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  1. Welcome to the Ancient Clan you seem to fit in. well enjoy all the madness if not the madness will enjoy you mhaha.
  2. O that episodes “what dos youth mean to you” lol. If that guy came to my school I would kill him if someone dos not get there be for me. Now that I think about it you he is a lot like Gai Sensei.
  3. Well I can show you a website that has all the EP it like youtube so I don’t think you can download them.
  4. Girl Ranma is hot but is that weird she is guy^_^ . I don’t know about Ryoga but P-chan is cute. I think I can do that for you if you want.
  5. I Know some one has seen Ranma ½ but no one talk about so why not? How abut we start with who has seen it?
  6. Want to die in a good way or bad way? Nan you can’t offend that easy, I jus hope I didn’t offend you.
  7. I love it cute and think I have seen it some ware be for
  8. L love it *glomp* I going to play with it a bit, adding color any input
  9. Ok that good take all the time you need O if you did forget me you would not be the fist^_^;
  10. well its not an AMV but it is like it http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GOg0n1Ujx4M
  11. I like it come fome the heart. It seems like that boy was you.
  12. I have sick two times but they last about two days
  13. Thats good I like it. you should do some more.
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