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  1. I am shocked that Mass Effect Legendary edition will be free with PS+. I'll play these after I finish FFX, FFX2 and Witcher 3 remastered.. so maybe this time next year.
  2. This movie looks hilarious!
  3. Well my dryer broke after about 15 years and multiple repairs I've done over those years. I had to buy a new dryer. So far so good. I was finally able to get my laundry done again and my bathroom no longer smells like dirty socks and febreeze. XD

  4. Years later and The Walking Dead has ended. They really milked this series. Overall it was a great show but did drag out a bit in different seasons. I'll miss the show and I'll try watching the two spin off series because they have introduced new walker varients that are a bit smarter now (climbing, picking up objects to use as weapons like rocks). I still have no interest at all in resuming Fear the Walking Dead because that show is hot garbage.
  5. Season 3 was decent with the synth life versus the AI mastermind, but I would have preferred a terminator style war. Season 4 was ok but felt so slow.. and thats the end because HBO cancelled it. https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/tv/tv-news/hbo-cancels-westworld-1235255955/
  6. FML my pressure tank is failing for my well. Its getting replaced next week. Getting a new whole house water filter installed too along with some new valves and safety upgrades. Props to the well company employee for giving me the tip of hooking up an air compressor to the pressure tank to put some air in the bladder to get the system gimping along until the repair work is done. I miss public water. lol.

    1. Sledgstone


      Got my pressure tank replaced. The water pressure in the house is much better now. :D

  7. 3 years later and Google has killed the Stadia platform. It looked like it was failed to start just from their pricing model and game costs regardless of actual streaming performance. https://kotaku.com/stadia-google-refund-cloud-streaming-assassins-creed-1849597014
  8. This has been a busy summer. I'm almost looking forward to winter so I can get a break from all the lawn mowing and outside projects. Hopefully the snow blower I bought this year works good so I'll have alot of free time this winter to get caught up on things. When I've had free time I've been playing Final Fantasy X over the last 5 months and I've somehow finally hit 100 hours on it. Lol. Only took me about half a year. XD I still didn't beat it yet but I'm at the end game stuff now with the monster arena and omega ruins.

  9. FML one of my window air conditioners broke today while it was 96 degrees. x_x

    1. Pchan


      That blows ... hope you were able to get a new one quickly 

    2. Sledgstone


      Yeah, I picked one up that night. Its been so hot this summer my electric bill has gone up $40 a month with all the air conditioners running so much. x_x

  10. I got back from Ohio last night. My mom had a Remembrance Party in honor of my dad this last weekend. It was a really nice time. I'm glad I got to see so many people that knew my dad and talk to them about how he was a positive and/or great influence in their lives. The party was a bbq party too. My younger brother smoked 30 pounds of pulled pork and 20 pounds of bbq beef. I helped with the process. It was a great time. :D

  11. If you haven't played God of War yet, I highly suggest it. Amazing game that lived up to all my hype and expectations.
  12. It was a fun movie, they didn't stay true to the games at all with most of the plot coming from the fourth game but overall it was good special effects and kept a good pace with plenty of action. Although it did feel toned down with gun fights considering the amount of shooting takes place in the games. I'm guessing they did that to keep the rating family friendly. Tom Holland still looked way too young for the role imo.
  13. I watched Morbius a couple days ago. Ehh. I found the movie kind of boring and almost predictable. I think what I'm burned out most on is that every super hero or anti-villain movie is the same movie but with different characters. Like for example, Iron Man 1 his enemy in the first movie was another guy wearing a mechanized armor. Doctor Strange 1, his primary enemies were other wizards, Wandavision, her primary enemy is another witch, Black Widow finally got her own movie, ends up fighting other black widows, Venom 1 he fights another symbiote, Venom 2, he fights yet another symbiote. Omg. Its the same thing the Arrowverse on CW was doing for a solid 10 years, I don't understand how the hell Green arrow and flash kept fighting other archers or other speedsters. And that brings us back to Morbius, guess who Morbius fights? another vampire creature with identical powers. wtf. Props for Spider-Man tho, in all his reboots he has never fought another spider-man guy.
  14. Borderlands 3 is free until 5/26/2022 at 11:00 AM https://store.epicgames.com/en-US/p/borderlands-3
  15. My neighbor next door is moving so he had a full house sale over the weekend. I lucked out and bought his snowblower for $150. O_O Its got some years of use on it, but hes kept it in amazing shape. A new gas one like this is around $800+. I hope it works great this next winter. It could save me all kinds of time shoveling.

    1. DeathscytheX


      I'm already seeing videos in my head of you fixing it in the future. XD

    2. Sledgstone


      I'll make sure to send you a snapchat of it's first oil change. XD

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