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  1. Last two seasons have been less than stellar. Negan's arc is really all that has kept me interested. I'm glad Maggie is back to finish up because she was still holding the show together after Rick left... When she went off to do her failed crime drama, the show suffered immensely. This trailer is packed with good action. Looks like we'll have a lot of Negan and Maggie having to work together. The commonwealth story, finding the deaf sister, and Daryl all have things going on. I bet that chick in the cabin he was seeing is a Reaper!
  2. Portal is a separate entity from BF2042 within the game. The EOD bot will only be there. I equate it to Zombie Outbreak on COD. But you still get XP and credit towards guns. They'll limit it if the logic editor makes something too cheese. I do see it useful to completing assignments. The segment with the defibs and knives... in BF2 there was a defib only server and it was hilarious... but it was on the honor system. You'd get kicked if you used guns. This allows that mode to be locked in... and if there is a defib kills assignment? There you go. I like this for the fact that you can play classic BF with a twist and knock out annoying assignments for gear at the same time.
  3. If done right. We shouldn't need another BF for 4-5 years TBH.
  4. Both anime series were extremely disappointing. I think I fell asleep for a few eps of this one and didn't even care to go back and rewatch. How can we get anime so right until it comes to Godzilla? Seriously, just watch SSSS.GRIDMAN and SSSS.DYNAZENON for a good Kaiju anime.
  5. So essentially they faux kept classes by making you choose between Resupply, Health pack, or launcher. I'm fine with this. It will be interesting to see this new take on conquest. It honestly just feels like they took bred Operations and Conquest and came up with this mode. Thats fine... personally I'm down with it... but I can already see the backlash and they'll have "Classic Conquest" added to the playlist after launch... and it better still be 128 players and like 12-15 flags. The cooldown on vehicle spawning is very encouraging. It will give everyone a chance to get a vehicle and put an end to spawn screen camping. So far it feelsl like we're going in the right direction.
  6. This actually interests me. I love the back buttons. As amazing as the dualsense is... its baffling they didn't include back buttons. and 3rd party modders already want $250 for a modded DS.
  7. The "I won't forgive you!" reveal at the end fucking killed me. The whole time you wonder why she said that... and you realize the whole context. The waterworks flowed. This series was so tender and amazing.
  8. I had more issues with PC than I ever had with consoles. lol. My current issue is I know my HDD is dying. I get random BSOD. PC gaming has never been appealing to me over consoles because I play mostly online competitive games. Cheating is so bad on PC... its a constant war between cheat bots and anti-cheat. I remember playing BF3 and watching a guy on our team have infinite ammo with an aimbot just sit on some steps with an LMG holding down the fire button. We body blocked his shots until he quit eventually... but the whole PC master race is hilarious to me. Oh your game looks better than console? Until you turn the graphics down to get rid of the grass for a competitive advantage.
  9. It is inevitable there will be a lemon in the millions of consoles sold... even if it was at 1% of all 8.6 million PS5s sold, you'd be looking at almost 9k lemons. I haven't had any issues with my PS5 yet.... outside the initial setup where the HDMI sounded like it clicked in and it didn't so I had to push it in more. I remember people saying their PS2 and PS3 and PS4 were defective at launch. I think the 360's RRoD really amplified the hype for it. I had a friend that had 2 PS2s die on him... but for my Sony has always had solid hardware.
  10. Props to who ever coordinated the Fruits Basket OPs, they were all good. The art direction of this one was my absolute favorite.
  11. 64v64, the bots make sense. Especially when the game begins to decline naturally I'm sure there is a soft cap requirement of real players. Battle pass systems have been getting pretty good lately without fucking over the players that don't want to pay. Oddly enough. Black Ops Cold War and Modern Warfare had great battle pass systems. Mostly cosmetics but there were 2 weapons every season. Both free players and battle pass players could get them in reasonable time. Battle pass purchase gave you 1.5x XP gain over normal players. And both weapons were obtainable in the first 30 ranks. Plus they have 2xp battle pass weekend for all players frequently. The difference between buying it and not buying it was the many cosmetics you get. Like free players get a reward every 5 ranks while BP buyers get something every rank. I never thought I'd say this but COD actually has one of the better systems out there after all that BS loot crate craze they created. Destiny 2's battle pass system is decent as well, but can be p2w'ish as you get mats for upgrades that doesn't really apply to a PVP game. but the concept is the same. If they have weapons, which I hope they don't. I'd like to see the classic assignment system come back for that. I'd hope they take COD's system and make it fair for everyone to obtain. Otherwise I'd rather just see camos, vehicle skins, and XP tokens.
  12. Ok, disappointed no Metroid Prime 4... but this has me hyped. Love a Super Metroid style game.
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