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  3. I get all my cash from SSI...
  4. I wouldn't be surprised if we don't see the Nintendo Switch 2 until 2026.
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  6. Brooke


    PalWorld is an upcoming video game that combines elements of open-world exploration, creature collecting, and survival gameplay. It features a vibrant and expansive world inhabited by creatures known as "Pals," which players can tame, train, and use for various purposes such as combat, transportation, and resource gathering. is octopus halal? PalWorld offers a unique blend of genres and promises an immersive gaming experience for players.
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  8. If I can buy & play Xbox 360 games on it, like Saints Row 2, which I already own, this could become my favorite handheld console.
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  10. Myk JL


    I haven't watched this channel in years...
  11. If it weren't for the subtitles, I would've mistaken Paradox for Dixon.
  12. Myk JL

    PS Plus Games

    I almost forgot to post this. WARNING: Rollerdrome isn't for "free" as it requires you to upgrade to PS Plus Premium for a thirty-minute game trial.
  13. I needed a PS4 Portable back in 2017 if I was going to remain loyal to Elder Scrolls. Also, here the video Vara is talking about.
  14. If this is how Chinese Tourists are going to act outside their own country, they should take the same advice Woke American Tourists should take by not going to other people's countries. If China is trying to take other people's freedoms away from outside their country, then there is no point in doing any business in China.
  15. Myk JL


    I'm taking this as a sign that Microsoft is focusing on competing with Valve instead of Sony. No guarantee that'll mean Microsoft will release a Switch Like Handheld.
  16. Myk JL


    I'm making this thread because the Cancel Pigs won't shut up about it. And because I find this thumbnail funny. And because I like this short with Silvervale. & Pipkin Pippa! But overall, I have no plans to buy PalWorld anytime soon.
  17. Myk JL

    YT thread

    I unfortunately have no plans to vlog about my carnivore breakfast until the year 2026 at the earliest. *Edit* WEF is gaslighting people on a meat only diet. I've lost fat with a meat only breakfast. Even if they're only starting a war on red meat, it'll go the same way as prohibition did & the war on drugs has gone. The only difference is red meat is healthy for you.
  18. "Gotta sue them all!" - Nintendo Stans If I need a Pokélike for the PC, I'm considering Sapphire Safari. Or maybe I can imagine a physical copy of PalWorld coming to the Nintendo Switch 2.
  19. More news on how the internet could end... The only nWo I trust was owned by Ted Turner's WCW. *Edit* Secular Talk on WEF.
  20. Myk JL


    Part of me is surprised we didn't hear this news on January 2nd of this year. *Edit* (In the future) I'll spend no money on Ubisoft games & I'll be happy. *Edit 2* This probably deserved its own post, but I rather edit it into this one.
  21. Female Hrothgar are finally a thing... I guess this would've grabbed my interest if ESO didn't cause me to have to budget cut back in November of 2017...
  22. Due to Hogwarts Legacy (& a bunch of other games I had) taking up more storage than I thought they did, I have store credit from selling games that may go towards a Nintendo Switch 2... That or maybe an Xbox handheld magically coming out in 2026... Here's hoping that the 38 games or more I own can be played on Nintendo Switch 2 & the Nintendo Switch 2 doesn't do something stupid like the Wii U. *Edit* I'm not disappointed. I just want a more powerful backwards compatible Nintendo Switch 2 with no gimmicks. *Edit 2* How will Nintendo Switch 2 be backwards compatible if Nintendo Switch 2 has virtually no storage? *Edit 3* I had a Game Shark for N64, but never had a Game Genie.
  23. Myk JL

    PS Plus Games

    I might've cancelled my auto-renew after Sony stopped giving away PS3 games if I didn't own a PS4.
  24. Same with me. I canceled my auto-renew. I barely use my PS4 as it is and I'm not planning on buying a PS5. I kept PS+ going as long as I did just to add free games to my library, but with the price hikes I'm not interested in doing that anymore. I used to get ps+ every black friday for like $30. Its not worth it for me anymore with it being $80 for the tier I was using.
  25. Myk JL

    2020s Predictions?

    Looking back @ 2023 Predictions. The Ukraine War has been overshadowed by Israel's War on Terrorism... And in the process has made Bernie Sanders & John Fetterman out of touch with anti-war values. For a month or so my new landlord (indirectly) gave me PTSD on why I sick of dealing with my previous landlord. That hopefully won't happen again next year. My new hobby has been delayed until April 1st of 2024. If only I could've started that in 2022 without being distracted by my former landlord. I didn't see John Wick Chapter 4 because I thought it was too long & I think I'm just done going to the movie theaters since I'd rather play video games. Maybe I'll get AR Glasses before 2027... I think I heard something about Henry Cavill being in a James Bond like movie, but I haven't really paid attention to what it was called. Sounded like it was more about a female writer... So hopefully it isn't as dull as Stranger Than Fiction. Looking back @ 2023. I never planned on buying Hogwarts Legacy, but the hatred created from the boycott made me want to be a part of the buycott. I was expecting the boycott to become so toxic that it was going to take over E3 this year. E3 was not only cancelled this year but is dead. RIP thing that used to distract me from reality. My most anticipated game for this year, Changeling Tale, finally released on Steam & I enjoyed it a bit more than the alleged Demo I played in my web browser. I've kind of gotten back to eating @ restaurants & expect I'll be eating more Surf & Turf next year... Which is triggering to some because I'm not a Serf. When it comes to my main grocery store if it's not meat, it's anti-meat. So, yeah, I've cut down on other foods like Eggs & milk products. 2024 Predictions. Trump will win the electoral college again, but insist the democrats stole the popular vote from him again. Stay tuned to the 2028 election, Trump V. Obama: Dawn Of 3rd Terms. Nintendo won't release the Nintendo Switch 2 in 2024. Warner will announce that Hogwarts Legacy 2 will have Werewolves & your Animagus will be a Dragon (if you can't choose it @ all). Nintendo will announce The Legend of Zelda: Wrath of the Moon. /Sarcasm?
  26. Myk JL

    Changeling Tale

    Changeling Tale finally released on Steam & I guess the 3 Sisters are the only options in this final version. I've now seen all the content for Grace & she remains my favorite. *Edit 1* I've now replayed all the content with Jessie plus finally figured out how to get her 4 ending. *Edit 2* I've now replayed Marion's story & she still comes off as "the default waifu". ... There might be a 3rd edit to this post, but not tonight. I've somehow completed 95% of this game yet already seen everything. I have no idea what I should look for beyond easter eggs & maybe trying to get achievements I haven't gotten yet.
  27. Myk JL


    I can't think O.D. without thinking Overdose or Odie... *Edit* IDK why the 1st version of this video was removed but here it is again.
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