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  1. Sledgstone

    YT thread

    That lightsaber build is cool. I was hoping it'd be able to slice right through objects like an actual light saber, but thats ok, it looks bad ass.
  2. The first season is 10 episodes. Really interesting concept for a show. And they have Ragnar. lol. Quick concept of the series.. Earth was ruined in a giant war between the religious (Not christians, a different religion that doesn't exist for us) versus the atheists. The planet in this series is where survivors of the conflict went to try to start over but the fighting continued there. Good acting, writing, etc. but the plot is a bit weird, I was hoping for more episodes to tie up the first season, either their production got cut off short because of COVID, or it was just odd pacing for a season finale that didn't really feel like a season finale. If you're craving a new scifi series, this is a good one.
  3. The trailer has quite a few spoilers IMO but it does show some action without going much into the plot. I highly highly recommend this series. Seasons 1 & 2 are on Amazon Prime. I finished season 2 a couple days ago. Awesome show, great cast, great acting, great writing, etc. Apparently its based off the comics that I didn't know about until after I finished season 2. Extremely violent, very gory at times, some sexual content and a crap load of dark humor. Its a completely different take on superheroes compared to DC and Marvel movies. Most of the supers have all kinds of issues and many of them have no problem killing people or letting people die in collateral damage.. and others are straight up psychotic but present themselves as America's beloved heroes. CG effects, costumes, etc. are all top notch too. I don't know what kind of massive budget Amazon threw at this series but it paid off IMO. Amazing show. Hard to believe the guy that made Supernatural made this show. I love Supernatural, but this show is filmed like a movie.
  4. I bought a new reciever last week to replace my broken one that died about 6+ months ago. I finally got a new hdmi cable from amazon the other day so now all my stuff is full surround sound again. Oh man I didn't realize how much I missed surround sound until I heard it in all its glory again. I love that all the receivers now have all the hdmi inputs on them and then it has an hdmi out to the tv. No more audio sync issues ever again. The only game I've tested so far is Starcraft 2. I stream it from my PC over 5ghz wifi to my nvidia shield. I love that shield, it auto recognizes its 5.1 surround and the game auto adjusts to the shields audio settings. And because SC2 is such an old game my PC has no problem playing it in 4k. So I've now played SC2 in my living room in 4k with surround sound. It's awesome. :D I need to try some ps4 games. I have genshin impact downloaded so I'll try that soon. Hopefully the deck work I need to do doesn't consume my entire weekend again.

    1. Sledgstone



      Best hdmi cables ever. Fully supports 4k, HDR, 60htz high speed, etc.

  5. I want to strangle the person and/or people who installed the deck at my house. They did everything wrong. x_x I think two more weekends of work and another $100 more in wood and hardware and I'll be done fixing its supports for this winter. They installed the deck right to the concrete blocks that act as a skirt around the house. These blocks do not provide any structural benefit to the house, its just a wall for the crawl space.. but these blocks are just stacked on each other and stucco'd so it all looks like a normal basement wall.. well the deck settled over the years and caused the back wall to start collapsing.

    These idiots didn't connect the deck hardware correctly and they had the far support beam that all the joists are connected to attached to those blocks.. Because the hardware wasn't secured the board bowed outwards into those blocks causing them to shift.. the weight of those blocks pulled on the board more and the issue compounded itself. So could I just jack up that board? Nope.. because I had to reinforce the corners and connect all the joists to that board first or the entire back of the deck would collapse. And its a big deck, 1,000+ pounds of wood. I fixed the corner, added support pieces, disconnected the concrete blocks from the wood, used these beefy ass clamps that I bought from Lowes to pull the board back into place and secure it to the joists with structural exterior screws.. and now I have to add 3 new 4x4 supports to distribute the weight away from that wall. Pain in my ass. I'm glad I have my 3 ton jack from when I used to do car work. That jack can lift any part of this deck no problem which has been very helpful during these repairs.

    Turns out that entire back beam was being secured to all the rest of the wood of the deck with only 10 nails and 4 screws. I can understand cutting corners to save money, but holy f*ck that was dangerous. And deck hardware is expensive as hell. I've dropped $100 easy on 4 boxes of different screws, nails and structural screws. Those structural screws are just over $1 a piece. It all adds up quick. After last weekend that board and the corner its attached to is now connected with 40 additional screws and 14 structural screws. Thats no even counting all the extra nails I put in on the corresponding opposite ends of all the joists. Each joist hanger is supposed to have 8 nails, four 1 1/2 nails and four 3 inch nails. These jack asses used 2 small nails for each joist hanger and literally set all the joists in them without connecting them.. all that weight just free floating. The only thing keeping them all in place was the deck boards we walk on on the top.. of course all of those deck boards were only connected with 4 screws each instead of 8 or 12 depending on the length of the boards. So when I was doing all the work, I had to leave those top deck boards in place to keep everything together while I crawled under there, only a 2 foot clearance, and did all that work. wtf.

    1. Sledgstone






      I was able to take one of the top boards of safely to get some light and to use my clamps at different angles. These are some pics just to show the work after. I added extra right angle connector pieces with extra screws to ensure the board stays in place because I don't know how many years it's been shifting and bowing like it was. It's pretty damn sturdy now.

    2. DeathscytheX


      As long as you guys have been living there already, its amazing no one got hurt.

    3. Sledgstone


      Very true. I'm thankful nobody's been hurt.

  6. I would have loved another season of into the badlands over this.
  7. My dad has stage 4 liver cancer. Its not operable. Hes going to have to start chemo soon. He had colon cancer last year but they were able to remove it. I'm hoping the chemo takes care of it.

    1. DeathscytheX


      Wowzers, thoughts and prayers. :sad:

    2. slippers


      this year sucks :( 

    3. Strider Hiryu

      Strider Hiryu

      Just when you can't think this year could get any worse. Here's to hoping he can kick it in the ass

  8. I beat Last of Us Part 2 a couple weeks ago. My opinion from watching Lady play it compared to my playthrough hasn't really changed. I will say though the combat is the real highlight of the game. When I got close to the halfway point of the game I realized I was playing stealth way too much and it was going too slow. Once I started running and gunning the game got so much more enjoyable. That was my fault for going too much stealth though, I was on I think normal difficulty but there really was a good amount of ammo and resources, especially with all the searching I did. Exploding arrows, rifle, molotovs, hunting pistol and pipe bombs where the best weapons in this game. Once I upgraded the damage for everything I realized after accidentally shooting someone's leg right off their body, the rifle and hunting pistols were beastly guns. After that I stopped going for most headshots and started aiming at legs for one hit kills as I blew everyones legs right off. They'd scream and bleed out. Very brutal. But the explosives.. holy hell.. the graphics and effects in this game... Limbs flying around and parts exploding, etc.. that looked like realistic damage someone would take from an explosion, so much blood. Eventually graphics are going to get so good it'll look like real people getting exploded. x_x
  9. The first episode of The Walking Dead: World Beyond was on last sunday. God that was boring. They took completely sheltered kids, made sure everyone of them is somehow a minority group, young black woman with an education, her sister that doesn't look related to her at all, maybe another minority and she was adopted?, nerd white kid, and white kid with I'm guessing aspergers or something. None of them are in good physical condition to fight off the undead. By the end of the episode they all leave their community together to go travel to NYC.. 1100 mile trip from where they are. This group making it to that location in the world of TWD is almost laughable. It felt like I was watching a combination of Stand by Me and a variety of other cliched movie themes but it takes place with zombies. The final scene where they all left together completely felt like watching the Hobbits leave the Shire together. A small group with no hopes of survival embarking on a huge journey. But it works out for the hobbits.. because it is fantasy with a crap load of amazing supporting hero characters. For TWD World Beyond, this group shouldn't survive the first 2 weeks outside their community walls. And none of them have even killed a walker before until that first day they went out.
  10. I think this was the most recent TWD topic.. TWD started going off a cliff when all the major actors started leaving. The season 10 finale.. but it wasn't the actual season 10 finale because now season 10 will have an extra 6 episodes. And season 11 will be the final season of TWD. https://www.digitalspy.com/tv/ustv/a33966590/walking-dead-cancelled-daryl-carol-spin-off/ Since they announced Carol and Daryl are getting their own spinoff they're now completely safe from death for the remaining 30 episodes so we know there will be no reason to fear for their safety in the slightest regardless of any circumstance their characters get into.. which is why the season 10 finale the other day felt rather boring.. there is Carol in a situation where she might die and we all know shes safe so when she survives there is no sense of relief or anything. Maybe if that episode actually aired when it was supposed to it would have felt more impactful. But in the end it felt kind of boring. Whatever spinoff show Carol and Daryl get needs to go to a drastically different location or something to make it something new. But even then I'm not feeling any interest in the show because if its a show dedicated to them they're all but guaranteed to never die, at least for the first season.. which means the show will bring in new characters, build them up and kill them off, but thats what TWD has been for years already. The way the show has been going for all of season 10 its basically been a Carol and Daryl series already.
  11. I missed that youtube video before it got taken down. I'm guessing it was a Trump having covid video. Seems like a giant publicity stunt seeing how every news station is hanging off his every word again. Even my local news app has been spamming me with Trump updates. I'm burned out trump. It's not possible to go a single day without seeing his face or hearing his voice on almost any medium I use for almost 5 years. Its been roughly 5 years (counting his initial primary election) of trump tv. I don't want to watch this reality show anymore and I hope it gets canceled.
  12. Hell yeah. This show is awesome. I'm glad they're already committed to a season 4.
  13. Sledgstone

    Humble Bundle

    https://www.humblebundle.com/games/you-can-pet-dog This is decent. Shenmue 1 & 2 for $4.80. Only a couple days left for this bundle though. I had Shenmue 1 for the Dreamcast but I had a bad disk because it would crash on me all the time so I never got the chance to get more than a couple hours into at the time.
  14. Those are pretty damn cool looking.
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