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  1. Sledgstone

    YT thread

    I've never really enjoyed seafood so I have no idea what the seafood is like around here aside from Doug's Fish Fry (google it to see the menu, its really popular in the tourism town of Skaneateles). Thats my only real go to for seafood, but when I do go there I always get the lobster rolls. Those things are heavenly. I know theres places around here that do large clam bakes and a bunch of other stuff but I've never been to any. Maybe they're using canned sauce? ehh. Theres definitely good, bad and ok NY style pizza places. The best ones make their own sauce and mozzarella fresh every morning. The couple places I prefer don't make their own cheese, but they do make their own fresh sauce. You can taste the difference, too many places use sugary canned marinara/pizza sauce. We'll eat Pizza Hut 3 or 4 times a year, but every time its like I'm signing a contract to clean out my bowels. That pizza hut will taste amazing but its so damn greasy, the next day I'll be sitting on the toilet regretting it. They have a huge variety of sauces and hot sauces. The roasted garlic honey bbq sauce is my favorite. Their Devil's Duel hot sauce is intense. Heres a video of a guy reviewing it. He must be mostly immune to spice though because he eats a spoonful and has no problem. wtf. We have some mexican places near me with great reviews and they actually sell mexican food, but I haven't gone to them yet. I usually make my own taco bell american style tacos at home. But even that is nothing at all compared to actual mexican food. I guess I just haven't been inspired to try it yet, maybe because I don't know what I'd like there. Those boiled peanuts reminds me of how you cook salt potatoes. Salt potatoes originated from this area, if you haven't tried it, I highly recommend it. Really good. They sell them all the time at the state fair here in small bowels with some butter and they're pretty popular for bbqs as a side dish. Heres a guy's recipe for making them from scratch: Usually I go to the store and buy a bag of salt potatoes, in the bag is the mini potatoes and a large bag of salt, we generally cook it in half batches since its just me and lady. They make a great side dish. Instead of a baked potato, put 2-4 of these on your dinner plate with a pad of butter on top. Really tasty. I never knew what a salt potato was until I moved to this area from Ohio. Boiling them in salt changed the texture a bit. And the outer skin is infused with salt so expect that an intense salt taste from them. lol. But the rest of the potato is a nice overly soft texture like a really well made baked potato except it retains alot more moisture than a baked potato without being juicy. If I come across a can of boiled peanuts at the store I'll try them. I've never even seen raw green peanuts for sale before.
  2. Sledgstone

    YT thread

    That sounds so nasty. ROTFLMAO! I don't know what nasty diet he was on, I have never heard of sugar and rice. I'll have to find a youtube video for food in our area. Theres alot of variety if you go to restaurants, homestyle food diners, fast food places, steak houses, local burger restaurants, italian places, BBQ (look up Dinosaur BBQ, great place), mexican, indian, chinese, japanese hibachi, etc. Theres a huge variety, but I hardly eat out. In terms of more prominent, I suppose we have alot of Italian, german and irish influences in this area. Theres an irish pub right down the road from me, but I still haven't tried the food there. Theres alot of Italian places and we have some of the best pizza in the country in NY. Most places here, you order a large pizza, you'll get a hand tossed thin crust pizza with a decent crust. When you pick it up, you can fold the pizza at the crust to help support the pizza so it doesn't flop downward when you aim it at your mouth. Our local stores sell giannelli sausage, wunderbar german bologna and a variety of other stuff, like hoffman franks, snappys and mustards. All stuff that came from this region. A snappy cooked on the grill and served with some pan cooked sausage and peppers with some mustard and ketchup and little relish, thats the shit right there. Serve it with some salt potatoes and thats an amazing summer meal here. We usually cook at home all the time. During the summer I'll bbq or grill. During the summer I'll cook steaks on the cast iron so I don't have to grill in the snow. Lady will make meatballs in the crockpot, served with rigatoni or angel hair pasta, we'll do meatloafs, pork chops, pork loins, beef stew, beef roast, pork roast, beef and veggie soup, steaks, pork steaks, ribs, jerky style ribs, pulled pork, plenty of veggies, lots of baked potatoes, mashed potatoes, homemade potato fries, etc. etc. btw, I forgot to ask, wtf is a boiled peanut!? Oh, and I have never heard of memes about unsweetened tea until just now.
  3. I think she was an undercover prostitute? She had amnesia at the time and was hooked up with some mob boss guy. They were apparently f*cking in their relationship, but she was actually playing him to get info about some girl she was trying to find, who ended up being Raven.. and none of that made sense because Corey (starfire, because nobody uses a superhero name in this show) was in some other country like Argentina or something and these mob/ criminal boss ppl had info about a teen girl in ohio. Wtf. When Corey finally got her memory back she didn't flash back to any of that, nor explain anything she did that lead her to those ppl... and she didn't even bother to change her clothes because I guess her character liked dressing like a prostitute? Wtf. We eventually find out she is royalty so it's even more baffling why she dressed like that to begin with. She even had another neon purple outfit she switched to halfway during season 1 that didn't look good either. And her character is very open to sex, which makes her even more different from her comic counterpart. I don't care what race she is, her character is supposed to be orange and beastboy is supposed to be green. Im guessing the show runners didn't want to deal with all the makeup and decided to cast them both as minorities instead, ok then. The guy that played Bruce Wayne was whatshisface from GoT. Old dude with no muscles. That was almost more unbelievable. Lol. I always expect batman to be a big muscular guy but I guess he doesn't always have to be. Ehh.
  4. Sledgstone

    YT thread

    The manners in the south sounds like almost every place I've been to in the North except for impoverished neighborhoods. I think the USA is mostly a friendly place. I had a coworker from Pakistan who always said everyone is so nice here. "In pakistan as soon as you walk into a store, people start judging you by your clothes, your way of walking, the way you present yourself. Meanwhile here in NY, if someone walks in front of you while you're looking at a shelf they'll say "excuse me", that never happens in Pakistan. Someone even complimented my dress the other day. Its a night and day difference. Everyone is so nice here." I've never been to NYC so I can't say how their manners are or not, I've heard mostly nice things tho. I have eaten grits once in my life and didn't like it. Maybe it wasn't made well.. but the texture was nasty to me. I have 4 boxes of tea packets for unsweeted tea in my cupboard. I drink a cup about once or twice a week, I'm mostly a coffee person, but my parents drink unsweetened tea all day every day. The restaurants here usually serve both, most sweet tea is brisk and served at fast food along with all the other sodas. BBQ = smoked meat. Back before I learned the power of smoked meat people would refer to all gatherings of people eating meat off a grill as a BBQ, but not for me. When me or my friends have a BBQ theres smoked pulled pork involved, or smoked ribs, or something else smoked. And usually accompanied by grilled food as well. If I ever visit the south, the only places I'd eat at would be all the different BBQ. Chicken and waffles and biscuits and gravy as a meal never looked appealing to me. My brother and his family will make biscuits and gravy, but the only biscuits I ever eat are the ones from KFC they throw in the box or during holiday meals. I've changed my eating habits alot over the years tho and hardly ever eat out anymore. I go to restaurants like a couple times a year and fast food maybe once a week during winter and every other week in the summer. I should find a video like this for the Northeast. Everyone hears NY and think NYC. That city is basically in New Jersey and doesn't look anything like the rest of the state. Meanwhile I say a video about the NE because most of NY gets snow like the rest of the northeast states, but if you go to PA or OH, the weather is drastically more mild. Like in OH right now they're having spring with flowers already starting to bloom, meanwhile at my house theres still 6 inches of compacted snow all over the place as far as the eye can see.
  5. I watched it and I was surprised. I was expecting a boring movie made just to win an Oscar for emotional acting, and instead I was pleasantly surprised to enjoy a very well made movie. It was great in how it showcased mental instability leading to an eventual tragic ending. The acting was great and I'm glad they made this movie instead of focusing on that horrible Joker from Suicide Squad.
  6. The trailer is a year old and shows Netflix, but thats only for netflix outside of the US because in the US every f*cking company is its own streaming service now but outside of the US every company like DC universe and CBS All access sells all their content to Netflix still. Anyway, this trailer is horrible. lol. I watched both seasons 1 & 2. I have no idea when season 3 will be coming out. Season 1 was decent. If you watched the old cartoon and enjoyed it you'll be mostly disappointed. The characters are all over the place. Everyone mostly goes by their actual names instead of their superhero identities for some damn reason, even out in combat, who needs a secret identity I guess? All their powers or abilities are gimped to all hell. Robin/ Dick Grayson was ok in the first season, Raven is a complete mess "I can't control my powers", Starfire is a prostitute working with some mob guys and has amnesia? wtf? And her powers are so gimped, all she can do is shoot some fire, but only during the day... wtf? Thats like saying heres Superman, but he can only lift heavy things and move slightly faster than a regular person. Hawk and Dove are in this and they're probably the best characters in the series aside from Wondergirl/Donna Troy. And beastboy / Garth can only change into a tiger, instead of all animals.. and he sucks at it, takes forever, ends up naked afterwards and is absolutely nothing like his actual comic/ cartoon counterpart when it comes to fast changing animal combat. With that said, season 1 was actually pretty good. It was an interesting take on a group of people finding each other, helping each other out and forming a team. Season 2 completely fell apart. Season 2 was garbage writing, plot, etc. There were so many inconsistencies and flaws with almost every scenario. If season 1 was about an origin for everyone, fine, but season 2 should have been them fighting crime and being super heros... but instead its extremely slow with everyone hanging out at the Titan Tower, while all their lives crumble around them and the season dives into everyone's crumbling personal lives while nobody saves anybody or does anything to actually help the public until the very last episode. The only hero that actually did anything worth a damn in this series was Dove, she consistently did the right thing and beat peoples asses. Everyone else is just a trainwreck. I could go into more detail about how season 2 was a failure, but I'm sure theres youtube videos about it. Don't bother getting DC Universe streaming for this. And if a season 3 is coming it looks like it'll focus on Starfire for some reason, even more reason to pass. The actress is good, but the character and writing they give her is horrible. Starfire is an alien, and she'll talk about it, even to another guy from her planet, but they don't bother showing the planet in any kind of flashback, nor give any significant details about it except for some bad disney princess sounding plot line. She did get her memories back and it didn't change her character at all. wtf. I thought she'd start flying around, owning shit... nope. She can still only move as fast as a regular person, no flying and can only shoot some fire on occasion.
  7. Westworld season 2 was damn good. Robot uprising! Season 3 looks like it could become a prequel for terminator's robot apocalypse.
  8. I'm still getting PC crashes. I think its still my RAM, so I pulled another chip out and I'm testing it today. I've been having about 1-2 crashes a day lately and some days none, but the last 2 days its crashed 6-7 times each day. wtf. I'm down to 6gb of ram now assuming the 4 gb chip I pulled out was the bad one. I'd like to buy a new computer at this point, but if it is just the RAM causing these issues I'd be fine with dropping $50 or so on new memory. I just want my PC to be stable. x_x

    1. Sledgstone


      Holy crap, I did have 2 bad sticks of RAM. After I pulled that one out last thursday my PC hasn't crashed once. And I found out my games crashing was because of a virtual memory setting I manually changed to give the system stability months ago was no longer valid, or auto changed to a lower amount. I switched that back to windows auto managed and even my games aren't crashing anymore. :D *knocks on wood* I'll still replace this remaining memory soon just to be on the safe side in case all the RAM is going bad.

  9. I still didn't get those last couple episodes finished yet, but I finally got my skyscale maxed out. That cling to walls for the extra height boost is perfect. It has its limitations, but the amount of times I've landed right on the edge of something and clung the wall instead will no longer aggravate me. This mount is awesome now. I even converted some gold to gems and bought that fire skin for it. It looks great because it has 4 dye channels. The default colors are meh, but if you apply shadow abyss to the main body color it looks great. My necro has green flames with it now. I'll have to take a video and screenshots of it soon.
  10. Got my taxes done yesterday. I hate doing taxes. x_x H&R Block software works good for me tho.

    1. DeathscytheX


      I've used TurboTax for years. I did mine the day i got my w2, and got my return last week. XD

    2. Sledgstone


      This year was odd for me because I had to wait for 2 w2s and some bank forms for the mortgage. Now I know what to wait for next year so I can get them done asap next time. My taxes are already getting spent. New summer tires for the car and propane to finish heating for the winter. Ehh.  -_-;

  11. I forgot to reply after watching season 2 just over a year ago. It was much better than season 1. I like how they're keeping the series going after Dracula is dead. Considering they left multiple enemies in place for season 3 it'll be good to watch some more carnage.
  12. Yeah, that person in the first clip must not have known how to play a 3rd person shooter, or the controls were really bad in that build. But that second clip looks like a solid game. This is much better than I thought it was going to be. I'm surprised they canceled this.
  13. Sledgstone

    YT thread

    The flu is so much more dangerous right now. The media loves to keep everyone in a state of perpetual fear or anger. Its all click baits to. Because its something new there is no existing google search results. So the more they talk about it, the more traffic they'll flood to their sites, the more ads they sell and the more viewers they get, until those search results become saturated and then they move onto the next new scare inducing click bait thing.
  14. Jeez. Maybe thats why they want that re-invention... they see the potential for multiple sequels than they do for current expansions. Perhaps if they get the game running strong and show they will support it then any potential sequels will sell a hell of a lot better. I agree with you about dollars to hours though. 40-60 hours of solid entertainment is easily worth $60 to me. I need to watch those CoD videos you posted in the other topic. The whole battle pass system some games are using seem to be much better than the outdated premium / season pass of old.
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