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  1. COBRA

    Go! Go! Go!!!

    b6gZiWeek4w COBRA 2:you know? it's kinda catchy. edit: dang it! i posted it more then once, and still couldn't even get it to work. Eppy EDIT: just use the character after the = sign in the URL....not the whole url in the youtube tags
  2. COBRA


    beat out the host O,o dang!
  3. in the comics, they're doing now, Hulk/Bruce Banner, is seen as a bad guy, a huge threat to earth, as something of a un-natural disaster. and really..he is lol. though i don't remember him being more then just a major source of destruction, in the Movie, then a bad guy, which in that case he would be seen as a bad guy. like the original series. always being chased down, for some reason or another. i think they did try to work with CG too much, and not enough of it was fighting/destroying, and when ever they weren't doing that, they tryed to work on character, which i think more people were upset about then, them not adding it. (as if believeing the Hulk is just mindless destruction only, rather, then what you alreddy said, "a character" )
  4. Nope i don't think you are with me. though i've been trying to work that code you gave me, and no such luck >_>
  5. i had a spider man banner, but due to computer issues *is reminded of the Strong bad virus e-mail problem* we've lost them sense Great banner!
  6. hmm don't think they'll be releaseing it direct to DVD, but could be wrong i guess. but with Marvel pulling out the stops on they're next few Movie releases, and trying to work a Avenger's movie, i doubt they'd want to settle for direct to DVD.
  7. Don't think so, although, david Hayter would be awesome, i loved the guyver movies. but don't think he can cut it for looks. as for that guy who made bloodrayne... he better never touch Metal gear! the nightmares..i can feel them creeping up on me now. O,o
  8. http://www.blacksheep-themovie.com/ anyone else notice how"not scared" they look in the car? at least they're not terrified maybe more..annoyed that there's a bunch of sheep around they're truck?
  9. Booyah, lol man we watched a marathon of those cheesy movies.
  10. Scream was pretty great, the first one for sure. it brought back slashers from Direct to video hell. though it did not stop them from Direct to video release but still. it's one of our favorite slasher/horror movies, and yes it was funny lol.
  11. no not a really dangerous one, but this being in the humor section, somethings bound to go wrong. ENJOY! ONcp0t4hfP4
  12. this seems like a diffrent kind of monster movie, then traditional ones. if it is made like blair witch, the monster would always look imposeing, if it's a giant one, and im assuming it is, cause the statue of liberty's head flew i don't know how many miles. some suggest it's a godzilla sequal. but ehh.. i tend to believe the ones who say it's a monster called Parasite. like most people i think the american godzilla movie would have been better, had it not been called Godzilla. so this could be a pretty good movie. just had to wait for more trailers and the like. but it will probably become a media juggernaught with publicity and merch.
  13. COBRA


    This is a Korean movie, filmed i think in LA, with american actors. or at least they apear to look american, they could have been born/live anywhere. aparently it has the largest budget of any korean movie made. and it looks awesome. (cheesy, much like godzilla) http://www.scifijapan.com/AFM/d00.jpg lQyhg4FuKlk
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