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  1. That J & J vaccine getting stopped seemed like a pointless scare tactic by the media. It was 6 people out of 6.8 million that got blood clots that might or might not have been related to it. Thats a 0.0000147% chance of getting a blood clot. In comparison, peloton treadmills caused 70 injuries and 1 death out of 125,000 units sold. Thats a 0.06 injury rate. Theres almost a 5,000 times greater risk of getting injured or killed by a peloton treadmill than getting a blood clot from a vaccine. But the moment someone gets a vaccine and something happens to them, its the vaccine's fault according to everyone. The media jumps on that story too because its a way to make people scared. All the "news" channels aren't happy unless they can make their audience afraid of something or angry at something because its good for their ratings. My understanding is that the travel ban is in effect because over 1/3 of the US population refuses to get the vaccine. The vaccine won't work when people don't get it. If you hold out long enough eventually enough people will get the vaccine so herd immunity should be good. Assuming enough people eventually get it. If not I guess we'll all just wear masks the rest of our lives. x_x Honestly its your choice about getting a vaccine. After the second dose I was groggy the next day, but I've been fine since. Hell, I'm going to have some bbqs this summer. Most of the people I know around here have all been vaccinated. My neighbors across the street got the moderna, lady's mom got the J&J just over a month ago and she didn't even get a sore arm or any side effects. My parents both got moderna and everyone at my dentist got pfizer. I know more people that got the vaccine than I do for people who got covid. I will say tho, my one friend got covid a few months ago and he crapped constant diarrhea for 2 weeks and lost his sense of taste for 2 months, even drinking water made him crap. That convinced me to get the vaccine.
  2. Me and lady both got our second doses of Pfizer last Friday. We both got some side effects the next day. Arm soreness, light overall body fatigue and tiredness. I still got all my regular Saturday stuff done like mowing, etc. But I was feeling a bit groggy. By Sunday morning we were both back to normal.
  3. I thought it was a fun movie. The acting was bad and the plot wasn't good, but the fights and cg were great. The main character was pretty dull and his fight scenes weren't the best. I was expecting a syfy quality B-movie plot with triple A special effects budget and I wasn't really disappointed because my expectations were so low. But I'll have to say my biggest gripe is that it is a movie about Mortal Kombat, which is a tournament... and in the movie they never did the tournament. wtf. I read they'll make at least 1 or 2 more sequels and that was planned. But even so they could have done a second tournament in a second movie. And Liu Kang's character seems like a wasted opportunity because he had no real substance. Also, for the characters to have abilities because of a mortal kombat mark on their bodies seemed like lazy writing, but I did like that they all had their powers from the games as it made for good special effects. My favorite character was Kano.
  4. Horizon Zero Dawn: Complete Edition is currently free for PS4 until May 14 at 11:00 pm EST. PS+ is not required to add the game to your library for free. https://blog.playstation.com/2021/04/19/play-at-home-update-horizon-zero-dawn-complete-edition-free-starting-today/ https://www.playstation.com/en-us/games/horizon-zero-dawn/ I loved this game. Combat was great and the story was an epic sci-fi adventure. For anyone new to this game, do not underestimate the usefulness of the Ropecaster. It does no damage, but it is amazing for enemy management to keep some in check when getting overwhelmed, because alot of enemies in this game will charge like all hell and do not let up.
  5. I have to get a dead tree cut down on my property. Its going to cost me $500. x_x But that doesn't include the removal. To save money I'll borrow a chainsaw from one of my friends and cut up the pieces myself. The tree is tall enough that when it eventually falls, it could hit my house, the garage, the deck, the pool (when its up for the summer) or my propane tanks so its got to come down.

    1. slippers


      i dont think $500 is that much considering the risk you have to take, especially that high. it sounds very dangerous to do it on your own O_o..a couple years back a bar owner across the store tried to fix a sign by himself when a ladder slipped and he was dangling on an edge of a roof. his head cracked open when he fell backward and hit a top corner of the ladder that was already on the ground. i could see him from inside the store through the window and damn his blood was everywhere..so messy but lucky he didnt break his neck. and just last week my coworker was cutting tree branches on his day off when he fell from a 12 ft something ladder. he hurt his back and hip but refusing to take xray/mri bc he says its expensive. he rested 5 days and then came back to work with a little limp. he says something inside is poking his hip bone when walking but hes running on pain killers hospital gave him. and theres a customer who shattered both of his heels when his belt that was holding him to a tree broke and it took him 6 months to get out of a wheelchair. he cant even walk normally anymore. for me though i passed out while trying to climb a 5ft ladder LOL trying to change a lightbulb and almost broke my right shoulder and arm when i hit the wall with window bars behind it. my stupid arm got caught and it broke my fall but damn that was painful waking up to that. i dont even know why blanked out.

    2. Sledgstone


      Holy crap. O_O Yeah screw that. All that sounds like horror stories to me. I'm ok on a small ladder like working on my single story roof gutters or getting on a ladder to do light bulbs and stuff, but this tree is roughly 36-38 inches wide and probably 50 feet in the air. Its too near the house to safely cut because it could potentially still hit the house because of the angle of the huge part of the tree's trunk. This tree guy is fully insured so if he falls to his death or hits the house with part of the tree, his insurance will cover it. x_x The tree guy said he'll climb up there, tie off ropes at multiple locations and take the tree down in 4-5 large cuts as he climbs back down it.

    3. Sledgstone


      Tree guy came over and took care of the job. He got it down in about 6-7 cuts.






  6. Sledgstone

    PS Plus Games

    I got Days Gone with the free PS5 game pack.. I tried to like it... It plays very similar to Last of Us, but the entire motorcycle aspect and never ending zombies annoyed the hell out of me way too much. I cleared out an area, went to grab some loot, next thing I know I'm being attacked again. The zombies were just spawning somewhere off in the distance and they'd just keep coming. I swear there was no way I could just explore without being harassed by something. Combo that with driving a loud motorcycle around that draws there attention and it got even more annoying. Theres hardly any roads but there is plenty of paths for the motorcycle. And I sucked at driving it. So I'd clip the damn thing on rocks or in a small river or graze a tree, well then the motorcycle takes damage and I have to repair it, or it would be in a spot where my guy couldn't get it back up right so then I'd have to respawn the motorcycle so I could get back on it, and thats when the game decides to spawn it a half mile from me. On my way to getting the bike I got attacked by 20 zombies. I couldn't just rush to it because these things run.. and the bike was damaged so I needed to clear some out to repair it first. Screw all that. I'm glad the game was free. Oddworld looks interesting.
  7. Sledgstone

    Playstation 5

    https://blog.playstation.com/2021/04/13/ps5-april-update-brings-new-storage-options-and-social-features/ At least the PS5 can cold store the games on an external now instead of having to redownload or install all the time when swapping between multiple games. Still can't play off an external but at least its progress towards the space limitations of the small SSD the system comes with.
  8. Looks like it'll be another season of Clone Wars but starring the bad batch. I'm cool with that.
  9. There was no huge extra cameo in the last episode, but damn this was a satisfying series in the end with an epic finale. Get past the first 3 episodes and its a completely solid amazing show.
  10. The only way we'll get any significant change is if we can get term limits and maximum age limits put in place for all political positions. The two political parties are all back and forth with their extremist views and they'll never agree with each other. Aside from the presidents that get swapped out, everyone in the highest positions of power are almost all the same old people that have been in power since I was a kid. They'll never agree on anything so they should all go. Instead they'll all keep hold of their power until the day they die. China could screw our country hard in a single day by selling its US debt holdings. China and Japan both hold over $1 trillion each of US debt and they can call in that debt whenever they want By selling their treasury bond holdings. As well as all our goods being imported from China our nation is completely dependant on China to continue functioning. They basically have us by the balls. They will be the main super power in the future surpassing the constantly divided seesaw USA. Neither Trump nor Biden should have ever been president. These old dicks don't represent the actual real average American in the slightest. https://politics.theonion.com/stress-of-presidency-already-ages-biden-10-years-1845565660 I laugh at this, but at the same time this is what he is now. I will be honestly surprised if he actually lives through all 4 years of his presidency. Back to the latest covid stimulus people on SSI will get their $1400 stimulus this upcoming Wednesday April 7th: https://www.cbsnews.com/news/stimulus-check-social-security-recipients-payment-irs-april-7-deposit/
  11. Regardless if it came from a lab or from some wet market it originated from China. I'm really surprised there isn't alot more news of countries raging against China's government and it's policies for causing all this. Instead we have asians around the world getting attacked with race crimes which is pointless as they're regular people like everyone else that don't deserve that shit and they have nothing to do with the Chinese government's failures. A year later and covid is still screwing over the country. The debt of the country is astronomical now and I'm guessing that's the same for alot of other countries. Thanks Chinese government for dropping the ball on everything and screwing the planet. NY decided to keep covid vaccines limited to the elderly only or front line workers for like 3 or 4 months. So of course because the majority of the people getting the vaccines were already old and unhealthy, whenever anyone got sick or died after they got a vaccine they blamed the vaccines. And of course all those cases spread like wild fire over the internet making everyone think the vaccine will kill them when most of the time it was other underlying conditions. NY's governor Cuomo finally decided to let younger people finally have access to the vaccine as of earlier this week. Me and lady got our first dose of the Pfizer vaccine yesterday. Aside from some arm soreness there's been no side effects for us. We get the second dose in 3 weeks. What we need at this point is a "herd immunity goal". We need states to issue a solid number goal to reach the removal of mask mandates. If they can say "once NY hits 80% immunity we'll remove the mask mandate". If we can get a statement like that it'll motivate more people to get vaccinated and we can check the progress daily to see how close we're getting to going back to normal. It'll be a great motivational boost for people to see an actual end goal in sight.
  12. There are currently 9 free PS4 games available to add to your PSN account. Only available from March 25 8pm PDT to April 22 8pm PDT. No playstation plus required. Just log into PSN and add to your library: https://store.playstation.com/en-us/category/9779f12f-50c8-4c07-8d20-47e21293b6c6 Ratchet & Clank is also still available for free until March 31 08:00PM PDT. Same as above, login to PSN and add to your library: https://www.playstation.com/en-us/games/ratchet-and-clank/ Horizon Zero Dawn complete edition will be free from April 19 until May 14: https://www.playstation.com/en-us/play-at-home/
  13. Its been a month since my root canal. I had another appointment yesterday for the rest of the work. They removed the temporary filling, xrayed it to make sure its all good, then did the permanent filling, then shaved/shaped the tooth for the crown, then imprinted my teeth/jaw line with a mold, then put on my temporary crown. Took them an hour. My new permanent crown will be ready in 2 weeks and then I'll finally be done. This root canal situation has been quite the experience. $1200 total after insurance. I have another tooth that might need one if it gets another cavity. If that happens I think I'll have that one pulled instead since its in the far back. Screw all this. x_x

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    2. Sledgstone


      That sucks. I was told the same thing with having my one tooth pulled. He said because I'm still young enough, over the years the teeth will shift and screw up chewing. Honestly a denture doesn't seem that bad to me. If I need another root canal or dental pull it'll be a hard choice for me. This crown worked pretty good so far, but if my option was implant or denture, I'd go denture 100% no questions asked. Screw the price of implants.

    3. slippers


      unbelivable. :( ever since that missing package fiasco back in december, its been nothing but bad luck this year. had to replace entire carpets in jan, snow storm in feb, hit and run incident and car damage/maintenance in march..and as soon as that shits been settled, on that very same day my old crown broke off and had to go back and forth all month in april to get that denture ready..although ill probably never use it..and then just yesterday i had two fillings done and when i thought everything was fucking over, one of them fell off while i was flossing this afternoon. XD i waited 2 weeks for that appointment and costed me $130 each..its 50 mins drive from my work so im thinking just fuck it and leave it alone and brush my teeth twice a day or something. X_X this dental nightmare alone has racked up close to $900 ~ $1000 already. wtf. can i ask for 4th stimulus check, please? lol

    4. Sledgstone


      Omg what a horrible string of bad luck. O_O I hope everything starts going better for you soon. You didn't get those busted water pipes back in February did you? That would have been horrible to replace the carpeting and then have water damage. I'd get that filling fixed. It should be free since you already paid for it and they should rush you in to since they screwed up. There is also a temp filling package you can buy at pharmacies to fill in the hole in the tooth until you see the dentist again.


      These over the counter temp fillings don't always have the best reviews tho.

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