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  1. I just wanted to pop by and say hello! Hope things are going well!

    1. Sledgstone


      She's been sick. Got started on antibiotics yesterday. :(

    2. Sabe


      Poor Lady! Send her my well wishes, and I hope she gets better soon!

  2. Manafort is in jail. That's how ya MAGA. 


    1. Sledgstone


      That's some significant charges to. O_O

  3. Ladywriter

    Misha Collins

    Because its Misha fucking Collins
  4. Ladywriter

    The Winchesters made me do it

    This isn't funny Dean; the voice says I'm almost out of minutes.
  5. Mike Pence looks like my big toe when I'm suffering from poor circulation

    1. Sledgstone


      I've seen her toe and its true. XD

      He also looks like Race Bannon from Johnny Quest and Hank Hill's dad. XD



    2. DeathscytheX
    3. Sledgstone
  6. A huge opportunity has been wasted.  They shoulda planted drugs on Trump so they coulda thrown him in a shitty jail cell where he coulda rotted to death. What a waste of a trip to Mexico.

  7. Very disappointed nobody shot Trump in the face last night. 

  8. Carol probably chose to go in and get Beth while Daryl took Noah back to the others for reinforcements. They're gonna feel pretty stupid when they find out.... Carol wasted Terminus in 10 seconds mwahahahaha
  9. Carol was totally fuckin awesome. From taking care of Tyreese and Judith to raising hell in Terminus. She fuckin wasted that joint. Whooooooooooooooooo go Carol!!! When that woman steps up shit gets done! When Daryl saw her and ran to her for hugs... oh man everybody gotta ship that now! Even her and Rick were cool "You do that?" so cute. Rick and Carl reunited with Judith, Sasha and Tyreese, all good yo. Looking forward to Morgan joining them. Tyresse is gonna tell Rick he knows hes cool and Rick should stfu and appreciate that woman! Glen will convince him Tara and Abraham's group is cool. TTD: Conan was great but they shoulda had one of those women that ship Daryl Carol cuz she woulda been losing her mind lol
  10. there were some really awesome moments Lagertha and the queen laughing it up over her killing the earl, then Lagertha showing up and taking her out. Loved it when Siggy hands Ragnar the knife Horik gave her to kill the children. Mwahahaha I think that Ragnar didn't want to say forever and ever Amen because he thought it might be blasphemy to his gods
  11. In the season 2 tease we see Athelstan missing his right hand and Egbert using it to feed a deer. I think the king's door is swinging both ways and he more then just likes his scribing priest. He couldn't keep up with princess fuck you into a coma and sent in warriors as apposed to his priest. I found it amusing she grabbed that viking guys junk and they were both all lol I thought Rollo's plumbing got trampled on too, I don't have a dick but I was squirming for him shit man.As for Floki.... if he is like Loki then he's just playing Horick and that fucker will be dead soon
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