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Found 6 results

  1. Pchan

    YT thread

    Incredible video of a real glacier calving ... the largest ever recorded ... the sound of the thing is MASSIVE and just amazing, frakkin scary and the size of a city.
  2. I have been uploading my PS4 videos to youtube for a while now and I wanted to make this guide to explain how it is done. Until the Playstation 4 gets an update that will allow direct video uploading / sharing to youtube, the only option available is to upload your videos to facebook. In this quick guide I explain how to save your uploaded video off of facebook in HD and then how to upload it to youtube. It is very easy. First off, you have to have a facebook account and you have to connect your PS4 account to it. If you don't want to share your videos to your friends and family, then set your PS4 to share only visible to you. Or make a group on facebook, add the friends you want to see your videos to it and then go back to your PS4 facebook settings and select that group to share videos with. Once you do that, then follow this guide for sharing to youtube. 1) You need Firefox and the Video DownloadHelper addon installed. If you already have firefox then install the addon. If you don't like firefox and prefer chrome, then good for you. Install firefox and this addon anyway just for saving your videos. You can get them from these links: http://www.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/new/ https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/video-downloadhelper/ As you can see in this picture, the addon will add an icon with menu drop down to the top right of the browser: 2) Play a game on your PS4 and share a video to facebook. Its best if you give the video a name because it makes the video have a noticeable click-able link on facebook. On facebook, go to your timeline and click on the name of the video. This will take you to a page specifically for the video and not a popup lightbox version. You will want to be on the video page itself. If you don't name the video, you'll have to click the "your name shared a video" link instead. 3) Now that you are on the video page, do not play it. Instead click the HD button to initiate playback in HD. 4) Once the video is playing you will notice that the Video DownloadHelper icon is now animated and colorful. This means there is a video loaded that you can save. Click the icon and save the video. 5) For some reason, my screenshot did not grab the drop down menu. It shows the video name as a large garble of numbers and letters because that is how the video is saved on facebook. So rename the video to whatever you want but make sure it keeps the .mp4 extension. Also, if you accidentally started playing your video before hitting the HD button, there will be two .mp4 files listed in the Video DownloadHelper drop down. Because the file names make no sense, simply hover over each one to see the file sizes of the videos. Whichever is the largest is the HD video you want to save. 6) Your PS4 video in HD is now saved. All you have to do now is upload it to youtube. I'm assuming you have a youtube account. Sign in, click the upload link shown in this screenshot. It will bring you to this upload screen. Click the large red upload icon and select the video(s) you want to upload. 7) Now that your video is uploading, give the video a name, description and type in a bunch of tags so people can find your video easier. Choose a screenshot for your image or make your own, save it and you are all set. 8) Your Playstation 4 HD videos are now on youtube.
  3. When I first heard about Google Glass I thought it was a dumb concept. Now here it is a few years later and Google is going through with their creation. This accessory will connect to your smart phone / device and it will allow the wearer to access parts of the internet and take pictures / videos of everything they see. They could technically stream their entire day online. I don't think employers would allow it in the workplace.. but that won't stop individuals from now recording everyone without their consent and uploading everything to youtube. What do you think about Google Glass? Will you be interested in getting one? Or will you be more irritated by people wearing them because you'll have to assume they are always recording? http://www.google.com/glass/start/
  4. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tgbNymZ7vqY]YouTube- The Muppets: Bohemian Rhapsody[/ame]
  5. http://www.icv2.com/articles/news/15844.html I hope nobody here works at a blockbuster. @_@ I haven't been to a blockbuster in almost 2 years. And I haven't rented any movies in almost 3 or 4. The only thing I liked about blockbusters were buying pre-owned dvds for around $5. Anyone else see those Redbox dvd rental kiosks popping up everywhere? I'm amazed that blockbuster never came up with that idea before the competition took them by surprise.
  6. I installed a nifty AME (Auto media embedder) mod on the forums. You can now embed videos and music from the following sites by simply posting the link to the content. No bbcode required. The following sites are compatible as of this post: 5min Life Videopedia Embed 5min.com Videos! Adult Swim Embed AdultSwim.com Videos! AOL Music Embed Music.AOL.com Videos! AOL Video Embed Video.AOL.com Videos! Atom Embed Atom.com Videos! Break Embed Break.com Videos! Break (User Content) Embed Break.com User Content Videos! CBS News Embed CBSNews.com Videos! CBS Sports Embed CBSSports.com Videos! CNN Embed CNN.com Videos! Comedy Central Embed ComedyCentral.com Videos! eBaums World (Audio) Embed eBaumsWorld.com Audio! eBaums World (Videos) Embed eBaumsWorld.com Videos! eSnips (Music) Embed eSnips Music Player! eSnips (Videos) Embed eSnips.com Videos! ESPN Embed ESPN.com Videos! ESPN (Article Pages) Embed ESPN.com Videos from Article Pages! File Front Embed FileFront.com Videos! Flickr (Videos) Embed Flickr.com Videos! Flickr Slideshows (Photostreams) Embed Flickr.com SlideShows! Flickr Slideshows (Sets) Embed Flickr.com SlideShows! Fox News Embed FoxNews.com Videos! G4TV Embed G4TV.com Videos! Game Trailers Embed GameTrailers.com Videos! Game Trailers (User Movies) Embed GameTrailers.com User Movies! GamesOpoly Embed GamesOpoly.com Games! GameSpot (Part 1) Embed GameSpot.com Videos! (Age Verification Error Needs to be Corrected by GameSpot themselves) GameSpot (Part 2) Embed GameSpot.com Videos! (Age Verification Error Needs to be Corrected by GameSpot Themselves) GameVideos Embed GameVideos.com Videos Giant Bomb Embed GiantBomb.com Videos! Google VideoConverts Google.com Videos! (Google Hosted Only) Hulu Embed Hulu.com Videos! IGN Embed IGN.com Videos! ImageShack (Slideshows) Embed ImageShack.US Slideshows! ImageShack (Videos) Embed ImageShack.US Videos! MegaVideo Embed MegaVideo.com Videos! Meta Cafe Embed MetaCafe.com Videos! MLG: The Game Room Embed Gameroom.MLGPro.com Videos! MSNBC Embed MSNBC.com News Videos! MTV Embed MTV.com Videos! MTV Music Embed MTVMusic.com Videos! MySpace Embed MySpace.com Videos! Photobucket (Videos) Embed Photobucket.com Videos using "Share URL" link! Revver Embed Revver.com Videos! South Park (Clips) Embed SouthParkStudios.com Video Clips! Spike Embed Spike.com Videos! The Colbert Report (Clips) Embed ColbertNation.com Video Clips! The Daily Show (Clips) Embed TheDailyShow.com Video Clips! The Onion Embed TheOnion.com Videos! The WB Embed TheWB.com Videos! (Auto Plays) TinyPic (Videos) Embed TinyPic.com Videos Veoh Embed Veoh.com Videos! Xfire Embed Xfire.com Videos! (Auto Plays) Yahoo! Embed Yahoo.com Videos! YouTube (HQ/HD) Embed YouTube.com High Quality and High Definition Videos (fmt=18& or fmt=22&) YouTube (Playlists) Embed YouTube.com Playlists! You TubeAutomatically youtubes your entries!
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