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    YT thread

    There were action figures?!
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    Strider Hiryu

    Diablo II: Resurrected

    Welp, I can kiss any free time I might have away once this comes out. Time to resurrect the Lightning Sorc and Bone Nec for some infinite Baal runs. Didn't actually think Blizzard would remaster this but god am I happy they did. Hopefully they pick a good release time for this and not, lets say, fall of this year (which, knowing Blizz, is when they'll release it) otherwise they'll be losing out to Endwalker (sorry, FFXIV will always take priority over any game even games I adore).
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    Mortal Kombat

    Ok this looks amazing!
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    I got a root canal today. F*ck that. Took 1.5 hours this morning. The tooth wasn't cracked so it didn't have to be pulled. But he had to cut a couple millimeters off my jaw line in between the 2 teeth so a crown could get properly mounted. The inside of my jaw looks totally jacked right now. And he accidentally cut the base of my tongue because I guess I moved it by accident. That hurts more than the jaw right now. I have a temp filling in the tooth and it the tooth looks like a square. I have to let this heal for almost a month before I can get a crown molded for it. Fml.

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