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  1. If it were a bunch of Right-Wing Christian Teachers getting emotional a "Don't say God" bill prevented them from grooming, I'd have no problem with it. Science doesn't care about your emotions. Please keep your grooming out of public schools. Now replace God with Gay & you have my same response to the religion known as Woke.
  2. Myk JL


    But Cyberpunk was the "Next Fallout 76"
  3. Rumor On some level I can comprehend Sony wanting to buy Final Fantasy 14. If I remember correctly, Sony convinced Bethesda to bring ESO to PS4. Bethesda brought ESO to both PS4 & the 3rd Xbox. Now that MS owns Bethesda, Sony wants to own a bigger MMO. What I can't comprehend is why wouldn't Sony want to own reboot Laura Croft? Were they afraid they might be too Woke with Laura Croft being better than Nathan Drake? Do they have proof that reboot Laura Croft doesn't sell as well as original Laura Croft? Or is it some other reason?
  4. I'd prefer grass fed milk.
  5. The only things that can defeat Steam Deck is it having Steam OS instead of Windows or a company like Dell releasing a handheld PC instead of a company that needs crowdfunding.
  6. Dave Chappelle did nothing wrong... Unless choosing Andrew Yang over Bernie Sanders in 2020 counts... Wait, that doesn't count.
  7. Myk JL

    PS Plus Games

    Everything but the soccer game seems okay. I've gotten Hydro Thunder from GWG before... I guess the Viva Pinata game is new for me as I already own 1 called Trouble in Paradise. I don't think it'll be any better.
  8. Myk JL


    Reminds me that I still need to try my AyaNeo. Sledgstone's thread, Square Enix selling Tomb Raider, Crystal Dynamics studio and more.
  9. Myk JL


    PS Home looks better than this despite no longer being available.
  10. I should check for videos more often, but I was expecting news of this being canceled.
  11. I prefer The Ministry of Darkness.
  12. If there are people out there who have PS Now cards who can't use them, Sony better offer refunds.
  13. Myk JL

    2020s Predictions?

    I thought the whole point of Democrats wanting Net Neutrality was to maintain Free Speech. Rules for the internet would only help "Team ISP" & crush Free Speech.
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