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  1. As I expected from you MJ, very nice
  2. Seriously now, what is Lee's sudden problem? I feel terrible for Laura. I love the interactions between her and the old man. It's going to be so sad to see her go. Hooray for naughty Gaius giving the cylon the gun. I'm so glad Cain is dead, she was a psycho bitch that needed to be shot.
  3. I was chatting with a fellow DT junkie about some different shows the other night and both Lost and BSG came up. We are both sick of the plot on Lost crawling uphill at the speed of molases in January . At the rate their going we'll never see a monster or a rescue because the show will be canceled before it gets revealed. It's almost not even worth watching, it's easy enough to look up the episode the next day. We talked about the whole 'wagon training' thing, personally I think they're already doing that. When the series premired I was thinking it was only going to be one or two seasons (that was the original plan wasn't it? ) You can take 2 seasons and make them 4 or 5 (or more ) by throwing in a lot of filler ie all the backstory filling up the eps. Lost would be closer to done without so much character back story, but god forbid you kill a cash cow. At least until the rateings slip The conversation took a turn for the better when we started talking BSG. A dieing leader will take them to earth. Laura is running out of time fast. It went from her having months to live to just weeks. So either they're going to have to find earth fast or she is going to have to find a way to prolong her life right? I can see her passing the torch off to the old man, but I can't see Guias becoming president. Dealing with Pegasus I wouldnt be suprised if Adama declared martial law putting himself in charge, I don't think Laura cares much for Admiral Cain either. The Pegasus is fucked up. They could definatly do several episodes surrounding an encounter between the two battlestars. It's possible that some of the civillan ships, like the Astral Queen, would side with Pegasus. Adama is not going to leave Helo and the Chief to be executed. It's more then that they are his men, he needs these people alive for the survival of the fleet. Laura will agree. They need their pilots and they need the chief bad. Guias and the cylon are still on Pegasus too, I think he will want to get back to Galactica and the fleet, probably with the cylon. The show is able to take a day in the life and turn it into an episode, sometimes two. They could finish the second season with Laura still alive, but I doubt she could live through season 3 without some new treatment.
  4. I haven't updated in ages. No time to continue the story. http://www.fanfiction.net/u/612394/ It's about time you shared Deep Blue with the rest of the class MJ
  5. This will definatly be sweet. Under the mountain with the slow mutants should be particularly creepy. All of that as a cg movie would be nice.
  6. I finally caught this show and you know what? You guys are right. Bloo is an asshole.
  7. Naughty naughty I wonder if the past will come back and bite him in the ass.
  8. Fedic

    SGA season fin

    I'm not so sure that I belive only Teyla and Ronin have been getting junked up on Ford's wraith drugs. Ford claimes it's just them, but I don't trust that guy. Rodney flipping out about being a drug addict...
  9. It just seems fishy to me. If this ship has been repeatedly batteling the cylons then why arent they just as screwed over as Battlestar? Cylon viruses and boarding parties etc. It's just one ship right? How in the hell have they managed to survive this long all alone?
  10. Does this mean I can talk you into making me a Apollo/Starbuck siggy?
  11. Fedic

    Rufi not luffy

    Could be a dialect thing too. R's are pretty dominate in espanol
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