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20(ish) years

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So, I haven't posted in a while, lots of RL stuff kinda got in the way.  But I was looking at my profile, and it says I joined in 2002.  o.@  I do have lots of fond memories of this place, and I don't know who's actually active anymore, but thought I would check in and see how everyone's doing.  ^_^

Yesterday was the deadline for all complaints!


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I'm usually the most active as this place gets nowadays.

Other active users I guess are Sledge who has been banning spambots when they decide to post links to shady websites.

When it comes to RL stuff, I'm waiting for some clothes I bought online.

*First Edit Review*

I'm disappointed with the leather biker jacket I got today. It's the 3rd piece of clothing I think might actually be pleather. It's a little small on me when compared to my leather duster & (p)leather biker vest. I can't believe the same company that made my leather pants made this jacket. I'll be returning it tomorrow in hopes I can at least get the right size.

*Last Edit Review*

The leather cowboy hat I got today was near perfect. The visor part of the hat looks squished, but I take it as a sign that I more leather than the hat needed.

Edited by Myk JL

Those who fight deplorables should see to it that they themselves do not become deplorables.

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Hey Dubie! This place is a ghost town nowadays compared to its prime back in the day. Me and Lady bought a house about 5 years ago now. I've been pretty busy since then with constantly having some random thing to fix or some new project I've been trying to get done. Once winter hits I think I'll have the time to focus on gaming again. I've been doing alot of gardening this summer and its really sucked up alot of my time. We built a permanent garden with deer fencing and planted a bunch of permanent plants like fruit trees, raspberry bushes, blueberries, etc. Its been alot of work. How have you been?


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