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  1. Andrew Yang's Universal Basic Income plan was $1000 a month. And would've only helped people IF they were working a minimum wage job. So if someone were unemployed they would've still been financially screwed. On top of this Andrew Yang might've cut things like Food Stamps & Housing Assistance. Things I heavily rely on as I only get $890 a month from SSI. And none of these programs are purely good as they all want to prevent people on them from saving over $2000 and will adjust to give you less if you're fiscally responsible. If we need anything right now it's a Universal Union. Federal Government gives $2100 to everyone who is legally an adult. If your state thinks you should have more, like $2200, then they need to pay that entire amount. Otherwise it ends up being $2000 from the fed & 100 from your state. Now if a business want to hire you they then have to pay you more than the fed or your state would've. If that business decides to pay you less then that, that business would then have to pay a tax equal to the amount you would've gotten if you weren't working. We also need a Deflation Tax that would only apply to the richest in order to shrink the wealth gap. So that rich person who had $4 Billion & now has $2 Billion still has the same amount of purchasing power as they did before. The majority of us after that would also have more purchasing power.
  2. I Never played the original. Am use to Red 13 from FF7 Abridged. Was shocked by Red XIII's reaction to Barret at 2:44
  3. Myk JL

    2020 Predictions?

    OH SHIT! Both Biden & Trump just died from "The Ozzy Osbourne Virus" on National TV! With Biden's dying breath he declared Ajit Pai to be his VP pick! Bernie Sanders ended his campaign in respect of his friend Joe & to prove he is not a racist. President Pence is now expected to lose as Ajit Pai declares all states rights to be racist! Source? https://duckduckgo.com/
  4. I only buy fish sticks when I also buy mozzarella sticks. It just feels balanced when they're together.
  5. First day of Spring & I have this song stuck in my head!
  6. Basically my thought process Super Tuesday - OH SHIT! JOE BIDEN WON! WE'RE ALL GOING TO DIE! Wednesday - OH SHIT! I LITERALLY WOKE UP WITHOUT POWER (electric)! *Sigh* Well at least I got my electric back on the same day. Thursday - I'm glad I'm out of that progressive bubble. And I'm looking forward to tomorrow. Better buy a 12 Pack Of Toilet Paper as I get a $20 bill from the cashier. Might as well be overstocked as I'm down to my last 13 or 14 rolls. Friday The 13 - A fortune cookie from a China Buffet: "There's a secret romance blooming! Go for it, in spite of your hesitation." Me at China Buffet: "Fake fortune." 3/14 (Pi Day) - Use a Footlong Coupon at a gas station's Subway. Had 2 donuts from gas station's Tim Horton's. Went next door to McDonald's where I had 1 of each pie, a Shamrock Shake, & Shamrock McFlurry. Had to join Super Market Sweep everyone else was doing just in case. Was upset I didn't get my Raspberry Pie despite having 2 Raspberry Pi's at home. Sunday - Damn It! The Bus isn't available until 12AM! Guess I'll see The Hunt in theaters next week. 3/16 - Would today be Stone Cold day if it wasn't for tomorrow? Tuesday (Saint Patrick's Day) - A drunk day where I see if Pizza Delivery is sober! Today - Better do that Census paperwork.... March Madness has been redefined! And I feel like I'm in Mania where others are now in Dementia!
  7. The Sonic Movie came to movie theaters this February & stopped showing here a week before the COVID-19 emergency. The above parody is a sequel to Furry Apocalypse. But since that one doesn't have Sonic in it here is Racist Mario instead.
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