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  1. This game will conclude the Norse story per the devs. So hopefully Kratos lives and they do Egyptian Mythology next as that was the original plan for the series after Greek.. I want Anubis dammit!
  2. Graphically the improvements probably can't be seen with such a hyped up highlight reel of short combat clips. The Graphical upgrade is more in the lighting than textures right now. I bet it has more to do with the size of the game and no load times between areas. Riding a sled around large areas is new. The first game was very linear. Mostly narrow pathways with big back drops, and open areas only occurred for big fights. But lastly... fuck Freya, I hope we get to kill her ungrateful ass.
  3. LOL This was one of the one times they followed the comic. Since then they've gone off the rails harder than the OG Fullmetal Alchemist. The show has gone through some real low points since then. So far the first two eps have had their moments, but they lack in areas. I've spent 10 years watching this show so I have to stick with it til the end now. Way too many main characters have died on the TV show to even come close to ending like the comic did.
  4. That's why I'm glad I have HBO Max for free.
  5. End Game was my ending to this universe. Spider-Man could be a series of great movies. But this is the 3rd reboot in a decade and I'm done and burnt on all MCU. EG was the perfect ending for me. I haven't watched anything else regarding it. Black Widow should have had her own movie years ago, not after she died. Its just a money train to me TBH. Chadwick Boseman passed away but we're still going to make BP2 without him? Nah, I'm good. I'll leave you with this:
  6. We can blame Bush, but honestly this shit goes further back to the 70s. And thats all I see here. We peaced out. But we did it in the most shitty way possible. We left a ton of weapons systems. I'm afraid we'll be back in another 20 years and waste even more money because we left a fucking mess just like we did when we peaced out after we helped them against the russians in the 70s. Biden ain't doing shit. Dude isn't even mentally there. He's not running the show. Its either the cabinet or Harris. But they're going to pile the blame on him and I doubt he even makes it to the end of this term.
  7. Random thoughts. That Time I got Reincarnated as a Slime has gotten a nice new coat of darkness too it. Watching Geld mercilessly beat the shit out of Shogo was one of the most brutal scenes I've seen in a long time. What an epic way to show the drawbacks of immortality. Black Clover is fucking awesome now. Man what a rough start. I don't know what compelled me to stick it with for so long. I think we're at 170 eps... and it takes around 40 eps for the story to get good, and about 100 for the animation quality to get consistent, then at 155 it goes to high end. If you can get to the Eye of the Mightnight Sun arc, thats when it turns around storywise. Asta is no longer a super annoying screamo main protagonist, and his abilities he's developed since coming from nothing ad an interesting layer to his character. All the characters develop and grow... which I'm always a sucker for. Not to mention Mereoleona Vermillion is probably the most bad ass female in all of anime. She just absolutely rekts everyone she fights. But of course she gets that Fairy Tail's Guildarts treatment because shes waaay to fucking OP.... but at least she gets more bad ass fight scenes than Guildarts ever got in FT.
  8. Short end? This is L4D with new layers of intricacy. I enjoy the weapons an attachment variants. This game is fun with 3 other friends. With randos it's kinda miserable. Especially when you get trolls that wont pick there deck fast and keep you waiting between each mission.
  9. I guess I never made a topic on this. Basically Turtle Rock, the OG dev for Left 4 Dead is coming out with a new co-op zombie shooter.
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