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  1. DeathscytheX

    YT thread

    The gentleman's gazette has popped on on mine a lot... and apparently on many others. Dude must pay YT for a favorable algorithm. I've never looked up anything on men's fashion before so I have no idea why I ever got recommended his channel.
  2. *sigh* I can't believe I'm about to say this... but if they can just redo the graphics to next gen, and leave EVERYTHING else alone.... *cringe* even the assignments.... including finishing top 3 in gun master 😭 I'll take it.. I mean they can remove that one.. but if that has to stay for the whole thing to be left alone, I'll be good with it.
  3. I wonder how many looters will get the CV? Pretty amazing how irrelevant social distancing is when you're smashing up shit and stealing. Some people I've been connected with on social media have completely be indoctrinated to woke culture. One of them told me razing the whole city too the ground and ruining everyone's life was worth getting the cop arrested. That's how fucked up these people are. Dude would have gotten arrested without the city getting destroyed. The video evidence is clear.. everyone was going crazy because it took more than 24 hours to make the arrest. Now he is arrested and people are still destroying property. What started the whole conversation was this person compared the riots to the Boston tea party, and then got triggered when I said that the Sons of Liberty didn't take the tea home with them, they dumped it in the harbor, they didn't destroy the ship, and they didn't set Boston on fire. A lot of people that were upset at this murder have had their cars and businesses destroyed... And people out there wonder why people are upset at the looting and rioting. These people have no where to shop now for essentials. The elderly and disabled can't drive 40 minutes to the next town. When you inconvenience the general public, you're not going to gain sympathy for your cause no matter how righteous. Basic human nature causes resentment if someone can't live their life... they really wont give a shit about someone else dying.
  4. Apparently this came out March 13th? WTF How did I not know! I must see it!
  5. I started reading the manga after season 2. I thought the twist was pretty cool myself as far as the origins of the Titans. The direction Eren went is pretty cliche. As far as the flash back, I only remember the one after the secret is revealed, going back to his father's childhood to before he died. But I haven't read pass the tainted wine part in the manga. I can almost guess how it will end.
  6. Why do they have to fuck up everything?
  7. I'm banking on the fact that you aren't in a rush to get one, so therefore it will be the greatest console launch ever packed with amazing games.
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