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    Violet Evergarden

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    Myk JL

    XBOX Series X

    I'm certain that is inaccurate. Software wise it might be true. But I own software and hardware like The Original Steel Battalion (Line Of Contact) which needs a Steel Battalion Controller which only works with The Original Xbox. Kinectimals which needs a Kinect. Rocksmith which will hopefully always works as long as USB continues to exist on Xboxes. That and on some level I don't trust that all my Xbox 360 games will be allowed to work on Xbox Series X; like Skyrim, Dark Souls 2, and some of the 22 games I got from GWG that aren't playable on Xbox One. But overall I'm certain that Xbox 4 will have more backwards compatibility than PS5.
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    Strider Hiryu

    Flashy Bow 3

    Lets face it Migardsormr isn't impressed by much, even my flashy bow.
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    YT thread

    Brisk is NOT sweet tea. Any restaurant trying to serve that down here will get called out. Anything thats premade in a bottle outside of a jug of Milo's is like saying Kool-Aid is juice. Only freshly brewed is acceptable. You can just type in unsweet tea meme into google and there is an endless supply. Grits on the other hand. Its not for everyone, but I bet you had it just plain cooked, super gritty and zero butter or salt. Its like eating grape nuts stew that way. There is a very low concern for eating habits in the south. Most grits are loaded with butter and salt. It takes on a more creamy texture. Cheese is a must as well, but its much better when used as a part of a dish rather than the main dish. Shrimp and Grits are pretty popular. Chicken and Waffles are actually pretty good. But its not really common. Only one restaurant served it here and it shut down. Biscuits and gravy is magical. The sausage gravy itself is incredible. Its not gravy in the sense of turkey gravy. its not soupy, its like a semi solid of meat and salt . That lay's potato chip flavor a few years ago pretty much tasted just like the gravy. KFC biscuits are kinda dry. If you have a Popeyes up there, now that's a biscuit. Hardee's/Carl's Jr makes pretty good biscuits too. My uncle is from Minnesota and hes a super picky eater but likes weird shit like sugar and rice. wtf? He doesn't like any spicy stuff and eats the most bland foods. Thats my view of northern cuisine. I figured NYC is different because it's a cultural hub, but from what my friends that visited or lived there have said, there are no good Mexican places. As good as Taco Bell is, its trash tier. Basically what McDonalds is to Five Guys is the best comparison i can give.
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    Titans (DC Universe streaming)

    I remember when this first hit all the media lambasted the fandom for being racist because no one liked how Starfire looked. They all said fans were mad because she was because she was black, but it was really because they gave her a flea market crusty the clown wig and a Halloween sexy princess dress from party city. But shes a prostitute? There was no context for this at first, but even though it makes somewhat more sense she still looks terrible. But in the new promo art she looks great. Old New Either way, what you described sounds awful. The whole WOKE culture gets on my nerves and I'm generally turned off by any kinda controversy before a show comes out these days. That whole racism fiasco put me off ever wanting to watch it. Its one thing to pick the best actor which they probably did with Anna Diop, but its another to just gender/race swap everyone just to do it. I hear that's what they've done to the Eternals. If you have to promote anything that's not relevant to the story or lore of a show/film. That's a big ole red flag for me. 9 times out of 10 the story is gonna be absolute ass. When Star Trek did the first on screen interracial kiss, they just did it. They didn't go out and promote it weeks before the episode. Different time and era of course, but the method still holds true. /end random rant.
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    I watched it and I was surprised. I was expecting a boring movie made just to win an Oscar for emotional acting, and instead I was pleasantly surprised to enjoy a very well made movie. It was great in how it showcased mental instability leading to an eventual tragic ending. The acting was great and I'm glad they made this movie instead of focusing on that horrible Joker from Suicide Squad.
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    Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

    Pretty much my favorite thing to do in this game now. There is zero counter to the thermal. Cold Blooded helps a little but you can still see them. Smoke grenades + Thermal scope is just a nightmare to contend with. And its pretty much one of the last unlocks for every gun. This is why there is no perk to allow 2 non lethal equipment in this game as well I'd guess.
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    Random thought. How much is too much? I remember when I was young, and my parents had adult social gathering with friends, there was Budwiser, Miller, and Coors. Maybe some others here and there. When I came of age the selection got a bit more vast. I don't really drink beer anymore as the constant pissing and bloating isn't worth the small buzz it provides. Holy cow today there is so many damn beers tho. Like 6000 IPAs alone. How do you even decide? Especially if you're as adventurous as someone like me. You'd never be able to settle on a favorite because you want to try something new too much. There is so much that I'd forget something I liked after trying 30 more beers over the course of months. It kinda reminds me of damn yogurt. When I started in the grocery business there was 3 types of yogurt. Breyer's Cream Savers, Yoplait, and store brand. Now there's a 20 foot section of yogurt at every store... and let me tell you... MILLIONS of dollars go in the garbage every year from it going out of date. Its the biggest food waste in America. Anyways. Overall I don't drink anywhere near as much as I use to and when I do its bourbon/whiskey only. I have my tried and true, but I'd always like to venture out and try something here and there when something new would appear on the shelf... but now Bourbon is the same way. WTF My curiosity gets the better of me and I've tried nothing but new stuff the last 3 bottles I've gotten the past year. They've all been pretty good, but nothing mind blowing. I'm going to pick up something new again tomorrow for the kick off of Season 2 for COD. I'll stand there like an idiot for 20 min trying to decide, knowing that I won't be back for another 2 months. By that time 10 new bourbons will be out. I don't know whether to complain about it or be happy that the market is so robust after there was apparently going to be a bourbon shortage according to some reports a few years ago. I don't, and I never will drink cheap. If I can't afford the good stuff I go without. And now that I go through a bottle every 2-3 months rather than 1 a week or two like in my 20s. I'm willing to spend even more per bottle. I tried some Prichard Bourbon last time, it was pretty good but had some sweet tones like brandy I didn't care for too much. I like my bourbon to be rough and tough with that good oaky taste that incinerates your sinuses upon hitting your tongue. Before that I had Clyde May's Alabama Whiskey which was really good. There are a lot of staples that are releasing new stuff I want to try unless its that fruit infused crap. Uh damn Millennials ruining alcohol with there fruit flavors. White Claw is an abomination of mankind and shouldn't exist. /endrant.
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    There is a lot to digest here. The current product Why wait to the end of the generation to make this? I have my thoughts on that later. Its interesting, but I have questions about it's ergonomics. That being said, this is a step in the right direction. Xbox has had its elite controller for years now. A $30 add on is nice rather than a $200 controller. Scuf and Cinch are great concepts but the quality is notorious. These 3rd party companies take a controller and mod it for you. Its not original hardware, its stuff compiled on top of the DS4's hardware, making it do things it wasn't originally intended to do. The paddles and buttons fail after less than a year. For the price you pay its unacceptable, but for the convenience it provides, people pay up. Nacon and Astro makes controllers but they're not faithful to the DS4 design, and are often large, clunky, and cheap feeling. With something made by Sony for their product I'd hope this lasts. But I have a feeling this will drain your battery even faster. Again, why? I have a feeling this is just a test run, or a preview. Maybe this OLED screen on the back is what is actually on the front of the DS5? Maybe the DS5 has programmable back buttons? Maybe they're trying to perfect the DS5 version by putting this out there? Scuf isn't exactly competition right now, They're paying Sony for a licenses to be the official "pro" controller of PS4. But Sony could make way more money with this accessory if its a success, or moreso with their official controller next gen. Should you get this? It depends. This is a niche accessory. If you're playing mostly single player games don't bother. If you like to play FPS and want to be super sweaty? I couldn't recommend looking into this enough. Having back buttons is a huge advantage. Being able to reload and jump without ever taking your thumb off the right stick is something you won't be able to live without once you taste it for the first time. And if you're the ultimate MLG pro try hard, this thing has 3 profiles that you can swap on the fly. Scuf will charge you an extra $15 for a similar feature that you need a weird tool to adjust and can't be done on the fly mid game. This is the evolution of the controller we need. Not motion sensors, game functional screens, touch pads, or light bars. More buttons that can be programmed the way you want them to be.
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    Myk JL

    YT thread

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    Random Anime Thoughts

    Mother's Basement had Promised Neverland, I just picked Arkada's list for more bias reasons since I've seen most of what he has on there even though I wouldn't put some of them in my top of the decade despite enjoying them thoroughly. Both had Mob Psycho which I adore, and A Place Further than the Universe which I guess I need to watch now. Plus I knew he'd have Evergarden which would absolutely be on my list. Death Parade is criminally underrated. I'll raise an eyebrow at JoJo's though, I could only make it through 2 seasons before It got a bit too wacky for my liking And I watch A LOT of garbage. My top 10-25 list would be all over the place since my anime pallet is not as refined I'll leave this here since it's what I was originally coming to post. 😛
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    2020 Predictions?

    I think it'll be Biden/Sanders and Trump will win re-election. Democrats seem to hate old white men unless its someone who is running on their values. Warren is too nuts to actually get the primary but she'll probably run with Biden as VP. I'm a democrat and I have no enthusiasm for either of them. Trump will win because of the same singular reason as last time. Television and endless free publicity. Ever since he ran for office, MSNBC, Fox News and CNN have all become "Trump TV". He has 3 dedicated channels reporting on everything about him and constantly broadcasting sound bites of him every 5-8 minutes 24 hours a day. MSNBC will have everyone hate watching him because they are pro democrat, Fox News will have everyone love watching him because they are pro republican, CNN gets all the viewers from both sides because MSNBC people want to see what CNN has to say about it, and Fox News people will hate watch CNN because Trump labels it as "fake news". Regardless, its 24/7 media coverage on 3 channels. Put any one of those channels on right now and within 5-8 minutes you will see Trump talk. And these 3 stations alone will want him to be president again because it gives them ratings. Meanwhile democrats running for president are pandering to the ultra minority and want to focus on stupid crap like give illegal immigrants health insurance or make sure LGBT groups get bathroom rights or some shit. Focusing on things like that will never get them elected. And when they lose they'll blame the electoral college because they won the popular vote from hugely democratic states like NY and CA. Its just excuses. The electoral college has been in existence before we were even born. Its what needs to be won to become president and democrats are unwilling to go to swing states and actually reach across the aisle and compensate on their actual running points. Democrats need to run on making jobs, improving infrastructure, reducing medical expenses, reducing health care costs (health care and prescription costs was an issue for me before and after Obama care). And if democrats really want to win they could run on legalizing marijuana and classify it like alcohol. I personally don't care for marijuana, but if the states can sell it and tax the hell out of it to reduce the tax burden on property taxes then hell yes. The people already using are going to keep using regardless, might as well let the states take a chunk out of those profits. "Oh but its a gateway drug!" But oxycotin is given away for free by the federal government through medicare and medicaid prescriptions and then resold on the street for $50 a pill, but marijuana is the bad drug. Bernie Sanders needs to stop already. Hes never going to be president and he needs to stop taking up everyone's time. The US deficit will soar past the nearly 1.5 trillion it peaked at during the Obama years (its heading there now but never talked about in the news because it doesn't give them ratings). Republicans still wont care because its a republican in the office. But if a democrat wins, we'll hear nothing but the deficit and the need to reduce spending drastically for 4 years and that will be the entire legacy of a democrat president. And onto other things.. I think the PS5 will sell huge if it has digital backwards compatibility and a 4k bluray player. Xbox Series X will be a big contender because of its game pass & backwards compatibility. Nintendo will announce a Switch 2. Death Stranding 2 will be announced and will star some more Walking Dead cast. lmao. I dunno.. maybe. I woke up not too long ago, but I switched over to the light theme to read your post easier. Or maybe I just need some eye drops.
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    Lost in Space - Netflix

    The second season was better, but not really "lost in space". The family is still a bunch of annoying fuck ups. The Dad is constantly getting injured the first half of the series like a buffoon. The added a massive cast and diluting the insufferable Robinson family amongst them made them less annoying than the first season.
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    Oof. I can't defend this one. Awesome special effects and action galore... plot is fucking terrible, story went totally off the rails. Defies all logic even in the Star Wars universe. Forced nostalgia, and technological inconsistencies. Hot Take Key Words/Phrases: Shang Tsung, Fairy Tail Friendship Power, Power Level Over 9000, Star Forge without the Star Forge. I don't have time right now, but ill spoiler tag everything I found wrong with this film.
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    Wonder Woman - Official Trailer

    I'm really hyped for this. The first one was super enjoyable even though the end was mad cheese. Hopefully they don't do that this time. Gal Gadot is so pretty and kicks ass. They really couldn't have picked a better actor for this role.
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    Strider Hiryu

    FFXIV Pics

    Just random pics I'll upload from time to time of my adventures in FFXIV or just pics of my character
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    Strider Hiryu

    Aylanis Dragoon 1

    From the album: FFXIV Pics

    Current Dragoon glamour. It's a mix of both their ARR Artifact Armor (the Drachen Helm and Gauntlets), their Heavensward Artifact Armor ( Dragonlancer's Boots), one of their ARR PvP sets (Behemoth Queen's Chestpiece), and the Miqo'te female starting skirt (all died black of course). The weapon is the glowing version of the Nidhogg Weapon's obtained during his extreme mode (Seeing Horde Spear).
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    Strider Hiryu

    Aylanis Samurai 1

    From the album: FFXIV Pics

    Current Samurai glamour. This is the one I was alluding to in my post in the FFXIV topic when I said those 2B thigh boots would look fucking sweet with it (which I finally got two weeks ago, I'll post screen shots of my 2B Sam glam later. I had to change because everyone in their mom is running around with it right now). The blindfold is also from 2B's glamour set.
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    Ancient Civilization

    Ever since that series "Life after People" it always made me wonder how old is humanity? Were always told we're but a blip on the map of time. But there has always been small bits of evidence here and there like things resembling batteries, and the Giza plateau structures being older than they should be. If we all died tomorrow, pretty much all evidence of our existence would be gone in 200 years. The earth would reclaim all of it. 200 years is practically nothing, so how many other times has civilization advanced and got wiped out by an asteroid or what not? If you ever get time to listen to something, these are worth it. Completely fascinating. If you don't have YT red, you can download these from podcast sites. Regardless of your opinion on Joe Rogan, Randall Carlson is just fascinating to listen too. He backs what he says with science. There are episodes with Graham Hancock as well who also does similar research, and they do this podcast together a few times. Those are very interesting as well, I'm not going to sit here and flood this single post with video scrolling. Ep #872, #725, #1284, #417 are all solid. #961 to a lesser extent because they invite some "professional skeptic" that just gets destroyed but wont shut up after he completely lost the argument. TL;DR: Humankind is much much older than we've been told. It's not really a conspiracy and more just prideful bullshit that archeologists are too stubborn to admit they're wrong.
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    Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

    Let me preface this by saying that I've never played Dark Souls or that style of game. After talking with some friends who have, let me state that if you don't like Dark Souls or that type of game, this game is probably not for you. I didn't know what to expect coming into this. The devs said DS was their inspiration and they've seemed to borrow heavily from the mechanics. When you start the game it asks you to pick a difficulty. There is Story, Normal, Hard, and Jedi Master I believe? Each difficulty has a set of meters to show you what you're getting into. Story being the easiest has the parry timing meter maxed out, and the damage taken really low. So even if you don't like DS games but you want to experience the story, they are accommodating to that. Basically the harder the difficulty the more damage you take and hitting the parry moves are unforgiving if you mistime it. Combat is slow and methodical. You must block, dodge, parry, and choose when you attack. Only the most basic enemies can you slice down without much thought. And there aren't many of those unless they're served as fodder to allow the bigger enemies to try to get a hit in on you while you're distracted. At least at first. As I gain more force abilities I've noticed combat against mobs is getting easier. But to start out you only have an ability to slow a single target. You can block almost everything, but at the cost of a stamina meter. Which I've only ran out of once so far. Each enemy type has an unblockable attack. When this triggers they'll glow red letting you know you must parry. I'd say you can only get 2-3 swings of your saber in at a time before having to evade or parry. The bigger beasts I don't have much problem with, but Storm Troopers with rocket launchers are bullshit. They're always far away on a pearch shooting rockets while you're occupied with smaller enemies. Rockets hurt, and they can't be dodged or deflected. You just have to back roll or run away out of the blast. The only advantage is that they may accidentally shoot their own men and kill them saving you a little bit of time. One other gripe I have is trying to parry on a narrow area. This game doesn't have many if any invisable walls or any kind of mechanic that will assist you from falling off the edge. Sometimes fights take place on narrow structures and when you parry, if you do it just a little wrong you'll fall off the side and die. Also leveling up results in skill points. There are no true levels, but if you get killed by someone/thing in between skill points you lose all that XP. You can go back and hit the enemy that killed you to get all the XP back, but it has a time limit on. Save locations act as your place to spend skill points and "rest". The HP system relies on healing canisters that as far as I can see only replenish when you choose rest at these areas. It will also refill your HP bar. When you do this it will also respawn every enemy you've killed in the area. You'll have to choose wisely on if full HP is helpful too you. For the most part these points are placed well for the pace of the story, but a few are a bit of an asshole. So far every map has had places I can't get into until I get the right force powers. While fighting mechanics can be stressful, I'd say the game is 70% puzzles and exploring and 30% battle. With that you'll find hidden chests with health cannister expansions and cosmetics. The light saber has 5 different customizable parts, and your outfit, BD1, and your ship can all be skinned by things you find in the chest. Its an interesting experience by far for me. I never wanted to play a DS style game but here I am, it will probably be the only one.
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    Strider Hiryu

    Favorite Anime Intros/Outros

    You'd be surprised. Hell Shion no Ou is an anime about shogi and its fucking amazing (though it does have other plot elements going on). Aria is a show about cute girls with gondolas and it's amazing. It's funny how the Japanese can take something that seems mediocre and turn in into the best damn thing you've never done. Might as well leave one myself. Probably my favorite OP out the this season's new offerings (I don't count Fire Force's new one (though it is a banger, still like the first OP better)). Hell for a bonus here's the ED as well (my favorite of this season). I don't know what it is about this show but I love everything that's going on in it from the story, characters, and the music. I definitely wasn't thinking this show would become a favorite of mine when I heard of it and I'm glad to say it has become my favorite of the season.
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    Live action Cowboy Bebop?

    *revives 11 year old topic*
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    Strider Hiryu


    Honestly I don't see whats wrong with that. That's the kind of shit my friends and I used to say and joke about back in high school. I honestly agree with Jeremy on this in that I'm not offended in the least (though the Goku one will probably land that guy in trouble). Fucking christ people get worked up about shit that doesn't even matter, it's not like any of that was said to be mean or demean anyone. It was just for fun and stuff they never thought would leak. Honestly people just need to fucking lighten up and allow harmless shit like this to pass (don't get me wrong I'm all for calling people out when they do something demeaning or hateful but come on, this is in no ways either of those).
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    Ancient Civilization

    I watched alot of the Life after people show. Its amazing how fast nature can take everything back if humans just vanished one day. Aside from buildings taking a long time to fall apart, certain stainless steel will be our legacy. lol. In the right conditions a stainless steel sink could last a long long time. Imagine some future humans looking into what ruins are left of our civilization and finding a stainless steel kitchen sink tub. "It must have been extremely important to them to make it out of metal like this.. perhaps they worshiped it as a god." other people.. "This is far too advanced for what tools were available to them at the time..."
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    Myk JL

    Epic Games Store

    Too much bad publicity surrounds Epic Game Store for me to ever join. Talk about Chinese Spyware in Epic's launcher. Steam preordering being removed to make (timed) exclusives for Epic. Epic try to compete with Steam Sales without a Shopping Cart. Game Developers not knowing that Epic was going to make their games cheaper during said sales. Shenmue 3's broken promise for Steam Keys as they decided to go with Epic instead. I wouldn't even buy an Epic Humble Bundle at this point with how much bad publicity they're getting.
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    Epic Games Store

    I feel like most of the big games that go exclusive are things I'll buy on console anyways. They're spending a lot of money to pull these exclusives I dunno how long they can keep that up. BL3 will be the big test. We'll see how many PC only people can actually wait 6 months to get it. If they spend a bunch of money and not enough people buy it, they'll be hurting. I honestly don't care either way. I've opened steam up maybe 5 times in the last year, all to play 1 game. lol
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    Noob Bard

    From the album: FFXIV

    A noob's journey. Got a new bow in the last dungeon.
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    From the album: FFXIV Pics

    Just a close up image of Aylanis in her new form.
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    Strider Hiryu

    Aylanis Post-Shadowbringers

    From the album: FFXIV Pics

    As you can see Aylanis is no longer a cute cat girl but a sexy bunny girl now (she went through a magical race change by drinking a strange looking potion). Ok not quite bunny girl but a Viera since its one of the two new races that launched with Shadowbringers. This also just happens to be my current glamour set-up for Samurai (made up of two pieces of raid gear, two pieces of racial armor, and the head bandage from a random quest (hey, I'm going for the slight 2B look)). FYI the minion is Fran from FFXII if you were wondering (one of the Collector's Edition items).
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    Strider Hiryu

    Aylanis Pre-Shadowbringers

    From the album: FFXIV Pics

    Aylanis in cat girl form before Shadowbringers as you already knew her from previous screenshots. This is exactly two days before early access launched.
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    Final Fantasy XIV

    No judgement here, I bought the flame chariot.
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    If I remember correctly, jack was disinvited or removed from the partner program back during BF1 because he wasnt covering the content positively enough. It was either him or Cap.
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    Strider Hiryu


    Now you know what my issues are with him Sledge. Jeremy is just an overbloated, opinionated asshat that wants attention. Don't get me wrong some of his stuff can be good and I agree with some of it but the majority of it now is just shit. It's either attacking women, other games journalists, or other youtubers (don't get me wrong I know PhillyD isn't exactly a saint but his piece on him awhile ago pissed me off (hey I like Phil's content, it's one of my major sources of news since I fucking hate watching traditional news coverage anymore)). He doesn't have a Patreon but has something similar (I can't remember the name of it but he talked about it in one of his videos, he needs to make all the money he can now that he launched his new Exclusive Games website. Gotta pay those writers and editors now). Jack has been pretty much done with BFV for awhile now. He still plays it but I haven't really heard him say anything good about it in months (outside of one or two things). Jack is also pretty upfront with what content he's paid to talk about (well that and it's law) and I've seen him bash games he's paid to praise (though underhanded and slight, can't make it too obvious). I don't watch his stuff as often as I used to (other, more entertaining things to watch) but I still drop in for some of his more goofy videos or the ones covering BF4 and BF3 (where he does live commentary while playing it, those are some of his best vids imo). Quite honestly there is only one youtuber who's opinion actually matters to be and that's MrHappy but mostly because he's an FFXIV content creator (see I told you I'm addicted to this game, I even follow FFXIV content creators because of my love for it). His guides for dungeons, raids, and primals is top notch and he's very open about everything he's paid to do (and only takes on sponsors who's products he actually likes). He's also has very similar tastes to mine when it comes to game and I respect his opinions on them (hell it was him and someone else that convinced me to buy FFXIV).
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    Muh feels! 😭 Fruits Basket has been so good, but ugh. Two eps on Uotani and Kyoko. Why'd Kyoko have to die? It's just a sad fact at first, but now that they gave her character so much depth with Uotani's recollection it hurts. The New Years ep would have been even worse if I knew her like I do now.
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    Strider Hiryu

    Attack on Titan

    I give dubs credit more often than not even if I prefer subs and it's actually more common to see better portrayal of emotions in dubs then it is subs (the Japanese aren't really into showing emotions and it does show in subs more often then not). There's a reason I prefer the dubs of Cowboy Bebop (I like both tracks but the English track is just so much better, the English VA's fit their characters better than the Japanese VA's), Ghost in the Shell (yes, I actually love the GitS dub mostly because it's the way I watched it originally), The Slayers (this gets me so much crap among my friends because they think the subs is superior, I like both tracks but the dub sits better with me), and Martian Successor Nadesico (the dub is far superior in every way minus one character's voice, the sub is so freaking bland) over their Japanese tracks. Sadly though it's really hit or miss for what dubs I'm willing to watch and even more so now that I have instant access to subs the day of or after it airs in Japan (thank you CR). My problem with dubs is the lack of voice actors over here and it gets annoying when you're sitting there and go "Oh that's so and so from (list any of like 50 shows or games)" because they don't add in variation in there voice (I can pick out Jet's voice actor instantly because of this, he keeps that voice in everything he does. Same with Spike's). I really don't like that feeling because it takes me right out of the show. True I can do this with Japanese VA's as well but they try to vary their voice between characters and it's sometimes harder to pick them out.
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    Edit: it looks like Toonami will be caught up by the time the new season starts. *sigh* I'm not even going to try to hope they don't have the same deal with funi on this as they do with AoT even tho they started way behind.
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    Final Fantasy VII

    Well it has a release date.
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    Godzilla: King of the Monsters

    The movie was a blast. It was a direct call back to the Showa era. The story wasn't as serious as the last film, and you could say it wasn't as good. It was just filler for the battles. You really don't care about any of the human characters. Lets be honest here, as kids we didn't give two shits about the human characters. The best part about the human aspect is there was no constant forced comedy that plagues the industry these days. There was some subtle humor, and overall it didn't take itself too seriously. If you're a huge Godzilla fan, you're aware of the classic story flow each of the protagonist Godzilla films worked, and this followed the same structure. They don't make you wait long until the throw downs start happening. The best part of it all was just busting out a triumphant high definition audio version of the classic Toho theme. Simply outstanding. Plenty of fan service going on with the Kaiju fights. This monsterverse must continue. I want Mecha Godzilla! While the first film was more grounded in a realistic "what if" situation, this film delved more into the Sci-Fi aspect with some crazy technological advances. The bridge to get more wild is there. There is a post credits so stay for it. The ultimate tribute
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    Myk JL

    Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3

    That last Deadpool appearance should have been the way they introduced him before showing him on the box art.
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    I"m loving owning a lawn tractor. I've used it only twice so far, but its great. I can get my entire lawn mowed in just under an hour and a half. The cup holder seems so pointless.. lawn tractors don't have shocks, its only the seat that has springs to save you from getting your ass and back wrecked.. I could only imagine someone putting a beer in that cup holder and driving off on the yard, that beer would last maybe 20 seconds before its all over the tractor. Now I need to buy a weed trimmer to trim around the trees and the ditch.. and 3 ceiling fans. I hate the light fixtures in 3 rooms. Time for an upgrade.
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    Myk JL

    The Next Generation of Consoles

    A world without TVs....
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    Myk JL

    PS Plus Games

    I almost want to play Conan Exiles.
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    Upgrade 3/21/2019

    Everything was updated today. Looks like there was an issue with the sitemap causing search engine result issues. There's also a new giphy button in posts. Feel free to add gifs now. There's a few other features that have been updated but nothing major. I should be getting the themes back up soon to.

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