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  1. Myk JL


    So... That was(n't) a thing.
  2. Myk JL


    I only subscribe to Xbox Gold for GWG on Xbox 360 so once GWG is gone I'll probably unsubscribe. I'm not comfortable with the fact I'll be paying $180 a year once you factor in I also have a yearly subscription with PS Plus.
  3. Myk JL

    Cyberpunk 2077

    The intro skit is dull but the rest of the jokes are better... *Edit* The defending of the intro skit is kind of Boomerish.
  4. Here is Scuttlebutt I don't believe because of the code name sounds weird...
  5. Myk JL


    I expect PS5 will never surpass Nintendo Switch in Japan. I don't expect PS5 doing bad in Japan. The idea that Sony could end up 3rd in the console wars is shocking.
  6. Myk JL

    2020s Predictions?

    I wanted to joke predict about this sort of thing happening on 12/31/2020, but since it did happen I'm glad that I didn't.
  7. The China Buffet I use to eat at has been permanently closed since last year. I only like eating at Subway because their bread isn't thick. I'm annoyed that McDonald's brought back the McRib instead of it's seasonal eggnog milkshake.
  8. Myk JL

    PS Plus Games

    This looks like a good month for free PS+ Games.
  9. Myk JL


    366 Days... Minus maybe January and February.
  10. Myk JL

    Christmas Videos

    The Hat - Cyanide & Happiness Shorts, reminded me of the following. *Edit* I guess this is suppose to be a Christmas Video because the color of his coat, but it doesn't sound like one to me...
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