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  1. Sledgstone

    The Jimquisition

    Oh crap now I'm feeling some hype.
  2. Sledgstone

    YT thread

    Youtube recommended this video to me for some reason.. and next thing I know I watched 3 of them in a row. Turns out theres a couple channels for this guy. wtf. The guy builds all these mini houses with a stick and all of them have a water feature of some kind, usually a small pool. Whatever country he lives in seems to have ground that is very sandy, at least in the region he does his builds. Some of the comments in the videos are hilarious. "this guy has more houses than the Kardashians"
  3. Sledgstone

    PS Plus Games

    Much better than the free games for May. I do recommend playing the Battlefront 2 campaign. It was enjoyable. Make sure to get the free campaign DLC to finish it. I can't remember if it auto downloads with the game at this point or if you have to manually tell it to download from the menu. Its basically an epilogue mission at the end that ties in to the events of one of the movies. And I've been told the Call of Duty WWII campaign was good. I'll have to try that after I get caught up on GW2.
  4. Sledgstone

    The Jimquisition

    Jim makes alot of great points. Every console hype and new game release hype is almost always full of lies and BS just to generate more hype and pre-orders. I hope the PS5 will be amazing, but I'm not going to be in a rush for buying one.
  5. Sledgstone


    Damn so I guess those rumors of Konami selling Silent Hill and Castlevania to Sony was all nothing. At least there will be a potentially new Silent Hill game.. but lets see if Konami can actually still make a decent game or not.
  6. Grievous and Dooku were amazing villains in clone wars... but like you said... watch them in episode 1 and it's like, wtf, why are they so weak. Grievous especially had some amazing fights in clone wars, but in episode 1 when he's fighting Kenobi it seems so slow paced.
  7. It was snowing just 2 weeks ago and now it's practically a heat wave with multiple days in the 80s. I got my window air conditioners in, but the outdoor support for my big one broke when I was testing it. The window I need this AC unit in is extra wide and can't support the weight of the unit so last year I used an umbrella stand with a metal fence post with a welded pipe on the top. It worked great, but the umbrella stand just not have been good for the weight and it snapped during my test.

    So I spent today making a new support brace out of wood. I used a 4x4 and some scrap 1x6s I had from deck work I did last weekend. It's working good, I just need to fill dirt under the bottom of the base boards and then place some of my huge ass rocks all over the base for extra stability. It's all pressure treated wood so it should last for years.




    Probably hard to tell from the pics but that's like 40-50 pounds of wood.

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    2. Sledgstone


      That's some intense winds. 😲 and yes fuck yellow jackets. I forgot to mention them, Hornets and bees. 😖 It was either yellow jackets or ground bees stung the hell out of me and got one of my dogs with a sting to about 3 years ago I think. I sprayed the hell out of the couple holes I saw them coming out of and thought that was the end of it.. nope, 2 days later they were swarming around. We had skunks in the yard a couple nights in a row, turns out they were hunting bees. A big pile of dirt almost 2 feet deep was dug up in a flower bed and what was left of a hive was exposed. I sprayed all those damn things and a couple days later I flushed them with the garden hose and left it running in the hole for hours just to be safe.

      At my house now I've been seeing bumble bees and wasps having death battles. Wtf. I need to buy more wasp spray.

    3. DeathscytheX


      I got buzzed on my way home from work from the emergency broadcasting system for a severe thunderstorm warning with 70mph winds and golfball sized hail. vehicle damage expected. Thankfully it was in Mississippi where the radio station is based. We got some super heavy rain though before that, I guess the system intensified when it went over us. That gulf water really supercharges storms if they feed off of it.  I should have snapchatted it today. XD

    4. Sledgstone
  8. I've never used spotify before. I checked their website and I have to make account to even see anything they have to offer. Ehh.
  9. Sledgstone

    YT thread

    Now I need to try prosciutto. Lol. That sounds great. I'll keep my eyes out for speciality meat sampler packs at the store. I'd love to eat a fancy lunchable like that. I've only had smoked cheese once, it was good.. but smoked mac and cheese was another level of yum. There's a variety of cheeses around here at the wineries and apple orchards and distilleries for tourism. Next time I hit one of them I'll have to take some pics. I like to get a bag of fresh cheese curds sometimes. My go to cheddar cheese is helluva good brand. The special reserve does taste more potent but actually tastes a bit too strong sometimes so I mostly stick to buying extra sharp. It tastes great on some triscuits with a slice of pepperoni or summer sausage. Their jalapeno jack is pretty good too. But I don't like helluva good shredded cheeses. I swear they're too greasy if you melt it, like on a pizza.
  10. Sledgstone

    YT thread

    I've never heard of bitlong until your post. It looks really good. Since we're looking at dried meats have you ever tried a cured aged meat? I haven't yet, but this video makes it look really tempting: I'm guessing it has a good shelf life since its literally is dried over 3+ months. It doesn't look like the guy cleans any of the penicillin mold off either before taking a taste.. I suppose that's safe and adds flavor. Lol. I've seen prosciutto sold in packages at grocery stores before but never tried it. I think the only downside is it looks like it needs to be kept refrigerated.
  11. Its finally warmed up around here. It snowed earlier this week and we've had over night freezing multiple days. And then abruptly it was almost 80 yesterday. XD now it's back down to the 60s, but at least it looks like winter is finally over. Now I can get some more yard work done without freezing my ass off. Lol.

    And wtf.. we have gifs again? I thought it was disabled. Lol. Maybe ipb re-enabled it at some point and I never noticed.

    Happy Hailee Steinfeld GIF by Pitch Perfect

    1. DeathscytheX


      Actually gifs never went away, at least on my end. XD I've been waiting for the button to disappear since you said it was going away and it never did.

      Dance GIF by Jason Clarke

    2. Sledgstone


      Lmao. I never noticed. XD

      homer simpson doh GIF

  12. Lmao! After watching Clone Wars I figured there must have been large amounts of super weak jedi in the galaxy. I always thought all jedi were badasses, but I guess every group needs their own red shirts/canon fodder units. As for main characters like Anakin or Ashoka I like to think of them in video game terms.. Ashoka getting kidnapped just means she needs to level up more. Around then she's like level 20 imo.. by the end of the series she's like level 99.
  13. My region has started phase 1 of NY state's reopening plan. Manufacturing and retail jobs can all start back up, but all retail aside from Walmart, Lowes, etc is all curbside pickup which makes no damn sense to me at all.. I can go into the dollar store and buy stuff because they were deemed essential business because they have food items, but if I walk down that same shopping center, Bed Bath and Beyond, Five Below, etc. all have to sell their stuff on the sidewalk I guess because they can only operate curbside.. wtf. And it sounds like a large amount of jobs that are starting to hire back are going to purposefully make everyone take a couple paid days off per pay period so those employees can all still claim the partial unemployment $600 a week benefit as an incentive to come back to work because unemployment pays them more than their actual wages would. They need to fix it and then stop touching it. In principal I understand why they implemented it because americans don't save enough money for retirement at all. They obviously don't if such a large amount of older people you know all have to keep working. x_x Like my parents have a 401k, savings, CDs and a handful of stocks but also need that social security combined with it all to make their retirement work and be happy. I'm glad its working out for them. As for me, I have a shitty small 401k, no savings, debt instead.. no stocks, no CDs, etc. All I really have to look forward to at this point is getting a small check from social security when I'm in my 70s so at least I can do part time work instead of having to be full time until the day I die. x_x I also see that money going out of my paycheck for it every paycheck and I get the letters from Social Security roughly once a year or so saying "at your current contribution and income, when you retire at this age, your benefit will be $x.xx amount of money per month, etc." As far as I'm concerned the money I'm putting into it is still my money. Its like how I direct deposit an extra $30 a paycheck into a rainy day checking account. If that bank takes that money out of that account, spends it on upgrading one of their new branch locations and then gives out my money as bonuses to their employees, I'd be raging pissed that they fraudulently used my cash and its gone. I feel like that about social security. Thats my damn money, I have a full record of it being taken out of every paycheck. Every time I read about the government dipping into it pisses me off and I don't understand why it doesn't enrage everyone else. Everyone around my age has like 20+ years of contributions already put in.. if they want to destroy the entire system instead of fixing it, then I want my 20+ years of contributions back so I can put it into a different retirement program because if Social Security didn't exist for these last 20+ years thats alot of money I could have been contributing to a 401k with compounding interest. x_x
  14. The graphics are amazing. The combat looks crazy.. but I'm guessing all the enemies have a small amount of hit points, or its just that they're keeping with some realism that a sword will slice the shit out of people and kill them pretty quickly. lol.
  15. SSI recipients received their $1200.00 stimulus direct deposited today. At least the government actually got that right without screwing it up. This $600 a week unemployment thing actually sounds stupid to me. I know a handful of people that are getting it, my brother knows a good chunk of people getting it.. it seems a bit ludicrous to me. For example, my brother knows someone that was working at a gamestop part time. She only made around $600 a month. Now with the unemployment shes been making roughly $50 a week + the $600 a week bonus. Now she makes $2600.00 a month to stay home. wtf. $2000 a month bonus for these 3 months to not work. What I don't get is I know people on SSI and disability and it maxes out around $800-900 a month. The federal government decided disabled people can survive off roughly $800 a month along with medicaid, but unemployed people need their unemployment benefit plus $2400 a month to survive!? how the fuck does that work? I also found out if you have reduced hours, like only working 4 days a week instead of 5 you can claim the partial unemployment benefit and still get the $600 a week bonus. My friend's old coworkers are doing that at his old job. They're all still making like $20+ a hour 32 hours a week, getting their $50 or so partial unemployment each week and the $600 a week bonus. wtf. I also found out a local contractor got one of the forgivable small business loans. The guy's business hasn't been affected hardly at all, all employees are still doing their contractor work while social distancing and the guy pocketed $250,000.00 pretty much as pure profit bonus. Theres basically no oversight at all. I have never seen the government just had out cash like this before. Its crazy to think a republican held white house is literally giving away money like a broken ATM just spewing it all out onto the street. And all that money is basically being funneled to walmart, amazon and grocery stores because its the only places you can buy stuff. But watch how there will still be a social security issue when we all get to retirement age.. Social security will run out of money, blah blah, retirement age is now 80, work until you die, because the government can't afford to pay you the benefits you paid into your entire life, etc... unless another pandemic happens in which they'll just print and give away an ass ton of money again to anyone because money limitations don't matter for that. I saw another bill being proposed by democrats to extend that $600 a week benefit through January of 2021 and add another round of stimulus checks to everyone with a massive increase for people with children. Holy crap. If that were to happen, the dollar will lose so much value because of the massive federal debt and at the end of that the country would be pretty much guaranteed to have to go through punishing austerity measures that would wreck whatever economy we have left. I feel bad for the people that died of Covid19, but I want to see the economy open back up ASAP. Let old people and people with severe pre-existing conditions stay at home still and stay safe for another month or so without punishment from their employers, etc., but let the rest of the population go out and resume their lives. Good news is testing in my area is significant now as of this week. They're now letting anyone and everyone be tested at multiple locations even if you don't show symptoms. If this was available at the beginning, this entire lockdown for months wouldn't have been necessary... Which also brings me back to the endless money pit that is USA right now.. if we had all this money to pay everyone hundreds of billions of dollars to not work.. why the hell didn't the federal government tap into that endless supply of cash for preventive measures like national testing and have it done within the first half month of this entire breakout. I'm glad Covid19 wasn't the equivalent of Spanish flu, half the country would have probably died with this shitty response.
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