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  1. there's nothing illegal about cross-referencing / linking to torrent sites
  2. How about some sort of searchable anime torrent aggregates? i.e. not actually hosting the .torrent files, but instead indexing the different various anime trackers? And then you could write some code to pick up keywords, and cross reference parts of the site, putting links to torrents on anime profile pages, etc.
  3. Welcome to the Iron Photoshop 2007 Open! In this battle of wit and pure skill, we will see who see who can make the best signatures. Here are the rules. -------------------------------------------------- RULES For every round there will be three images you must incorporate into the signature. These may either be specific images, or they may just be keywords. There will also be a random word or phrase that must be incorporated into the sig, you may use this as you would a name, or you can put your own name or anyone elses in there for that matter. Image dimensions may not be larger than 46750 px total. (multiply height and width) Rounds will last one week each, unless less than 4 or 5 entries don't become submitted. When the next round starts, previous voting for the prior round starts as well. Anyone may vote, and anyone may submit entries at any time. Voting is limited to one person per vote. While you may vote for yourself, if there is a tie situation and one person voted for themselves while the other didn't, the latter would win the tie. You may submit as many entries as you like. However, you may want to see the below rule.. Voting is done by the image, not the user. While yes, the user will win by getting the most votes on one of his / her images, votes for other submitted signatures will not compound! I.e. if Joe submits two signatures, each getting 3 and 4 votes, and Bob submits one that gets 5, Bob wins. The proper way to vote is to quote the image. The winners of the voting will accumulate points per round much like a tournament in Mario Kart. 1st place will receive 5 points, 2nd place will receive 3 points, 3rd place will receive 1 point; these points will accumulate until the end of the game, whoever has 1st most points, 2nd most, etc. will be the winners. THE GAME ENDS WHEN I FEEL LIKE THE GAME ENDS Lastly, ... I have no idea what we're going to do for rewards. Maybe with time I'll come up with something, maybe the admins can offer some sort of reward. Then again, maybe all you'll be getting is a big ol' heaping of ego. (and I know for a fact that this is the last thing some people need ) ---------------------------------- ROUND 1 - ENDS FRIDAY MAY 11 For round one, you must create a signature incorporating the following elements! IMAGE ONE IMAGE TWO IMAGE THREE PHRASE Good luck, have fun, let the games begin!
  4. Here are my thoughts for potential Spider-Man 4 villians: 1) Lizard - Dr. Connors has been in 2 and 3 (sans arm even) and he's a classic villain, the movies are totally setting it up for Lizard to make an appearance. 2) I'm pretty sure Hobgoblin originated from some guy stumbling upon the Osborns' lab and using their stuff. I hope this is the case, because the super techno / sci-fi gear + costumes they use in the movies look waaay cooler than the comic stuff. I want that board dammit! 3) Maybe Gwen will turn out to be Black Cat? She barely got any airtime, it's like they were just wedging her into Spiderman 3 so she could be an established character for the next movies.
  5. I agree with this man. With that said, however, you can't buy any action figures from Death Proof like I have Planet Terror. Hello my precious Quentin Tarantino action figure. Complete impulse buy too, I was buying some strings for my guitar at Hastings, saw it, and was all like "Holy shit I have to buy this!"
  6. emo toby maguire will destroy you with a dance number In all seriousness though, I loved the movie, in fact it was my favorite of the series. The "sobbing" people are bitching about is due to the culmination of about thirty different plotlines all at once, which is perfectly reasonable especially if they only plan on making it a trilogy. With that said, however, I don't think Venom got enough airtime. Those neckbeards bitching that Sam Raimi is ruining the series, they need to... they need to GANFOBYGDO. Oh god is it good to be back.
  7. Saying Grindhouse is probably going to be a clunker and then championing an Eli Roth movie? You guys have your priorities all messed up Grindhouse was amazing for what it was. The movies aren't really meant to be taken seriously, and in that vein Planet Terror was hilarious. Death Proof dragged for the first 30 minutes, but all that dialogue and character development tl;dr - I loved Grindhouse.
  8. The chase at the end of Death Proof. (Grindhouse) Oh god it was so amazing. Warning: spoilers afoot (sorry about the bad quality) Edit: better quality version + extra scenes, albeit in french on dailymotion: http://www.dailymotion.com/relevance/search/death%2Bproof/video/x1timq_death-proof-grindhouse-2007 FAtGrday3Rs O21UWzOLH4A The 45 minute long one in the original Gone in 60 Seconds was pretty badass too, as was the one in the beginning of The Transporter. There's some nice car chases in the Bourne series too, can't wait for the Bourne Ultimatum to come out.
  9. I'm listening to some Tally Hall, The Killers, and a band called The Fields. http://www.myspace.com/fieldsband
  10. I think the reason the sequel is dropping the Kingdom Hearts name is so they can get out of the whole Disney licensing trap. Square's happy with Kingdom Hearts and wants to take it in its own creative direction, but it's pretty hard with having to include Disney intellectual property. (see: how out of place Mickey looks in some of the newer darker trailers)
  11. Am I the only one raising an eyebrow at Super Smash Bros being included in this list??
  12. Although I haven't played in awhile, PvP servers + DPS rogues is the way to go. My name is Banana Attack, and I'm a ganker.
  13. You could always go to pricey / more complicated route and download Sony SoundForge and mess with modulation layers. That's the way they made the Combine voices and some other things in Half Life 2. Can't help you on free options though, I went on a pretty extensive search myself awhile back to have some fun on Teamspeak. Alas, my searches were fruitless.
  14. That was beta, it's more solid than my XP SP2 installation now. I run it on my laptop, I think it's great... I haven't had any compatibility issues, although for my laptop Aero is just a gimmick I turn on in order to show my friends the cool 3D whoosh effects. Other than that I turn it off and just leave it on the "Vista Basic" theme, basically Aero without the transparency or 3d effects. It's not a resource hog in the least bit without Aero, and that's on a laptop with a crappy integrated video card. On a newer computer with a dedicated graphics card I doubt Aero would even make a difference.
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