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  1. Been meaning to watch this since I have Max for free with my cellphone plan. Travis Fimmel is also rumored to be in talks to play Daemon Targaryen in the GoT spinoff.
  2. Haven't been on much, posting much, replying much lately. Lots of things going on in my life. About 12 years or so ago I moved out for the first time with a friend. I wasn't making any more than $11 an hour but I just wanted to live the bachelor life. Needless to say, I didn't make enough to support my lifestyle. I swiped the credit card for groceries, dates, emergencies, etc all to make rent/power. I got myself into about $30k in credit card debt. Eventually I had to move back in with my parents. I spent the last decade paying all my mistakes off and saving up thanks to my old company shutting my store down and me getting into a better company that pays significantly better.

    I signed a lease today on my own place. This will be my first time I'm truly living on my own. I kinda sorta did the first go since my roommate was never home... but its all me this time. found a nice little 1br apt and will be moving in over the next several days. I shouldn't miss too much as I have AT&T Fiber Optic internet being installed the day of move in. 1000mbps FTW! I'm really pumped about it. Hopefully soon I'll be back to posting nonsensical YT videos on various topics. lol

    1. Sledgstone


      Congrats! :D I hear ya about life keeping you busy. I wish I could get fiber optic here. Thats an amazing speed. O_O 

    2. DeathscytheX


      ATT just started laying the cables in last year I believe. Its still not widely available here, I just got lucky to pick a place that has it. Im pretty excited about it!

    3. Strider Hiryu

      Strider Hiryu

      Grats dude. Nothing like having your own place (god do I miss it, slightly envious).

  3. Honestly you better hope he wins, so when he is finally out of office there will be less years of him around to do what I know he is gonna do if he loses. The Trump Podcast will be a thing if he loses, and all the advertisers will be lining up to reap the benefits. It'll be bigger than Rogan because he'll have just as many fans as he does hate listeners.
  4. I'll always feel like this show is why Into the Badlands was cancelled.
  5. This is worth the download. Its free and the world is pretty big. Combat is pretty simple. You attack with O. you can hold down O for a charged attack or a delayed heavy attack depending on the character. You evade with R1, perform an elemental attack with R2, and a big elemental attack with triangle when the meter is full. Combat is very Zelda-esque. Since its a Chinese game they took quite a bit from Zelda and GW2 from what I can tell, along with other MMOs i've never played. You have cooking, chain element attack modifiers. There are multiple close together WPs you unlock by touching throughout the world. The stamina meter is kinda a let down when it's attacked to sprint, but its generous for climbing and gliding. There is a gacha for extra characters. The game gives you plenty of free ones. Of course there is a cash shop to buy currency to roll the gacha, but the game does give you currency at a slow rate to roll... in fact I've had 3 10 pulls for free so far just playing the game. For a mobile game port to console the graphics are pretty damn good. There are some framerate issues at times. But it is a free game and a polished game in general for being free.
  6. Whoever is in charge of making the OPs for Fruits Basket from the animation to picking the music has consistently killed it. I'd say S1OP2 is my least favorite, probably because the first OP is my favorite and set the bar so high... this one comes close if not ties it. Simply breathtaking.
  7. Street Fighter V was free last month. I loaded it up for the first time, played 4 matches and now my forearms are on fire... yeah I'm too old for this. XD

    1. Sledgstone


      Same with me. I tried playing Injustice last week... I couldn't get past the tutorial ten minutes in. XD

    2. DeathscytheX


      The whole thing is so complex now. You have the traditional weak to strong punches and kicks. and now there is these V-moves, and throws, counter throws. The timing is way more precise because the jumps feel so short. I really didn't enjoy it. I still like games like Smash Bros because of its simplicity in move sets but depth because of it. But I guess just moving two sticks around and mashing shoulder buttons atrophied my gaming muscles from the SNES/Genesis days. I use to have a callus on my thumb from fighting games.

      Competitive gaming really sucked the fun out of the fighting genre for me... much like it has the FPS scene.

    3. Sledgstone


      I loved street fighter 2 back in the day. I had that callus to. XD if street fighter V sounds overly complex like Injustice. My hands aren't what they used to be and my controller is 5 years old and sucks. XD competitive gamers can have the genre I guess.. onto one of my other 200 games in my back log. XD

      I do like smash bros but last one if those I played was on gamecube. I bet the more recent one costs a thousand dollars to buy all the characters via DLC. That in itself sucks the fun out of all the fighting games to.

  8. I played a few hours of the Alpha. I enjoyed it but I knew going in that the AK74u and M16 were super OP. After trying some other guns, I just stuck with those. The AK74u needs a nerf, but the M16 is fine I think. Its still a burst with a delay. Matches were fast paced, lots of action. Not many campers. The score streaks were a grind to get... I'm kind glad we took a step back from doors everywhere. The slide motion felt more fluid. I'm not happy they nerfed drop shotting but not bunny hopping. They should nerf both or neither. If you drop to prone when you're shooing your gun automatically kicks out of ADS to hipfire. This is BS when you can hop around corners and stay in ADS. The Desert map is kinda trash. Everyone wants to snipe, and sniping is a bit too easy in this game. It was a little annoying at first but then I got put against a coordinated team that basically spawn trapped us by sniping and having one or two guys running back and forth to spawn flip. It was very disorienting and at times you'd spawn and get domed immediately. Def the least fun match of the night.
  9. Cellular service has become more shit the more advance the technology has become. I went through Hurricane Ivan and Katrina.. both Cat 4-5 storms with extreme wind damage and didn't have any loss of service the entire time, even with the power off for a week. Sally rolls through almost 2 decades later as a cat 2 hurricane and cellular service is unreliable for many people in my area. I wish SMS could work off WIFI like calls can, because having to rely on some shit tower that might be too far off or isn't operational is irritating.

    1. Sledgstone


      I hate SMS never using wifi. I downloaded google messages app and use it as my sms program because it's supposed to work over wifi when cell service isn't available. It should technically work but it's completely unreliable imo. I had wifi calling on all the time under the advanced calling setting but it would never make the call over wifi because I always had 1 crap 3g bar of connection that it would default to. And there is no way to force the phone to use wifi for calling and texting by default. So wherever I was home I'd have the wifi calling turned on and I'd have to turn my phone onto airplane mode to force the phone to disconnect from cell service so wifi calling and texting would work. I was able to make calls and get text in airplane mode but after a week of doing that I had people tell me they called and it would sometimes go straight to voicemail or I'd get a text a day late or not at all. Eventually I got that femtocell from Verizon to give me full bars of service inside my house over my internet. I have seen tho that it has dropped coverage once when verizon had a service outage. I guess when their service goes completely down it's not just a cell tower issue because my femtocell directly connects to Verizon servers over the internet.

      Google messages stating it'll work over wifi:


      You can try downloading it, turn on wifi calling and then switch to airplane mode and see if it works? But airplane mode sucks and might silent alarms, etc.

    2. Sledgstone


      I just realized that pic says google fi help. Ehh. I don't think that makes a difference because I remember getting texts over my phone in airplane mode. Maybe some android OS updates has made it more reliable than when I used it like that.

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