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  1.  Whew, that was a GRIND! Starting Monarch next because I have a fleet of the required ships to use for the XP farm. These priority ships are insane to unlock. I only have so many cog chips for her. I guess I need to start shelling out the 8k gold every time her large project rolls around. X_x


  2. DeathscytheX

    YT thread

    Boiled Peanuts are a southern delicacy. Boiling a raw peanut changes the taste. Its impossible to describe. If you ever see boiled peanuts in a can, avoid it. Its not good. Its as blasphemous as those Hormel canned tamales. I personally only like the cajun boiled peanuts. Normal boiled peanuts are just wet peanuts with a different taste But the spices make it heavenly when its done cajun style. I'm not buying the NY Pizza thing. I've watched so many videos of people with their NY pizzas. I fail to see how it can be any better than anywhere else. There are 2 New Yorkers that opened up pizza places here that make it as you described. Their pizzas are big, and foldable. And I do enjoy them, and mostly eat my pizza there because they are local, but its just different. I do like that grease bomb limp crust that Pizza Hut has every now an then, but they use that super processed cheese. Pizza is just bread, sauce, and cheese to me. The NY style pizza isn't overwhelmingly better. You can't make cheese or sauce into something more mindblowingly amazing, all you can do is make the bread different. There is a guy from Chicago that makes deep dish across the bay and I need to go try that since it seems unique. There is also a guy from Philly that has his own philly cheesestake shop, and its magical. But hes super old and I bet the place closes when he passes away. Same with one of the pizza parlors I mentioned. That dude is old and has like a few teenagers to run the register. He works 6 days a week and closes on Mondays I think, and Wednesday hes only open half the day. Basically he's the only one that makes the stuff and I doubt he'll share his secret and pass on the shop to someone else. Both those shops have like a 28 inch pizza as their largest size. Its so ridiculously huge. I dunno how some people get it into their car. The box is so big it barely fits through the door without tilting the pizza. We use to have Dinosaur BBQ sauce in the grocery stores around here. It was spicy and so good. Its hard to find now. It was def one of my favorites. We have a pretty good local BBQ scene here. But no one will ever convince me there is better BBQ than what I had in Memphis TN. Our Italian scene is kinda small. We have a few nice little places, and then bottom tier Olive Garden. Someone that i knew worked there and said all they do is open frozen bags and heat the stuff up. Our Mexican and Asian scene has exploded over the past 10 years or so. All the Chinese buffets went under around here with the rise of fresh and delicious sit down places. We have Chinese, Vietnamese, and a ton of Thai places which is probably my favorite. There was a Phillipine place but sadly that closed down. I think the city force them into it because they were operating out of a really old but big home that kinda was just in the middle of a business district. The building probably wasn't up to code and they couldn't afford to renovate. We have a lot of Hibachi and Sushi places, and my favorite, the anti-social hibachi places where they don't have the table and the performance that gets old after the 3rd time you seen it. I love hibachi food, I hate the cooking performance and all the other randos at the table I don't know. We also have a lot of hibachi to go places. All the homestyle cooking places went under too because no one really wants to go out and pay to eat something they make a home. Cracker Barrel is the closest thing to that we have left. Back to Mexican, If the Mexican places there don't have Lengua, Chorizo, and/or Tripe somewhere on the menu, it ain't mexican. Its just Tex Mex. Gotta have Tortas, Sopes, and Empanadas. I remember the first authentic place that opened here, they had a menu that was "american mexican" and then the second half that was in all Spanish. I'd always order from that after typing stuff into google translate. Eventually they translated it themselves in captions. Next thing you know we have like 5 or 6 now that serve the good stuff. You won't find ground beef anywhere at most of them. Def should check out that Irish Pub, probably the best lamb chops you'll ever have if they know what they're doing. There's one about 60 miles from me, that me and a few friends go visit on a special occasion. They have some of the best food there is. They make a killer ribeye, but I enjoy their Lamb Chops and these Jameson's glazed pork chops that are as big as a ribeye. EDIT: Oh I forgot, Our seafood scene is our pride and joy. We are the gulf coast after all. Red Lobster is trash. Nothing beast fresh caught seafood. There is basically a strip along the bayway of nothing but seafood restaurants. A little more west in Mississippi, there is an all you can eat catfish house, and there are just various seafood and seafood infusion places. There is one little in the know place that has seafood and burgers/steak/chicken dishes. I have some friends that are married, the husband hates seafood, so its their favorite place since he can get a burger or steak, and she can have a seafood platter and both parties are happy.
  3. DeathscytheX

    YT thread

    Brisk is NOT sweet tea. Any restaurant trying to serve that down here will get called out. Anything thats premade in a bottle outside of a jug of Milo's is like saying Kool-Aid is juice. Only freshly brewed is acceptable. You can just type in unsweet tea meme into google and there is an endless supply. Grits on the other hand. Its not for everyone, but I bet you had it just plain cooked, super gritty and zero butter or salt. Its like eating grape nuts stew that way. There is a very low concern for eating habits in the south. Most grits are loaded with butter and salt. It takes on a more creamy texture. Cheese is a must as well, but its much better when used as a part of a dish rather than the main dish. Shrimp and Grits are pretty popular. Chicken and Waffles are actually pretty good. But its not really common. Only one restaurant served it here and it shut down. Biscuits and gravy is magical. The sausage gravy itself is incredible. Its not gravy in the sense of turkey gravy. its not soupy, its like a semi solid of meat and salt . That lay's potato chip flavor a few years ago pretty much tasted just like the gravy. KFC biscuits are kinda dry. If you have a Popeyes up there, now that's a biscuit. Hardee's/Carl's Jr makes pretty good biscuits too. My uncle is from Minnesota and hes a super picky eater but likes weird shit like sugar and rice. wtf? He doesn't like any spicy stuff and eats the most bland foods. Thats my view of northern cuisine. I figured NYC is different because it's a cultural hub, but from what my friends that visited or lived there have said, there are no good Mexican places. As good as Taco Bell is, its trash tier. Basically what McDonalds is to Five Guys is the best comparison i can give.
  4. DeathscytheX

    YT thread

    Spending my whole life in the south, I never knew everyone didn't drink sweet tea or ate grits. Unsweetened tea is trash.
  5. I remember when this first hit all the media lambasted the fandom for being racist because no one liked how Starfire looked. They all said fans were mad because she was because she was black, but it was really because they gave her a flea market crusty the clown wig and a Halloween sexy princess dress from party city. But shes a prostitute? There was no context for this at first, but even though it makes somewhat more sense she still looks terrible. But in the new promo art she looks great. Old New Either way, what you described sounds awful. The whole WOKE culture gets on my nerves and I'm generally turned off by any kinda controversy before a show comes out these days. That whole racism fiasco put me off ever wanting to watch it. Its one thing to pick the best actor which they probably did with Anna Diop, but its another to just gender/race swap everyone just to do it. I hear that's what they've done to the Eternals. If you have to promote anything that's not relevant to the story or lore of a show/film. That's a big ole red flag for me. 9 times out of 10 the story is gonna be absolute ass. When Star Trek did the first on screen interracial kiss, they just did it. They didn't go out and promote it weeks before the episode. Different time and era of course, but the method still holds true. /end random rant.
  6. This season looks to have a lot of twists
  7. Its been a while, that opening though.
  8. Pretty much my favorite thing to do in this game now. There is zero counter to the thermal. Cold Blooded helps a little but you can still see them. Smoke grenades + Thermal scope is just a nightmare to contend with. And its pretty much one of the last unlocks for every gun. This is why there is no perk to allow 2 non lethal equipment in this game as well I'd guess.
  9. Dunno how long it will be up since most everything has already been taken down. The character model looks almost current gen while everything else looks Half-Life 2. This has to be super early as the mecahnics are pretty rough and dated.... and either the controls are still really wonky or the person playing it is absolutely awful at such a simple 3rd person shooter. If this is as far as it ever got I can sorta see why they may have cancelled it without giving the studio a chance to fine tune it. Found one more... LMAO the character animations are good in some aspects and rough in others. the way she climbs a ladder is hilarious to me.
  10. DeathscytheX


    This event was really good. Unfortunately I don't know if I'll be able to 3 star the last 2 EX stages. I just don't have the DPS on tap to do it. It looks like you really need Ifrit and/or Eyjafjalla, and Even if I could have pulled them during the start of the banner, I wouldn't have the resources to E1 50 them. I def have the LMD now, just not the EXP tickets. I did get Skadi though finally after my Annihilation credit rolled over and I could pull some more. With 2 days left I dunno if I'll spend any more time on the event maps though. I bought everything from the store except for the infinite supply stuff. All it took was days of Grinding GT-5. I'll save my pizza parlor furniture for when I get the 4th dorm unlocked. I'll probably spend the last 2 extra 200 daily sanity from this event on the dailies. I need more caster/sniper chips. I E1'ed Firewatch instead of Exusiai because I felt her nuke would be key for these hard stages. I don't regret it either way. I'm sure Firewatch will be very handy in the future. I was SUPER lucky for that Nuker tag to pop in recruitment. I've still yet to see Top Operator, Senior Operator, or Robot. I'm still missing Castle-3 and I want him for completionists sake.
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