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  1. You don't need a million bucks for that man, all you need is a 40 of jack and a house to yourself. I'd bank it for university and later life, and set myself a budget as to how much I can spend monthly/yearly Edit: Oh and I got the reference... Office Space ftw!
  2. Yeah but much to his parents' distress, he keeps coming out...
  3. Keep in mind that if you're drinking for two you have to drink twice as much
  4. I feel your pain, I'm drinking vodka (which I hate) because it's the only thing I have in my house and I lack sufficient funds to buy anything.
  5. Yeah and women don't have to worry about testicular cancer because they don't have testicles, excepting of course the small population of women who do... Saying that the people who make penis enlargement pills are responsible for the spread of STD's (or cervical cancer) because it enables people to have more sex is like saying the people who create guns are responsible for murder because it makes it easier.
  6. This joke was definitely told here a couple years ago, although I can't remember when or who told it, so it may very well have been you Either way it's a good one!
  7. You know, I thought that might have been the case but wasn't sure until you confirmed it for me... Haha I liked the one that Bill Engvall told about the trucker who got his truck caught in an overpass, and a highway patrol officer showed up and said "You get your truck stuck?" "Nope, I was delivering this overpass and ran out of gas."
  8. Or Merry St. Patties Day, or whatever it is you wanna say! Celebrate this day, the day of the Irish with their national beverage... ALCOHOL!
  9. Wolflord

    Come With Me

    huh? There's writing there... It's all white though, so if your background is white you might not see it.
  10. Wolflord

    Come With Me

    Come With Me Come with me, let's take a walk, We don't have to go far, we'll just talk. It won't be long, that you'll be gone. It will be a journey, just you and me. Come with me, let's take a ride, I'll show you my hidden side. It doesn't matter where we go, For wherever I am I'll know, That it's an adventure, just you and me. Come with me, let's run away. Fuck everything else, we don't have to deal with it today. We'll drink and eat and laugh and play, And I know everything will be okay. It will be a whole lifetime, just you and me. Imagine if there was nobody but us every single day. Let's do it, I don't know how but we'll find a way. We'll leave this place, with no direction we'll just roam. We'll keep on going until we find home. And we'll go places nobody else has ever been, And we'll tell our children all the things we've seen. And I know that when it's time to go I'll cheerfully say farewell, For as long as it's with you, it's been a life lived well. Because what is life without love?
  11. That's so ridiculously unbelievable... Maybe things are different in the states but that's not how things happen up in Canada.
  12. Why? It's not like he was attacking your late husband, nor was he saying that those who die of cancer deserve to. It was a joke, you know... Those things that aren't serious? People are going to try and sell what other people are willing to buy. If nobody bought those penis enhancing products, nobody would sell them. The people selling are just fulfilling a demand, and (in my opinion at least) aren't to blame. They gotta eat too, and if selling larger dicks is how they do it well... More power to them. The money could be spent on better things yes, but obviously someone thinks they're important.
  13. I'm not 100% sure he logs on here anymore...
  14. When lol makes it into the dictionary, I'm blowing up the Webster's building.
  15. The cold gets old pretty quick though. We don't have a lot of snow, it's mostly ice. My part of Canada is like that though >.< Not much snow for most of the season just ice ice ice.
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