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  1. my top ten manga's are >_> hope this hasn't been posted yet...><:eep* 1. Dramacon 2. ranma 1/2 3.hana kimi 4.peach girl 5. mars 6.girl got game 7.kiss me kill me 8.marmalade boy 9.fruits basket 10.his and her circumstances
  2. Are there places online where i can buy from other users subtitled tv shows of japanese groups and tv series with them in it or other tv series based off of manga.... Cause i use a public computer and i'm not able to do much?? can anyone name some places to where i can purchases these from or sites that have them ?? cause i cant do much w/a public computer..
  3. i know the ps3 came out but i'm just happy i got a ps2 finally so i can play ps1 also...and now i need a gamecube so i can play my gameboy advance games..... i'm poor and not rich... i'm content...only because my step brother buys everygame system all i need is a few of my own....><: since i'm moving back home for college anyway.... my first two games i bought was FFX1 and Starocean till end of time is there any other RPG's anyone reccommends ??
  4. Yuna

    wakka wakka wtf?

    OMG!!! i'm totally saving that ...to show all my girlfriends...lmao!! i wish that happened in my school
  5. My brother knows how to upload movies/videos/tv shows and upload a background or moving background with movie clips for each section like chapter (1-4) with a movie pic ..... i want to learn how to be a techy person too...but i dont know where to begin..... ahhh *faints* .....so does anyone know how to make a dvd thingy^_^
  6. i feel kinda bad cause i'm unsure if i posted this on the right board *section* i really want to know how to become a V.I .P person at an anime convention ...all those vip passes to meet voice actors and what not....._: *sigh* cause it seems to be super impossible / like a distant dream that everyone wants.... how do they do it? ???
  7. Yuna

    university of maryland

    WOW!!! do you think tokyopop would even accept me if i went to school for both of them...^___^**!!!
  8. morning musume original members are getting older and older in japan and they are bringing in new members to replace them what will happen to the old members will they still sing or do you think they will start acting?? do you think they would actually want to get rid of the originals...i mean they sing well some...they sing really good why should age be a factor i know comparing is wrong but europe and us doesnt care should age really be a factor for a top singer in japan
  9. Yuna

    university of maryland

    i dont have enough money or language knowledge to exceed that point to flying over to japan to learn how to draw.... p when i'm better and older i'll think about it more but i like where i am now haha* visit is nice but i dont want to live there.... now for the fasa forms and scholarship contest what a pain in the ka-bu lol* can i use a the government money if i transfer over to a art college after a business degree or do art college provide that???
  10. probably ranma because he can change to which ever gender he wants and take advantage of situations l....lol
  11. if i want to create stories and make my own comics and start a business like clamp did what should i go to school for? and what do you advise me to do? i'm completely lost^_^
  12. i cant take the old msn off my computer it keeps me on log in even though i have the newer version i want to clean off my computer but i want to keep some files how do i keep them or save them?? how can you back up a file if you want to clean the entire computer off off topic: sorry but what is a bbcode??? where can i learn about all this computer stuff?
  13. : lol* yea the freakish little monster cat : he's a demon ....remember the one episode where sakaki saw all those kittens with sharp razor teeth and was attacked.. : I was like " OMG-she's gonna die!!"
  14. Yomi,Tomo,yukari (funny teacher)lol*,chiyo,Osaka There are so cool and funny ..Dont'cha think they bring all the hyper funny action into the story. The demon cat hat keeps on biting Sakaki is called Kamineko....
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