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  1. ...Only game I'm looking forward to beside King of Fighters XII.
  2. Two years after 2nd Gig, not like it matters anymore...
  3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XrU_h4frGg8 Will watch... And stuff.
  4. Thanks for the help btw, it works really well with ConvertXtoDVD. My uncle wants to see that summerslam 2008 shit so I dl'd it for him, unfortunately it's a bunch of files like these: 433-wwe.summerslam.2008.ppv.pdtv.xvid.cd1 433-wwe.summerslam.2008.ppv.pdtv.xvid.cd1.r38 433-wwe.summerslam.2008.ppv.pdtv.xvid.cd1.sfv in two separate folders called CD1 and CD2. How do I go about making these playable/burnable? Nevermind.
  5. I'm sure my computer has a DVD burner in it, on account that I can burn music and such. I've had Texhnolyze on my computer for quite a long time. Since it is one of the few animes I actually watch, I was wanting to burn it and stuff. What I'm basically wondering is, is what settings and types of DVDs I need to burn all 22 episodes.
  6. EVA-01

    Gundam 00

    So yeah, I put it off after the first episode and actually finished it a long time ago when the last episodes sub was released. It was actually good, shouldn't have doubted it etc...
  7. I wish this would come out already. Majority of the movies out right now are complete shit.
  8. EVA-01

    Gundam 00

    Is it because there is a Char clone? ...I'm still expecting one...
  9. So yeah... Now that Ledger has passed away... This movie will be epic-er and freaky as hell.
  10. EVA-01

    Gundam 00

    Has there been a Char clone yet?
  11. I swear I've made a topic about this several times... Anyways, both DMC4 demos are coming out this Thursday... I CAN'T FUCKING WAIT. Good ol' DMC3 gameplay times one million.
  12. EVA-01

    Dreamcast 2

    Wow. I could rant on about this, but I'll just say that the DC was way more creative than Sony/Microsoft/Nintendo.
  13. http://youtube.com/watch?v=8OfrmzjxRMs Low quality.
  14. We all read it in Brit Lit. Even my teacher said it wasn't as good as she had expected. :l
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