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  1. I tried watching that new sailor moon on Netflix and I just couldn't get into it. The animation was decent but after 3 episodes I felt bored.
  2. I had a good time with the BF 2042 beta and it definitely feels like BF4 again. My biggest issues are with spotting. Spotting still seemed non existent to me. I could spot someone or a vehicle and that spot lasted a whole .05 of a second. The only time spotting felt good was with the recon drone. I was able to get alot of spotting done and it felt like I was a huge help to my team when I was doing it, but I received absolutely no points for spotting, no kill assists, no anything. Even though I was helping the team there was no incentive at all for me to continue doing so. Also, one of the attack helicopter seats was for spotting and that was it. That helicopter moves so fast to try to avoid being shot down that spotting seat was completely pointless. Not only was it incapable of spotting anyone or anything, the camera almost induces motion sickness. That seat was pointless and all it did was give me a few points towards the helicopter by leaching off the pilot doing all the game play. They need to add bombs or something to that helicopter seat to make it at least somewhat functional. The gun play was good, but I had an easier time sniping people with an engineer kit crouched with a tripod than I did with a sniper rifle. I liked the gadgets, especially the heat seeker missiles to shoot down air vehicles. The PC version felt better than the PS4 version, mostly because the PS4 beta seemed much less populated on the large maps with only 64 players. The 128 players on PC was a huge difference. I felt like I was running into people and enemies constantly which was nice. Overall it was a good beta, but I personally didn't get that joy I used to have with BF4. I'm thinking its just my own personal preferences that have changed over the years. I definitely prefer single player campaign games nowadays over multiplayers. Edit: Heres my one good highlight from my PC gameplay. My weapons and gadgets are all over the place because I was using the mouse scroll wheel to swap around.
  3. October kind of sucks. I don't think I'll play any of these games. 🤔
  4. My prediction is the 3.5 trillion bill will pass and all those people getting massive child tax credits aka "breeder money" will have money burning holes in their pockets to keep spending for the next 4 years and inflation will continue going up as a result of people having way more money than they are used to having. And as a result, people who never got huge money or increases in pay or large payouts of stimuluses will have their buying power further reduced with the higher prices of supply and demand. Since the unemployment bonus ended, it looks like around here people are applying for jobs again, at least according to staffing agencies: https://cnycentral.com/news/local/syracuse-staffing-agency-sees-record-high-demand-as-americans-return-to-the-workforce-09-20-2021
  5. I had more to add to this, but my response is generating a server error. I'm not sure if this is a software error or a server thing. I'll look into it over this week. wtf.
  6. That whole 3.5 trillion infrastructure bill pisses me off. I haven't read all the stuff involved in it, but from what I have seen they want to extend the huge child credit that everyone with kids got from the last stimulus to last another 4 years minimum. WTF. They can justify giving $250-$300 per kid per month increase for every single family in the USA (thats 74.2 million kids that qualify for this huge money per month), but SSI recipients (8 million in the USA) and the disabled still only make just under $800 a month to live on which is below the federal minimum wage of $7.25 an hour/40 hour work week. My friend has 3 kids, him and the wife work good jobs and the government gives them $750 a month extra because "thats barely enough to live off of and we need kids out of poverty" just because they had kids. WTF. It was the same with the unemployment money they did. $600 extra a week, A WEEK! when covid first happened, because that was the bare minimum to live off of WTF. and even when it was reduced to $300 a week, thats still more money than disabled people get. WTF. Meanwhile I'll google almost anything about SSI and social security and all I see is, "the funds will run out and benefits will be cut in the near future!" again.. WTF. They don't have money to actually raise the SSI income of the elderly and disabled to the bare standard of federal minimum wage, or heaven forbid, increase it to the actual poverty line income, but instead they have endless money to give breeders excess cash hand over fist. They somehow have money to give people money that don't even need it while giving a big FU to the people who do. F*ck their trillions of dollars spending bill. I hope it fails at this point. None of these politicians understand what people actually need help, nor do they understand their actual constituents at all.
  7. The alternator on my car died yesterday. x_x I'm getting quotes today to see how much to get it fixed. fml. I still have an exhaust issue with the car to but the two places I've gotten quotes from of course don't want to patch the hole, they will only replace my entire exhaust system. wtf.

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    2. slippers


      yeah i heard about that chip shortage. that sucks. :( what brand are you getting? how much?

    3. Sledgstone


      I'm going to get another Toyota corolla. This one will be a 2022 model and cost a little over $21,000.

    4. slippers


      good choice. 👍 my brother’s toyota corolla 1999 lasted me until 2013 without any major probs. my current toyota yaris 2013 is ok but back when i was purchasing it, a car salesman warned me that its a hybrid so it would be hard to get parts if it needed. over the years, getting a new tire was a pain bc it took 2 weeks to order it. but now with all these shortages idk. i do have some old spare tires in my garage though..patched up after hitting nails and stuff like that.

  8. I want to play this sequel so bad. I need to see how it all unfolds. They did so amazing with the plot with that last game. I'm wondering if they're going to do some BS thing at the beginning of the game like they did with all other God of War sequels... Some event happens that causes Kratos to loose the majority of his powers, yada yada yada. Watch them do it again but this time it'll be Freya doing it to him with some kind of curse or magic that locks away a huge chunk of his abilities.
  9. It looks good, but graphically speaking I don't see any significant improvements over the last game to make it a PS5 exclusive instead of being released cross-gen. That PS4 game had amazing graphics and this does look about the same. I'd buy this game asap when it comes out if I had a PS5 to play it on.
  10. This game is easily as massive as Final Fantasy VII. Seeing as the FFVII Remake barely made it out of Midgar in the first game and the Midgar portion of it was only the first hour or so, I'm guessing it'll be 5 games of KOTOR Remake before we make it off of Taris.
  11. Its the same developer that did the recent Spider-Man games. It could be really good.
  12. Nioh: The Complete Edition is free on Epic game store until 09/16/2021 at 11 am: https://www.epicgames.com/store/en-US/p/nioh-the-complete-edition Sheltered is free on Epic game store until 09/16/2021 at 11 am: https://www.epicgames.com/store/en-US/p/sheltered
  13. I still haven't watched the second or third movies in their entirety. I got confused at one point and watched part of the third movie years after seeing the first movie and then part of the second a few months after that and lost most of my interest in the franchise because they didn't name the movies Matrix 2 and Matrix 3. I'll watch them in order now that a new one is coming out.
  14. Ehh. Overcooked looks like the best game out this.
  15. I'm still surprised Biden hasn't died of old age yet. Any other job in America a 70+ year old would be unfit for almost every job, but the USA keeps electing them as presidents. wtf. This withdrawal was a failure and that is on Biden. It should have been done better. I still think the Taliban were already there like in that Captain America winter soldier movie. The US was training "afghans" for 20 years, but the majority of them must have been Talaban because as soon as the Taliban start attacking, the afghans put up no real fight and welcomed them back in with open arms. It was all done in a few days because they were basically already in power to begin with and just had to finalize it. And look at all the weapons and vehicles we left behind, wtf: https://www.npr.org/2021/08/21/1029449432/taliban-afghanistan-us-weapons-captured We did need to get out of there because it will never end. The people of the middle east are drastically different to our society due to their strict religious beliefs and enforcement of those religious laws. We would never change their way of thinking and enforcement of those beliefs just like we could never possibly eliminate religious zealots in our own country. The USA doesn't need to be controlling another country, we were funneling crazy amounts of money and resources there that could have been spent on our own infrastructure instead of theirs. Edit: added this part. I still don't like how in the USA we have politians that want to enforce their religious beliefs into our laws. It sets a precedent. Islam is a faster growing religion that Christianity. We could some day have Islam communities rise to political power in the US and start enforcing parts of their islam laws like how some predominantly Christian states have their own specific laws like "lottery is illegal." Or like how some counties in the US are "dry counties" and the sale of alcohol is banned because those things are seen as sins.
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