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    The Hobbit trilogy in 4k are completely different cuts of the movie. I had no idea. I was skimming through youtube tv the other day, put on Battle of the Five Armies in the background while I got some stuff done. Then when I sat down I figured I'd finish the movie. I put on the 4k version instead and wtf. Not only is the movie visually stunning.. I had no idea my tv could look this good. I could see every strand of hair on everyone's head and everything was so crisp I could almost tell when scenes used a green screen to film. But what really blew me away was all the extra scenes and the gore. Its like this is the R rated cut. WTF. Bodies getting crushed, heads and limbs getting cut off and blood.. blood everywhere. WTF. And theres one extra scene where Thorin jumps on a goat and is like "I'm going to the top of Raven hill to kill that Azog bastard" and Dain says "How do you plan on getting past that army?" 6 more of Thorin's dwarves show up in the war chariot. Thorin: "We'll manage." and then theres like a 7 minutes scene of them tearing ass and mass murdering orcs on their way to Raven Hill. WTF. In the original movie, Thorin says he'll go to Raven Hill to kill Azog, the scene changes and we see Thorin and the others on some mountain goats ascending the hill. The amount of blood and gore in this new scene is brutal. I was shocked. But it was f*cking awesome. Now I need to watch the rest of the movies in their 4k versions to see what else is new. I read the LoTR 4k versions are also getting new scenes.
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    YT thread

    There were action figures?!
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    Strider Hiryu

    Diablo II: Resurrected

    Welp, I can kiss any free time I might have away once this comes out. Time to resurrect the Lightning Sorc and Bone Nec for some infinite Baal runs. Didn't actually think Blizzard would remaster this but god am I happy they did. Hopefully they pick a good release time for this and not, lets say, fall of this year (which, knowing Blizz, is when they'll release it) otherwise they'll be losing out to Endwalker (sorry, FFXIV will always take priority over any game even games I adore).
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    Mortal Kombat

    Ok this looks amazing!
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    Pacific Rim - The Black

    Probably because the Jaeger program is mostly a failure, even in the movies. Only Gypsy Danger can ever do anything. All the new Jaegers get taken out immediately in the first movie, and in the second movie they suck too. I'm gonna go out on a limb and say this is a massive time jump of 20-50 years, and humanity lost to the Kaiju. Totally ripping off the premise of the final fight of Robot Jox, they find an old Jaeger that still has power, and they somehow fight without a maintenance crew to maintain it after each battle? Although it seems another Jaeger appears at the end of the trailer.
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    Did my taxes today. Got my biggest return I ever had. I found that interesting since everyone was trying to say all the stimulus checks were going to make it smaller. I also worked OT a lot this past year during the pandemic... to the tune of $11,000 extra to my base pay.
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    Almost all hdcp errors I've ever come across is because of the hdmi cable. Different hdmi cables are all different versions, they all look the same and none of them say what kind of hdmi cable they are printed on the actual cables. Kind of aggravating to me. I test hdmi cables with my ps4. I'll plug the ps4 into the TV with one cable, check to see if I can turn on HDR, if it works that cable is at least a hdmi 2 cable. If you need a new cable I highly recommend bluerigger. It's the only one I'll buy anymore. https://www.amazon.com/BlueRigger-Rugged-High-Speed-Cable/dp/B003XM1WE0 My Samsung is a 6 series. UN50NU6900B
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    lol i only use two. main one 55" for pc use and ps4 games only, second one 43" for tv shows and movies. i unplugged samsung 32" due to conflicting remote controller issue but i had used it to play switch and ps2 games before since samsung 55" only have 2 hdmi ports. which model do you have btw? my 55" is series 6 and the reason i got it cheap was bestbuy employee told me that it was a last year's model (then) so it was on sale. havent noticed any sound issue and works great so far. only wierd thing is it wont play hd on my pc amazon prime due to hdcp error, but if i log in to tv amazon prime and it plays 4k movies no prob. my new 43” is series 8 and it gives me 4 hdmi ports, more than i need for its use.
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    I got the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G. Now that 5G is a thing, I felt it was time to get a true 5G phone. Plus the newest firmware update kind make the S10+ a little wacky. The weirdest thing is the standardization of all messaging apps. I kinda liked the facebook bubble chat heads... but now you have to activate it and it doesn't work like it use too. I turned it back off and its just like the standard SMS app with the previews and pop ups. Unrelated but if you use Snapchat, it doesn't really update very well. I've had it since 2014, but only recently started using it because I got a lot of work friends on it. Little did I know it had its own sound package, but it always used my standard notification when people snapped me or typed a message. When some new features came out that wouldn't appear, I deleted it and reinstalled it. It has its own notification, including one for when your BFs snap you. When I transfered all my stuff to my new phone it reverted to using the standard phone notification so I had to delete it again and reinstall. so odd. Anyways. The phone is big... and heavy. I like this... the ultra thin and lightweight phone thing needed to go. Shit still broke when it hit the ground. I like some heft in the hand. The screen is wild crisp. Its amazing how this tech keeps getting better. As a result the battery life is about the same. I think we peaked on that. While its bigger, so is the screen and all the features. The camera is a monster. I think its 100+ MP on the back and 40mp on the front. Its really detailed. One of the complaints is the camera lenses make the phone uneven in the back so it will rock on the table.. I got a casemate for mine. They've always been good to me with there ultra sleek designs that don't add too much more bulk to phones. Thankfully my case evens out the backside so it sits normal. The extra millimeter this adds to the overall thickness is again welcomed IMO. I also like how the samsung transfer app basically duped my old phone into my new one. home screen, app layout, alarms, wifi connections, etc. The only thing that didn't come over where my biometric log ins to all my sites. Also my wireless charge stand works which is a plus since I use it as a bedside clock. I contemplated the iPhone 12 Pro Max because most my friends have iPhone and their iMessage app now has reactions like FB messenger does. So when they use it it sends the whole text back with the "laughs at.... (novel of a text)". but Honestly I have so much invested into the Samsung ecosystem... plus I'm spoiled with my 5x5 app grid layout that Apple refuses to allow. 4 across is lame. Samsung makes better phones, and sells components to Apple anyways. I'll be riding this train until Apple can bring out something that really blows me away.
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    Myk JL

    PS Plus Games

    Control grabs my interest. Destruction AllStars makes me wish I could play Crossout on a Nintendo Switch.
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    Myk JL


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    Godzilla vs. Kong

    Yeah if they were both real, with all the lore that goes behind them. Godzilla would blow a hole through his torso in 3 seconds and it would be over with. Kong has lost to WWI planes on a tower... They had to destroy the environment, and wipe out a whole ecosystem with the oxygen destroyer to "kill" Godzilla. Kong wouldn't even beat Gigan, Destoroyah, Mecha Godzilla, Biollante, Megalon, Space Godzilla, or Hedorah.... Jet Jaguar could probably beat Kong! OMG! https://screenrant.com/godzilla-vs-kong-trailer-mechagodzilla-blueprint-design-hint/
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    Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba is on Netflix dubbed. There was so much hype around this series when it was on simulcast. I really enjoyed it. The animation is well done, especially for the fights. A lot of action and gore with a little light hearted comedy. Its worth a watch.
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    I got a promotion with my job yesterday. I'll now be making more than I ever have doing this. $60k a year to do something I barely got paid $35k for at my previous company. The best news is that I'll have Saturdays off, and get off by 6-7pm on most days. I don't have to go to bed like some retiree anymore. So hopefully by the end of this year. Battlefield 6 will be out... it will be good... and maybe we can get the band back together @Sledgstone and @Strider Hiryu. Even though Strider is PC master race. I'm sure it'll have cross play. My gaming life has really suffered these past 3 years.
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    I got a root canal today. F*ck that. Took 1.5 hours this morning. The tooth wasn't cracked so it didn't have to be pulled. But he had to cut a couple millimeters off my jaw line in between the 2 teeth so a crown could get properly mounted. The inside of my jaw looks totally jacked right now. And he accidentally cut the base of my tongue because I guess I moved it by accident. That hurts more than the jaw right now. I have a temp filling in the tooth and it the tooth looks like a square. I have to let this heal for almost a month before I can get a crown molded for it. Fml.

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