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  1. I did that. He said he can do it that way... But, in honesty, I also need it for something else. Something i'd rather not name here.
  2. Yes t.t I know it did. I still play it to this day... Still wish someone could help mee. I suck at drawing and Photoshop or i'd do it It seems like.. 1) Nobody wants to help 2) Nobody is looking at this thread Please help if you can. This is very important to me..
  3. I don't know how many of you remember me. I'm sure you don't, but HI! So yeah, i'm 18 and a half now, and I'm thinking of getting myself a tat... I know what I want to get, but I can't find a picture of it all by it's self. So I was wondering if one of the AC dieties of Photoshop could create the picture for me, as close to the original as possible It's the symbol in the lower left. The round emblem with the 5 spikes and the dog's head. The words: Agile Remote Mission Squad. If anyone could help me with this, you will forever be in my good graces. Oh... and reputation of course. And whatever else I can think of. Thanks in advance, CGRH
  4. Ouch -was verbally slapped- I'm not here to pester anyone (was just making a hahaha at my own expense).
  5. -looks around- All I can say in reference to your question is "NASA has nothing to do with it. Do you have your clearance pass?" Funny how teh person I pestered the most has yet to say anything. That means you, DUgong! :assimila:
  6. CGRH-OneShotKill

    I'm Back

    I know quite a few people don't care, and I'm sure most of you never liked me in the first place (cough Dubird), but to my friends still on here, I'm back. I took a much needed break, and I'm back to start up my usual derogatory and sarcastic antics . Not really, but you get what I'm saying, hopefully.
  7. Truly the best one yet. How soon till Chapter 3?
  8. to understand these people, we must first look at their stories. do they write stories with these elements because they feel it makes the story better? because they're crying out for attention and interpret that into a stupid story? or do they merely write stories like this because they're psychopathic freaks? (no offense to any medically diagnosed psychopaths out there) to read is to understand. by reading these stories, we are reading the writers thoughts. so in this case, the writer is a gay freak who dreams about male Gundam pilots! but he should not be blamed for his personal ideas. he should be embraced (from a safe distance, of course)
  9. lol, i think we're a little off topic,GFX to get back on topic,i'm gonna ask when the next Forum Wars will be coming out for me to copyright under my name and make millons of moneys off of?
  10. << i only gave u the idea about the schwartz cuz u kept botherin me about a name, and i had to say something and no you wont,cuz i will get in the car and run you over like a tomato can!
  11. Schwartz warriors..... was.....nvm i could say who really gave him the idea, but i'll just say it was an idea that he spontaneously thought up
  12. yes i got it......it was supposed to be a joke,y'know, hahaha? anyway,i wanna know who came up with that name the one the Forum Wars is about
  13. oh...ohhhhhh, okay .................. ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
  14. i wanna be on the bad side,yet in a mysterious twist of fate, not die, but merely vanish... on a latter note,when did u get ur new computer?!?
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