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    BackYard Wrestler
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    Pursuit Of Happiness
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  1. Hate it or Love it by The game Feat. 50 cent
  2. wamaru

    F So-Ci-Ety

    F So-Ci-Ety Whats wrong with So-Ci-Ety? Its bout time you see,through the eyes of me Because I promise anything I can do i'll help, And anything I cant do, I need Y'all's help We all No I cant do this all aloan, Some of yall might, moan, but wateva,after this we'll have, grown.. U see the power lies in our hands, and its time for us to take a stand..(be a man..)... No more excuses,its time to take action.. Forget bout us 4 other peoples satisfaction And on Top of that we got a rasisct President, Who doesnt give a _ bout his non-white residents,...(Impeach!) And I dont understand,whats so good about him?, Why's he still here,if we still got problems? Thats whats up with so-ci-ety,u see im not gonna let the prez,lie 2 me..(yeah....So F it...)
  3. wamaru


    For far too long now, we see people putin each otha down. Insults,Disses,and Bashin just make us scratch our head. Otha dudes be hatin,by what they said It's amazin tha lengths people go to fit in, Theyres way too many deaths up in life of sin The world's full of hate amd its gotta stop, Thugz be sellin Drugs,on tha corner of every block Now theyre's tons of youngens,sufferin from poverty, They dirt poor,don't got a home and they hungry The weathly people got all the money but most don't share Every night,theyres people sleepin on tha ground,dont anybody care?
  4. wamaru

    Hip Hop/Rap

    Ok if its prooven please give me some facts . Anyways, Chain Hang Low gets on my nerves so quickly,same with smack that. The only Hip-Hop I listen too anymore is G-Unit, Twista, or Tupac Shakur. Tupac is by far the best Artist ever.In my opinion..
  5. Darnit I hate warm weather. Not that i like cold weather but. I hate Global Warming.
  6. wamaru

    Hip Hop/Rap

    come on,I know we all like some rap right? So you gotta have a favorite rap or hip hop artist,or atleast a favorite rap song.
  7. wamaru

    G Gundam

    G Gundam is the only Gundam I ever liked.
  8. 3 hours a day,not much more than than that.
  9. wamaru

    Long time no see?

    Even though I never knew you,welcome back!
  10. I know what ya mean,beat those games like 37 times back in the day.
  11. A little late but Welcome.
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