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  1. Reception is all over the place on this game. Some say its good, some say its bad. Despite the gripes from LevelCap and Westie they both seem to have a blast playing it on their streams. The game isn't perfect. Just like every BF launch it has its standard netcode issues. The only bug I ran into so far is when I died once, I got stuck in downstate indefinitely. The bleed out timer was 0, and I couldn't cancel it out. Thankfully the other teams tickets were low, so I stayed put to get my match XP. The argument about specialists ruining teamwork isn't true TBH. Team work is still there and can be achieved... just not in the same straight forward way. Yes you can build very selfish builds that bring almost nothing to the team. But everyone can still help out in some way. The buddy revive everyone can do is actually pretty powerful. If everyone would use it more instead of running past your character screaming for help trying to get kills?? Thats the thing... People act like teams weren't just filled with Assault and Engineers in old battlefields. You can now kit for these if you want to do them. People didn't play Support or Medic for various reasons... probably the biggest one was being locked into an LMG/SMG. Now you can rock a med pac and an assault rifle... Or a repair tool and a sniper... The whole reason people cried about the attrition system in BFV is becasue no one was playing support! Now they're crying that you can't be forced to do it... even though you never could be forced to do it in the first place! You can provide armor plates, ammo, health... and everyone can revive like I said.. you get up with 40% HP and it starts regenerating pretty quickly... and its not some super slow animation like I remember BFV's beta being... its just defib pads. The neat feature about this is you can cry out in two ways. When you want a revive, your character will yell out pleading for help... but if you hold down the cancel button, your character will yell out to stay away, you don't want help. You could just tap the cancel button to let another player know its too dangerous and maybe change your mind when you see the sniper that killed you go down and then ask for a revive. Sniping is devastatingly powerful... A lot of people are using armor plates because of this... which is a fine balance IMO. When you hit someone with an armor plate, your crosshair will flash blue. Vehicles are also extremely powerful but extremely vulnerable, which is another nice balance. The recoiless rocket is on me at all times, except on my sniper class where I use the ammo pack. I'm not sure how lowering your settings on PC pans out for this, but the smoke screen for tanks is insanely powerful. It's very disorienting if you get caught up in it on foot, and provides a solid path to get away for the tank which can be taken down by 3-4 rockets. Some of the new armaments are impressive, outside the standards top gunner seat.. I was in a tank that shot a spread of arcing explosives. The range was shit and the reload was long, but its basically for anti-personnel trying to C4 you. Air vehicles are also powerful against ground targets... the Hacker class can hack them to where they cant use weapons or countermeasures, making them vulnerable to guided rockets. I might dive into this class later. It seems extremely powerful but not used often. I've been in vehicles that have been hacked, it lasts a good 5-10 seconds. You can stay and let someone lock on to you, or you can bail out and try to come back later. The AA tank has guided rockets along with its standard cannons now, so it's very deadly... but underused in favor of the standard tanks. (Thank god there is no blimp behemoth anymore, ) I haven't been able to spend enough time to fully assess all of this but it seems balanced in a semi-MW2 fashion to where everything is devastatingly powerful and will cancel each other's OPness out.... not quite as insane as MW2, but its the best analogy I can muster... as oppose to everything being under-powered.. and its brutally and painstakingly difficult to take down or kill anything from both sides. Spotting in the traditional sense is gone... and its gone forever. However there are plenty less straight forward ways to spot. The most powerful is the recon drone. I guess this is the least glamours, but the most powerful way. Again I haven't used it, but I assume its not autonomous and you have to control it.... so it benefits the team but not yourself outside of the 50XP you get per spotted kill. This thing kinda reminds me of the most OP attachment in history... the spotter scope in Bad Company 2. I was top gunner in a tank trying to cap a point when all of the sudden I saw 10 red dots pop in my field of view instantly. When someone is using it, its very helpful... but I've only seen this a few times. The sentry turret isn't very powerful in a sense that I've only gotten 3 kills ever off of it... but it spots, and will let you see them through walls briefly. The downsides to this is you have to be close to it, and its loud as fuck when it spots someone, sounding off an alarm. It will also "spot" choppers which is annoying and serves no purpose. I'll basically set one up and hide behind cover and let it spot people so I can pop out and kill them. I've mostly killed people parachuting down or swimming with it. The most controversial is the wall hack. I haven't seen it much, and I believe its only good for CQC. You do get alerted when you are scanned as well. So if you're camping, you're kinda at an advantage depending on your choke points. Solo capping and defending are gone in conquest. You can no longer solo contest a flag by hiding in the basement of some building while an army of 50 try to find you. Its solely based on numbers, and when you're capping, it will tell you how many are on each side contesting the flag. Whoever has more will start capping, and the speed of the cap is weighted by the discrepancy. So 4-3 is going to make for an extremely slow cap provided no one dies... but 10-3, the cap is going to be the standard classic cap speed. Breakthrough is like Operations in BF1... I like this mode better than conquest... and with way more vehicles than BF1... it gets crazy from the start. The class customization is nice. I really like being able to swap scopes and attachments on the fly. I don't have a lot right now, but I do like swapping from Holo to Acog on my DMR. You start out with 4 classic prebuilt classes, and you can change and edit them all without having to rank up. You can also add more loudouts as needed. You control what is the default on your attachment tree as you get unlocks. My only gripe is how they made the controls for it. You hold L1 to bring it up and you naturally want to use the D pad buttons to pick stuff as its a cross like the D pad to begin with... but no, you use Triangle, Square, Circle and X as up down left and right instead... wtf? Not a big deal, but a stupid design choice.. just like when you're editing the tree in the class editor.. instead of pressing where you want to go with the D pad you can only press right to cycle through up, down, left, and right. ugh... Either way, Battlefield is trying to evolve. Whether people like the changes or not is up for debate. The game had to change after the BFV debacle. So far I'm enjoying it. I leave you with my best unguided rocket kill in my BF career.
  2. I watched this and it was awesome. The story, acting, and action were all good. It proves you can make a movie like this without being "woke". I recommend it.
  3. Aside from the ballistic shield specialist, all of these look more useful than what we had in the beta. Being able to see through walls will be extremely useful in CQC areas of maps. It might be OP tbh. The smart explosives seem to be OP on vehicles. I hope countermeasures work on those and unguided rockets are the only true 1 shot for choppers and jets.
  4. I know a lot consider this to be way too violent. But GoW3 was completely justified to me. Fuck all those gods. Each kill was satisfying to me.
  5. Yeah everyone being able to spot is gone forever in BF I think. I've come to accept it. I used the sensor grenades exclusively once I discovered them. I would lob them into the point before trying to take it so I could see where enemies were on the mini map. There will def be more COD-like reliance of the mini map rather than spotting. I don't see many people taking the recon drone over the grappling hook. I honestly think its too good of a gadget and that everyone should have it. The beta spread sheet showed how lopsided it was... by over double digit millions. Like the grappling hook had 111 million deploys and then the sentry turret was in second with only like 20 million. The healing gun was dead last. Looks like Hazard Zone is a BF take on The Division's Dark Zone. https://www.vg247.com/battlefield-2042-hazard-zone-everything-we-know-full-details?fbclid=IwAR3Ac-3TAFCPNixx8dMsNEfdU0OcKd7H-4ru9DD3KXCtljbs9Ma1_hhaBE4
  6. With the beta coming to an end, you know I had to get at least one in. I could have done more but I was too busy checking out the other gadgets.
  7. Quote

    Quick take. Regardless of the final product. The BF2042 beta is so much better than BF5.


    1. Sledgstone


      Good. I'll try the beta on Friday after work. 

  8. This game will conclude the Norse story per the devs. So hopefully Kratos lives and they do Egyptian Mythology next as that was the original plan for the series after Greek.. I want Anubis dammit!
  9. Graphically the improvements probably can't be seen with such a hyped up highlight reel of short combat clips. The Graphical upgrade is more in the lighting than textures right now. I bet it has more to do with the size of the game and no load times between areas. Riding a sled around large areas is new. The first game was very linear. Mostly narrow pathways with big back drops, and open areas only occurred for big fights. But lastly... fuck Freya, I hope we get to kill her ungrateful ass.
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