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  1. As someone who spends a lot of time watching Star Wars Theory (hey just cause I hate what Disney is doing doesn't mean I still don't want to keep up on lore) this is just bull shit. I didn't watch the Quartering video (in fact didn't even know he made on until you posted this, might have to watch it later even if I don't like Jeremy (his opinions are spot on sometimes though, usually with stuff like this)) but I watched SWT's response to Pablo's tweets (well his first one, seems he has another one up now that I didn't get to watching today) and it's just sad. Disney needs to nip this shit in the but and keep crap like this from happening. Fans should be able to react how they want (especially passionate fans like SWT) and not fear being ridiculed by those with creative power and power in franchises like this. Utterly bonkers this shit was allowed to happen (then again I'm sure now that it's blowing up Disney will swoop in and try to save face on this one). This reminds me of that incident with that female Guild Wars 2 dev a few years back. You'd think companies would be setting some pretty firm social media engagements rules after that fiasco.
  2. So after only playing an hour today I decided I'm going to put he game on hold until CDPR gets those patches out they talked about in their statement on twitter the other day (the one in Jan and Feb). I didn't run into anything game breaking but the game really does not feel good at all game play wise and it skipped an entire section of a mission by completely freezing then skipping ahead causing some minor NPC issues (if you watched the gameplay trailer they did last year where they were having that car chase with the van that's what I'm talking about, right after finishing rescuing the lady from the trailer that sequence takes place and my game just completely skipped it and loaded to right before the end of the mission). I didn't want to tempt going any further for fear of it doing something like that again or just completely screwing itself over by freezing completely/corrupting my save/frying my PS4. As for the game play issues I doubt they'll be fixed (it's a fundamental problem with the combat system, gun play is clunky at best and not satisfying at all. Guns are extremely inaccurate (even pistols) and it's extremely obvious CDPR had no experience with shooting mechanics) but with the stuttering problems they're just multiplied exponentially making fights hard to navigate. This is extremely frustrating as I was looking forward to this game so god damn much. What's even more frustrating is that if these upcoming patches don't put the game in a playable state I'm literally out $250 and sitting on a brick until I can get my hands on a PS5 (only redeemable aspect of this is I get an upgrade to the digital PS5 version when it comes out) which won't be financially viable for quite awhile. CPDR really screwed the pooch on this one. I guess no company is free from corporate greed at this point in the gaming industry (I feel extremely bad for the dev team having to put up with all this shit talk about their game because of the actions of upper management, they really don't deserve it. There's a good game in there somewhere it's just buried under a ton of shit).
  3. Granted this is only with an hour of gameplay currently (it took roughly an hour to install and two hours to dl and install the day0/1/and 1.04 patches) but I've only run into 1 graphical bug so far (a car not fully loading in a cutscene). I've also noticed some stuttering here and there in the beginning area (I've only done the prologue, it took roughly 20 minutes to design my character so I got maybe 40 minutes of actual game play in) but I don't know if that's due to first time loading of the area or actual optimization issues. This is with a year one base PS4 so I don't know if my luck has anything to do with the 1.04 patch or not. I will note my poor PS4 does sound like it wants to kill itself while running the game (the fans were going full blast for most of the time I was playing). I'll post more of my initial impressions once I get more game time in tomorrow and actually start doing missions and fighting (all I've done is the combat tutorial so I haven't done any real combat yet), you know actual game play stuff. Hopefully I'll get lucky and not run into all those graphical issues (I'm fully expecting this game to crash multiple times while I'm playing it) because even on the base PS4 this game is beautiful (I will note that I did use some graphical settings someone posted on twitter to help the game run a lot more smoothly so that might also be helping keep the graphical issues at bay).
  4. Mando can be as amazing as it wants to be (it helps when the guy behind it and the animated shows basically trained under and knew where Lucas was going to take the series) but that just won't save what Disney is doing to the franchise as a whole for me. It's hard when your fandom wasn't cemented by movie lore but by extended lore (I fell in love with SW from the books and video games, not the movies (though they did play a big role in what drew me in). As I said in another topic awhile ago my best friend is the one that really drew me into SW due to his immense fandom) and to have everything I loved about Star Wars tossed into the shredder because Disney didn't want to deal with having to place new stories into existing lore just killed it for me. I really tried to accept what Disney was doing but I just can't see past how horribly they handled the sequel trilogy and I just can't forgive the dumping of years of extended lore for this. I do want to watch Mando and eventually I will (only because of the stellar reviews it's getting) but that's it for me. I had no interest in Clone Wars or Rebels (I do know what happens and all the events that take place in said shows) and my only real draw to Mando is my obsession with Mandalorians as a people/culture (Boba Fett has always been my favorite SW character, not entirely sure I like how they're treating him in Mando though (yes, I do know whats going on). I prefer his original backstory and his continuation past the movies).
  5. After what they did to Star Wars with the sequel trilogy I've written the entirety of the series off now and won't be coming back. Disney took something I loved and literally drove it into the ground and there's just no way I can forgive that (or the heinous sequel movies). Plus I just don't see the point in paying for another streaming service just to watch these shows (I already spend $50 or so a month for streaming services, don't need to up that anymore).
  6. I wouldn't doubt it, I'm just mostly peeved that I wouldn't be getting it yesterday/today. I find it funny though that they sent the delay email yesterday morning and pretty much an hour after posting I had an email saying it already shipped (other sad thing is as of 4 pm this afternoon it's sitting at a facility four hours away from me but I'll still have to wait until Monday to get it). I'll give Amazon this though they did refund me the shipping costs due to the delay so that tempered my anger a little bit. I guess it's just sad considering that the USPS, with everything it's faced this year, has had no trouble getting my Violet Evergarden CE boxset sent out on time with no delays yet UPS/Amazon can't get their shit in order (I jest mostly, I deal with UPS on a daily basis at work and I know how hard they're working/being worked currently). Meh, probably for the best as I've heard the PS4/PS4 Pro is having serious issues running the game (sad considering this game was developed for the PS4/XBone) and if the screen shots are anything to go off of the game looks fucking terrible (I mean I wouldn't throw as huge of a fit as most of the people out there are but even I have to agree it does not look as advertised). This also goes for the PS5/Series X as well (apparently the game only runs marginally better on new gen hardware). They just rolled out a patch but it doesn't look like it really addressed the issues most people are having and does nothing to fix the current graphical issues. Kinda sad really, one of the most anticipated games of the year releasing like this on consoles (the PC version is fine apparently with only minor issues).
  7. I could definitely give you my thoughts on it if it wasn't for my copy getting delayed due to Amazon's own fuck ups (god damn it, this is my only day of this week so now I need to wait until next week to even get any game time in (if my copy even arrives next week >.<). In retrospect though this is probably a good thing as it let me get all my raiding done for FFXIV since they decided the week of Cyberpunk's release was a good week to drop a major content patch). It's also the PS4 version. Granted though you'd have to wait quite a while to get my review of it as I will do everything and anything this game has to offer (so over 120 hours worth of content). Quite honestly I could give two fucks less about whether it looks amazing or not on the PS4 since I chose to go that route because I knew my 1070 wouldn't of been able to run it well on my PC. I want this game for the story not the pretty graphics so even if it looks like dog shit I'll be happy with it as long as the story is great (by which I've heard nothing but great things about even with me avoiding gameplay videos, reviews, and what not (I will not have anything about this game spoiled for me until I play it)).
  8. As someone who loves going through their collection and playing old stuff this is one of the major things pushing me toward PC gaming (besides the above and a few other reasons). Ok I get it, PS2 backwards compatibility is out the window. I can live with that. My PS2 still works (though it is showing it's age, wonder if you can still find a relatively new (and still working) PS2 Slim anywhere for a decent price) and I can still hook it up and play my old games if I want but when you won't even allow your users to play games from two generations ago, bought digitally on your platform, it's getting bad. It's also bad considering you want to push gamers to digital only without giving them access to already purchased games (sorry, licenses. Another reason I hate digital only (console wise, I'm okay with it on PC to an extent) is you don't actually own a copy of the game, just a license to play the game that can be revoked at any time should the developer/publisher decide to do so (another reason why I feel digital games shouldn't be priced at $60+)) when in the past we could just throw our PS1 disc in our PS2 and play like nothing had changed. Guess semi-retro gaming is something console devs just don't support anymore (and it's sad really). Granted most old titles have been ported/adapted for PC it's the principal of having to re-buy something you already own just to play it in another format that urks the fuck out of me.
  9. Strider Hiryu

    PS Plus Games

    Holy fuck, I never thought Shadow of War would come to PS+. I still haven't even finished Shadow of Mordor yet, guess I now have a reason to finally go back and beat it.
  10. Sadly PC is a major threat it's just they don't see it yet (I used to be one of those "PC gaming is dying and will never threaten consoles" stans for many years but once I bought my PC I've come full circle). With Gaming PC's becoming more affordable every year (hell you can get a decent one for slightly more then what you'll pay for one of the new consoles that you can continually upgrade beyond the life of a console as long as you're case can support the upgrades (as well as your wallet)) and the major tech advancements only PC's are seeing (console gaming is far behind tech wise and will only continue to be) it's only a matter of time before Sony and Microsoft start shitting themselves due to their shitty practices (it won't happen anytime soon but it will happen). As you said the only issue is cheating but if all you're looking for is to play multiplayer games and you don't want the hassle stick to console, single player games are just as good if not better on PC (what with mods and what have you). We're honestly at the point where a console is just a severely hampered gaming PC with, at any given time, tech that's 1-2 years behind current PC's. I digress though, PC gaming isn't the subject here. Honestly my only gripe has been why do they keep doing this shit? Storage tech keeps advancing and keeps going down in price, there's no call for using a smaller storage device just because you want to "eliminate load times" with a much faster version of what you can get on the open market (and as I said you will never eliminate load times, you can hide them with fancy UI elements and what have you but never fully eliminate them (current tech does not support this and won't until quantum computing becomes a thing)). While the current generation of gamers currently don't give a shit about this they will once they realize they can only have less than a handful of games on their console to play. Not all of them just play one BR/FPS, they play multiple and I don't foresee them being willing to constantly delete and re-download a game to play it and until all internet infrastructures support fiber speeds for an affordable price streaming games isn't exactly viable (something Stadia ran into and besides the lack of games is the major reason the idea flopped hard). As someone who plays pretty much solo games only I just can't support this move (the only games I play that can be considered multiplayer are FFXIV and my mobile games, otherwise everything else is solo based). If fucks my ability to play multiple games at once without having to constantly uninstall and reinstall shit (it's the major factor behind why I bought a 2TB passport for my PS4). Then again I'm just a literal representation of the "old man shaking fist at sky" meme. I now take my leave and thank you for attending my TED talk.
  11. Then they're going to lose a big market of gamers if they're not willing to increase storage limit sizes or do away with this retarded limitation of not allowing games to boot from external drives (SSD or otherwise). Designing a game to run on only one set of hardware is short sighted and extremely stupid (I point you to Stadia) especially in a day and age when game sizes are growing exponentially and storage sizes aren't. Then again I'm old and I like the way things used to be. It's why I still fight the move to digital only games instead of releasing physical copies (still a retarded process that fucks the gamer over more than most realize), why I hate current day RPG's (real time is shit, turn based will always be superior), and why I don't like this. I guess if they can't figure out how to make it work with external drives I'm out this and every generation to come and will just stick with PC where I can have as much space as I want and can afford (and still run a game off the primary SSD). I'll believe no load times when I see it and I'm pretty sure a PS5 won't be the first thing to do it.
  12. So not only does it barely come with enough space for maybe 5 games worth (I'm thinking next gen titles, as it stands now Modern Warfare in its current iteration (both Warzone and Game) takes up over a quarter of the 825 gigs the PS5 is launching with) they're not supporting external options. Good god as much as I want one they're making it really hard to give up the PS4 or just moving entirely to PC gaming. Fucking christ when will console manufacturers get with the times and launch with at least a terabyte as standard (if not more). Before it's said it would not jump the cost of the console by much (a decent Samsung SSD with 1 TB of space is $119). Really glad I decided to wait on getting one now (and will now wait until external storage is an option and if it's not I guess I'm not getting a PS5).
  13. Strider Hiryu

    FFXIV Pics

    Just random pics I'll upload from time to time of my adventures in FFXIV or just pics of my character
  14. Sadly no, none of them really do. Dancer weapons have a cool little particle fall off when you hold them (which I have, I'll get around to taking pics and posting them this weekend when I'm off. Don't know if it'll show the fall off though in a still pic).
  15. Strider Hiryu

    YT thread

    Hey we getting there, apparently they sliced through a safe in the last video (haven't watched it yet). Small step my friend, eventually we'll have full blown lightsabers.
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