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  2. Myk JL


    I'd rather have a Thor RV as a product placement.
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  4. Myk JL

    The Why Files

    This sounds like something I'm willing to try in April assuming it's different from whatever the hell I thought this was.
  5. Here's a previous video she did about Diablo Immortal.
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  7. slippers

    YT thread

    the sad thing is it's already forgotten. everything after 2 weeks no one cares. that's what happened when a hurricane hit my city years ago. no electricity, no contact, no food and water, and when my power got back on after 3 something weeks, no one really gave a damn. we relied on family friends and neighbors to get supplies. honestly you are really on your own in the end. that's why i said money or no money get the hell out. it's not worth waiting for someone or even anyone to come and rescue you bc likely that'll never happen. as a fuel delivery driver, i'm not allowed to go through a downtown at all. i'm sure there are laws in place to prevent such a practice, but all they are doing now is do a cover up and ignore it. and that's what's happening.
  8. i dug out well preserved my brother's gamecube only to find out it's not working ;_; so bent on playing zelda wind waker since i never got to finish. trying to move away from ps5 and trying to play more switch games but it's not really appealing so far. currently playing zelda skyward and link to the past.
  9. i'd buy that for a dollar. cain vs robocop scene still haunts me, especially that elevator scene. scared the crap out of me when i was a kid and i still watch it time to time. can't wait. but from what i know, a terminator game got a bad rap for bad gameplay and i'm still thinking to rather get it or not.
  10. Myk JL

    2020s Predictions?

    I like to treat predictions the way The Onion tries to treat reality... without it being true. I wouldn't trust a Trump prediction since he'd predict he'd get the popular vote in a general election and hasn't so far.
  11. If only Andrew Tate was caught with Ezra Miller.
  12. Maybe I'll pick up RoboCop: Rogue City alongside Terminator: Resistance.
  13. Oh shit... Moxie was Fred from Velma all along.
  14. Myk JL

    The Why Files

    I'll have to settle for my carnivore diet... Which may contain mercury.
  15. I haven't been following The Rippaverse, but as long as Eric July brought it up in this video, I might as well post it.
  16. Myk JL


    I'd rather play Operation Lovecraft: Fallen Doll.
  17. Myk JL


    At this rate I'm most likely going to play Carnal Instinct once it's out of Early Access before I play Elder Scrolls 6 in the year 2033.
  18. I did the yearly update of the security certificate for the site. Last time I did it was a year ago so if anyone sees any errors on the site let me know. 🤔
  19. I never thought I see the day when Ben would have a leftist meltdown. Thanks Ben, I've now heard enough reverse psychology for JK Rowling that I will not only preorder HL for the Nintendo Switch, but also buy HL during E3 this year along with Atomic Heart... Hogwarts Legacy 3 confirmed! Here's a review by Angry Joe. Silvervale playing HL. The 1st 2 minutes & 20 seconds of Pipkin Pippa playing HL are worth a laugh.
  20. Myk JL

    YT thread

    But would you watch a Mario movie if it starred Tom Cruise?
  21. Myk JL

    PS Plus Games

    Code Vein looks interesting.
  22. So far this is a movie I'll rent when I can watch it on AR Glasses.
  23. I just preorder my copy of Amygdala by Sam Fennah thanks to his community post on YouTube. *Edit* His 2nd community post on YouTube. *Edit 2*
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