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  1. Strider Hiryu

    YT thread

    Hey we getting there, apparently they sliced through a safe in the last video (haven't watched it yet). Small step my friend, eventually we'll have full blown lightsabers.
  2. Strider Hiryu

    FFXIV Pics

    Just random pics I'll upload from time to time of my adventures in FFXIV or just pics of my character
  3. Strider Hiryu

    YT thread

    Boys they did it, we now have a lightsaber (sorry a proto-plasma saber). God damn is this thing fucking cool.
  4. And this is why I don't watch TV anymore, read the paper/news apps, why I blocked his ass on Twitter (only so I can't read his tweets, I still have to read the aftermath), and why I stay out of anything that has to do with him/politics/etc. Sadly I can't get away from it as much as I'd like since I live in a red state and everyone up here praises/worships the ground he walks on (and the majority of my extended family are Trump supporters so I get to hear it from them as well (and people wonder why I'm anti-social and hate being around my family)). Sadly this show won't be getting cancelled because I don't think Biden can pull out a win no matter how hard he tries (and even if he managed to Trump will bitch, moan, and take it into legislation where he'll most likely win if his Supreme Court nominee gets in (which will most likely happen)). I just wish the lot of this was over with (both Trump and COVID) but my only hope of one of them going away seems to be getting slimmer and slimmer by the day (I leave it to your imaginations as to what I'm implying here).
  5. Super hyped and can't freaking wait. Thank god it's next year, don't think I'd be able to find the time this year between finishing up Amalur, Cyberpunk in Nov, and whenever they decide to release the second Pokemon Sword/Shield DLC (yes, I still play Pokemon. Don't judge me).
  6. Actually quite a few retailers had it live after the showcase yesterday (Target, Walmart, and Best Buy all had them live shortly after. Most of the streamers I follow were getting there's shortly after. Amazon was the only real hold out and that shit went fast (especially everywhere else)). Honestly since I'm not getting one of these until late next year at the earliest I'm not worried (no way to swing it financially this year, not with getting the Collector's Edition of Cyberpunk ($274) and pre-ordering the LE Violet Evergarden boxset + the mini-movie (which I was happy to find out was being released as well)). Happy they settled on a $499 price tag as that'll make it easier for me to get one after saving some money (I might have a job but I'm only part-time and I barely get 30 hours a week atm (at $14 an hour, fuck if that's not a kick in the balls and a non-living wage up here)).
  7. I'm not going to lie I just screamed like a fucking schoolgirl while reading that. Thank you Funi, I might have a lot of issues with you as a company but god damn have you just made my fucking day. Now lets see you add that lovely little gaiden story and I'll be over the moon. Now to start saving money for the Limited Edition set (I MUST HAVE IT!).
  8. I was kitted for full on damage, health gain, and stealth (those two up-gradable charms you get from the Inari shrines are broken). I was two shotting enemies like they were nothing in the end (and if I was wearing the Sakai Clan armor I was damn near just insta-killing people). With that I had no problem gaining resolve since I was literally decimating people left and right (once I got sprinting slash I felt bad for archers, bastards just dropped dead and I sprinted by them). I guess for me I was fully upgraded on everything come the end of Act II so I guess that would make Act III a cake walk (fully upgraded sword, fully upgraded Sakai Clan armor, maxed out stance trees and ghost weapons) but I still wish there was a noticeable increase in difficulty. Than again not everyone plays a game like I do and actively seeks to make sure they're in top form before beating an area (80% of my gameplay is just me searching for charms, supplies, and anything else to give me an edge in battle (and with the Charm of the Inari it was a cake walk to have enough supplies to upgrade everything by the end of Act II (gold was the only issue since it's linked to liberation areas))). Out of all the Mythic quests Uchitsune, Heavenly Strike, and Yarikawa's Vengeance were my favorite just on their visuals alone (and lets face it in a game littered with amazing visuals topping the standard is rather hard and they did it). See I hated the duel in the cave as I couldn't see shit and while the ambience was cool after I beat Kojiro I couldn't find my way out of the blasted cave (pissed me off, spent almost 5 minutes searching for the exit (might need to tweak my brightness settings on my TV)).
  9. So I finally beat it (yea I know, Strider bringing up the rear but I wanted to really enjoy it and Platinum it (which I did)). Have to hand it to Sucker Punch, this was a hell of a game. Probably my second favorite story behind Detroit (yea yea Nier was a great story, a fantastic story but Detroit was just so much better (for me, granted I know a lot of people had differing opinions on it)) though there are a few areas I found it lacking (just little gripes, mostly with how Jin's treated (hypocritical as fuck considering Samurai were just as devious and underhanded historically, even worse than Jin in some cases (though I'm not 100% sure I agree with the Act II finale shenanigans (not going to ruin it for Sledge) but I understand why it happened). I will say this that finale though was spectacular even if that final fight with the Khan was underhanded and while I still disagree with Shimura's treatment of Jin that whole end sequence is fucking heart wrenching (yea you know what ending I chose). Again though my favorite part of the story was watching Jin come to terms with what he was becoming and what he had to do to save his people. Act II was the real turning point for his character and it was really great watching him finally settle into his role (and if there was any reason I'd give to play this game it would be that. Jin's progression as a character is by far the best part of this game and is a wonderful arc). Combat wise this was a blast. As I said before it's punishing until you master the basic combat fundamentals. Quite honestly I don't agree with the massive difficulty spike between Act's I and II (was kinda eye opening how powerful enemies became in the matter of one tale) but I was disappointed by the lack of difficulty in Act III (granted it wasn't a complete cake walk but considering the jump between I and II I was expecting III to be harder than it was). I guess you can chock that up to being comfortable and more familiar with the combat system but once you get Ghost Stance the game is practically easy mode (especially if you wear the fully upgraded Ghost Armor). Three guaranteed kills with a 25% chance to scare other enemies is broken as fuck (and I generally terrified 3 mongols on average every time I used Ghost Stance making liberating areas a cake walk). I gave up on being stealthy toward the end and just bum rushed into combat. I still had fun don't get me wrong but I guess I just wanted more challenge (hell the so called most difficult duel in the game was a cake walk, two shotted him no problem). Plus once you max Wind stance spear guys are a joke. Really wishing I would of known that in the beginning, I'd of just maxed it as soon as I unlocked it (yea I didn't read the upgrades right away, I was more interested in being stealth ninja man and upgrading my Ghost weapons). I really enjoyed the side quests with your four (five if you count Kenji) main supporting NPC's. Very interesting and rather personal tales that fit in well with the story as a whole. As a whole I really enjoyed Masako and Norio's tales the most (with Masako's being my favorite. Hey I like crazy old ladies with a vendetta apparently) but Yuna's probably had my favorite part (I won't say what but I'm sure you can guess). Overall I thought all the other tales were rather interesting but like slippers said a lot of them get repetitive and after awhile it becomes a chore to do them (much like liberating areas) and the mythic tales were quite interesting though I fail to see the need for some of them (I really don't see the need for the flaming sword one, while cool that tale was a bitch to complete). I give it a 9/10 (would be a 10/10 if it wasn't for some of the choices they made with the story) and like I said earlier I'd give this my Game of the Year if it wasn't for the fact Cyberpunk is coming out this year. Well that and the remaster of Kingdoms of Amalur coming out next month (probably one of my favorite games of the PS3/360 generation). Overall though a thoroughly enjoyable game well deserving of the hype it received. SP made a very rare gem in this rather bland era of gaming history and I tip my hat to them. Now to see what this new co-op mode brings to the game this fall (what with it's supernatural theme and whatnot).
  10. Strider Hiryu


    Sadly though I think Ghost is going to be an odd outlier for the minimal to no UI approach (plus it's very obvious that SP designed the game this way because they were going for the Kurosawa feel and aesthetic). The gameplay and the sheer vast openness of the map and environment made it so a UI would hamper you more than help you (plus the game is breathtakingly beautiful and marring it with anything more then they did would be an atrocity). Plus, as you noted, they implemented a vast variety of things to hide what wasn't needed until you actually called upon it (I love the guiding winds mechanic and think more games need to implement something like it). Based on that little bit of gameplay footage I'm of the opinion Godfall needs a UI or they're really going to have to figure out how to implement some sort of minimalistic hp tracker because this type of game needs some way of tracking that stuff (I mean I'll dump on Destiny any day of the week but there UI implementation is crisp and, imo, the ideal way of going about a UI in a looter type game (though I don't like their quest tracker in the least as I think that's garish as hell and right in your face)). Then again I'm still not all that impressed by what I see. It looks fun and I'd definitely be all about those dual blades but quite honestly I think it looks rather meh. Then again looters in general just aren't my thing anymore and I blame Destiny for killing that passion in me. Ever since playing it I just can't get interested or find joy in playing anything remotely of the genre (old school looters like D2 and Torchlight are exceptions because that's my jam, it's these new ones that lack anything remotely interesting for me).
  11. I would assume if you actually max out your stance trees you'd probably have no to little trouble taking on Mongols in Act III (I'm just assuming, I'm basic bitch on all 4 of the trees). It pretty much seems if you want to be honorable you need to max out both Samurai trees and all 4 Stance trees. Then again it seems pretty set in stone that Jin isn't an honorable Samurai anymore no matter how you play him based on his actions (as I said I know how it ends I just haven't seen it yet). Well that and maxing out your stand off kill streak and making use of the fully upgraded Sakai Clan Armor (5 max kills in stand off with it on when it's fully upgraded). Meh, I've pretty much resorted to smoke bombing now anytime spear guys are around if I'm out of kunai (my favorite ghost weapons, so cheap and instant stagger) so I can just chain assassinate three people at a time (had to use this very liberally when taking Castle Kaneda). That or I thin out there numbers with my bow but if they're fully armored in Act III I will have to adjust my strategy. I finally made it into Act II yesterday but did nothing more then the beginning quest. Must say I really am liking the story but I can already tell which choice I'm going to make at the end when it comes to a certain duel (I'm sorry but I really don't like how Jin is being treated just because he's doing what he must just to save his people and his home). I love how I spent and hour yesterday looking for the last 6 points to liberate in the first part only to have them highlight and become available after I beat Act I, pissed me the fuck off knowing I didn't have to go through all that if they were going for a story/reason to go back tie in. Next time I get on I'll probably focus on finishing those before I continue forward (mostly because I know there are a few secrets I missed, I must find all those hot springs and fox dens).
  12. I have to agree with DX, this game is checking all my boxes as well. Combat isn't difficult but can be extremely punishing if you fuck up (thank you spear gang bangs, you fuckers can die in a fire. Most of my deaths I can attribute to getting surrounded by 3-4 spear dudes all attacking as soon as I start laying into one). Luckily once you learn attack patterns and the right timing to parry attacks it's a cake walk. Not entirely to hip on the changing combat stances in combat as it's kind of clunky but I do enjoy how each has advantages over certain enemy types (I really love the attack patterns of basic Wind Stance, that kick at the end is so satisfying to watch connect on a spear enemy). I really enjoy sneaking around and sniping people with my half-bow or fucking with people by killing someone in the open and hiding and systematically knocking people out one by one. When Yong said it does Assassin's Creed better then Assassin's Creed he wasn't kidding (and I haven't even gotten into playing with Ghost Stance yet). Stealth in this game is extremely fun and isn't tedious at all (just wish you could assassinate Mongol leaders instead of critically damaging them, not that they're hard to kill it'd just speed up the liberating process). I'm honestly not that far into it. I've put maybe 15-18 hours in but most of that has been wandering the visually stunning island doing side shit (like side tales, mythic tales (man were those duels stunning and difficult at the same time (this was before I mastered parrying attacks, got fucked up multiple times in both duels), liberating areas, and hunting down all those Sword Kits/Inari Shrines/Shinto Shrines/etc) and overall just fucking around (I've only done 4-5 actual story quests that's how much I'm just enjoying running around being a sneaky samurai). There's just to much shit to get side tracked on, really fucking with my gamer ADHD (so many shinies >.<). I can't honestly comment on the story yet since, as I noted, I'm not that far but what little I've seen has been really good. I'm liking the whole dichotomy of watching Jin struggle between being a Samurai and becoming the Ghost, how he's rationalizing it is extremely interesting and I can't wait to see how it all plays out (sadly I already know how the game ends, damn my curiosity, but that's not deterring my enjoyment of the story so far). Quite honestly this is by far one of the best games I've played in a long time and if it wasn't for Cyberpunk coming out this year would probably be my game of the year even though I've only put 15-18 hours into it. It's been a long time (since Nier actually) that I've really enjoyed playing a game this much (I'm enjoying it so much I'm going through withdrawals when I can't play it). SP really outdid themselves with this game.
  13. I seriously can't wait until Friday. Hell I'm even considering calling in just so I can get more time with this (upside is I am off all weekend). Well that or just not sleeping at all and playing it until I go into work (this is one of the few times I've pre-ordered a digital copy, it's been sitting on my PS4 pre-installed since last week and taunting me daily). I had to laugh when Yong said it does Assassin's Creed better than Assassin's Creed Can't wait to see if there's truth in that statement since I'm pretty much going to be going full Ghost mode for this (I love Samurai and everything but you don't shoot off Tenchu vibes like this and not expect me to play it like a Ninja).
  14. https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/grant-imahara-dead-mythbusters-host-was-49-1303101

    Can we just end this fucking year already before it starts getting anymore ideas?

    Fucking gutted over this. Grant was always my favorite host on Mythbusters.

    This news comes even more at a shock considering I also found out one of my old co-workers also died from the same thing.

    God this year sucks.......

    1. DeathscytheX


      Wow... unbelievable... 😢

    2. Sledgstone


      God that is horrible. :( Thats devastating. I always hoped Discovery channel would fully revive Mythbusters with the trio and give them more seasons to do fun entertaining stuff. Damn thats sad. :( 

  15. Honestly I'm not a huge fan of the new Fire Force Ending. The OP on the other hand I'm digging even if it fails to live up to MAYDAY or Inferno.
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