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  1. I still don't have my AyaNeo Retro Power yet. So I still doubt it can run Windows 11. Right now I expect I'll be replacing my Desktop with a Laptop by 2024. (Or not depending on scalpers.) Another Microsoft Event. Microsoft – Watch the September 22nd event
  2. I don't want an 8KTV. When do the 8K monitors come out? Or When do the 8K Laptops come out? I can only guess never as they would be huge.
  3. Myk JL

    2020s Predictions?

    *Edit* This next video is weird...
  4. If this is rated T for Teen I'll be okay with the fact I don't own a PS5. But I'm sure it will be rated M for Mature.
  5. Here's the pilot & the 1st 6 episodes. There are less than 7 episodes left in this season to go... If I remember correctly.
  6. Everything nice I have to say about this reboot. I like the Stone Cold Steve Austin clone on Human Growth Hormones, but I won't be buying this reboot anytime soon. Beyond that, this looks too pretentious for me.
  7. Myk JL


    I tried to convince myself to buy an OLED TV, but lost interest once I found out that the smallest is 4K. Glad I never spent money on Creation Club.
  8. Flashgitz on Netflix's He-Man. Other Flashgitz He-Man videos.
  9. My problem with MovieBob not saying anything is it makes him look like he agrees with people he hates, but won't say anything about it. MovieBob still not have an opinion on Gina Carano's firing from Disney makes it look like he's waiting to have the right opinion. I'm certain MovieBob had a negative video on Kevin Smith, but I can't find it. Kevin Smith Will 'Finish' He-Man's Story After More Than 30 Years - The Big Picture (escapistmagazine.com) It was called The Fall Of Kevin Smith? I guess The Fall Of Kevin Smith by MovieBob has been erased from The Internet.
  10. The Suicide Squad (2021) My movie rankings for 2021 so far The Suicide Squad - 5/5 Nobody (2021) - 5/5 The Hitman's Wife's Bodyguard (2021) - 5/5 Mortal Kombat (2021) - 3/5, Kano - 4/5 Wrath of Man (2021) - 2/5, Jason Statham - 4/5
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    PS Plus Games

    I didn't expect to be underwhelmed.
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    Now I want Cyberpunk Okami.
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    Aya Neo

    As far as I know the 1st 500 backers already got their AyaNeos & I might be a part of the 2nd batch of backers. I get updates about how the 2nd batch of backers will get improved AyaNeos while the 1st 500 backers will get free upgrades. The AyaNeo I'll eventually be getting is the 2021 edition & AyaNeo has plans for another 1 codenamed XXX right now. If I didn't already back AyaNeo 2021 edition I'd probably wait to see if it could run Windows 11.
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