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  1. Well when InuYasha season 3 comes to dvd I want it....
  2. Well I give up on that stupid SEGA SMASH PACK 2 disk....
  3. Yeah it may not be out for a while
  4. I still say mine is Inuyasha he's so adorable especially when he's mad but he's even cuter when he's smiling!!! * Grabs Inuyasha's ears* Also gotta love his ears!!!!
  5. I actually have no clue sorry I am waiting for it too I already have season one and two on dvd box set
  6. I tried what you suggested and it still didn't work its not fair..!!!...
  7. Ok then I will try that I hope it works...
  8. The only thing I don't like about it is the annoying theme song... the dubbed version thats stupid gotta go faster is so annoying!! >.<
  9. lol its funny when he's told to sit.. Kagome:" SIT BOY"!InuYasha:" What'd I do"!?... gotta love it
  10. My cd rom dosnt read my SEGA SMASH PACK 2 disk but itn reads other disks why....
  11. .InuYasha.

    Sonic music

    Yes, yes I also listen to Sonic music. The theme songs and music clips ect but I like it..
  12. Another favorite part was where Inuyasha went to get Kagome for the 2nd time realizes when he gets there's she's sleeping. Then he's like dang she's asleep already and Kagome mumbles then says Inuyasha then rolls over and says sit. I also liked it when her alarm went off he grabbed it trying to bite the top off then runs off with the alarm clock.. I also remembered a bit from that ep. " She chose to go home I didn't force her. She said I'm going home stupid"!
  13. I like Sonic X.. last saturdays ep was a good one but upsetting at the same time...
  14. Inuyasha's adorable!! I Love his ears!! * Grabs Inuyasha's ears*
  15. Yeah those were good epidsodes but I still say two hearts one mind was the best where at the end Inuyasha spazzes out on everyone..
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