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  1. I just renewed the SSL certificate for the first time. That was pretty straight forward. I'll update the forum software soon too. Maybe this upcoming weekend. On a side note.. dentist appointment tomorrow for a sensitivity issue with a filling or two. Damn my crappy teeth. x_x

  2. Ah your picture isn't loading. I think I know who you're talking about tho.
  3. This show was awesome and its dubbed really good. Its a South Korean horror drama and its really amazing. The cg, special effects, acting, characters, etc. was all really good. I highly recommend watching it. What I really liked is that it is a unique apocalypse and not another zombie show. My only problem is I had the hardest time remembering everyones names, but thats probably just me because I'm not used to Korean names. x_x I really hope they make a season 2 because the ending was great.
  4. Season 3 was good. Seemed a bit oddly paced at times with random time skips. I'm guessing thats to try to compensate for covid and the kids growing up faster than the show.
  5. A friend of Lady's that works in healthcare got her first dose of one of the covid vaccines yesterday. So far shes had no reactions to it which is good. Also, that same woman that got the vaccine lost her mother in law to covid. Some of the local stores around a 8 minute drive from my house have been closing up with no details. An Ollies bargain outlet sent me an email about being closed until further notice. People are saying they don't have enough staff to keep open because so many have covid. Edit: I forgot to say that same Ollies is basically right across the street from the company my friend works at. He got covid and has been sick for a while but he seems to be doing alot better now. Took about 2 weeks for it to run its course through him. I'll probably see him this weekend to hang outside with him for a while.. while wearing masks and keeping some distance.
  6. I remember back when alot of people called Obama "King Obama" and were worried he'd never leave office and would come in the middle of the night to take everyone's rights and guns away... and when it came time for a transfer of power there was no issue whatsoever.. and the last couple years people were saying Trump is showing all the signs of a potential dictator.. and now the world is looking at us like we need help and they pity us. https://www.bbc.com/news/blogs-the-papers-55568723 I wonder if he'll start a war in the next couple weeks while he still has power just to burn the whole country down on his way out. I was wrong with this prediction. I never thought the democrats would have gotten the senate too. We heard "lock her up" about Hillary Clinton for years in regards to Benghazi and the 4 deaths there.. I wonder if we'll hear the same about Trump considering he incited people to march to the capitol as a show of force an hour before it happened and 4 people died as a result. https://www.npr.org/sections/congress-electoral-college-tally-live-updates/2021/01/07/954333542/four-dead-police-injured-dozens-arrested-after-siege-at-the-u-s-capitol
  7. Sledgstone

    PS Plus Games

    Well, the Playstation app was giving me crap earlier, so I added the free games through their website: https://www.playstation.com/en-us/ps-plus/this-month-on-ps-plus/ Turns out you can also get a free Tiger skin evolution dlc for Maneater with this link.. which for some reason isn't shown as dlc from the actual Maneater store page: https://store.playstation.com/en-us/product/UP0115-CUSA14519_00-TGRSKN0000000000
  8. Lmao! I almost ate a McRib yesterday but I remembered banquet frozen rib meat tastes better. I'll miss that subway teriyaki chicken with sweet onion sauce... but there's another location right in the Walmart I shop at if I get desperate for a sub. I also forgot to say... my friend and his 1 year old son both got covid. The baby had a fever for a couple days and was fine. But my friend had some high fevers that came and went over 1.5 weeks and the first 3 days he said everything tasted off, but by the end of the week he had no sense of taste at all. It's been almost 2 weeks and he's doing better now.
  9. I checked my bank account this morning and me and lady both got our $600 stimuluses as of today. The system in place for depositing stimulus money from last time must have all the bugs worked out because thats a hell of alot faster money deposit than last time. The subway near my house permanently closed. They definitely stayed closed way to long with covid initially hit. When all the restaurants re-opened that location stayed closed for an extra handful of months for some reason before finally opening back up. Too little too late. That building is completely vacant now. I found a link on syracuse.com with permanent closings of different restaurants in the surrounding area. https://www.syracuse.com/restaurants/2020/12/how-brutal-has-2020-been-for-cny-restaurants-can-it-get-worse-see-closings-list.html
  10. Sledgstone

    PS Plus Games

    Shadow of the tomb raider was a beautiful game. It wasn't as good as the first 2, not as much combat and hunting sucked, but it was decent. You don't need to play the first 2 games to get into it since the game catches you up pretty quick. It's a good game for exploring and doing non combat tomb puzzle challenges.
  11. I lucked out with slickdeals this weekend. I got a couple 2tb hard drives from Walmart for $35 each and 20 bags of garden soil for $1.50 a bag. :D now i have a 2tb hard drive on my ps4 and a bunch of games already redownloaded. That old 500gb hard drive was full all the time. And that dirt was the best deal. Regular $8 a bag. I got $160 of top soil for $32... only 800 pounds of dirt in my car i had to unload. XD my rear shocks were almost completely compressed down. XD

    Here's the link to the Walmart hard drive deal. It varies by store if they have it in stock and on sale or not. Online its $69.99. It's an in store only clearance.


  12. It was a fun movie. The first one was definitely much better. I liked the colors of her new armor because the more vibrant colors went well with all the colors of the 80s, but it doesn't actually look like armor anymore compared to the first movie, especially her boots. I watched it on Christmas, and now that its been a few days it got me wondering what the point of the flashback to Themyscira was about at the beginning of the movie. I don't see how any of that tied into the plot. Although it was awesome to see Hippolyta in her armor again. What really surprised me was Kristen Wiig, she played a great character. Overall it was a fun movie, the action was great and Gal Gadot looks beautiful in costume and is a bad ass Wonder Woman. The first movie had much better writing and more cohesive plot.
  13. The movie "Fatman" was great. Mel Gibson is Santa Claus. Its a dark and violent movie. Lol. Assassin: "I'm here for your head fatman!" Santa: "you think you're the first?" *gun battle starts*
  14. I tried the deepfake software a few years ago to see how it worked. It's interesting because you need a crapload of source material, basically face shots of the person you want to duplicate at every angle and facial expression possible. They are scripts that you can run that will auto grab and crop the person's face out of movie scenes and interviews off youtube videos. Then in the target video you want to override the face you select the person in it, reference the folder with the thousands of face shots and set the program to go. But there's some catches... the person you swap the face with has to look very similar to begin with, bone structure, eyes, check bones, eyebrows, etc. Because the final product is more of a face merge than swap. The closer the person looks like the image the more accurate it'll look like a face swap. That Luke one looked as good as it did because the cg Luke looked pretty damn spot on. Basically Disney could do the cg de-aging they do now and then do the deep fake as a final layer and it'd be perfect. If a deepfake person tried to put lukes face on qui gon jin in episode 1 it'd most likely look like ass. The other issue when I tried to make a deepfake was processing time. Because it's an AI script you have to let it do its thing. It takes an ass load of gpu processing power and alot of time. I have a gtx 1060 with 6gb ram at the time and that was pretty good, but even after letting the script run over night for a week 6 hours a night the deep fake I was trying still looked like crap.
  15. I thought we were going to get that $600 one. I'm not expecting anything anytime soon at this point. And closing businesses seems so damn stupid to me even more now. I went to the grocery store yesterday and they were slamming busy. I'm sure Walmart was having one of the busiest days ever to. Those places were never shut down during all of 2020 and if they can be this packed now and that's OK, I don't see how having a small gift store/ small business or movie theater being closed is helping keep the public safe at all.
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