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  1. This has become my newest favorite channel. He does a good mix of stories he can completely debunk to some that have no answer if its real or not. This last one is my favorite because it shows how far the government will go just to destroy you.
  2. The finale was trash. It was just 90 min trailer to Segway into the 3 new shows. They ruined Mercer's moment when he was going to take a stand. The comic was way better in every way.
  3. This was a mess of a launch. My progress from OW1 didn't migrate over immediately and I had to wait a few days. I don't agree with how the F2P works as far as character locks. None of the OG characters should be locked... but they are... including D.Va who is by far the best tank in the game right now. I'd say buy the watchpoint pack if you try it out and really like it. A lot of current meta heroes are locked. Under the old 6v6 this would have been fine, but with 5v5 the game is faster paced and killfeed heavy. Kiriko is a monster, the best off healer in the game. She can two shot any non tank with head shots, and has Genji's and Hanzo's wall climb, plus a teleport. Each season the meta will change as they only do major balancing from season to season. The name of the game right now is high mobility. Thats Solider Sojourn, Tracer, Sombra, Winston, D.Va, Genji, Lucio, Moria, and Kiriko. Thoughts on gameplay? Its fun... a lot of people will like it over old OW. I personally liked OW1's style... slow, methodical, it was all about positioning. It was truly a team effort. Now you can solo carry, its much faster... hardly any crowd control. Sojourn is a beast... basically Soldier on steroids minus the self heal. Now that there can only be one tank per team, they really are TANKS and they are pure brawlers. They're not worth trying to kill unless you take down the healers first. D.Va is going to be nerfed.... She has access to her boosters way more now, so you can easily escape when your healers go down. Her damage is insane on top of that. I'm going to enjoy it while it lasts. As long as they don't tone down her damage, I think its more fair to increase her CDs instead. Healers have to be more aware and prepared to fend for themselves. I feel like this was in the planning stage pretty early when Baptiste came out. Luckily I have tons of experience of being aggressive with Lucio I can regularly place top 2 in eliminations. (I get a lot of endorsements when I Lucio XD) Moria is a fucking nightmare for squishies. Shes impossible to get away from for characters without a mobility skill, and her fade is even better than it was in OW1. Basically there is less reliance on keeping each other alive. Keep your tank up, provide what you can to your DPSs that aren't running off like morons... and prepare to fight.
  4. The original series is highly regarded from what I know. This is a remake. How it differs from the OG I don't know.. but the animation quality is obviously superior because of technology. I've enjoyed this political space opera so far. Maybe one day I'll go back and watch the OG. But for now I'll stick with this.. and the beauty of its openings are on par with Fruits Basket. There are only 2 by comparison. The first season's was so good I don't blame them for reusing it for S2... I honestly didn't think it could be matched.. but this one is just as beautiful as Binary Star.
  5. DeathscytheX


    I dunno when survival games became the new fad, but I dig it more than battle royal everything.
  6. At a glance it looks like they totally ripped off Guild Wars 2 dynamic events and world boss system. I'm ok with that. 160 dungeons? Its looking promising. I really dig the old school, less colorful tone of the world. Kinda disappointed no demon hunter. I'll probably main Barb and alt Rogue.
  7. Free to Play. I guess they are gonna go hard on loot boxes. The best part if all the OG players keep all their cosmetics from the first game. They'll really have to step up their creativity to top my current favorite skins. I've heard the 5v5 has toned down the need for team cohesion and allows more solo carry. This lead to a lot of support heroes struggling to even stay alive. They've been revamping them giving them more offense. We'll see how it plays out.
  8. Yeah I spent a lot of money on Genshin Impact... I feel like I'll be spending even more on this one for character rolls.
  9. I never thought they'd top the S1 theme... but this one goes as fucking hard as the season did. Bravo. Top 10 themes of all time for me. Even though I was hoping they'd keep Binary Star as the theme every season, I cannot deny the beauty of S3's new opener. Definitely one of the best political drama series out there. I heard the OG was really good... but I'm too invested in the modern remake to go back.
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