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  1. Yeah if they were both real, with all the lore that goes behind them. Godzilla would blow a hole through his torso in 3 seconds and it would be over with. Kong has lost to WWI planes on a tower... They had to destroy the environment, and wipe out a whole ecosystem with the oxygen destroyer to "kill" Godzilla. Kong wouldn't even beat Gigan, Destoroyah, Mecha Godzilla, Biollante, Megalon, Space Godzilla, or Hedorah.... Jet Jaguar could probably beat Kong! OMG! https://screenrant.com/godzilla-vs-kong-trailer-mechagodzilla-blueprint-design-hint/
  2. Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba is on Netflix dubbed. There was so much hype around this series when it was on simulcast. I really enjoyed it. The animation is well done, especially for the fights. A lot of action and gore with a little light hearted comedy. Its worth a watch.

    1. Strider Hiryu

      Strider Hiryu

      One of the best damn shows of it's season and definitely can't wait for the movie to come state side since I hear it's just as amazing (giving ufotable a movie budget is nuts, I can only imagine what they did with it). Really hoping we get a second season and seeing how well the movie did in Japan I have really high hopes it will. Another bonus is the manga is done so we won't have to wait if they do decide to adapt the whole thing (though I hear the ending isn't exactly great).

  3. https://www.denofgeek.com/movies/buck-rogers-to-return-in-new-big-screen-reboot/ God this show was so bad it was good. When Sci-Fi channel debuted, all they played were reruns of 70s and 80s series. Buck Rogers was one of my absolute favorites. Erin Grey was literally my first celebrity crush ever. They won't, but I could die happy if they'd recreate this absolute cheese here!
  4. As someone that studied Nazi history extensively. The Man in the High Castle is a fascinating show on Prime Video. I was expecting it to be fully about what would happen if America and Britain lost the war, but its more about the multiverse... so its like alternate history and quantum leap combined? I definitely recommend  despite its slow start for non-history majors.

  5. I got a promotion with my job yesterday. I'll now be making more than I ever have doing this. $60k a year to do something I barely got paid $35k for at my previous company. The best news is that I'll have Saturdays off, and get off by 6-7pm on most days. I don't have to go to bed like some retiree anymore. So hopefully by the end of this year. Battlefield 6 will be out... it will be good... and maybe we can get the band back together @Sledgstone and @Strider Hiryu. Even though Strider is PC master race. I'm sure it'll have cross play. My gaming life has really suffered these past 3 years.

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    2. Sledgstone


      I can suck at all kinds of games, but as long as it's fun its all good. XD

    3. Sledgstone


      It could be a good battlefield game... and I guarantee they'll have wake island. XD

      I'm fine with it being a reboot if it's based off bf3 functionality, vehicles, etc. Bf1 and bf5 vehicle combat is garbage.

    4. DeathscytheX


      I hope this is true, but not cross gen. What is the point? Old consoles would still be limited to 64.. or 100 at best.

      If done right this is what can be achieved.

      8-10+ flag conquest... I think 5 is the most I've ever seen with Flag E.
      With that many flags, and map size you'd have to double the vehicle count.
      Lets face it. Caspian Border, at its current size could do 8 flags with more vehicles. It's a map that was too open and large for this gen.
      Not just assault vehicles... more of those.. but a lot more jeeps and ATVs as well to traverse the map.
      Fuck it. 128 player Operation Metro and Operation Locker. XDXDXD Copy COD and have 24/7 playlists. (Lock the Metro fam!)
      Say what you want about that, but 27/4 Shipment on MW and Nuketown on BLOPs is just a blast when you don't want to be serious.
      CQC maps are a must. Ziba Tower and Scrapmetal were a ton of fun. Just don't bring back that fucking Gunmaster assignment.
      Believe it or not. BF3 had 29 maps by the end of its life. BF4 had 32. Obviously there were some locked behind gamemodes. But lets start with more than just 8 maps. Give us 15. Even if most of them are recycles. Plus you can dig into BF2's huge maps that haven't been seen by most players these days. The Iron Gator!

      Starting Map Wishlist:
      Strike at Karkand
      Operation Metro
      Operation Locker
      Rogue Transmission
      Siege of Shanghai
      Gulf of Oman
      Paracel Storm
      Zavod 311
      Grand Bazaar
      Tehran Highway
      Talah Market
      Sharqi Peninsula

      DLC Map Wishlist
      Ziba Tower
      Isla Inocentes (Bad Company 2 represent!)
      White Pass
      Port Valdez
      The Iron Gator
      Dragon Valley
      Road to Jalalabad
      Flood Zone

      Literally you could just not make new maps, You could expand old ones and I'd be happy.


  6. Wow, just popped up out of no where.
  7. Its been a minute since I got hit with an anti-leech. I swapped images.
  8. Still haven't gotten mine. but my parents did. Maybe you'll get lucky and an actual respectable sub shop will move into that spot. Subway sauces are good but everything else is such low quality. They literally just put pre cut, sliced, Oscar Meyer meat on your sandwhich. I get that its cheap, but nah fam. I can't do it no more. They're making a profit off a $5 footlong, that just tells you what you're putting into your body when you eat there. If I'm going to do that, I'm gonna go all the way with the chemical goodness and hit that McRib.
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