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  1. Glenn will survive. The guts from Nicolas will cover Glenn's "scent" and allow Glenn to walk out. Genn can't die like this, something better happens to him in an upcoming arc!
  2. For those of you who haven't seen or even heard of it..check it out! Here's the skinny http://www.imdb.com/title/tt4158110/ Season 1 was amazing. The story was very enjoyable and takes some interesting turns. While one part of the story might seem blatantly obvious, another revelation will come out of nowhere and slap you in the face. I think that's what I enjoyed most about this. The fact that you can't pick up on every twist and turn right away. They have you focusing on the big elephant in the room meanwhile all these little hidden details are being dropped in every scene. I'm pretty pumped for Season 2....I just wish it would start now!
  3. One can guess that Enid, Carl's little g/f, might be in some way related to the Wolves or a few other groups that come to mind that have not been introduced yet . Her wanting to bail on Alexandria when the Wolves showed up and her success of it once they leave kind of points to her having something to hide. Poor Carl....when will he ever pop his cherry in this post apocalyptic world. PS. I'm back form the dead.
  4. 560 TI 2GB.....love the card hate the drivers. nVidia has turned to shit these past few years in terms of driver stability. The stock drivers for the card work pretty well. Upgrade to the latest and you'll run into random crashes when viewing video or playing games. Computer will freeze, monitor will turn purple...etc etc. I've had to roll back my drivers twice. nVidia claims their working on fixes...
  5. - ZDbox has a good group of tools (ie. app locker, cache cleaner, data watcher, batter % left...etc) - Barcode scanner - scan barcodes and QR codes. - Timeriffic - automate tasks to happen at specific times of the day (ie. set phone to vibrate and display backlight to 1% from 8am-5pm while at work...etc). - Movies (rotten tomatoes' app for viewing movie listings and reviews) - Google Voice (get a free Google Phone number to use. Allows free unlimited texting, unlimited phone use, voice messages to text, text messaging and viewing your voice messages through your web browser).
  6. Chilling at home since plans got messed up this year.
  7. Stop eating foreign women Godgrave! I told you they'd give you diabetes.
  8. Come out of hibernation already.

  9. Yet another reason to hate the government now. Sledge, yes. The RIAA and MPAA have been out stepping their boundary and have been pressuring pretty much every country to push through several different types of systems to prevent pirating. Taking people's site domains is just one of the few. I know the EU passed a few of these types of things last year. People are rightfully moaning about it. What's sad is in the US the Government can already take your domain right now without this bill as long as your site contains something illegal on it. Here's a good read http://www.wired.com/threatlevel/2011/12/wyden-domain-seizure/
  10. That's why AMD is better in my opinion. Sure Intel's chips might currently be the fastest on the market but AMD's have no restrictions and are easy to over clock and mess with. It's what they're famous for. AMD would have to be crazy to pull a stunt Intel and lock their chips down.
  11. Has anyone else been following what's going on with our government this past month? They've been trying to secretly push through bills that essentially turn our country into a military state, eliminate our bill of rights, or give the president dictatorial powers even when he doesn't necessarily want them. This is one of the most recent bills they passed with only 7 congress members opposing it. This bill is to prevent terrorism of course but towards the end it contradicts itself basically saying anyone, including US citizens, can be detained for an unspecified amount of time without a trial as a prisoner of war. Obama has already mentioned he'd veto it but only 7 congress members voted against the bill so it will most likely be passed even if Obama veto's it. What's sad is the only reason Obama wants to veto it is because under this bill, if military detains you, you're considered a POW and must be treated with decency under the Geneva convention agreement. If the bill is not passed then you can be detained as a terrorist which is a loop hole in the Geneva convention and allows for prisoner torture (what they've been doing so far). http://www.wired.com/dangerroom/2011/12/senate-military-detention/ Then we've got the The PROTECT IP 2011 bill (ie. RIAA/MPAA bill) that congress is passing. If you're suspected of facilitating infringement of copyright laws, the government can legally steal your domain in the name of preventing piracy. This means if someone posts a link to some copyright mp3 on your site the government could legally seize your domain. Google, Yahoo, Facebook, Mozilla and all the major Internet player's are fighting this for obvious reasons. There's no way a website owner can enforce this or prevent their users from posting links to infringing content without removing free speech from the web. The bill has been revised several times. Hopefully it wont be as extreme as this when it's finalized. Oh and in other news police are now trying to restrict reporters from reporting the news. I don't even care about the protests but the fact that the police can pull stuff like this is bullshit. http://blogs.laweekly.com/informer/2011/11/occupy_la_eviction_lapd_pool_media.php
  12. AMD's planning to release some better chips (better than the 8 core FX series) in Feb/March of 2012 that they haven't publicly announced yet. A relative of mine has been working on the newer chips and says they're pretty crazy. I have doubts they'll actually be released in Feb though. They just released the FX series after all. I'm still pretty excited to see AMD step up their game again.
  13. gokuDX7

    Return Debut!!!

    Welcome back Sabe! You didn't miss much. Everyone seems to go on hiatus for a few months/years and then come back. They always come back muhahaha.
  14. Just buy yourself a good 750watt-1000Watt PSU and call it a day.
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