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  1. LOL at me coming back again over a year later and this thread being "hot"
  2. I presume you used to be just Sesshoumaru, and not the "HK" thereof? Whatever that means? I really don't know.
  3. I watched Reboot during its original broadcast on YTV here in Canada! It was actually designed and produced here, if I recall correctly. Perhaps one of my countries greatest cultural achievements? Hahaha. Also, for some reason this reminded me of a particular PSA aimed at kids that used to run constantly around the same time Reboot was airing, done in the same sort of crude early 3D animation. It basically just showed this robot running through a minefield/volcano/something like that, avoiding almost every dangerous thing, but then finally getting hit at the end which causes his arm to fall off. He then just casually re-attaches it, and says "I can put my arm back on. You can't. Play safe!" Did you guys have that in the States, or have I just described what must sound like the most ridiculous thing ever for no reason? X'D
  4. I've been listening to pretty much exclusively MC Frontalot, Frank Zappa, and Ted Nugent for the past..... while, at least. Is that a weird combination of musicians? I think it is, probably, but a good one by the standards of my ear-holes at least.
  5. Go ahead, I'm actually super curious to hear what it really sounded like, rather than just what I remember it sounding like. Either way I think "bad" and "mid-pubescent/voice-crackey" are going to turn out to be valid descriptors for it,
  6. Akira13

    Saints Row 4

    Yeah I've heard a lot of good things about Saints Row The Third, I'm sure I'll check it out eventually.
  7. Akira13

    Saints Row 4

    Again I've never played SR3 or any of the earlier Saints Row games, but I'll take your word for it I guess? I could see how they might decide to allocate their budget to other, possibly more important aspects of the game, haha. Also DX I was meaning to ask after I saw your profile while PMing you, why are you 30 holy shit. For some reason I seem to remember you at some point long ago specifically stating that you were 19, and now I am faced with the fact that that must have happened literally a little over a decade ago.... Whoa.
  8. Sorry for my forum necromancy, but the mere title of this thread reminded me of the "cover" (heavy emphasis on the quotes there) that I did of the North American One Piece theme song for some sort of contest here back in the day (I'm talking like 2004).... I think I actually won something for it too, which seems insane
  9. Akira13

    Saints Row 4

    I've never played any of the other Saints Row games, but I enjoyed number four a lot. I thought the soundtrack via the radio stations was a particular strong point, lots of variety and great song selection.
  10. Thanks! What lead to the name-switch, if I might ask?
  11. When I deleted the broken link earlier it seemed to direct to an Imageshack URL.... And as I certainly never paid for any sort of premium account there, no wonder it was broken Note: Ok, I definitely haven't been an active forum user in a long time, it took me a solid three edits to figure out how to do the normal hahaha.
  12. I've been good Sledge, just working a lot. This new software was definitely a good choice, yeah, compared to whatever the old one was.... phpBB I think? Or am I wrong? I just know that it was the one that seemed to be employed by every forum everywhere in the early to mid 2000s, haha. Noted.... I guess the old Yusuke Urameshi avatar/sig combo didn't survive my multiple years of neglect, lol. Also, hey Dubird!
  13. They just don't make 'em like they used to then, eh? Haha... site looks good though, there's certainly a whole lot of features that didn't exist the last time I was here.
  14. Hey, what's up, Akira13 here. So I guess the last time I posted was in 2008, and that itself was also a "haven't been here in a while post", which is super weird to think about if I'm being honest. I can barely comprehend the fact that I created my account in 2002, AT THE AGE OF NINE. In summation I think that AC is probably a legitimate contender for longest running forum on the internet, for real. Also, how have you guys been? Any old-timers still hanging out?
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