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  1. I used the Switch Dock once. Thought it was too hot. And stuck to handheld mode for the rest of the time I owned a Switch. Would've kept my Switch Lite if I could've transferred my Dark Souls save file. Also Scuttlebutt.
  2. I currently don't own a Nintendo Switch. Still preorder Games for a future version.
  3. Myk JL

    XBOX Series X

    Shipping Tifa & Dante?
  4. Masks are suppose to prevent people who have COVID-19 from spreading it. It's probably super rare for someone who is Asymptomatic to cough or sneeze on someone else. So they're basically pointless as anyone who is sick would have to be quarantined anyway. - On the bright side I unintentionally scared the guy in Apt 3 when I first wore the Angry Joe Show Army Mask in early June. And I plan on doing something Plague Doctor related when I buy Fruit Loops in July. Follow Your Nose!
  5. I think I'm more likely to die from 2nd hand smoke than I am from COVID-19. Have a neighbor who likes to pace out in the front yard while smoking. And keeping my windows closed now only guarantees that my brain is going to get fried.
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