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  1. Nice, so they're going to adapt at least through the China arc (which means we're going to be getting some major bombshells) and we'll get to see Shinra's new abilities (yea, again I've read ahead of what we've seen so I'm really looking forward to this).
  2. When hasn't Bill and Ted been stupid and funny. I honestly can't wait for this. Huge fan of the first two movies so I'm really happy we're finally getting another one.
  3. Strider Hiryu


    Not going to lie I might pick this up depending on further game play videos and trailers. Who doesn't want to play a game where you're a cat delivering things around a world full of robots? I know I do.
  4. Totally on board with this and hopefully they start dropping more info on it soon. This and Horizon have me sold on buying a PS5.
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    Definitely a Gearbox trailer if I've ever seen one. Honestly after seeing game play no entirely sure I'm on board with this one yet (not to say it doesn't look good or fun, just not feeling it). Could also be my dislike towards Gearbox talking.
  6. This looks rather interesting and I can't wait to see more about it in the coming months.
  7. Two versions is nice especially for people who no longer buy physical media. I'll still grab the disc drive version because 1) my PS4 acts as my BD player since I gave my other one to my parents and 2) I'm still not a fan of digital only media and prefer to actually own my games, not a license to play the game (that can be taken away at any time for any reason). What is with the obsession for back buttons? Quite honestly see no point in them but then again I'm moving more toward PC gaming now-a-days and rarely pick up a controller anymore.
  8. Hmm considering the praise the last one got I might get this (especially since Miles is my favorite Spider-Man). Was really hoping that the rumors were true that we were getting the first one for free this month but sadly we got two mediocre shooters (sorry I'm not impressed with Battlefront II and CoD hasn't peaked my interest in years).
  9. I can has now please? Please? I promise I'll be nice and well behaved. I wasn't really planning on getting a PS5 but this game has absolutely cemented my need to get one. Now to find time to get around to beating the first one.
  10. Honestly Spotify is one of the best things I've ever come across and the best $10 a month I've ever spent. They've got a ton of shit from podcasts (quite a few in fact), pretty much an endless library of music (with some exceptions based on region, more and more stuff is added constantly (they've been adding a shit ton of anime soundtracks and I couldn't be happier)), and a ton of other shit. Quite honestly Rogan made a damn good choice (especially considering rumor has it he got $100 million+ for exclusivity). He might not reach as many people (not entirely sure on what the usage numbers for Spotify are but almost everyone I know uses it) but with that kind of money who cares.
  11. Since I'm on my weekend atm from the new job (after 6 days of hell, fuck this essential business shit people be crazy) I decided to watch the new Ghost in the Shell: SAC_2045 that was put up on Netflix last Thursday. Note that this is only half of what we're supposed to get so my opinions are only reflective of that and they may change come the release of the final 12 episodes. With that in mind lets begin.

    As most of you know I'm a huge fan of the GitS franchise ever since I saw the first movie over 15 years ago and have since seen and read everything released since then with the exception of side stories never released in the US (and own all of that as well) so my opinions on this are coming from a long-time obsessive fan so please keep that in mind. Also I will refrain from divulging any spoilers as you'll probably watch this anyway when you get a chance (please note its in Japanese only with English subtitles due to the "rona").

    Quite honestly I'm not entirely sure how I felt about this as a whole. On one end it's not bad I might go as far as saying it's pretty good for a cyberpunk show but this is not GitS and this is not SAC for me. Hell I never thought I'd say it but Arise is a lot better then this and I have way to many gripes about that show to even begin. At least Arise felt like a GitS show and story even if it was blandly done with some pretty bad writing (the Arise movie was grade A GitS though, I definitely suggest watching that).

    My major gripe is they explain nothing of what happened in the 11 year time span between Solid State Society and this, nothing. They go over world developments and why things are the way they are but they in no way explain major plot elements behind why the Major and her crew are in the US (2045 starts out in the US, not a real big spoiler), they vaguely explain the main premise driving the plot forward from that point (a point that does not seem very GitS like to me), why certain characters are no longer seen or heard from (until later in the 12 eps), and just all around weirdness that is this post Solid State Society world. It's aggravating because the way things were left at the end of SSS you would of thought we'd be getting another procedural GitS season driven forward by strong character driven episodes and interesting plot lines, instead we're left with boring long winded arcs that get nowhere (and maybe 2 enjoyable episodes not part of the overall plot) and in the end we're left with a major cliff hanger at the end. It's aggravating honestly and it seems more like this season was made to pander more to western audiences with short attention spans instead of the original core fanbase (sorry, venting a little. I felt very betrayed by this). Like I said though if this was non-GitS related I'd say it was a good show if not a little pandering.

    Music wise (yes I'm a huge fan of the SAC soundtrack, there's a reason I own all 4 soundtracks) I was utterly disappointed. Yoko Kanno is nowhere to be found here and it's extremely noticeable but it's to be expected as she's mostly retired from the industry. This left a sour taste in my mouth since, as I noted above, I'm a huge fan of the SAC soundtrack and it was one of the major reasons I enjoyed the first two seasons so much. Don't even get me started on the OP, not my cup of tea and certainly not something I'd associate with GitS (though I do like the ED).

    Animation wise I can't stand the full CGI or the character redesigns. This felt way to much like I was watching cutscenes from a game 10 years ago. Not to say the CG isn't crisp or anything it's very well done and the fight scenes are a joy to watch. Sadly this isn't Pixar level CGI and it shows. Maybe I'm bitter because they went full CGI instead of the traditional/CG blend they did with SAC and 2nd Gig but I found this to be way more off putting than I thought it would be. Plus the Major's redesign makes her look like a 14 year old teenager and that's just not my jam (where's my hot, sophisticated badass woman?).

    Thankfully the characters are the same and that was a joy to behold. Watching them interact with each other was extremely enjoyable and I'm happy to see they weren't changed one bit (this goes for the Tachikoma's as well so if you found them annoying they're still going to be annoying (I, personally, love the adorable little trouble makers)). The new characters are just as enjoyable and I just love Purin, she's beyond adorable with her little crush on Batou.

    All in all like I said above I'm not entirely sure how I feel about the show. Part of me wants to destroy all the masters and make everyone forget this and the other part of me just thinks it's a below average GitS that just so happens to be somewhat enjoyable. Granted we're only 12 episodes in and my opinion might change once we get the last 12 episodes (did they ever announce when that'd be?) but those are my current thoughts on the show. If I had to give it a rating out of 10 it'd mostly likely be a 6 (which pains me to do considering how generous I was with Arise). Do I suggest watching it? Honestly that's for you to decide. I gave my honest thoughts so take them how you will though but if you are a major fan of the GitS franchise don't get your hopes up to much (then again maybe this is to your liking).

    1. Sledgstone


      I didn't realize this was supposed to be a sequel to continue on the GitS series. I thought it was a standalone soft reboot or something? I guess the fact that theres a huge plot hole at the beginning not explaining why they're in the US might work out more for my benefit because I haven't watched any of the recent GitS shows or movies in years so I won't feel punished for not being current on everything. I really need to catch up, I just haven't gotten to it yet. x_x Maybe I'll try to watch this after I finally resume and finish Violet Evergarden. I recently finished a couple shows and now I'm backlogged on my youtube videos. lol. Thanks for the review! I'm not looking forward to the upscaled Playstation 1 animation or 14 year old looking Major though. XD 

    2. Strider Hiryu

      Strider Hiryu

      I'd go more like PS2 era animation then PS1. Like I said it's not overly bad but it's a definite negative for me considering how crisp the animation was in Stand Alone Complex and 2nd Gig. My major gripe with the CGI is the lack of texturing as everything just looks so god damn smooth and unrealistic.

      As long as you have a passing understanding of the SAC universe you'll understand whats going on for the most part and how it connects to SAC/2nd Gig/SSS. Then again going in blind is probably the best way to enjoy this as I've seen most major fans of the franchise bashing 2045 (not overly harshly mind you, there's a few good eps in the first 12 but it starts out so bland and slow it's hard to keep interest beyond the first 2-3 eps). Most who have gone in blind only have minor complaints (animation, music, plot are the top three complaints I've seen).

      Yea, the 14 year old looking Major is kinda hard to get used to. Especially considering the others actually look their age and somewhat resemble their original SAC designs. Granted the Major is known for having multiple bodies of various ages and genders so she might have gone with a younger looking one while in the US (she's pretty well known in the SAC universe in her normal body) but it's just so hard to get used to. Gah, give me her original SAC design.

      Yes god dammit get Violet Evergarden finished man. I just finished watching it for the 4th time during my two weeks of unemployment. It's so fucking good and worth it for all the feels. I totally get the backlogged shit, I'm having a hard time keeping up with youtube and anime right now due to the new job as it's completely fucked my watching schedule of 3 years up.

    3. Sledgstone


      Sounds good. I'll watch it after Violet Evergarden. I can't remember if Netflix has other GitS anime I haven't seen yet. I should check. lol. I'm only on ep 3 of Violet Evergarden, I think I'll start it over from the beginning since it was like 4 months ago when I last saw an episode.

  12. Believe me when I tell you no ones getting large bonuses with unemployment. I'm getting diddly shit for unemployment (I don't know where this additional $600 is at as I'm not getting it, I get $425 a week (before taxes so $375 once taxes are taken out) so I'm extremely lucky I found a job (yea I found one, never did say anything about it. I start tomorrow) even if it's only part-time for now). Unless ND is just fucking me over I'm pretty sure no one is getting the full amount a week they could get with this CARE act (remember unemployment is based entirely off of what you made at you job in the last tax year (they literally comb through all of it and base what you get off of what your wages were last year, don't know the exact formula and I'm to lazy to go look for the packet that explains it all. Also note I did indicate I'm unemployed due to COVID, only thing that did is wave the week waiting period and get rid of the proving I'm looking for a job requirement (not sure if that's the same everywhere or not but that's ND's stipulations on unemployment). Not to surprising that states are going to start opening up. God forbid we flatten the curve before we send people back out. What's a couple 100,000 deaths compared to people's complete boredom of sitting home and not being able to go out? What's a couple 100,000 deaths compared to complete economic collapse? There's a reason I hate people and this doesn't help that opinion any.
  13. Yep, that movie special just confirmed everything I love about Violet Evergarden. Good god was it good and so freaking emotional, many manly tears were shed (I really need to find that manly tears picture I have just for these types of posts). I really, really want the movie to come out now (though I know it's going to end the series for good I still want to see it so god damn badly) and god dammit Netflix give the distribution rights to someone so I can buy the god damn blu-rays because I need them now.
  14. Welp second round of layoffs today at work (oh we weren't going to have anymore my ass) and I got myself a permanent vacation from work again. At least this time it's not an outright firing and I did get paid for the whole day plus I'm getting paid for the entirety of next week as well. Also get to retain my health insurance to the end of the month (which means my ass needs to get down to the pharmacy and get my HBP meds refilled before I lose it).

    Fucking sucks after putting all that time into that fucking company and learning shit I never wanted to learn in hopes it'd help keep my job. Fat lot of good that did. They also had the audacity to say I'm able to be re-hired once market conditions favor them hiring more people. When will that be? Fuck knows but I have no intention of going back unless they're willing to hire me back at more or equal to what I was getting paid (though, in all honesty, not fucking worth it).

    Now I get to experience the joy of finding a new job again in a market overflowing with job seekers and nobody's really hiring in my area right now due to this epidemic. Not only that I need to find a job that pays roughly what I was getting which is going to be hard around here as well. Looking like I'll have to go back to retail which will be a massive hit in pay for me.

    I also get to experience filing for unemployment for the first time in my life. So looking forward to that.

    Sigh, on the bright side I have plenty of time to watch anime and play games until I find a new job. Guess that's a silver lining.

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    2. Sledgstone


      I just read an article about unemployment. Apparently with the stimulus package you can get an extra $600 a week on top of whatever you'd get from unemployment for 4 months.


      That seems like alot of money. I'm guessing its so people can get the COBRA insurance and be able to afford health insurance. I'm guessing alot of people wont do that and will bank the money instead. Get that unemployment ASAP @Strider Hiryu there might be weekly cut off dates for when you can apply. I hope you get the max benefit you can.

    3. DeathscytheX


      Yeah thats fucking shit. I was a bit worried for you when you said No more "planned" layoffs. I've been there, and I hate that fucking word. Cobra is so expensive. I remember getting the package when my store was shut down, and I was like "I guess I'll just risk it" I couldn't blame anyone for banking that money. That's groceries and gas, and whatever you can put to the side.

      Retail sucks, but I'm glad I work it in right now. Hopefully you can catch on, I know around this region of the country not only are the retailers hiring like crazy but so are the distributors. Maybe Coca-Cola or a beer distributor is worth looking into? I know Coke is starting people at $18 an hour with no experience here, which is extremely high for this city.

    4. Strider Hiryu

      Strider Hiryu

      @SledgstoneYea I'm currently looking into the unemployment but since my state is so god damn slow they haven't put into place the COVID measures yet. I'll be filing a claim next week as I'm still technically getting paid for next week but I'll try my luck and hope the COVID measures are in place (and there are weekly cut off dates, I have until 11:59 pm Saturday of the week I'm trying to get benefits for). Fuck we're one of the 10 or so states that hasn't even implemented shelter at home policies (because our Governor is a fucking idiot) so I'm honestly not that surprised. COBRA is something I'll only if necessary, I have some job leads but I have until the end of the month until I have to worry about that (plus I won't get the COBRA packet till then anyways).

      @DeathscytheXYea you said it. I saw the writing on the wall yesterday pretty early based on how people were acting and my Production Lead (the guy under my supervisor) said he thought they were doing layoffs again so I had somewhat of a heads up (even if I did think I was safe). Fucking Supervisor vanished like a fart in the wind about an hour before the layoffs happened so I'm pretty fucking sure he's the reason why I was chosen (he's new and I don't think he honestly liked me all that much, damn my issues with authority (j/k but I'm still pretty sure he didn't like me)). I find it funny though, they fucked my department over massively as I'm the only one who was trained to do my job so I wish them luck in getting shit done the right way (plus they let go of another person in my department that I know of so that leaves them down to two people right now). Really hope it bites them in the fucking ass (yea, I'm a vengeful guy).

      Luckily I have some job leads already and put in one application today to Menards (the Midwest's wests version of Lowes/Home Depot even though we also have them. My mother works there and she's going to try and see if she can get me hired). With my 11 years of retail experience I'm pretty sure I can get in as long as they're still hiring (as far as I know they are). I might see if I can't get into a local internet provider as a field tech as I have some training in that field as well (plus one is hiring, I just need to get a hold of the company).

      Sadly none of the distributors in my area are hiring (was one of the first things I checked yesterday). I'll chat with one of my distributor friends and see if his company is hiring (they're pretty much a distributor of multiple things (beer, soda, etc)) and also see if he can put in a good word for me (I've known him for years so I'm sure he will). Honestly most of the jobs in my area are linked to the oil field so with them down it's hard as fuck to find anything but scraps for work (and I mean scraps, $12 an hour or less depending on what it is. I can't afford to live on that wage).

      If worse comes to worse I'll just do construction until something else comes up. One of the local construction companies is hiring general laborers right now and I don't mind that kind of work (I just need to be trained).

      @slippersThanks, taking it one day at a time.

      Overall though I'm not that worried right now. I have plenty of money saved up and while losing my health and dental insurance at the end of the month is going to suck I'll get by. I can always defer my student loan payments and save quite a bit of money for a few months (not ideal as I've done it before but you gotta do what you gotta do). It's times like these that I'm glad I'm extremely cheap and frugal with my money (I never eat out (rarely order pizza), I buy maybe 2-3 games a year (though this will mean I probably won't be getting Ghost of Tsushima right when it comes out and I might have to cancel my Cyberpunk pre-order if this unemployment carries on too long), and I've cut way back on the amount of anime I buy now (only doing one order a year)).

  15. They done went and did it like I was predicting,

    Finally. I've been wanting to play this since I beat Automata and now we'll get to play a remaster. Was kinda hoping they'd remaster both games but I'm quite happy with one of them (as the story beats are only slightly different between Gestalt and Replicant). Now if only they'd give us a release date (better not be in September, that's Cyberpunk time x.x).

    Not entirely sure what this will be about but we're also getting a smartphone game. Still haven't announced if it's getting a release over here or not but still cool to see we're getting more Nier titles to continue the fantastic lore of this universe.

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    2. Sledgstone


      I still haven't played any NieR games. x_x

    3. DeathscytheX


      If I had to guess, I'd say Automata will be a PS+ free game if not by the end of this year, then sometime into the PS5's first few months. In fact, I bet it will be the month this game comes out just to boost interest.

    4. DeathscytheX
  16. Hey now, don't go mocking my fish sticks Dip them in a little Mayo and you got yourself a fucking feast (like I said I'm considered the weird on in my family). So shit seems to be getting real around my area now. The company I work for decided that instead of closing up shop for a few weeks that they'd just go ahead and lay off quite a few people in an effort to "protect as many peoples jobs as possible in these trying times and to try and prevent a company shut down". I survived for now (but my department is hurting badly as we lost 4 people, two of which were rather essential to getting shit done and we're pretty sure they're not getting their jobs back) and they said no more lay offs were being planned (but I and everyone else doubt this hightly). Quite honestly it's fucking retarded considering we're not an essential business (for fucks sake we're a metal fabrication shop), most of our customers are shut down or running at less than half capacity, there's a fear our suppliers might shut down (my supervisor was pretty worried about this yesterday), Bobcat has currently shut their doors to everyone but employees (rumor has it they're considering shutting down), and COVID cases in our county are on a steady rise. Yet for some god damn reason we need to stay open and lay people off so those higher ups can line their fucking pockets cause god forbid we close down to save those people's jobs (we're a multi-million dollar company, we can afford to shut down for awhile). Yea I'm fucking pissed because two of them (the two essential ones I mentioned above) are friends of mine who were already in tough financial spots to begin with.
  17. Not entirely sure how I feel about the new GitS. On one hand I'm excited to be getting more GitS (we all know how obsessed I am with GitS) especially since it's linked to SAC but on the other hand I just can't get over the CG animation and the fact that Netflix is releasing it (you can praise Netflix all you want but I'm always going to be leery of anime they release, especially when it's linked to franchises I adore. VE is an exception since they just got the streaming rights and it's not exactly an anime original as KyoAni worked on it without their funding). Plus with the lackluster Arise entry I'm even more leery about any new GitS show (I'll praise the Arise movie as it actually felt like GitS but the OVA was lackluster at best (good moments marred with a shit plot line and character rewrites that make no sense)). Now my question is do they have the English VA's from SAC because, as much as I'm a sub elitist, I actually prefer to watch GitS dubbed and I'd hate to have to get used to a new VA's (the SAC dub is probably one of the best dubs out there second only to Cowboy Bebop for me). As for BOFURI I can't be happier. While I still haven't watched episode 12 yet I was really hoping we'd get another season because this show is just so god damn adorable and I love seeing how much more god like Maple is going to become every episode (I swear she's literally a god at this point on only continues to become even more absurdly powerful and she has no fucking idea what she's doing). I'm super hyped for Slime as well but I'm pissed they're splitting the second season into two instead of doing one massive airing. Really hate when they do that shit (was extremely pissed when they did it to SAO: War of Underworld because they left it on such a huge cliff hanger and it's been agonizing waiting for this last half to air). Hopefully they don't end the first half on a major cliffhanger because I'll fucking riot.
  18. Yea no. I used to be a hunter and that shit don't even fly with me. Pickled anything is just nasty. Never had liver but looking at it I can pretty much tell I won't like it (I don't consider myself an overly picky eater but there is just some shit I won't do (and I'm considered the weird one in my family because I love sushi yet I hate cooked fish (yea I consider that a little weird myself but meh, catholic upbringing and all that has left a distaste for cooked fish (outside of fish stick, I will totally devour a box of fish sticks any day of the week))). Sledge you go out and you buy bacon jerky this instant. That shit is fucking amazing and I could eat it all day every day (though Jack Links jerky tends to be rather dry their bacon jerky is killer if you can't find anything else). Granted not as good as freshly fried bacon but damn near. Now I want bacon and I have none in house See that's the problem with the Walmart here, there's no restrictions on what you can buy. They're just up and letting people buy in mass quantities and it's stupid. Hell the two local grocery stores have a limit of two in place currently for heavily wanted items though in retrospect it's not helping as they're cleaned out of most of the same shit as Walmart. Meh, as my friend pointed out eventually these people are going to run out of storage and stop buying shit (well at least the ones not trying to resell this shit online) which will let stores finally catch up. When that will happen is anyone's guess but it will happen (that or they'll run out of money because they're out of work (which will be the biggest contributor to that in my area as 40-50% of the workforce here is employed by the oil companies and as I pointed out earlier most of those are shut down right now)). Meh, I shop at Walmart for the ease of it and because it's extremely cheap (my weekly grocery bill would be $40-$80 more if I shopped anywhere but Walmart. That's pretty steep when I usually spend $120-$140 a week). I used to shop at the local grocery store but it just got way to expensive and the other one I refuse to give money to as they're the ones that fired me. Plus since my diet is mostly frozen food it's way cheaper to shop at Walmart as both of the other stores in the area can't match Walmart's prices on frozen goods (a fact I know well having been the managed the frozen department at the one that fired me). Though I'm thinking I might have to bite the bullet and shop at them next Saturday if Walmart is wiped out again.
  19. Yeah I saw that on Twitter the other day. Fucking hell going to be rough for you dub watchers going forward (though things don't sound so great as a whole in the anime industry as Japan is getting hit hard by this as well, wouldn't be surprised if it puts a halt on some anime production for next season (which sucks as SAO, No Guns Life, and Fruits Basket are set to air and I would be freaking distraught if they didn't. Didn't realize how much I was jonesing for more No Guns Life and Fruits Basket)). I'll admit though you're not missing much on the MHA front, you'll miss the end of the current fight but that's about it (this weeks just starts the wrap up of the season). Wouldn't be surprised with Yostar not liking how it turned out with all the negative talk about it. There's apparently a spin-off in the works for later this year but it sounds more like a comedy than anything else. Honestly I don't think a second season is warranted with how the show ends as they really don't set it up for another one (I mean they could if they really wanted to but why). I was hoping for those to be just skins (I mean when they announced them on twitter they looked like they were going to be) but I got Akagi in her pop uniform so I'm happy (was the only one I really wanted, missed out on Cleveland's alternate but oh well). Can we talk about how adorable Laffy looks in her her Pop Idol skin because OMG its so fucking adorable (and her animations at the end of fights in it are fucking cute as hell). Yea, Saratoga's free skin is adorable (I got it last year) but I'm currently not using it as I retrofitted her a month or so ago and it defaults to that one (haven't switched it back yet).
  20. Bacon Jerky is heaven, boy do I love me some Bacon Jerky. I'll have to try Wicked Cutz out (was browsing their site last night, might do an order next pay day (if there is one)) because I also hate dry ass jerky. Then again it'll be hard to beat the local meat shops jerky, that shit is awesome (but alas I'm sure they're fresh out with this bull shit). You can keep your pickled anything. The though of eating anything pickled, especially eggs, makes me want to throw up (don't ruin perfectly good eggs by pickling them, that's an offense to nature). So I went up to Walmart this morning and it was quite a bit better then last week except for the sheer amount of people (fucking christ it was like shopping on the day before Thanksgiving). Banana's were full in stock (good thing to as I eat those for breakfast), bread was mostly in stock (a few things here and there were missing), toilet paper of course was out (as it is everywhere in town), almost the entirity of the cold/allergy medicine area was gone (which sucks for me because I need sinus medication due to my shit sinuses as of late), but boy was frozen completely wiped out (thin pickings which sucks for me since my diet is pretty much entirely frozen foods (you think your diet is bad)). Was talking to one of my friends that works their (he was getting off when I went in) and he said it's been bad all week (he was even telling me that people were lining up 4 hours before they opened just to get in to get shit (our Walmart closes down at 8:30 pm and opens at 6 am right now). Fucking bonkers). He was also saying they're throwing 10-12 pallets of frozen freight (as I said earlier you wouldn't be able to tell by how wiped out it was) and 10 pallets of paper products a night. God damn people be crazy. Going to be really interesting next weekend.
  21. Don't get you're hopes up for the ending, good god was that horrible. The episode as a whole was pretty good but yet again the power of friendship and understanding saves the day (that's all I'll say). I waited 3 months for that and all I can say is I'm extremely disappointed with it. The show as a whole was good and I got to see my Laffy in all her adorable glory animated but that ending is such a fucking cop out. Lucky you, I didn't get all the ships from the NP event. I missed out on the purple haired one (Tar-something) but got multiples of every other fucking ship. My luck has been so freaking horrible in the last two events (I missed out on one the even before this as well). Saved up all those cubes for nothing I'm just waiting for Bismarck to make her comeback cause I will get her this time I fucking swear it.
  22. I mean we're dead ass fucking slow right now since oil prices tanked (my job is highly dependent on the oil field so if they're no working they're not ordering shit so we're not doing shit). Not entirely sure what the future looks like going forward (I mean it's only Wednesday and my area was completely out of work by 3 pm, not sure if I'll have anything to do tomorrow) but I do know if oil prices tank even more and if Bobcat shuts down (we do a lot of contract work for Bobcat here in ND, there's been a confirmed case of COVID in the county where the major Bobcat factory for ND is and we're afraid they'll shut down) we're completely fucked, they're about the only ones keeping us working atm (them and the oil rigs in Texas, most of the rigs up here in the Bakken are shut down with the exception of a few). Not looking forward to a forced vacation without pay (the company I work for is to god damn cheap to pay us if they're force to close down which sucks as they also pay my health insurance so this will get interesting if shit hits the fan) even if I could use one. Also not entirely looking forward to grocery shopping this weekend. My aunt was telling me shelves are looking pretty barren up here right now and I usually only by a weeks worth of groceries at a time.
  23. Hell of an episode it was, still wish I didn't have to wait that long to watch it. Should be quite interesting to see where they're going with this since there's only one episode and it leaves you with a lot of questions at the end of 11. Also, I got to hear best girl Laffy speak again after so long so all is right with the world.
  24. So over the last two weeks I've finally taken the time to watch two of both Arkada's and Geoff's most recommended anime both of which scored pretty highly on each of their respective top anime of the decade videos. Those of course being anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day and A Place Further than the Universe. I also watched them because they've been sitting on my lists forever but I thought I'd open with that little bit.

    We'll start with anohana. Quite frankly I honestly don't see where all the love Geoff has for this anime comes from. Don't get me wrong it's a good show and I actually did cry during the final episode (extremely emotional and it's really hard not to let it hit you right in the feels) but I just can't see why it's highly praised. The story is alright (dealing with the loss of a friend and the drifting apart of close friends after said death), characters are so-so with most being bland or downright unlikable  (Poppo is the only real character I actually liked, Naruko being the second after I got over my initial dislike for her), animation is top notch, and the soundtrack also gets high marks. Sadly though it felt like a lot of the events in the show were just placed there to add extra, unneeded drama and filler to continue the show for it's 11 episode + movie run (note I haven't seen the movie yet, not available on streaming services and I have not got around to dling it). Again I liked the show overall I just don't know how it gets such high marks from people when there are other shows and movies that do drama and loss so much better then this one. Still recommend giving it a watch if you want to ball your eyes out in the last episode (and for Poppo's hilarious antics and lovable nature).

    As for A Place Further than the Universe I'm totally on board with Arkada's gushing about it. This show was a pure joy to watch and I'm actually extremely sad it was only a 13 episode run. It's definitely one of those cute girls doing cute things shows but it's also so much more then that. You have four girls going to Antarctica for completely different reasons (one to make the most of her youth, one as a job and to embark on a journey with actual friends, one trying to run from her past and do something interesting, and one looking for closure after a past incident involving the frozen continent), becoming friends, facing various hardships, and growing as individuals before the climax. Throw in a bunch of cute antics here and there, some minor and major drama, fights, penguin obsession, long sea voyage with plenty of sea sickness, and interesting and hilarious side characters and you pretty much have one of the best shows to come form the 2018 Winter season and season as a whole. Quite frankly this is another of those this is what Strider looks for in an anime shows and I rate it as high a Violet Evergarden (in fact it's the only other show outside of VE that's gotten a 10/10 from me in the last five years). Sadly it doesn't have a dub as it didn't get a BD release in the state as of writing this (which disappoints me just as much as the lack of a VE BD release) but if you can get over having to watch it with subs I highly suggest giving this one a watch, it's definitely worth it if you're looking for a laid back, relaxing show.

    I would talk about Sound! Euphonium as well (finished watching it before I started anohana) but I kind of want to watch the movies first (which I can't find anywhere x.x) and I really don't want to sit here tying up a novel. Suffice to say I loved every minute of this anime and would also recommend it (I mean it deals with a school orchestra band trying to get to nationals but the character interactions alone are worth watching this if you don't want to watch school band the anime).

  25. I've been seriously considering giving VE a third watch before this comes to Netflix (both because I have a serious itch to re-watch it and just for a quick re-cap). Honestly I've been loving this season but I also have access to watch more since I watch subbed (Asteroids in Love is adorable, BOFURI is fucking hilarious (and adorable), Somali and the Forest Spirit is god damn incredible and I get the feeling I will be shedding many manly tears at the end of it, Isekai Quartet is just off the wall (they brought Naofumi in from Shield Hero, has been hilarious), Heya Camp is giving me my small dose of Yuru Camp before S2 airs (not enough though, I need more), and Eizouken is everything I didn't know I wanted in an anime in an anime (it's amazing)). I would gladly whale to finish Azur Lane now and get more episodes Hey Yostar, where do I send the money for more anime eps? Asking for a friend and my obsessed ass
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