how my state just refuses to even let us vote on it. People take their money to FL and GA for lotto tickets, and now the state we share out biggest border has it... on top of that most of the population is on the west side of the state anyways making it even easier. XD So dumb. I'm just glad I don't have to drive an hour plus to get tickets anymore. I can now make a weekly trip and try my luck.


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    2. DeathscytheX


      I'd probably hit that $20 ticket every now and then. The scratchoffs seem to be a waste. Like cool you can win $500? Fuck that, I want the $100 million. XD The MS lotto website actually has the prizes left on all the scratch offs and most of the big ones are gone. Seems like an odd choice, I'd assume no one would buy any of them anymore when all the big prizes are dried up.

      The most lax alcohol laws are in New Orleans. There is a bar at every street corner, and you can just walk around the whole city with a open container. I remember the first time visiting as an adult, I stopped at a gas station and they basically had fifths of every mainstream bourbon behind the counter. XD You could fill up and get a bottle in one stop.

    3. Sledgstone
    4. DeathscytheX


      There's only 2 things to do in New Orleans. Eat and Drink. XD Yeah they got a zoo and aquarium... and the WW2 Museum. But the majority of the city is restaurants and bars.

  12. DeathscytheX

    YT thread

    If I have time tomorrow I'll try to dig mine out. I had a carrying case for my pogs. We were obsessed with 8 ball pogs. Which is funny to me since it was probably a cocaine reference but we just thought it was a billiards reference. But yes there were metal slammers and plastic ones. The plastic ones were triple the thickness I guess to make up for the weight... but they were still half the weight of the metallic ones. You were at a severe disadvantage not having a metal slammer.
  13. Sledgstone

    YT thread

    Either I completely forgot about pogs being a game or I never played it a single time. I don't think I've ever seen a slammer pog or the board until that video either. there's metal and plastic slammers? how'd I miss all this?! I remember having some ninja turtle pogs. I bet I still have some at my mom's house. From what I remember of the early 90s I was infatuated with my SNES, super Mario world and rpg games.
  14. I just watched the first part of this? Its labeled oddly as C1E1-E6. Dunno what C means in place of season. But only 6 episodes are up. Its pretty grim. It's not super violent nor does it contain strong language or mature themes, its just grim for something rated Y7. Like yo kid would get depressed watching it.
  15. DeathscytheX

    YT thread

    ROTFLMAO wtf? I still got my pogs somewhere. It was so huge in the early 90s. Like you could get them anywhere. I remember a friend and I got dragged to Old Time Pottery with our moms only to get excited when they had a steel tub full of pogs. It was like 20 for $1 or something. We'd sort through them for the coolest ones. I don't think we ever played for keeps, but we played. You had a board to slam on, and you had to have the metal slammers, because they hit harder than the thick plastic ones. Good times.
  16. Sledgstone

    YT thread

    I just watched that Pogs video. lmao. I had no idea it was a game. I owned a bunch of them somehow. I got them as gifts, from friends, they came free with other purchases.. I had no idea it was a game. I always wondered what they were used for.. and its basically just gambling. Playing marbles for keeps actually requires more skill than this. Mars looks great in 4k. That Glee curse.. damn. I never watched Glee either. Melissa Benoist was in that show and shes been playing Supergirl for years on the CW. Hopefully that curse stays away from her.
  17. I watched this over the last week and its really good. Decent sword fights, plenty of action and alot of blood. No nudity except for a butt cheek. But overall good acting, great sets and costumes. The guy that plays Floki from Vikings is Merlin and he does a great job too. And Katherine Langford is a good actress. Now I know shes not just some one off actress with 13 Reasons Why. I hope season 2 goes into production soon. With this and The Witcher, Netflix has nailed two great series with fantasy themes. I hope they keep it up and make more shows like this.
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