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  1. Yeah I spent a lot of money on Genshin Impact... I feel like I'll be spending even more on this one for character rolls.
  2. I never thought they'd top the S1 theme... but this one goes as fucking hard as the season did. Bravo. Top 10 themes of all time for me. Even though I was hoping they'd keep Binary Star as the theme every season, I cannot deny the beauty of S3's new opener. Definitely one of the best political drama series out there. I heard the OG was really good... but I'm too invested in the modern remake to go back.
  3. PC Master Race will be like "git gud with mouse and keyboard scrubs".
  4. I thought Season 1 was pretty good. But holy shit The Train Arc and Entertainment District Arc set a new standard for animation quality... like almost Violet Evergarden levels... for high octane fight scenes. Entertainment District's last half is just non stop action, leaving you with a solid cliff hanger going into the next ep.
  5. My PC came with a free month of Game Pass Ultimate. I decided to check out what I can play for free and found out how garbage the Xbox App for PC is. I downloaded Halo Infinite. The game wouldn't load. It would show the spartan insignia and then I'd just get a black screen. I never got to the title screen. Upon investigating this, its apparently a common issue. I tried all the "fixes" and uninstalled and re-installed the game twice. It never worked. So then I try to play The Ascent with a friend. The game worked fine solo, but we couldn't connection to each other. Again, I look it up and its once again.... a common issue. This time with no fix. We gave up and bought it on steam where it works without any issues. Needless to say, I'm cancelling Game Pass.

    1. Sledgstone


      I'm not impressed with game pass for PC, but with the Ultimate, try the cloud gaming feature and see if you can play any xbox console exclusives on your PC. There might be something worth playing on that during the free month. But yeah, the pc game pass sucks.. try and access the free EA Access games, lol. You have to install the EA Access app, login to it with your game pass and access the EA games through that because they can't bother to have a single app to launch the games. -_-

    2. Sledgstone


      I think its only worth it if you play alot of sports games or you have an Xbox console and a decent PC and alot of free time to play $15 worth of games a month.

  6. I never wanted to try to Souls game. The thought of being one shotted and having to start all over again from a single mistake always turned me off. I don't have as much time as I use to to "git gud". Fallen Order was the closest i ever played to a souls style game, but by the time you got force powers, the game became more like  inFAMOUS games than Souls. I got Elden Ring for whatever reason and honestly... I've been enjoying the hell out of it despite some soul crushing moments. I like the freedom, the exploration, finding good gear laying around without having to fight anything. Gear that will give you a fighting chance to get even better gear. You're not forced to fight any of the bosses in any particular order You can skip bosses to get to most of the world with exception of the last 2 areas. The purpose of beating bosses to to progress the story. So I've played in a way where I've gone to most the world. geared up as high as possible.. allowing me 1 fully upgraded legendary weapon.. and being able to have an easier time with the story bosses... then there are "optional" bosses that are just savage AF and HP sponges. XD I've beaten a few but some are just beyond my skill level. Either way, I highly recommend this game as a non souls fan. At the very least, its worth your money when it goes on discount sometime down the road.

  7. Haven't had much time to play but I will say there is one awesome feature about this game. I had a crash after I beat a dungeon boss. I had to interact with something to finish the dungeon and the game just closed out on me. I was pretty enraged because in every other MMO, you have to restart the dungeon and redo the whole thing... but it loaded me back in to the end where I just had to interact with the object and finish. I think it was a single room though... like a fail safe they built in. But I was so thankful.
  8. @Strider Hiryu
  9. I got a new PC yesterday and instantly dropped cash for the platinum founders pack. I can't wait to dive into this game.
  10. Yeah don't do that. It would be incredibly boring to watch outside of shrines. There are no linear areas in this game. Its all open world. The Shrines were the most fun because of all the puzzles and the ingenious ways you could make things even easier than they were suppose to be. I don't see another Nintendo console coming out anytime soon. The current chip shortage is probably going to prolong the PS5/XBSX generation for as long as the PS3/360 was or longer. Its amazing how a year later its still hard to get them. If you can pick up an old switch on the cheap and a pro controller, thats all you need. BoTW, Mario Odyssey, Metriod Dread, Paper Mario, and Legend of Zelda: Links Awakening are all solid. Plus you have a ton of indy side scoller games to keep you busy when getting your tires changes from winter to summer. Octopath Traveler is highly acclaimed but I'm not into JRPGs... apparently there are quite a few on switch. For me BOTW is the single most greatest Zelda game of all time. The only knock was the lack of more main dungeons. The story was good, the voice acting worked well and brought something fresh to the series. It brought Zelda and the supporting cast to life while keeping Link the silent protagonist. If you like exploring and finding secrets, you'll get lost for hours on end without accomplishing any of the main story. Along with the last God of War game these are my two favorite single player games of all time.
  11. Holy shit this looks like a blast! Definitely my favorite presentation of the VGAs.
  12. The high republic hasn't really interested me. The comics look dumb. But this looks incredible and I'm always down for a Star Wars game. I know Quantic Dream can tell a good story, so it will be interesting to see if they can pull a Respawn Studios and branch out beyond the single genre of gameplay they're known for.
  13. Sonic hits the open world. It looks pretty rad from what little we see.
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