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  1. Nicely done rocko, nicely done. If the person this is for reads it I hope they will head its meaning. For your sake my friend I hope everything turns out ok.
  2. Creepy, but at least in didn't have dueling banjos.
  3. LOL My cat would swat at my nose until I woke. I saw that and couldn't quit laughing.
  4. I sit and wonder why why the trying why the lying Better yet why do you think I'll fall again I sit and wonder why Why should I hope every time your near That when you leave You'll still want me here I sit and wonder why Why the storms keep going Though you say you hate them so Why my heart still holds on Though you traded it for a small gesture I sit and wonder why Should I hope in what feels like a lie Sit atop some forgotten faith Maybe it's real Maybe it's there Maybe.....but why So I sit and wonder .... why
  5. I believe that a person, for as much as the world might think differently, of different color still has the same workings that everyone else does. I live not far from a place that is still flying KKK flags. I don't see how people think that just because they are a different color means their going to think differently then those the same color they are. I wake up and simply go through a list of things I have to do that day in my mind. I'm sure that there a several people that have the same thoughts when they first wake up or something similar.
  6. That last line fits me as per that phrase. I thought that it could use that little touch.
  7. Thank you. It's not one of my better ones though. I seem to have run out of ideas lately to write on.
  8. I'm leaving now I'll be gone for awhile When I return I'd like to see your smile If your not there I'll understand Not everyone can stand with time at hand I don't expect for them to know what I say It's you that makes me want to stay My words may be soft My phrases not aways so good What I what from this is simple A smile A grin A small laugh and I win.
  9. I was there for about six months. I did tough it out though as you can tell. It's not really a matter of what they do to you really, Its more of a matter of the pointless regulations that cause you to be insanly bored to the point of insanity. To tell you the truth, I'm not really sure why they make the regulations that they do. Some of them make sence but as for the others I swear they just want find out how far they can push us. lol
  10. It's amazing how long it takes me to get back. Oh wait, I didn't have a computer for blated ever. Anyway, I thank you two for you remarks. And to HC, I will tell you sometime about all of it. Oh, by the way I'm back.
  11. I'm currently stationed at Ft.Gordon, Ga. and this place is so full of B.S. that I felt more sane during basic. The regulations and restictions that have been set as of late have little common sence. I'v seen soldiers here that started out the most out right squared away people I'v ever met, turn into to those that don't care and some have gone AWOL. Never in my life have I felt more like a child. Remember (for you smokers) when you first started smoking underage, hiding from your parents? Thats what it's like here for a long time and not just the smoking. This place is crazy. Any comments or strait jackets?
  12. Hello lady. It's been some time that I'v been able to make any post, and I was wondering If I could get ahold of some of my writings off of wonderland. Last time I looked I couldn't find them.
  13. In the pain of life we must learn to cope. The shadow will fall and at times the light seems so faint. but in these time we must look for something to keep us moving. there are always those that will always care in some way. Do not forget us for in that time even we can fade away. Know HC that a guardian is what it is and will never flee. Keep that in mind and keep your light burning for those around you that need it.
  14. To be the shadow in the back of the room the one they wisper to with thoughts of gloom The dark is what we are for those who shine brighter then ourselves When the light once again shines in their eyes once again a smile on their face we are left in the dark to wait In the dark no longer will I be to wait for a time that I may be set free Pain teaches in our dark corners it is something we know well we hold and we take from others to ourselves This shadow has learned enough let him ride as the dark knight the black thoughts chase A warning to the light frome the shadows that ride Pain we keep It holds our calm We do not forget It is our guiding song
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