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  1. its divided with 5 or 6 short stories. i only watched the first one bc it had anne hathaway in it and it was interesting. unlike frequency, even if you correct or screw up the past, you can still exist in a changed future timeline, but this one you can jeopardize your whole existence by doing so. yt recommended this out of nowhere and i must have read the title wrong when i click to watch thinking this was xena’s 25th anniversary special episode i was like WOW they havent aged that much..maybe little wrinkle here and there..LOL. then i read the description and this was xena season 5. i ended up watching 3 more episodes involving joxer and eve and battle with gods. i dont remember any of this..i think i stopped watching xena after like season 3 back in the day. fighting was somewhat goofy but back then it seemed really good lol i rewatched it after decade plus later. still a good horror movie. jill wagner’s acting was really good, i always wondered why her career didnt take off after this as she was already popular with mercury car commercials and as a host of wipeout. nice blending of old horror movie with todays modern technology but sadly it wasnt scary at all.
  2. hes well off even without foodstamp lol (hes the one who sold me gold watches) but yeah he did slow down and now he is saying its a 2 time thing and he’ll know for sure by tomorrow 9th, thats when he gets another fs fund. oh and i got a jury duty summon letter last week and it states that i have to wear a mask although TX gov banned mandated mask orders. no one knows whats going on it seems. its more of 50% ppl who wear them and 50% who do not. one weird thing about the letter is that i have to register to get a court date and it gave me a deadline of 7 days to reply starting the day i recieved it. but how the hell would they know i recieved the letter and if i dont register, how are they going to give me a court date? lol. all the previous summons gave me court dates, but now they are asking me to do it for them. ill ignore this one. if they send me another letter theatening with a fine like last time then yeah maybe ill respond
  3. ill just post thing i watched recently ..available to watch free if you have amazon prime. the father is stupid and got a huge ego refusing to get help from anyone wtf. his family suffers bc of him. still a good movie. listed as “homeless” on amazon lol..half of the movie started out like some kinda lifetime domestic abuse movie and the next half is two main characters just tripping out on some meth. i thought it was gonna be ashley judd’s double jeopardy 2 but man i was wrong it was good. everyone on board thinks shes crazy and says she boarded a plane alone but she believes she had a daughter with her and needs to find her before the plane lands.
  4. ^ that must be it. i asked him again yesterday and he said he applied for 3 children and for each of his child get $1,100, so he had close to $4,000 total on his ebt balance. he told me next one will be on the june 9th but that cant be because i saw those increase starting on last friday. and according to this article ($1,200 per child) it is one time thing, so he must have got the wrong info O_o highest one i saw far is $7,000..my coworker said she even saw $9,000..but yeah it kinda makes sense now. its the amount that they always recieved during school year but since schools were closed due to covid, now they are recieving all at once so the amount looks huge. ill let him know when i see him next time he is spening like crazy right now bc he believes if he doesnt spend them all this month, itll be all gone when he recieves another $4,000 next month. https://gov.texas.gov/news/post/governor-abbott-hhsc-announce-2.5-billion-in-pandemic-food-benefits-for-texas-families
  5. its on their food stamp reciept. it shows their total balance. its illegal but some store clerks can make a deal with customers and take out money to give them cash, in return they get some amount in return too. ppl know how to get around it and take advantage, its just discouraging to see how US govt is so out of touch with working ppl. some are even bragging they are getting a new car. and yeah me too, if i get a fair share of cut then i wont be complaining either. 😭but this is such a bs lol im mad
  6. avoided this movie for ages until i finally get to watch it bc its free on netflix. my instinct was right. i should have kept avoiding it lol. good acting from the main characters though. but i just wasnt really into graphic details it was getting into classic. one of my fav
  7. slippers

    PS Plus Games

    i could only play squadrons for a couple hours until i got a headache because it only allowed a cockpit view. its frustrating bc you have to depend on that atari looking radar to track down enemies around you lol. when i was playing gamecube version though, only time i used it was final mission escaping death star after blowing up the core. its good for needing fast reaction right in front of you but not so much on overall battles.
  8. wowowowow...customers with kids who are using ebt/food stamps today have total balance of $3,000 ~ $5,000. one of them told me that theyll get that amount EVERY MONTH until december. i have no words..this is so irresponsible. is this part of ridiculous $300 per kids/month crap or are there more money coming in for them at the end of the year? and here we are, no 4th stimulus for hard working individuals paying taxes so everyone else can enjoy free money lol. america is so backward now damn
  9. slippers

    YT thread

    one can only wish..boring old paper money need some redesign compare to other countries with colorful and better security features, and although thats just a fan made video, its much much better than what they are proposing now new $5 bills will be about civil rights, $10 womens suffrage, and $20 slavery if what i heard is right. id rather have it like euros only showing buildings and no portraits then. bummer.
  10. browsing netflix movies for 20s/30s era recently and highwaymen looked interesting so i started watching and didnt even know it was about bonnie & clyde. heard about them for years but never bother to read or watch books/movies about them. kinda slow at times but it was good. i watched 1967 version after this but that was a bit lame. loved this one. worth watching. wont say much dont want to spoil. should have turned it off when i saw sheea labeoif whatever his name was on lol. 3 brothers bootlegging during prohibition in 30s. only saving grace was gary oldman playing a badass character so i kept watching lol horrible horrible just horrible if anyones interested about this incident then you ought to just watch documentaries on youtube bc thats much better than this garbage
  11. i played it as a background noise while i was doing laundry and playing video games. it didnt even have a series description so i had no idea what was going on whenever i hear a gunshot i turned around to look and it seemed like they were executing young recruitments in uniform. i also saw a dragon flying by so my guess is this is like reign of fire movie? ill give another episode a try 😛
  12. ^ texas lifted mask mandate back in march but majority of businesses still have mask requirement in place so yeah it sucks. but now texas governor is going furthur and banning mask mandate from public places like schools and other govt owned properties starting june but says businesses are still allowed to impose mask requirement if they wanted to. only place i know that removed it completely is walmart but i hardly ever go there. but my bank is still drive through only but other banks are back to normal so wth and i didnt think asking around about vaccines could be offensive bc we all have been doing that since it came out lol. mostly they ask me first but there are lot of mixed reactions. most of them are skeptical and wont take it. had a pepsi delivery guy complaining to me last week that his company is offering him and his family 3 shots bc their reasoning is 3 shots are better than 2 and says theres no way in hell they are going to make him their guinea pig. i mean no shit thats flat out dangerous. what are they thinking O_o on the other hand yesterday this one guy was super excited that he got his very first shot and says its gonna help prevent cancer and im like okaaaay good for you..lol.
  13. slippers

    dead classmates?

    ^ ever since i was little, my grandma warned me not to answer back at a voice im not familiar with, if i do, ill get possessed. when i first came to the States, i use to live in an old house which i believed was haunted. so one day i was lying down in a downstairs hallway (it leads to a small restroom but the hallway itself is very narrow and dark), i hear a woman's soft voice calling my name, like whispering but didnt sound friendly at all. i stayed dead silent, and she called me again. now im scared..one more time she called and i stayed quiet. i was thinking to myself thats it. they only call you three times..i passed the test..then BAM a picture frame just drops like an half inch away from my face. holy shit it was a sharp corner that hit the ground first. was she trying to warn me of danger or was she angry that i didnt answer her back?? i really have no idea why i was lying there to begin with because i remember i hardly ever go in there because it feels eerie. i checked the house and no one except my mom was upstairs and she told me she never called out my name. when i told that story later on, my grandma and my mom both recall a woman calling their names in their dream telling them to come outside, including my dad but he said it was my grandpa instead, who passed away when i was two, calling him to join him. anyway i remember recieving a family photo from a mail to the right address..assuming they were the previous residents of the house..about six months after we moved in so theres really no reason why that photo showed up the way it did. and we all looked at each other like..yup.. this house is definitely haunted. O_o
  14. yeah trailer was meh. i would have watched it if they casted original casts from xmen though..all these recasting and rebooting seemed pointless. i never was into comics so days of future past and logan timeline confused the hell out of me. and there was an old interview i saw where original xmen cast like famke janssen complaining about how they were never asked to be back..but xmen 3 did suck.
  15. slippers

    Playstation 5

    eh i saw a ps5 digital edition selling at amazon for $1,339 last night but its gone now. they had like 20 left. reviews were good saying its legit except complaining about the price. sucks that sony still cant meet consumers demand after a year and theres no law to track down these bastards for buying them all and regulate this shit
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