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    Myk JL

    2020s Predictions?

    Looking back at these for 2022. My year was full of anxiety due to issues surrounding my apartment. I haven't gotten around to using my Ayaneo even after finally getting the docking station it should have come with when I preordered it. My removing Soy from my diet failed as soon as I got a coupon for a free bake good from the supermarket I usually shop at. I wanted to get molasses cookies but had to settle for a cupcake that contained soy instead. I did eventually get stricter with my carnivore diet when shopping there. And soy is now only in my diet if it's in the meat I get from gas stations. Looking back to 2022. We no longer have to wear masks! Hooray! Just in time for Putin to threaten Nuclear War as he invades Ukraine... Fuck! I survived my former landlord & I didn't get a lousy T-Shirt. Guess that doesn't matter much if I don't know how the new landlord will treat me until next year. I did try to take up a new hobby this year, but my former landlord kept distracting by giving me anxiety when it comes to my apartment. I saw 0 movies this year. Thanks, woke for saving me money that unfortunately went towards anxiety spending. 2023 Predictions. I fear Russia will accidentally nuke itself, say it was the US, then kindly ask China to nuke the US on its behalf. China will then say No. My new landlord isn't as dramatic as my former landlord, but I'll still have some form of anxiety surrounding my apartment until April. I'll hopefully be doing my new hobby before September in 2023. Until then I have a debt I have to pay off. I fear John Wick Chapter 4 will bring his wife back from the dead so he can then "pass the torch to her" (and I'll skip seeing John Wick Chapter 5, if it's called that since John Wick will be dead. People like me will be labeled sexist for saving money.) This might not happen in 2023, but I expect at some point in time I'll try to replace my Flat Screen TV with AR Glasses. Before 2030 Predictions. Hollywood will magically stop being woke due to Musk owning Titter & Henry Cavill will be the next James Bond. Who am I kidding? Legacy Media is dying & it doesn't matter if they stop being woke. I might as well say Henry Cavill will turn out to be a clone of Pierce Bronsen as they fight each other in GoldenEye 2.
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    The Why Files

    This has become my newest favorite channel. He does a good mix of stories he can completely debunk to some that have no answer if its real or not. This last one is my favorite because it shows how far the government will go just to destroy you.
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    Last of Us - HBO Series

    Two episodes in and its great so far. I was expecting alot of violence and theres been hardly any. lol. They have made some changes from the video game to live action and they make sense to me. Without spoiling, basically in the game you come across alot of information in the form of notes, writings, etc that you usually find on corpses or desks or drawers from looting. That would take to long in the show so they just have some random conversations with some person in the show that cover the key parts. There were other key changes to that I won't get into to avoid spoilers. At the end of the first episode there was a preview of episodes to come like a mini trailer. In one of the last segments of that quick clip of about 2 seconds I definitely saw a scene right from the last moments of the first game. And at the pace the second episode already covered it looks like the entirety of the first game will be done in this first season. Very fast pacing for the show and I'm glad they're not dragging it out into some 5 season mess of extra characters and BS. So far I am very impressed with the show and the sets are spot on accurate with scenes from the game. I am hoping more action starts up soon tho. Yes! lmao! When I saw him do that I thought to myself, then why the hell couldn't I get that gun at the beginning of the game!?
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    Last of Us - HBO Series

    new ellie's look really bothers me..look at the voice actress vs hbo series one. their looks are totally different. i'm not being shallow, it's just that when a game/comic gets adopted into a movie or series, i expect everything including characters look should match to every detail. just look how horrible that old mario movie was, luigi didn't even have a mustache. anyway i don't know what i'm hoping for but i'm a bit excited to watch it.
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    Ayaneo 2 won?!
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    Myk JL

    Disney is making Willow 2

    Oh no! I'm from the future! And I'm not Pchan!
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    Myk JL

    2020s Predictions?

    Re-reflecting on the year 2020. Something I told myself I'd state later before the end of 2021 is that this post didn't age well. Reflecting on the year 2021. I saw 6 movies in 2021 compared to the 3 I saw in 2020. 3 of them were great, 2 of them were okay, & 1 of them was a lecture about racism that I didn't feel the need to post about. Thanks to the $600 stimulus check I was able to back Ayaneo on IndieGoGo. Ever since finding out what happened in my life on 9/9/2021 my life has gone from a miserable staycation to a carnivore diet holiday every day. I no longer eat out & have become more fiscally responsible. It feels like a superpower. I've gone from weighing near 280lbs to near 240lbs. I haven't weighed that much since 2012. If I could've gotten myself focused on weightlifting, I would've tried to become 290lbs of muscle. I believe the weight I lost was mostly fat. Looking forward to the year 2022. I'll allegedly make 3D WebGL Games on my Ayaneo. If I could've made Web Games 17 years earlier, they would've been Flash Games. I'll be removing Soy from my diet. I've got nothing against Soy. But foods without Soy usually contain more Protein.

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