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  1. So not much of a scary movie then? I didn’t think the first one was scary. More of an eerie feel but I did like it. Was it worth the theater trip or should I wait for it to be released?
  2. A remake would be really odd... Would they keep with the time period? Or are they gonna twist it and modernize it like crazy? O-o I really like the original so iono if i'll go watch the remake.... Might just watch it outta curiosity though...
  3. Just some random thought I had yesterday. Wth am i gonna do when my dog dies @-@;; So far all my pets that have died are all small so i just went and buried them in a corner of the garden... But my dog... I have no idea. So what do you guys do? O-o
  4. I don't think their names were mentioned if they even had them that is.
  5. I like subs better.... When I first watched Spirited Away it was dubbed.... About half way through the movie my sister and I couldn't take Chihiro's stupid little whiny voice anymore (made us despise her like crazy since it made her really bratty-like) and restarted the movie in subs. We started watching the movie dubbed first because a friend was over and she wanted the dubbed version.... I guess I prefer subs because when they pick the voices for the characters it matches better but when the English voices were picked, usually it's a horrible match or it changes the character completely. Like in Kare Kano, Arima sounded all sweet and shy in Japanese but my roommates were watching it in English when I came downstairs and I seriously thought it was a completely different anime since I couldn't place the characters for a brief moment. He was a complete jerk. It was so odd watching it @-@; I had watched it before they did so rewatching dubbed was really weird and creepy... Although I have to admit there have been several animes that the voices match up to pretty well. Why can't they all be like that?? Is it really that hard to find voices that work well with the characters?? O-o
  6. Hey, any of you guys know anything about an American movie based off of this manga? My friend saw a commercial about it but she doesn't remember the title or anything. Thanks!
  7. Calypso didn't do much... That was lame... But it was a shocker who she was though. I loved how they had pirates from other countries. That French pirate was funny, penniless, pssh.... Probably has a stash of gold somewhere... Overall, I thought the movie was awesome. It's a nice piratey ending for all the main characters. It would totally be awesome if they continued this. The fanfiction's become more interesting
  8. I didn't watch the first one, my friends wanted to watch this one so in I went. Sides, it was a free movie ^^ But anyways, those kids pissed the hell outta me. Gyah!! They did the stupidest things EVER @-@ It was killing me. I had a nice long rant after it was over haha
  9. yesasia.com It ships from overseas but if you really want it that badly then the cost is worth it. You can find Japanese movies and dramas on there. I don't know about shows though. You can also find alot of other stuff on there too and from other countries.
  10. Tough it out until you get to go somewhere else? So like, is there a reason for all the regulations and restrictions?
  11. *sighs* Oh well. Guess I'll just have to save them as files on DVD and watch it on a computer then. Thanks anyways
  12. Aww!! Are they just gonna have a new actress in her place ya think? I hope not... Iono I just HATE it when they can't continue their roles Kills the movie off for me *sighs* Is everyone else on the cast signed off for sure??
  13. Ture. He is cute actually but his attitude sometimes reminds me too much of this guy I know... And said guy annoys the crap outta me half the time
  14. Mostly .avi I think.... There's one in .ogm but yea.
  15. Help? I've been trying to burn some movies so it's watchable on the dvd player but I've been failing continuously My dad had me try out NeroSmart but I think the damn thing expired or something. Then there's this InterVideo WinDVD Creator that came with my laptop but that just makes everything into widescreen and it's pissing me off since it's subbed and I can't read the subs anymore You guys got any suggestions?
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