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  1. Video won't play on my phone, but if it's about the overheating, its already been debunked. Jason Schreier called out the source on twitter and referenced every false negative rumor they've ever tweeted about playstation.
  2. DeathscytheX


    I pulled, and Ifrit still eludes me. I didn't even get a single dupe for Saria or Plat. Probably my worse banner ever. 😭
  3. My Mom had the same thing around that time, and her flu test came back negative. She was diagnosed with Pneumonia and Bronchitis. She was sick for about 2 weeks and then my dad got it before she was fully well. A lady at work took a trip to NC around that time as well and had a 2 week bout of coughing and fever. She was also told she had Bronchitis after her flu test came back negative. I never got it from any of them so either it was nothing, or I was Asymptomatic. I've always had a pretty stout immune system since I'm around nasty ass people 8-10 hours a day. If I ever feel a little off, I just chalk it up to a head cold or some minor virus. https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/coronavirus-researchers-identify-strongest-symptom-21790401 Both my parents complained how they couldn't taste anything as well... interesting. They blamed it on the antibiotics.
  4. Pretty cool if you've never played it. Def worth it. But without the MP most people want I just feel this may not do well enough and they'll pawn it off an excuse never to do the MP. It probably wouldn't be wise at this point with MW doing so well.
  5. Hasbro put up 15 episodes of GI Joe on their YT channel for the quarantine. I was a bit hesitant to watch it again after 3 decades or so. After all I remember trying to watch HE-MAN on Netflix and it was fucking horrible. XD But, Surprisingly its held up pretty well over all these years. Yeah its still super cheese, but I was surprised to see how many eps were linked together in a larger story arc. Pretty ahead of its time for American animation. The best thing I've seen so far is Snake Eyes getting trapped in a radioactive cave, wonder around in the freezing arctic with his body glowing radiation, and get rescued by some blind nomad which magically cured his radioactive poisoning with no explanation. XD

    1. Sledgstone


      XDXDXD Thats amazing. XD I tried watching He-Man at one point too.. everyone looks like they were on steroids. XD Every single dude had muscles rippling everywhere but theres no gym episode. XD Watch the old Conan animated series if you can find it. I tried watching some of that not too long ago and it was the same thing.. Almost every single dude is super buff unless they are some kind of comic relief character or the design didn't really fit the super buff style. Even some random merchant selling goods had a 12 pack abs visible through his skin tight clothing. Dude is dressed all poor and living in squalor but he obviously still has the time to lift a crap ton of weights every single day. XD I can't remember if GI Joe was all super buff tho.

    2. DeathscytheX


      It wasn't even about the buff dudes. The ep I watched was about an "evil comet" that just was in the sky the whole ep, they did a bunch of random stuff that didnt make sense and the the comet went away or turned into a good comet in the process. XD

    3. Sledgstone
  6. 🤮 Mayo?! Ugh. Mayo isn't a dipping sauce! I dunno why, I just don't find fish sticks fulfilling. Yet I can demolish a pack of ultra processed chicken nuggets all day... I'm not a huge fan of McD's, but every once in a while I get that childhood nostalgic hankering for McNuggets and go to town on some. I've heard the ole "No more layoffs planned" which in my experience is a huge difference from "No more layoffs". Sounds pretty scary. Yeah this is only going to get worse, because people that can stay home, just wont do it. You'd think people that won't be getting a paycheck next pay day would just stay put and not burn gas and try to spend as little as possible. Things were calming down a little and then our Governor announced that all non essential businesses will close... which they already were, but it made everyone freak out and start panic shopping again. I really wish we could just shut down to the public for 2 days a week just so we could fill up the shelves without people just loading up there cart like its fucking supermarket sweeps. Its the only way you can get people not to come. I remember about 5 years ago we had an ice storm. A once every 20-50 year occurrence here. No one in this city is equipped to drive in those conditions, much less have ever done so. The company I worked for was so greedy they opened the stores, half the employees wouldn't or couldn't show up anyways, and people were still trying to make it to the grocery store. wtf. I was closing the night it started and I was instructed the close the store down 4 hours early. I remember driving home before it was really bad, and seeing multiple cars in the ditch on the side of the road where they were obviously coming to shop. With grocery stores the only thing being open right now, people are just bored and go there.... its so dumb.
  7. I wish it wasn't full blown Pixar, but its SAC so I'll watch it anyway.
  8. Pretty much how Trump is now being blamed for the mask shortage that actually happens under Obama during H1N1 and they were never replenished. I also learned the other day, at some point, I dunno under who, we decided it was a bright idea to have all the IV bags come out of Puerto Rico, and then the hurricane hit last year, and everyone is having supply issues. https://www.washingtonexaminer.com/news/los-angeles-times-and-bloomberg-news-federal-stockpile-of-n95-masks-was-depleted-under-obama-and-never-restocked Bush was definitely the end of the Republican's fiscal conservatism as a whole. Big spending government has been gone on for too long and it probably will keep going on. People that like big government that takes care of everything, don't realize that the result is that corporations are going to get bailed out forever... because they fund the campaigns. Not the little people. The government should monitor corperations, let them succeed and let them fail. If something fails, something else will rise up in its place, it always has. With Space X on the rise, and NASA becoming less relevant, its pretty obvious we don't need the government for everything. The government should assist but not take over parts of the private sector.
  9. This is interesting. Shigure is the most intriguing character in the reboot, but he was just comic relief in the original.
  10. The dems lost so bad this round. No matter how shitty the package was going to be they joined into it as a bipartisan package over the weekend and then at the last minute yesterday demanded a bunch of unrelated shit like same day voter registration, bailing out the post office, wind power tax breaks, etc. Bad look. There is no way that dumb shit can be defended, especially if the original package was a bipartisan effort. I'm surprised the republicans would even consider passing out checks to everyone since that's kinda against the party philosophy. While intentions are good, man that's ripe for abuse... those tax fruaders were already licking their chops to steal a bunch of those from people that really need it. There is no way the government could implement that this fast without a ton of issues. From what I was understanding pretty much anyone that pays taxes can get it even if they don't need it, while people that do need it could be left out like people that run their own small, and I mean like really small 1-2 person business, out of their home, self employed people etc. They should have came up with a bill that suspended a giant portion of monetary flow. Basically credit card, mortgage, automobile, rent, student loans, personal loans, and basically anything I left out that can ruin you credit or make you homeless or without a vehicle should have been put on hold. If I was Trump I'd just throw down the executive order and dare a judge to block it. My state loosened up all the unemployment requirements so most businesses that are shutting down, have fired all of their employees just so they can get unemployment while they aren't getting a paycheck. My issue with these testing sites is that if you aren't showing symptoms you shouldn't go. Yeah you could be asymptomatic, but if you're not, you're more likely to get it waiting in line near someone sick with it. I dunno about everywhere, but all I am seeing is some shitty beige tent and a long line. wtf? So much for social distancing when it really matters. Nah fam, I'm good. Not about to get COVID while waiting to see if I have COVID.
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