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  1. Hell is other Demons free on epic game store until June 24th at 11 am. https://www.epicgames.com/store/en-US/p/hell-is-other-demons Overcooked 2 is free on epic game store until June 24th at 11 am. https://www.epicgames.com/store/en-US/p/overcooked-2 Nights into Dreams is free for steam as a promo for Sega 60 year anniversary (free until the codes run out) by registering an account with Sega and linking your steam account to them: https://www.sega60th.com/register
  2. I hated that weather gossip widget thing, I disabled that thing immediately. I hope Windows 11 will be a free upgrade like Windows 10 was. They might force an upgrade fee onto everyone because profits but if they're smart they wont because of their app store. Windows 10 has been an amazing OS for the last handful of years. Unfortunately Windows 10 support will now end in 2025. wtf. https://www.cnet.com/news/windows-10-support-is-ending-in-2025/ I remember when Windows 10 came out, Microsoft wanted everyone to upgrade to it and it would be the last version of Windows and from that point on it would be updated indefinitely. Back to the app store thing... Google's Android OS gets huge OS upgrades with new versions and doesn't charge phone or chromebook users a fee for upgrade, same with Apple and their OS, but phones end up being replaced every couple years while PCs can chug along for 5-8 years+ potentially. But Windows 10 has an app store, much like android and apple. The OS for the other devices get free upgrades because those companies want people to keep using their app store because they get a huge cut of all app store and in app purchases. I personally don't use the Windows app store, but I'm sure alot of people do. When a big OS upgrade comes out, all new apps have to support the new OS to be listed in that version of the app store and eventually those apps will stop supporting the old OS long before official support has ended for that version. So if Microsoft wants to keep racking in cash from app store sales, they should make it seamless and give everyone an upgrade to the new OS. But Microsoft might just say to hell with that and go for the big cash out up front by forcing everyone to buy the upgrade. But if they do that then they'll be shooting themselves in the foot because alot of people won't upgrade their OS, they'll end up having security issues out the ass again like when nobody wanted to upgrade from Windows 7 or 8, and they'll loose app store revenue. Also, I'm sure Windows 11 will have some sort of "anonymous and targeted user data harvesting" to sell for ad revenue that Microsoft will be able to make an ass ton of money off of because the US has no privacy laws outside of medical records and all our data is an entire economy of money to be made for big data. A couple more links I found interesting: Why Windows 11 will likely be a free upgrade: https://www.digitaltrends.com/computing/why-windows-11-will-likely-be-a-free-upgrade/ And on a side note, Nvidia still supported Windows 7 & 8 which surprised me since I thought they stopped supporting them a few years ago. Turns out they will stop supporting those OS on August 31 2021. This news seems to coincide with the news about Windows 11 coming out and I'm sure Nvidia and other GPU manufacturers have already been having access to the new Windows 11 to ensure their video drivers work flawless on it. https://www.pcworld.com/article/3621704/nvidia-ending-support-for-windows-7-8-and-older-kepler-gpus.html
  3. Here's some interesting things my brother sent me links to: AI bots, finally. Now if you have bad matchmaking and get stuck with a team of crap players vs endless level 100 colonials, you can play against bots instead and still enjoy it. I wonder if bots will auto fill in spots when players drop out of a match so teams don't get too uneven until other players can join in to bump the bots out. All maps will be available to all players and not locked behind DLC, but there will be battle passes that cost money. Hopefully all the battle passes will be for cosmetics only. If unlocking weapons requires either playing 90 hours in a season to get the gun or pay for a battle pass to get the faster reward track and bonus xp to get the weapon in significantly faster amount of time, then the game could become pay to win. DICE has always been horrible about balancing a broken weapon and if an OP weapon is battle pass only and they don't nerf said weapon until after the season then that would be pay to win. Like I said, hopefully it's just cosmetics. I'm excited for this game, but I don't have a ps5 and I'm not interested in getting the game for ps4 since it'll be a smaller player count. I might get it for PC since there is cross platform, but last I checked they still haven't announced the PC requirements yet. Edit: forgot one: They finally are going to do vehicles right. The last couple battlefields were bullshit. Only the squad leader could call in a vehicle if your squad score was high enough. Absolute garbage. This new system sounds good, but if it's locked behind a kill streak or score streak again it could be infuriating. Imagine doing great for 10 mins, finally call in a tank, immediately get blown up with c4. By the time you get another tank the match is over. Nah, DICE better not do BS like that again or it'll ruin the game play.
  4. This looks f*cking awesome! Netflix did amazing with Voltron so I have high expectations for this.
  5. I haven't watched the anime in years, but I've been current with the manga for over a decade. Wano got me burned out a bit with the slow pacing, mostly because the arc has lasted over a year I think. But many arcs last over a year in One Piece like Thriller Bark. But in the past 6+ months of chapters we have definitely received a large chunk of story. Oh man, Roger and Whitebeard, the Rocks Pirates, Oden, its all been so fulfilling to get some plot line answers. It feels like One Piece is finally on a path to come to a conclusion. But with all that extra back story we now have additional new plot lines, like what the hell happened at the Reverie meeting with all the leaders of the countries in the world government? Sabo was there, so was Shanks, some battle or something happened there but it wasn't revealed, and the shichibukai were disbanded and we last saw them all being attacked by large fleets of Marines, wtf.
  6. Oh man, I hope that guy doesn't blow all that money and then do something like buy a car. "I'm getting $5,000 a month, I can afford that car payment!" x_x I was reading about how the vaccination rate is going so slow in the US and that our country is donating doses all over the place now. It got me thinking about how much that cost us as taxpayers since it was a huge federal government deal that got signed back during Trump's presidency. Basically we have a huge surplus because a large chunk of people aren't getting the vaccine and the vaccines that were ordered have a shelf life of either use it or lose it. Looks like US taxpayers paid roughly $19.50 per shot: https://www.reuters.com/article/us-health-coronavirus-usa-pfizer/pfizer-u-s-strike-100-million-covid-19-vaccine-deal-with-70-million-due-by-june-idUSKBN28X1GC and we're been donating those all over the place: https://cnycentral.com/news/nation-world/biden-announces-international-covid-19-vaccine-sharing-plan https://cnycentral.com/news/coronavirus/mexico-to-use-us-vaccine-gift-mainly-on-border-at-resorts https://www.medpagetoday.com/infectiousdisease/covid19/92633 https://www.verywellhealth.com/united-states-donating-covid-vaccines-5181651 I can't find an actual solid number of total covid 19 vaccine doses that have been donated. But at roughly $20 a dose, for every 100,000,000 doses we've donated it's roughly $2 trillion? in taxpayer money to vaccinate other countries. I would love to see an actual breakdown of that initial deal for how much us as taxpayers have spent on Covid19 vaccines. As it is now, these vaccine companies are making huge profits. https://www.nytimes.com/2021/05/04/business/pfizer-covid-vaccine-profits.html And since the US gives away all the covid vaccines for free to the citizens, turns out its free to anyone that resides in a location. Turns out canadians have been able to get them since way early this year. They only had to drive to the US, say they're staying at a hotel and get a free shot. lol. https://www.ctvnews.ca/health/coronavirus/canadians-can-drive-to-u-s-for-covid-19-vax-and-avoid-quarantine-ottawa-confirms-1.5432906 More local... I've been seeing alot more places starting to lift their mask requirements. It was nice last week, I went to a local ice cream place and everyone outside in line had no masks and masks were no longer required inside either. It was almost like things are going back to normal. But everywhere is understaffed and every place is hiring. Nobody is taking the jobs because that last stimulus guaranteed $300 a week in extra federal unemployment through September. Some states have opted out of that extra money, but NY seems hell bent on keeping it so everywhere in NY will be understaffed until at least September since everyone is making more money to stay home than work jobs.
  7. Thats crazy that amount of money is on their food stamps. O_o I looked again I don't see anything showing a massive increase like that for EBT/food stamps. Maybe its a state specific extra stimulus thing. I know some states were delivering free food to kids since everyone went remote learning. Like around here all children, regardless of eligibility for reduced or free lunches, literally got free school food delivered to every kid every day for like a year already. It kept the school staff and bus drivers employed too. But other states did a cash benefit instead and might have processed it all through the state's EBT/food stamps system. I think your state did that. Maybe that extra amount they got is a bonus to that program? I haven't heard anyone around here getting upwards of $5,000 a month. Odd. It still aggravates me that everyone is getting ass loads of money though except for us. x_x
  8. Every once in a while I'll come across free games for PC that look really good. Anyone can feel free to update this topic with limited time free game links so we can add them to our ever growing backlog of games. If a game states how long it will be free for, please list that along with the link. Sometimes it won't be stated so if you click a link and its no longer free, then that promo must have expired. I've seen alot of free game listings off slickdeals or other blogs. I'll update this when I see good ones. I would post the free games with Amazon Prime, but I don't currently have amazon prime so if those appeal to anyone, feel free to post them since Amazon Prime generally gives away a couple free games a month. To start off with: Little Nightmares is currently free with a Steam promotion until 05/30/2021 @ 10:00am (does not say if EDT, PDT, etc. ) https://store.steampowered.com/app/424840/Little_Nightmares/ Company of Heroes 2, Company of Heroes 2 Ardennes Assault - Limited Free Promotional Package, free for this weekend or until 05/31/2021? It doesn't say exact day it ends. https://store.steampowered.com/sale/companyofheroessale
  9. Sledgstone

    PS Plus Games

    I was just looking to find the link to add this to my library because I saw the article a few days ago but didn't do it until just now. I'm glad you mentioned that because I couldn't find the link either. lol. I did find it tho and the game is still free until June 1st. I just added it to my library. Heres the link: https://store.playstation.com/en-us/product/UP0102-CUSA26271_00-CASROM0053DLC000
  10. Yeah its insane to me. That last stimulus package quadrupled down on giving insane money to everyone with kids regardless of if they needed the money for any financial hardship or not. Everyone got $1400 each for the last stimulus, but people with kids got $1400 each and $1400 for each kid and the child tax credit got massively increased from whatever thousands per kid it was last year to I think $3500 per kid and was then retroactive for the previous tax year. So people who did their taxes earlier this year got their regular returns back, but because the child tax credit was made retroactive, those people are now going to get that credit back in monthly increment payments until December. My understanding is the extra thousands per kid would end up being for like 3 kids, roughly $6,000-$9,000 in payments broken up into I think 7 month payments so it'd be something like an extra $900-$1,300 a month extra stimulus for them for the rest of the year. Now one of my friends did his taxes after that stimulus went into effect and got the new child tax credit all up front, so instead of getting like a 3 thousand or so back because he has 3 kids and child tax credit and earned income credits give a crap load of money to people, he ended up getting over $11,000 back in taxes so he won't be getting any other payments. All those payments should all get direct deposited into checking accounts tho, in terms of someone saying they're getting $3,000-$5,000 a month on their EBT/food stamps, that doesn't make sense to me since EBT/food stamps are state run programs and that amount per month doesn't line up with anything I've read about. Maybe they were getting their accounts confused. I will say tho, I think all the stimulus and child tax credits are insane and it honestly pissed me off when I found out about it. Everyone with kids are getting paid out their asses with money the majority of them never needed. Also unemployed people are still getting $300 extra a week in unemployment if their state hasn't opted out of that program too. Meanwhile all of us that have been working the entire pandemic get the bare minimum of stimulus money. I think its all bull shit and a giant waste of taxpayer money. If I was actually getting a fair share cut of that money I'd probably have a different outlook on it tho, lmao. I wouldn't say no to free money, but since I'm only getting a small piece of that massive money it really pisses me off. Both of my brothers have kids and got a crap ton of money too. My younger brother has 3 kids, he got so much money back he paid off some debt and put a huge down payment on a new truck.
  11. Sledgstone

    PS Plus Games

    https://blog.playstation.com/2021/05/26/playstation-plus-games-for-june-operation-tango-virtua-fighter-5-ultimate-showdown-star-wars-squadrons/ I'll try Star wars squadrons. It could be fun. Also it looks like Ghosts and goblins is free until June 1st: https://comicbook.com/gaming/news/playstation-plus-free-ps4-game-download/
  12. I still don't care much for the quartering but I still watch a video here and there, lol. and I still don't get why so many male commenters on his videos have such a hate for Brie Larson that they have to bring her up so often. They have a hate on for her so bad it keep spawning more an more hate articles about her on so many other websites. lmao. I didn't mind the wokeness when it first started years ago. Props to minorities for getting their voices heard, props to women for getting equal pay, down with sexual abuse in the work place, props to lgbt people for bringing light to the hardships they've had to endure, etc. But since this movement all began it twisted itself into this horrible political correctness offshoot party of the democrats like how the republican party has offshoots like the tea party and trump loyalist party. The democrats have other offshots like the green party, but thats nothing compared to this horrible "woke/PC/cancel culture/pander to the minority party" that has invaded everywhere, especially hollywood. Don't get me wrong, there is cancel culture/karens in the republican party as well, but the bulk is democrats. Everyone has a right to their opinion, unless that opinion does not match up with the "woke/PC/cancel culture/pander to the minority party" in which case, those people will now make it their personal mission to ruin that offending person's life by ruining their existence online, calling their employers to get them fired, making sure they'll never get a job again, try to then spread their hate about that person to everyone else so now everyone hates that person, etc. FFS. People need to relax and scale their hatred back, maybe find something else in life that is enjoyable and fun and focus all that energy into that instead. I wish people would enjoy life more instead of focusing every waking moment on imposing their beliefs and opinions onto everyone else to the point they have to ruin each others lives to feel any satisfaction. The "woke/cancel culture party" is too much and I have a feeling people will start getting burned out on it. Its that whole cycle of hatred the US loves and it comes back down to the "news", they all need people to fear something or hate something because being afraid or invoking anger is the only way to get those clicks, view and ad revenue. Much like how the quartering cashes in on it himself with videos hating against the wokeness. lol. Once the wokeness starts to fade away so will his viewers that oppose it. I'm burned out on the wokeness/cancel culture party. One example is the DC/Arrowverse shows on the CW. I loved these shows back in the day. The first couple seasons of Arrow were amazing, bad ass vigilante killing people that wronged him and the city. The other DC shows started up like Flash and Supergirl and they were great. And then years later the shows that exist now are nothing like those first seasons. The shows were completely taken over by wokeness. Every character that is introduced has to either be a minority, be a member of lgbtq, or be in an interracial relationship if straight. Like every single character. I like diversity, but damn... every single character has some lgbtq thing going on to the point that they are not minorities at all in the arrowverse, if anything there is so much lgbtq going on with all the characters that I'm surprised there is a sustainable population of people that actually have a straight relationship to reproduce. In comparison, the DC animated movies are damn amazing because they focus on the characters abilities, actions, morals, mental instabilities, violence, etc. Sometimes the animated series will have some sex or lgbtq like in the Harley Quinn animated series, but its not the primary focus of everything and it doesn't feel pushed onto everyone for the sake of hitting some equal representation goals set for every single episode. Maybe its just me, but all the CW Arrowverse shows don't seem to be targeting me as part of their demographic anymore. In terms of demographs, its the same with the relatively new CW Stargirl series, I watched a few eps of season 1 but everyone is a kid and I'm not interested in watching kids be superheros, I'm guessing they're trying to target a young group demograph to replace the aging fanbase thats losing interest.
  13. I was excited yesterday. I was going to finally get to go out and not have to wear a mask... only to find every store still requiring one. Wtf. I have a dentist appointment tomorrow. I called and asked if masks are still required and they are. So CDC and NY says we don't need a mask anymore if we are vaccinated and regardless of the unvaccinated out there still spreading it the vaccinated are safe from it. Sure we could still get it but it'll be mostly asymptomatic symptoms and we won't be spreading it, which is why we'd be safe. So now I want to go around maskless, but everyone is either still afraid and will still wear masks even if they are vaccinated or stores will keep their own mask mandates in effect. Stores that still require masks now make me think their staff is not vaccinated. Because if they were vaccinated they shouldn't be having an issue now. And people don't want to be asked if they are vaccinated or to show proof of vaccination because that is offensive and they'll go full Karen on you for invading their privacy about it, because everyone is offended by everything. 😑 🙄 I say let everyone be maskless now. The vaccines are supposed to keep us safe so let that be it. Everyone else without a vaccine will be rolling the dice on getting sick or not. It's up to them.
  14. Sledgstone

    Playstation 5

    I like that Sony is releasing some exclusives on pc. It's great. If they eventually release horizon zero dawn 2 on pc in a year I might be able to get that on pc before I ever find a ps5 in stock. https://www.gamespot.com/articles/ps5-redesign-reportedly-coming-but-it-probably-wont-change-the-look/1100-6491102/ Looks like the ps5 might be getting a slight redesign to try and compensate for the chip shortages that keeps screwing is production. Over 6 months now and the ps5 is still ridiculously out of stock. 😑
  15. I think a large chunk of the fear mongering being spread by the media and alot of people on social networks about the vaccines are all because those individuals don't want "the new normal" to end. So they spread a bunch of fear around to make everyone else doubt themselves to not get the vaccine because the slower that vaccine gets taken, the longer everyone won't have to go back to work and can keep getting paid federal unemployment to stay at home for a long vacation. Once everything opens back up and everything goes back to the real normal all those people will have to go back to work. The other reason for the fear mongering is ratings. News stations like fox news gets their best ratings when there is something they can incite their audience into fearing or getting angry about. Just recently it was gas shortages, next week it will be something else. For the longest time it was rage against masks, etc. After the masks and covid and gas, the next scary thing will probably be inflation, or meat shortages or something else everyone should rush out to buy like toilet paper all over again. I think another fear thing the news will start up next will be the Isreal war. "If we enter into this war to help our allies, this will be WW3! Quick, go buy 5 years worth of supplies to hoard when the economy crashes! And buy more ammo!" It's all manipulation on a large scale so everyone will have to keep that channel on so they can be told what to do next during whatever "emergency" they're being told to prepare for. On another note... It looks like we're at the end game of covid *knocks on wood* https://www.syracuse.com/coronavirus/2021/05/ny-adopting-cdc-guidance-vaccinated-people-can-largely-stop-wearing-masks.html Starting Wednesday no more mask mandate or social distancing in NY for fully vaccinated people. Which means hardly anybody will be wearing a mask regardless in a couple days. People not vaccinated could start having their own pandemic amongst themselves without their masks. Edit... Hopefully we don't get new mutant variants of covid spreading with the unvaccinated or we could go back into lock down again. But that's also what those individuals want so alot of the unvaccinated will be the first ones throwing their masks off. Hopefully the vaccines will be good enough to fight off the new variants because I'm sure we'll get some all over the US. And that'll be yet another thing the news will cover endlessly for more fear ratings.
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