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  1. This trailer looked so bad ass... and then the show was a hot pile of garbage. I know origin stories have been done to death for alot of Marvel and DC properties. Everyone knows Batman and Superman's origins, but for older properties I expect some sort of backstory or origin of some kind. When Netflix rebooted Voltron it was amazingly well done. There was a full back story for all the characters that was new and refreshing, the galaxy and science was explained well, alien planets were explored and all sentient life forms had planets they came from, alien galactic powers explained, space travel, the impact of the alien invasion on Earth and in the end the scale of the universe and Voltron saving all of existence was amazing. They took an old 80s cartoon meant for selling toys into the an epic story.... And then we get He-Man. I was expecting that same level of quality. Instead we get the same cheesy cartoon from the 80s with updated animation, a couple dumb plot twists and a show that focuses entirely on the results of He-Man getting his ass kicked. And there is no back story or origins or any kind of information about these characters at all. Its a 40 year old cartoon that never had the same popularity as Batman or Superman, entire generations have never even seen a single episode of the old He-Man, and this show assumes you've seen it all and don't need any kind of refresher. This series should have been a full on reboot, but instead its 5 episodes of wasted time. Castle Grayskull could have looked epic, but they literally left its design looking just like the old cartoon... and then said it's look was all an illusion anyway because its this crystal looking palace or some crap. wtf. Theres an orb in the castle that powers all magic in the universe and must be defended at all costs, but there is no garrison stationed there, only 1 sorceress. wtf. There is advanced technology, but everyone wears loin cloths.. there are aliens living on the planet, but its never referenced if they all came from other planets to visit the main planet at the center of the universe or if everyone is just living there. And somehow a mostly naked guy with a sword can be "master of the universe" because he has a power sword, but compared to other properties like Star Trek or Star Wars or even Voltron, any of the major powers from those properties could just one shot He-Man from space like he was a flea. and they try to say that one sword ensures that the entire universe stays alive. Ok. And He-Man is barely in these 5 episodes. Here is 1 sentence explaining why: And because of that, the entire 5 episodes focuses on Teela is the focal point of the entire series. And after episode 1 she immediately gets a butch hair cut and is traveling around everywhere with her "partner". They never did any woke lesbian love crap and didn't imply they were a couple. And holy crap that magical girl transformation scene. Omg that was so bad. One thing this show had going for it was the voice actors. Top quality voices from alot of celebrities. Although if I closed my eyes Mark Hamill sounded a bit more like the Joker instead of Skeletor but Mark Hamill has done that evil Joker voice for so many years its easy to identify him now.
  2. Nooooooo!!! I just want to troll people with the EOD bot again on a map like Operation Locker or Operation Metro.
  3. Omg. EOD bot has me completely sold on this game. If I had a PS5 I'd buy this game asap.
  4. The trailers were better than the show. 80% of Godzilla Singular Point was a small handful of characters talking about make believe non-plausible or even remotely believable science and half of that dialogue took place in text message form while us as the viewer literally stare at the characters phone screens for 10 minutes at a time. Better watch it in english because I don't see anyone reading subtitles that fast. The monsters were good, but there wasn't enough action, and what action we did have, none of the characters ever showed any actual sense of danger. That was more unbelievable than all the BS science they kept talking about. There are monsters all over the place about to murder everyone and every character's reactions are so deadpan its as if nobody fears anything, and I mean every character from the main characters, regular people walking down the street, tv news anchors, etc. Its basically a potential extinction level event for humanity in the making and literally everyone is completely chill. wtf. And also, Godzilla is barely in this until the end of the season. If not for Jet Jaguar every character would have been dead before we hit the halfway point of the season. Also, consider this series a completely different alternate universe for everything Godzilla related. All the monsters, Godzilla itself, Jet Jaguar, all of it is completely unrelated to anything ever done with anything related to Godzilla. The other Netflix Godzilla series, "Godzilla: Planet of the Monsters" is also an alternate universe of Godzilla as well, but it was the superior of these series. BTW, the end of the last episode does have an after credits scene that leads into a potential season 2.
  5. Sledgstone

    Aya Neo

    I've missed some topics over time. x_x I forgot about this one. Have they given you any updates about when they'll ship yours?
  6. Steam Deck looks great, the Ayaneo looks really good too, same with the Switch OLED... If Nintendo made a new Switch that did 4k I'd have been extremely tempted to buy that over a PS5 just to play nintendo exclusives. Oh well, someday.
  7. Took me a while to finish watching these videos. Considering that second round of pre-orders might not get shipped until late 2022 really makes this another scalpers golden ticket item again. I like the Steam Deck and I think its a great idea, but with whatever silicon ship shortage BS the world has right now, its pretty crap timing and this is going to be flipped on ebay just as bad as the PS5. At least the initial scalpers were denied their ebay listings, until it gets closer to December when they'll be allowed to list them for thousands of dollars. Reviewtechusa makes a great point about the base model though. I'd pass on that and go for the 512 gb version.
  8. Steam has made its own hand held game console. It can be used as a handheld or docked to a tv like the Nintendo Switch. Honestly, this looks like a solid hand held. Everyone that does PC gaming has a steam account and most likely alot of games already in their library. There are three versions: $399, $529 & $649 depending on the internal storage. Its shipping December of 2021. https://www.steamdeck.com/en/?snr=1_4_4__118 The hardware looks great too: https://www.steamdeck.com/en/hardware
  9. I finished up Fruits Basket a couple days ago. Overall it was a great reboot. Season 1 was pretty spot on with the original season except it went a bit faster and felt like it lost some of the humor the original show had because the characters didn't seem to transform as often, but maybe I'm remembering the original wrong since its been over 10 years since I've seen it. The two eps that focused on Hana & Uo-chan were really good since they didn't go into any real backstory for those 2 characters in the original series. Season 2 went a bit slow and the student council/Yuki school president episodes felt like filler to me, but by the end of the series it was all character development for Yuki and how things ended with his relationships. Season 3 was so emotional and I love that the series got an ending after all these years.
  10. PS+ monthly cost is high to me. I always buy the yearly amount which usually goes on sale multiple times a year at different retailers for around $30. Ends up being way cheaper that way. Even if I still have 5 months left of my PS+, I'll buy another years worth on sale, redeem the code on my PSN account and it adds that extra year onto my account so I'd have 1 year 5 months left. Usually around black friday it always goes on sale at newegg, amazon, bestbuy or cdkeys and its almost always a digital code they email to you. I just swapped out 2 hard drives, one for lady's laptop and the one on my main PC. Her laptop was crazy and required a full disassembly to get to the hard drive which is insane to me. But my main PC was 1 screw for the side of the case and another screw to hold the hard drive in. But because I kept my old hard drive in there I realized there wasn't enough SATA cables in there. If I just swapped them out it would have been fine, but I kept the old hard drive in there to install games on. So I unhooked my dvd/cd drive and plugged it's cables into the new hard drive. I almost never use that dvd drive anyway. If I order another SATA cable I can hook it back up tho. BTW, swapping hard drives is easy with Macrium Reflect free edition: https://www.macrium.com/reflectfree I bought a USB 3 SATA adapter off amazon use my new SSD as an external drive. Set the program to clone the hard drive with a couple clicks and after it was done, I swapped the hard drives. Didn't have to re-install windows or any of that crap. It just booted right up like normal. The only other thing I had to do with my main PC tho was enter the bios and set it to boot from the new SSD but thats because I left the old hard drive connected. The only realy problem I had with cloning hard drives was Lady's laptop HDD gave all kinds of erros. I had to set it to run multiple chkdsk scans to fix bad sectors and even then it would clone to 99% and fail. I eventually got it to clone over using mini partition tool free edition that isn't free anymore so I had to find a version 11 of that software to download and install to get the clone function free. Pain in the ass when the hard drive has bad sectors. On a side note, I won't be buying another PC again until after Windows 11 comes out. I really love PC gaming now, but microsoft is pissing me off with the Windows 11 hard ware requirements. My launch PS4 eventually had the disk drive fail, ever since then I don't want to buy a launch system again. Both of my PS3s worked amazing until the power supply for one failed after 7 years. PS3s were built solid. lol.
  11. Thats a good price. I haven't check netflix to see if it has Cowboy Bebop, but they might have it soon considering their company is making the live action Cowboy Bebop series. I like Tubi, I've been watching it more recently. Its great for putting a movie on in the background and it auto plays into another movie in a similar genre. The amount of ads isn't that bad either. Discovery+ is great btw. It has all the science channel content. Many many many hours of high quality space documentaries. I love it. It also has every episode of myth busters on there. Discovery made it impossible for years to ever find a decent clip of mythbusters, but at least its all finally available to stream. I've been trying the Funimation app over the last week thanks to my friend. So far the quality is really good. Fruits Basket is so sad.
  12. https://www.tomshardware.com/news/windows-11-leaves-computers-out So this TPM crap is going to screw me out of the upgrade. My PC and our 2 laptops do not have TPM chips. We have everything else including the secure boot, but this TPM requirement seems like complete BS to me to force people into buying new hardware. They should do a software workaround for it, but I doubt they will. Edit: So unless my pcs get a firmware update to their bios to emulate a tpm chip then I won't be getting windows 11. On a side note, some pcs have a slot on their motherboard where a tpm chip can be bought separate and installed... and those are already being bought up in mass by scalpers to be resold on eBay. Of course. https://www.windowscentral.com/psa-scalpers-are-hoarding-tpm20-modules
  13. I haven't tried the PC Health Check on my pc or laptop yet. Turns out windows 11 also requires TPM/Secure Boot. It should be in the bios but some motherboards don't have it. I'll have to check mine, hopefully they have the setting available. If yours doesn't check to see if there is a firmware update for your PC or motherboard. I had to update the bios firmware a couple times for my PC over the last couple years. Just be very careful updating that firmware, if the power goes out as the update is happening it'll brick your PC. Bios updates are fast and only take like a minute and then you need to reboot the PC but that one minute is the most stressful to me because it could screw everything. https://www.digitaltrends.com/computing/windows-11-tpm-requirements-workaround/ https://www.howtogeek.com/737171/how-to-fix-this-pc-cant-run-windows-11/ I use Driver Booster to update my drivers: https://download.cnet.com/Driver-Booster/3000-18513_4-75992725.html But make sure to create a system restore point before you update drivers in case something screws up. A system restore point doesn't fix a bios or firmware update tho but it will roll back other drivers. Also, if you have a Dell, Sony or another name brand pc, you can go to their site, search for drivers and most of the time they have their own software that will scan your PC and give you a download list of drivers to update. Sometimes windows update will have these drivers as "optional updates" so you can check there to but windows update won't always have all drivers listed there.
  14. Nope, not free. It's $20 on steam right now. I've never played Rust but that's mostly because I don't find alot of open world games all that appealing anymore. More free games: Horizon Chase Turbo free on Epic game store until 07/01/2021 at 11 am: https://www.epicgames.com/store/en-US/p/horizon-chase-turbo Sonic Manis is free on Epic game store until 07/01/2021 at 11 am: https://www.epicgames.com/store/en-US/p/sonic-mania
  15. Windows 11 will be a free upgrade: https://www.theverge.com/2021/6/24/22546801/microsoft-windows-11-free-upgrade-details Old PCs that are 32bit will not be eligible for the upgrade: https://www.techradar.com/news/windows-11-system-requirements-are-bad-news-for-old-laptops-and-pcs
  16. Hell is other Demons free on epic game store until June 24th at 11 am. https://www.epicgames.com/store/en-US/p/hell-is-other-demons Overcooked 2 is free on epic game store until June 24th at 11 am. https://www.epicgames.com/store/en-US/p/overcooked-2 Nights into Dreams is free for steam as a promo for Sega 60 year anniversary (free until the codes run out) by registering an account with Sega and linking your steam account to them: https://www.sega60th.com/register
  17. I hated that weather gossip widget thing, I disabled that thing immediately. I hope Windows 11 will be a free upgrade like Windows 10 was. They might force an upgrade fee onto everyone because profits but if they're smart they wont because of their app store. Windows 10 has been an amazing OS for the last handful of years. Unfortunately Windows 10 support will now end in 2025. wtf. https://www.cnet.com/news/windows-10-support-is-ending-in-2025/ I remember when Windows 10 came out, Microsoft wanted everyone to upgrade to it and it would be the last version of Windows and from that point on it would be updated indefinitely. Back to the app store thing... Google's Android OS gets huge OS upgrades with new versions and doesn't charge phone or chromebook users a fee for upgrade, same with Apple and their OS, but phones end up being replaced every couple years while PCs can chug along for 5-8 years+ potentially. But Windows 10 has an app store, much like android and apple. The OS for the other devices get free upgrades because those companies want people to keep using their app store because they get a huge cut of all app store and in app purchases. I personally don't use the Windows app store, but I'm sure alot of people do. When a big OS upgrade comes out, all new apps have to support the new OS to be listed in that version of the app store and eventually those apps will stop supporting the old OS long before official support has ended for that version. So if Microsoft wants to keep racking in cash from app store sales, they should make it seamless and give everyone an upgrade to the new OS. But Microsoft might just say to hell with that and go for the big cash out up front by forcing everyone to buy the upgrade. But if they do that then they'll be shooting themselves in the foot because alot of people won't upgrade their OS, they'll end up having security issues out the ass again like when nobody wanted to upgrade from Windows 7 or 8, and they'll loose app store revenue. Also, I'm sure Windows 11 will have some sort of "anonymous and targeted user data harvesting" to sell for ad revenue that Microsoft will be able to make an ass ton of money off of because the US has no privacy laws outside of medical records and all our data is an entire economy of money to be made for big data. A couple more links I found interesting: Why Windows 11 will likely be a free upgrade: https://www.digitaltrends.com/computing/why-windows-11-will-likely-be-a-free-upgrade/ And on a side note, Nvidia still supported Windows 7 & 8 which surprised me since I thought they stopped supporting them a few years ago. Turns out they will stop supporting those OS on August 31 2021. This news seems to coincide with the news about Windows 11 coming out and I'm sure Nvidia and other GPU manufacturers have already been having access to the new Windows 11 to ensure their video drivers work flawless on it. https://www.pcworld.com/article/3621704/nvidia-ending-support-for-windows-7-8-and-older-kepler-gpus.html
  18. Here's some interesting things my brother sent me links to: AI bots, finally. Now if you have bad matchmaking and get stuck with a team of crap players vs endless level 100 colonials, you can play against bots instead and still enjoy it. I wonder if bots will auto fill in spots when players drop out of a match so teams don't get too uneven until other players can join in to bump the bots out. All maps will be available to all players and not locked behind DLC, but there will be battle passes that cost money. Hopefully all the battle passes will be for cosmetics only. If unlocking weapons requires either playing 90 hours in a season to get the gun or pay for a battle pass to get the faster reward track and bonus xp to get the weapon in significantly faster amount of time, then the game could become pay to win. DICE has always been horrible about balancing a broken weapon and if an OP weapon is battle pass only and they don't nerf said weapon until after the season then that would be pay to win. Like I said, hopefully it's just cosmetics. I'm excited for this game, but I don't have a ps5 and I'm not interested in getting the game for ps4 since it'll be a smaller player count. I might get it for PC since there is cross platform, but last I checked they still haven't announced the PC requirements yet. Edit: forgot one: They finally are going to do vehicles right. The last couple battlefields were bullshit. Only the squad leader could call in a vehicle if your squad score was high enough. Absolute garbage. This new system sounds good, but if it's locked behind a kill streak or score streak again it could be infuriating. Imagine doing great for 10 mins, finally call in a tank, immediately get blown up with c4. By the time you get another tank the match is over. Nah, DICE better not do BS like that again or it'll ruin the game play.
  19. This looks f*cking awesome! Netflix did amazing with Voltron so I have high expectations for this.
  20. I haven't watched the anime in years, but I've been current with the manga for over a decade. Wano got me burned out a bit with the slow pacing, mostly because the arc has lasted over a year I think. But many arcs last over a year in One Piece like Thriller Bark. But in the past 6+ months of chapters we have definitely received a large chunk of story. Oh man, Roger and Whitebeard, the Rocks Pirates, Oden, its all been so fulfilling to get some plot line answers. It feels like One Piece is finally on a path to come to a conclusion. But with all that extra back story we now have additional new plot lines, like what the hell happened at the Reverie meeting with all the leaders of the countries in the world government? Sabo was there, so was Shanks, some battle or something happened there but it wasn't revealed, and the shichibukai were disbanded and we last saw them all being attacked by large fleets of Marines, wtf.
  21. Oh man, I hope that guy doesn't blow all that money and then do something like buy a car. "I'm getting $5,000 a month, I can afford that car payment!" x_x I was reading about how the vaccination rate is going so slow in the US and that our country is donating doses all over the place now. It got me thinking about how much that cost us as taxpayers since it was a huge federal government deal that got signed back during Trump's presidency. Basically we have a huge surplus because a large chunk of people aren't getting the vaccine and the vaccines that were ordered have a shelf life of either use it or lose it. Looks like US taxpayers paid roughly $19.50 per shot: https://www.reuters.com/article/us-health-coronavirus-usa-pfizer/pfizer-u-s-strike-100-million-covid-19-vaccine-deal-with-70-million-due-by-june-idUSKBN28X1GC and we're been donating those all over the place: https://cnycentral.com/news/nation-world/biden-announces-international-covid-19-vaccine-sharing-plan https://cnycentral.com/news/coronavirus/mexico-to-use-us-vaccine-gift-mainly-on-border-at-resorts https://www.medpagetoday.com/infectiousdisease/covid19/92633 https://www.verywellhealth.com/united-states-donating-covid-vaccines-5181651 I can't find an actual solid number of total covid 19 vaccine doses that have been donated. But at roughly $20 a dose, for every 100,000,000 doses we've donated it's roughly $2 trillion? in taxpayer money to vaccinate other countries. I would love to see an actual breakdown of that initial deal for how much us as taxpayers have spent on Covid19 vaccines. As it is now, these vaccine companies are making huge profits. https://www.nytimes.com/2021/05/04/business/pfizer-covid-vaccine-profits.html And since the US gives away all the covid vaccines for free to the citizens, turns out its free to anyone that resides in a location. Turns out canadians have been able to get them since way early this year. They only had to drive to the US, say they're staying at a hotel and get a free shot. lol. https://www.ctvnews.ca/health/coronavirus/canadians-can-drive-to-u-s-for-covid-19-vax-and-avoid-quarantine-ottawa-confirms-1.5432906 More local... I've been seeing alot more places starting to lift their mask requirements. It was nice last week, I went to a local ice cream place and everyone outside in line had no masks and masks were no longer required inside either. It was almost like things are going back to normal. But everywhere is understaffed and every place is hiring. Nobody is taking the jobs because that last stimulus guaranteed $300 a week in extra federal unemployment through September. Some states have opted out of that extra money, but NY seems hell bent on keeping it so everywhere in NY will be understaffed until at least September since everyone is making more money to stay home than work jobs.
  22. Thats crazy that amount of money is on their food stamps. O_o I looked again I don't see anything showing a massive increase like that for EBT/food stamps. Maybe its a state specific extra stimulus thing. I know some states were delivering free food to kids since everyone went remote learning. Like around here all children, regardless of eligibility for reduced or free lunches, literally got free school food delivered to every kid every day for like a year already. It kept the school staff and bus drivers employed too. But other states did a cash benefit instead and might have processed it all through the state's EBT/food stamps system. I think your state did that. Maybe that extra amount they got is a bonus to that program? I haven't heard anyone around here getting upwards of $5,000 a month. Odd. It still aggravates me that everyone is getting ass loads of money though except for us. x_x
  23. Every once in a while I'll come across free games for PC that look really good. Anyone can feel free to update this topic with limited time free game links so we can add them to our ever growing backlog of games. If a game states how long it will be free for, please list that along with the link. Sometimes it won't be stated so if you click a link and its no longer free, then that promo must have expired. I've seen alot of free game listings off slickdeals or other blogs. I'll update this when I see good ones. I would post the free games with Amazon Prime, but I don't currently have amazon prime so if those appeal to anyone, feel free to post them since Amazon Prime generally gives away a couple free games a month. To start off with: Little Nightmares is currently free with a Steam promotion until 05/30/2021 @ 10:00am (does not say if EDT, PDT, etc. ) https://store.steampowered.com/app/424840/Little_Nightmares/ Company of Heroes 2, Company of Heroes 2 Ardennes Assault - Limited Free Promotional Package, free for this weekend or until 05/31/2021? It doesn't say exact day it ends. https://store.steampowered.com/sale/companyofheroessale
  24. I was just looking to find the link to add this to my library because I saw the article a few days ago but didn't do it until just now. I'm glad you mentioned that because I couldn't find the link either. lol. I did find it tho and the game is still free until June 1st. I just added it to my library. Heres the link: https://store.playstation.com/en-us/product/UP0102-CUSA26271_00-CASROM0053DLC000
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