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    girl....... an anime lover~! i mean... freak..!! X3
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  1. uhmm... i prefer watching animes that are subbed... i can feel the story line more if it's in japanese... =3
  2. I liked it first... but then... as the story goes on... the enemies from before just comes to life again and again and again and again and again~!!!!! X- *stupid dragon balls... X- :trying to smash them: just leave them alone will yah..???? Let them Rest In Peace~!!!!* X- hehe~ =D it might be that the artist is toooooooooooooo lazy to make a new character... ./swt X-
  3. _DaRk_AnGeL_

    Fav couple?

    er.... this thread is Inu Yasha... not Naruto... ./swt sango and miroku~ XD errr... before, i dont like kikio that much.... i hated her... X- but now, i like her more than kagome... she's beginning to get on my nerves...dunno why... ./swt sooo.... die kagome die... XD
  4. weee~ jo carpenter~ <3 i dun care if she's a girl~ she's a hottie~ <3 come on... looks, skills, and guns... how can i not fall in love with her~ p.s. i am not a lesbi... X-
  5. weeeeeee~! im back~! X3 hehehe~! weeeee~! let's start with tamaki suou~! X3 This is tamaki suou(ouran high host club)~! He is the "lord" or "daddy" of the host club... X3 There are some things you won't like about him.... if you wanna know, just watch ouran high, ok..? X3 anyway.... next are kaoru and hikaru~! X3 Kaoru(left) and Hikaru(right).. they are twin brothers *duh....* they are very sweet and caring.. to each other.... and i mean VERY caring... they share too much love that they almost act like yaois.... ok... not almost... they do act like yaois... but that's what makes them attractive *according to the girls in ouran high.... ok.. me too.. * hehe~! X3 phew~! im out of time... ill be back~! X-
  6. _DaRk_AnGeL_

    Hinata Vs Sakura

    Now, hinata..!!! cause i hate sakura..!!!! *sorry sakura fans... T.T~ but later, i bet sakura will win... X3
  7. Hiyaaaaa~! It's been a long time..!!!! I have many new anime crushes now..!!!!!! soooooo many to post..!!! But for now, ill post some of them..!!! Starting with kurosaki ichigo from bleach..!!!!! X3 Yeah he's hot..!!!!!! Next, Hitsugaya..!!!!!!! also from bleach..!!!! Yeah..!!!! He's soooooo cute..!!! Ooooohhh..!!! I have no time... this is it for now..!!! i'll be back..!!!! x3
  8. more more..! Sasame from pretear....!! Takizawa hideaki..... uhmm... he's not an anime isn't he... sorry about that... hehe... but he's cute isn't he..! :oops: :oops: :oops:
  9. hmm... me? i think all of them are cool!!(except sakura... I hate her... I'm sorry sakura fans!!) especially kakashi!! he's the coolest!!
  10. weeeeeeeee..! and more!!! sasuke(right) and naruto(left)... naruto's cute u know... ü kakashi!!(i wonder what he looks like when he takes his mask off...
  11. aya(red-haired bishounen) and ken(the bishounen with the dark brown hair!!) from weiss kreuz!!! so cute!!!
  12. _DaRk_AnGeL_


    I watched the anime of bleach and.... it was.... SO COOOOOOOOOOOLLLLL! I really really really advice you to watch it!!!! It's great!!! You can learn many things from it... and the quotes! so inspiring!!! I LOVE BLEACH!!!!!!!!!!
  13. Kurodo sama~! kurodo sama~!!!!!!!! Vincent mo kakkoi~! (Hehe... ü)
  14. Hey..... how about Aki, Toya and Yuhi from ayashi no ceres??? Mikage Aki (very cute!!!!) (Aya's husband....... ) <- Yuhi (hmm.... very cute but Aki's more cute)
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