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  1. Myk JL

    Aya Neo

    I got my Ayaneo Retro Power today. I was excited, scared, and confused. Excited because I got the product I wanted. Scared because I'm sure sometime in the future MS will ruin Windows and I'll have to switch to Linux. Confused because mine didn't come with the docking station like I expected. At least to a comment on IGG the docking stations will be shipped out later this month. I didn't plan on using mine without the docking station. I'm debating whether or not to finally get a Wi-Fi Router or just turn it on to see what it's like without internet.
  2. Myk JL

    AI Dungeon

    Today's scenario I published has a weird inspiration as it comes from a place called Ninja Burger. Lunar Wars (2): Of Ninjas & Burgers https://play.aidungeon.io/main/scenarioView?publicId=e16add60-55c8-11ec-af04-dd87d9634c87
  3. Myk JL

    YT thread

    I'm against corporatists. But I find it funny that Eric July conflates all democrats to be communists just like the alphabet networks do with Bernie Sanders. This is basically why I want to focus on policies instead of identities.
  4. Myk JL

    PS Plus Games

    As long as Halo Infinite was mentioned here is Games with Gold 2021.
  5. Myk JL

    AI Dungeon

    Today I published a scenario named Lunar Wars: The Fur of Werewolves https://play.aidungeon.io/main/scenarioView?publicId=568604f0-4eba-11ec-b6c4-55fec184fd9b
  6. Myk JL

    AI Dungeon

    Today I published a scenario named Lunar Wars: Princess Lily S. Hut https://play.aidungeon.io/main/scenarioView?publicId=f7af8ae0-486b-11ec-ae0b-f9c5aad2b73a I published another last month, but lost the link to it (due to a Halloween achievement) named Lunar Wars: A Light Moon Sider's Howl https://play.aidungeon.io/main/scenarioView?publicId=e4084850-367e-11ec-857d-d730e512dc88
  7. I'm not trying to promote this bundle, but would anyone want it in "Current Year"? Leisure Suit Larry Collection Bundle (pay what you want and help charity) (humblebundle.com) I don't have anything against Leisure Suit Larry, but if I wanted to buy Porn Games it might as well be Real Porn Games like Carnal Instinct on Steam (steampowered.com) Hunt and Snare on Steam (steampowered.com) KoboldKare on Steam (steampowered.com) Wild Life on Steam (steampowered.com)
  8. Myk JL


    Assuming I already own Bloodborne on PS Plus, I'd gladly play this demake.
  9. Myk JL

    2020s Predictions?

    Can the political game be named Mega Manchin where he runs around headbutting West Virginians with his jaw?
  10. Myk JL

    PS Plus Games

    Nothing I'd be thankful for...
  11. Myk JL


    This only convinces me that an N64 Mini would epically fail when compared to that PS Mini that epically failed.
  12. My pre PlayStation exist Nintendo Fanboy would like to emphasis Sega Sucks.
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