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  1. I did the yearly update of the security certificate for the site. Last time I did it was a year ago so if anyone sees any errors on the site let me know. 🤔
  2. Sledgstone

    YT thread

    I'm glad my relatives in Ohio are no where near this mess. What a huge disaster. I wouldn't trust any of that water or soil for growing edible plants in ever again. I bet anyone that was renting in that area will be fleeing. Anyone that owns a house there is screwed because all their property value has no doubt plummeted. I bet there will be all kinds of lawsuits just for the property value loss. https://www.vox.com/policy-and-politics/23597778/ohio-train-east-palestine-trainwreck-accident-chemical-norfolk wtf.. the train wasn't considered "high-hazardous" then wtf qualifies as high-hazardous... nuclear waste? wtf. And what a disastrous response from all the governments. Ohio governor doesn't declare it a disaster, Fema says its not a natural disaster so no help. Meanwhile I bet someone in Ohio is getting paid for letting dangerous chemicals to be transported through the state with no oversight. I know alot of politicians hate regulations and say "deregulation!" like crazy, but damn maybe there should be some better safety laws in place for the trains or prohibit these kinds of chemicals from being transported through populated areas or at least reduce their speed to prevent a catastrophic failure like this.
  3. Sledgstone

    YT thread

    Mario Kart movie from SNL: I would watch this movie if it was real.
  4. Two episodes in and its great so far. I was expecting alot of violence and theres been hardly any. lol. They have made some changes from the video game to live action and they make sense to me. Without spoiling, basically in the game you come across alot of information in the form of notes, writings, etc that you usually find on corpses or desks or drawers from looting. That would take to long in the show so they just have some random conversations with some person in the show that cover the key parts. There were other key changes to that I won't get into to avoid spoilers. At the end of the first episode there was a preview of episodes to come like a mini trailer. In one of the last segments of that quick clip of about 2 seconds I definitely saw a scene right from the last moments of the first game. And at the pace the second episode already covered it looks like the entirety of the first game will be done in this first season. Very fast pacing for the show and I'm glad they're not dragging it out into some 5 season mess of extra characters and BS. So far I am very impressed with the show and the sets are spot on accurate with scenes from the game. I am hoping more action starts up soon tho. Yes! lmao! When I saw him do that I thought to myself, then why the hell couldn't I get that gun at the beginning of the game!?
  5. The show does look great from the trailers I've seen. I'll watch the first episode later tonight. I've been looking forward to this show for a long time and I hope its a direct portrayal of the game to live action. Unfortunately neither of the two main actors look like their respective characters but I'm still hoping for the best. Hugh Jackman when he was in the movie Logan looked exactly like Joel at the time. He would have been an amazing Joel. Pedro Pascal is a great actor so I'm betting he'll do a great job and the only thing I've seen Bella Ramsey in was Game of Thrones. She was decent in that for the role she played and she had a great death scene in it fighting so maybe it'll work out good. I'm sure there will be plenty of people that complain after the first episode about the show being woke because Ellie is a lesbian. They probably never played the original dlc from the first game from almost 10 years ago. I'm expecting the show to be full of violence and focus almost entirely on that and strong character building.
  6. I've stayed away from this topic for a while because I've posted political predictions in it in the past. Over the past couple years I've gotten burned out on politics and I'm still burned out on all of it. I still think back to every politician that has ever said "drain the swamp!" but in the end it ends up being the same old people running everything that have been in power for most of my life. And I'm ageist towards all these old ass politicians. There is a minimum age to run for president and there should be a maximum age. As well as term limits for every single position of power. Both political parties need to "flush the toilet". Get rid of the old shits that have been sitting in the stagnant water. Get rid of anyone over the age of retirement. Flush them all. We'll still be stuck with toilet water but at least the shit will be gone for a bit. Will we get any age or term limits in 2023? No. We probably wont in our lifetimes but I can hope someday we'll be free of generational tyranny. Looking back on 2022: - After loosing my dad, I stopped exercising for half the year but didn't really change my diet much. I stayed about the same weight. For 2023 I've resumed my exercises and I'm trying to get into a better "fit" shape. I don't want to be muscular. I just want to be able to squat and pick something like 20 pounds or so. Having a desk job for 20 years has ravaged my leg muscles from inactivity. I'm working on improving my physical condition so I can be happier with myself and not feel so weak. - Alot of the movies have been pretty crappy. I'm sick of remakes. I want to watch original shows or movies that don't feel like I'm being spoon fed someone's objective. Saying that, the best series I have watched of 2022 was Wednesday. lol. I don't consider it a remake as they took a property that already existed and didn't reboot it. They took it and made something new out of it. That show was amazing. My other favorite shows have been Japanese and Korean. Alice in Borderlands was great and The Glory was awesome. I'm really looking forward to The Glory season 2. 2023 Predicitions: I don't have any at the moment. I'll post back when I think of some. lol.
  7. I'd like to own a steam deck someday, but for the price of it right now I'd rather put that money to a new PC first. Its hard to believe the Steam deck has been out for a full year already. I wonder how long it'll be before they release a Steam Deck 2.
  8. I thought about this topic the other day! I lmao when I saw you replied to it! I watched the first two episodes of the Willow sequel... ehhhhh.. They really dropped the ball on this. I don't know if it'll get better after episode 2 or not but I'm not going to bother checking. The first episode didn't even have Willow in it and it established a bunch of characters I have absolutely no love for in the slightest and when they finally show Willow in episode two, in the flashbacks he was nothing but complaints. I figure the first movie was just under two hours and with as much as they got accomplished in the movie in that time frame, established story, characters, beginning, ending... and in two hours of the Willow series all they accomplished was how lackluster the majority of the characters are and set the pace for how slow this would be dragged out for.
  9. I am shocked that Mass Effect Legendary edition will be free with PS+. I'll play these after I finish FFX, FFX2 and Witcher 3 remastered.. so maybe this time next year.
  10. This movie looks hilarious!
  11. Well my dryer broke after about 15 years and multiple repairs I've done over those years. I had to buy a new dryer. So far so good. I was finally able to get my laundry done again and my bathroom no longer smells like dirty socks and febreeze. XD

    1. slippers


      had to call sears technician to fix our dryer about six months ago. he said he would be back bc he had no tools to do the job right away, waiting for that numbnut turned into a week or two, finally called someone else, turned out a freaking bird was nesting on a vent exit and that was blocking the flow or whatever. fixed it less than 15 mins. i got the hang of air drying for awhile, but back to being convenient :D 

    2. Sledgstone


      I'm glad that was an easy fix! :D

    3. slippers


      the sears guy kept delaying and pushed back dated schedule. i knew what he was doing. he wanted an extra cash but didn't have time from his work so he made us wait a week after another week. even if he had attempted to fix it, he already told us he was going to vacuum a vent and probably overcharged us. screw that guy.  

  12. Years later and The Walking Dead has ended. They really milked this series. Overall it was a great show but did drag out a bit in different seasons. I'll miss the show and I'll try watching the two spin off series because they have introduced new walker varients that are a bit smarter now (climbing, picking up objects to use as weapons like rocks). I still have no interest at all in resuming Fear the Walking Dead because that show is hot garbage.
  13. Season 3 was decent with the synth life versus the AI mastermind, but I would have preferred a terminator style war. Season 4 was ok but felt so slow.. and thats the end because HBO cancelled it. https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/tv/tv-news/hbo-cancels-westworld-1235255955/
  14. FML my pressure tank is failing for my well. Its getting replaced next week. Getting a new whole house water filter installed too along with some new valves and safety upgrades. Props to the well company employee for giving me the tip of hooking up an air compressor to the pressure tank to put some air in the bladder to get the system gimping along until the repair work is done. I miss public water. lol.

    1. Sledgstone


      Got my pressure tank replaced. The water pressure in the house is much better now. :D

  15. 3 years later and Google has killed the Stadia platform. It looked like it was failed to start just from their pricing model and game costs regardless of actual streaming performance. https://kotaku.com/stadia-google-refund-cloud-streaming-assassins-creed-1849597014
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