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    Battle Royale
  1. i only have 1! inuyasha vol. 6 i bought it cuz i couldnt find it at the library and i got impatient
  2. sesshogirl1101

    Fav couple?

    miroku and sango seem so perfect for eachother..they balance eachother out...awesome
  3. my question: in the third movie, if tenseiga can save lives (including the owner's) and inu no taishou had it, why did he die?
  4. i love his eyes...they're soooo pretty!
  5. even if there are really bad moments, things will lighten up eventually. i cant wait for those days.
  6. if it helps, no one, not my family or my friends remember mine. the whole day, i feel like shit and last year, i had to wear my RO uniform on my birthday. once, my best friend had to remind my other friend that it was my bday =( but oh welll...i dont really expect anything out of it.
  7. "rape some rapist..." lol retards the girls are such dorks
  8. sesshogirl1101

    Tetris TV

    that seems so fun...i wanna try
  9. yea..i would trade..stupid skittles..i love them. espicially all the green ones! that dumb bunny would cost a lot and then i would sell it and buy more skittles!! it sounded really cute when it bit that dude
  10. omg thats soo funny...imma try one of those one day...it reminds me of this website where this person set a recording of a whole bunch of random stuff to annoy the telemarketer...too bad i forgot the website..it was so funny:p
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