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  1. there are a few days it dosnt want to load. so try again is all i can say.
  2. If you are interested in dragons click the following link, click on the dragons or eggs, and create your own account. you can then post your scroll link and have others click your eggs and dragons. You have to adopt an egg and get people to click on itfor it to hatch. Please help my baby dragons grow.
  3. Even the Anbu would fallow Naruto. Danzos anbu wannabes would be the only ones left by his side
  4. is it just me or did this go off topic on a comical way?
  5. ..........UH ya nothin to say to that.
  6. If you all don't remember, Itachi said that eye sight is lost untill they get anothers eyes. when itachi died he gave sasuke his eye abilitys and his sight. soooo he is not going blind anymore.
  7. minion_general

    Gundam 00

    I agree and they say Tieria's name wrong. they say TEE-ARI-A, NOT HOW IT IS SAID!!!!!!!!!!!! ok rant over for now.
  8. minion_general

    Gundam 00

    The first season is dubbed on the above link.
  9. As for Pains mother activateing renengan, if it is a bloodline limit whos to say it was from her side of the family and not the fathers?
  10. did u see narutos eye though? Both Sage mode and Kyubii eyes that was cool.
  11. minion_general

    Gundam 00

    There are three. One before, one durring and one after.
  12. minion_general

    Gundam 00

    Gundam 00 S1 EP1 english dub [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J1RSeKeS-eY]YouTube - Gundam 00 S1 Ep 01 English Audio Dub[/ame] EP 2 [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WskRRwIxyBw&feature=channel]YouTube - Gundam 00 S1 Ep 02 English Audio Dub[/ame] Ep3 [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D0VhcmbDKps&feature=channel]YouTube - Gundam 00 S1 Ep 03 English Audio Dub[/ame] I dont like the haro voice!!!!!!!! Sadly the haros from seed would be better. Bandais link on youtube http://www.youtube.com/user/BandaiEntertainment
  13. minion_general

    Gundam 00

    at the and of 25 Setsuna sais that there is still something to be done. and at the very end they show jupiter with four green GN particle things orbiting it, thats when they anounce the movie.
  14. minion_general

    Gundam 00

    get it right. hes Mr. lucky now
  15. minion_general

    Gundam 00

    OMG!!!!!! O MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!! A i cant wait!!!!!! A...A....A....A.... M. i will wait untill the rest of you watch the final. Or is it?
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