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  1. Myk JL

    Aya Neo

    As far as I know the 1st 500 backers already got their AyaNeos & I might be a part of the 2nd batch of backers. I get updates about how the 2nd batch of backers will get improved AyaNeos while the 1st 500 backers will get free upgrades. The AyaNeo I'll eventually be getting is the 2021 edition & AyaNeo has plans for another 1 codenamed XXX right now. If I didn't already back AyaNeo 2021 edition I'd probably wait to see if it could run Windows 11.
  2. Myk JL


    *Edit* *Edit 2*
  3. I remember when this was rumored to be called Steam Pal. And before that there was a Steam Machine handheld that failed to launch named Smach Z. I expect to find out that Steam Deck like Steam Machines before it will only be able to run games that work on Linux & will void warrantee if you want to use the desktop. On the other hand if I had money to burn I'd probably buy a Steam Deck. I don't expect AyaNeo to sell more than Steam Deck, but I wouldn't be surprised if Alienware UFO or some other well known PC company did.
  4. Myk JL

    PS Plus Games

    Wrestling games have been obsolete ever since Saints Row 2 came out back in 2009.
  5. Myk JL


    If I can get it on day 1, I will. If not, I'll hopefully have my Aya Neo before then.
  6. Myk JL


    Chaos made me post this.
  7. It kind of grew on me until News Sources I hated circumvented me blocking them by being from around the web. I ended up turning off the Open On Hover option so now I only see the weather & temperature. PC Health Check for me says, "The PC must support Secure Boot." It makes it sound like my PC is missing a certain program, but won't send me to it.
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