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  1. DeathscytheX

    Metroid Dread

    Ok, disappointed no Metroid Prime 4... but this has me hyped. Love a Super Metroid style game.
  2. Finished Gundam SEED tonight. As cliche as it could get, I still really enjoyed it. Mecha designs were above average.... and despite a lot of recycled animation during battles, I still found them engaging and entertaining... and all the love interests swapping around tickled my fancy. XD Character deaths were pretty brutal as well. Its def worth watching for the average fan. Better than Unicorn, but not IBO as far as recently watched Gundam series.

    1. Sledgstone


      Oh man talk about a blast from the past! :DI watched Gundam SEED about 15 years ago I think. Great series and I loved the mechs. Now you need to watch the sequel Gundam SEED Destiny. Also a really good series with some unique mechs. :tup:

  3. Ok, now I'm sold. FUCK YES! This looks amazing! A few things that got me hyped: One.... back to what battlefield is about... chaos and vehicles. The fact that they ever tried to focus more on infantry play was fucking stupid. This isn't COD, its battlefield. Getting your ass ragdolled by a tank a lot happens. Focus on vehicles was obvious. The maps looks to be solid for having ample coverage for infantry anyways. The game will only launch with 7 maps, which is concerning... but honestly if they are that big it should be fine. Older maps may not work for this game although as much as I hate on Wake Island I could go for 128 players on it . Lets do Metro and Locker too! Ziba Tower 64 v 64! Take notice of the elevator scene. You can swap attachments live in match! This was a feature in Bad Company 2 that you could only do from the spawn screen. I really like this for its unforeseen applications but also the practicality. Unlocked something new? Hate it? Good, you don't have to play a whole round with it. I'm going to assume you'll have to set this up either way. It seemed like you could only do 3 opitcs, mags, barrel attachments, etc. Unless they watered down how many attachments you can get, I think this is going to be a customizable preset for in match swapping. Either way, I really like this feature as unrealistic as it is. CHOPPERS!!! GIVE ME ALL THE CHOPPERS! MY RPG WILL HUNGER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The wing suit feature is interesting and makes sense. If these maps are big, We'll need some non vehicle fast travel options. With the maps being this large, I would like to see the return of some of the lesser known BF2 maps that were absolutely massive. Concerns for the player base. They basically turned conquest into a hybrid form of operations. I loved operations in BF1... literally my favorite mode of all time.... but its not conquest. People are going to bitch. Capturing sectors and locking them in to where you cant lose them? That's not conquest. I expect classic conquest to make a return a few months in. Give us 10-12 flags to capture. It'll be fine DICE. All they need to do is get rid of bleed out, or make it skippable and I'll pre-order this game so fast.
  4. Just please leave that fucking bleedout mechanic out. Looks good, very similar to BF4's debut trailer. Looking forward to some gameplay footage. If we're doing 64 vs. 64, we need 10 tanks per team, maybe 10 various air vehicles between choppers and jets.... I'll be out there with my RPG so the more the better.
  5. BFL passed away not too long ago. I really enjoyed his videos. I watch Redo too. I haven't tried any of their stuff tho.
  6. It was a fun movie with great special effects and awesome fatalities... and that was it. Horrible acting outside of Kano... but that didn't matter. The pacing and Cole sucked. Cole should have never been in there. He wasn't in the games, he was so out of place... and his first victory was stupid without spoiling it, you know why. The pacing... it was all the pacing. Started out strong... then lets go searching.... then lets train... then boom everyone fights at the same time... no focus on individual fights.. then ok.. we won.. time for MK2. Such an abrupt ending. It was pretty jarring. The original movie was better.
  7. Its because our government is more dysfunctional than at any point in history. Say what you want about Trump... he exposed it for what it was. There was literally no reason to reverse the executive order on insulin prices and now they're skyrocketing again because Trump bad. Biden is a fucking husk of a human being. You can't tell me thats the same person that debated Ryan in the VP debates when Romney was running. Each time the party switches they're just going to undo everything the last admin did and its gonna be a seesaw non stop every 4-8 years. Who is even running this nation? The debt is astronomical because neither party cares anymore. We have a super dependence on the Chinese for so much stuff now, we have to tread lightly.
  8. This movie was fucking awesome!
  9. I never got the first Spider-Man but since this came with my PS5 bundle here is my quick take Pros: The game was hella fun. Movement, combat, abilities. All good. The skill tree was kinda lame, but it didn't matter. You always had a choice to go in and fight or stealth. This game is hella easy for the most part because stealth is so good. Basically enemies never look up. Cons: This game was clearly meant to be just an expansion. It's not worth $50. Its apparently half the length of the first game... its very short. Its a shame too because the story, voice acting, and just the game as a whole is great. They should be charging $30 for this game not $50. Wait for it to go on discount. Also the last boss fight has a section that inexcusably frustrating. I don't like when they change the game worlds rules to make a boss more frustrating.
  10. Gonna be a redundant post sorta... but with my anime watching getting more active now that dubs are more fequent even if they're a few weeks behind. Here are my top openings of the past few years.... maybe more distant since its a blur since COVID started. Cop Craft - Man this show was so much fun. Just a good ole buddy cop anime... kinda like Bright on Netflix.... but better? Def worth a watch. Fruits Basket - So many fucking feels man... so many good openings and outros. At the end of the day I gotta stick with the one that started it all... such a beautiful melody. Violet Evergarden will always be a king of animation quality.. but man FB is really good in that department too. ZOMBIE LAND SAGA - The only pop idol anime I really got into because of its interesting premise. I love this OP so much. Fairy Tail has so many banger openings... say what you want about the series and its power of friendship. Its not perfect... but man I love all the characters and most of the arcs. It is what it is... but this OP toppled the Grand Magic Games one, which I never thought would happen. It's so fucking good. And the winner of it all is Attack of Titan's final season... There aren't many OPs that can encompass the theme of what is currently going on in a series... its fucking eerie, its dark, its uncomfortable... plus the imagery used fits so well as per usual with AoT openings. And without really spoiling anything at that.
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