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  1. FML one of my window air conditioners broke today while it was 96 degrees. x_x

    1. Pchan


      That blows ... hope you were able to get a new one quickly 

    2. Sledgstone


      Yeah, I picked one up that night. Its been so hot this summer my electric bill has gone up $40 a month with all the air conditioners running so much. x_x

  2. I got back from Ohio last night. My mom had a Remembrance Party in honor of my dad this last weekend. It was a really nice time. I'm glad I got to see so many people that knew my dad and talk to them about how he was a positive and/or great influence in their lives. The party was a bbq party too. My younger brother smoked 30 pounds of pulled pork and 20 pounds of bbq beef. I helped with the process. It was a great time. :D

  3. If you haven't played God of War yet, I highly suggest it. Amazing game that lived up to all my hype and expectations.
  4. It was a fun movie, they didn't stay true to the games at all with most of the plot coming from the fourth game but overall it was good special effects and kept a good pace with plenty of action. Although it did feel toned down with gun fights considering the amount of shooting takes place in the games. I'm guessing they did that to keep the rating family friendly. Tom Holland still looked way too young for the role imo.
  5. I watched Morbius a couple days ago. Ehh. I found the movie kind of boring and almost predictable. I think what I'm burned out most on is that every super hero or anti-villain movie is the same movie but with different characters. Like for example, Iron Man 1 his enemy in the first movie was another guy wearing a mechanized armor. Doctor Strange 1, his primary enemies were other wizards, Wandavision, her primary enemy is another witch, Black Widow finally got her own movie, ends up fighting other black widows, Venom 1 he fights another symbiote, Venom 2, he fights yet another symbiote. Omg. Its the same thing the Arrowverse on CW was doing for a solid 10 years, I don't understand how the hell Green arrow and flash kept fighting other archers or other speedsters. And that brings us back to Morbius, guess who Morbius fights? another vampire creature with identical powers. wtf. Props for Spider-Man tho, in all his reboots he has never fought another spider-man guy.
  6. Borderlands 3 is free until 5/26/2022 at 11:00 AM https://store.epicgames.com/en-US/p/borderlands-3
  7. My neighbor next door is moving so he had a full house sale over the weekend. I lucked out and bought his snowblower for $150. O_O Its got some years of use on it, but hes kept it in amazing shape. A new gas one like this is around $800+. I hope it works great this next winter. It could save me all kinds of time shoveling.

    1. DeathscytheX


      I'm already seeing videos in my head of you fixing it in the future. XD

    2. Sledgstone


      I'll make sure to send you a snapchat of it's first oil change. XD

  8. https://kotaku.com/square-enix-embracer-deus-ex-1848866849 Wow. This is pretty huge. What I'm shocked about is the relatively small price tag of $300 million. Considering Sony bought Bungie alone for $3+ billion it make me wonder if Sony or MS even knew these properties were for sale. If they did, it would have probably caused a bidding war. Microsoft had a solid 1 year exclusive deal for the release of one of those Tomb Raider reboot games, I'm sure they would have bought crystal dynamics and tomb raider by themselves for more than $300 million.
  9. That metaverse looks horrible. It looks like they are expecting alot of people to use the developer tools and create experiences for everyone since there is nothing to really do there now. But Meta taking 40%+ of all the revenue from the sales of those experiences seems extremely harsh. I don't think this will catch on. The price of VR equipment is a steep hurdle for alot of people and if they do make a browser version of Metaverse it'll end up being like a new version of all those crappy facebook games like Farmville, etc. since a browser version is limited to mouse and keyboard since it wouldn't have the necessary motion capture to play alot of VR style games.
  10. https://blog.playstation.com/2022/03/29/all-new-playstation-plus-launches-in-june-with-700-games-and-more-value-than-ever/ PlayStation Plus and PlayStation Now are merging into the new PlayStation Plus and the membership will now become a tiered system: I'll be sticking with PlayStation Plus Essential assuming I can still buy yearly memberships on sale for around $30-$40 like I've been doing since before the PS4 launched. I'm barely getting any use out of PS+ as it is with the games they've been offering for the last year so if I have to start paying a monthly fee I'll just cancel it instead. In comparison to the PS+ Extra, I've recently used Xbox PC game pass which I got a 3 month trial for $1 on black friday weekend last year. I don't have an Xbox so I was only using the lowest tier of the PC version which I suppose is the Microsoft Xbox PC version of PlayStation Plus Extra. It is an ok service but with the amount of time I have to dedicate to gaming I was only able to play and beat 2 games in those 3 months. I'm glad the xbox pc game pass came with EA Access since I was able to play and beat Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. EA Access itself didn't appeal to me because on the PC game pass its basically 70% sports titles. I was also able to play and beat Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus and that game wasn't nearly as good as the first. Both games retail for around $14 and $7 when on sale so I saved roughly $20 with my $1 free trial. But if it was to pay $10 a month for the service I would have been in the hole $9 compared to if I bought those 2 games instead. For me and my available time to play games a subscription service is not a savings to me. Theres alot of people that could benefit from a game subscription service and I'm glad its an option for them. I will say tho, for people that have an Xbox console and a game subscription service is beneficial to them, the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate has console and pc game pass combined along with xbox games with gold free monthly games, and that is a far better deal that PlayStation Plus Deluxe for the same price of $14.99 a month. The Xbox Game Pass Ultimate also includes console and pc games that can be played from the cloud too kind of like Nvidia's GeForce Now streaming.
  11. Anyone that has a Playstation 5 can get GTA Online free until 06/14/2022. Unlike regular PS+ games that can be added to the account via a browser on the playstation.com site, this game is only available to add to your account from the PS5 console store. https://www.playstation.com/en-us/games/grand-theft-auto-v/ Grand Theft Auto Online Get GTA Online FREE* only on PS5 console store. *Offer available from March 15, 2022 until June 14, 2022. Download from PS5 console store. PS Plus required to play (recurring fees apply).
  12. Sledgstone

    Aya Neo

    Holy crap, for roughly $1600 I'd rather buy a full blown gaming PC.
  13. I haven't been active on the site lately. My dad's health issues became much worse over the last few months and he passed away 10 days ago. I took a couple trips to Ohio during that time and I'm glad I got to spend multiple days with him before he passed. RIP dad. I miss you.

  14. Sledgstone

    Aya Neo

    Damn that sucks. Any way they'll send you a new one? They should have insured the delivery.
  15. February this year has sucked with way too many single digit days of bitter cold temperatures. Thankfully tomorrow and thursday will finally be a melt day. 40s and 50s with an over night low of 40s. A large amount of this snow will finally disappear and I'll be able to walk around my yard again.

  16. I guess it was a good move by Sony, if Microsoft ever decides to make call of duty console and pc exclusive, they could do the same with Destiny. Although I'm sure there is a far bigger fan base for Call of Duty. Maybe Sony will expand the bungie studio and get them to start making yearly shooters too.
  17. Oh man... they released the movie on HBO Max so I'm glad I didn't have to pay for tickets. I love Dune, but this movie was way too damn slow and it was only half the movie. I don't get why the hell they decided to try and drag out Dune into a Lord of the Rings style duology or trilogy. The special effects were top notch and the actors nailed their respective roles, but there isn't much to talk about if you've seen the original movie because they basically rehashed the first half of the original movie, except slower with extended scenes to fill an entire 2 1/2 hours. The best thing about Dune (2021) is the CG and costumes. I wish they'd have finished the entire movie.
  18. The final season was good and I'm glad the show got a proper ending. Netflix did great.
  19. I finally watched the second and third Matrix movies a couple months ago.. wow the plot and quality of those films dropped off a cliff compared to the first movie. Its like they decided to make Nero the equivalent of Jesus while at the same time having the plot so chopped up that it must have inspired all kinds of theories about how Nero and all the humans must have been born repeatedly going thru a loop of man vs. machines and the machine powered city of Zion was powered and controlled by the machines just to keep the experiment going.. or maybe all of them were technically in another simulation that was making them believe they were living outside the matrix, like a matrix within the matrix. lol. So we get Matrix Resurrections last month and it was kind of boring to me. I know Keanu is getting old now, but he is still able to do action based on the recent John Wick movies, but the lack of him doing a bunch of kung fu battling really thru me off. I'm still surprised humans can actually live in a real city outside the Matrix. In one of the sequel movies it looked like they were all too busy having a city wide orgy party to really care about fighting for the survival of humanity.
  20. Season 4 was better than season 3. The third season had too much high school drama and constant fighting. The season 4 tournament was really good. My quote from season 3.. lmao! They literally threw this statement about who the favorite kid is right in the parent's faces. I'm guessing the son will now start to learn karate so he can fight the other kid.
  21. Alot of the movies and tv shows filmed during late 2020 and 2021 during the peak of covid are so obvious to me now. The minimal cast members, the lack of extras, filming in locations that don't need alot of people in the background. This trailer screams covid protocols to me... that and Silent Hill. I don't know what they have planned with this haunted house or why their story brought them to this location, but at least Stranger Things writers aren't ripping off "Beyond: Two Souls" anymore. I was looking forward to seeing Eleven join the CIA and go on some awesome missions but I guess that wont happen, unless they decide to resume copying the game and they do that in season 5 which I still think might happen because they have to wait for the actors to age a bit more.
  22. Twilight Princess was an awesome game. I might have to pass on buying a Switch and buy whatever the next Nintendo system will be and buy all the switch games I want to play on it. I'm tempted to watch a play through of BOTW but I'm still holding off because I want to play it myself someday. That's actually a good point. I always thought of them more like beanie babies with a fancier scan-able tag.
  23. I was going to edit these pics with more context and I forgot. these are my new snow tires I bought. I took the pic with my finger in them for scale to show the depth of the tread.
  24. Thanks! The color is "Blueprint". But depending on the light outside it looks either dark blue or purple.
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