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  1. Wait, you're telling me all that stuff actually had a point? Wow....
  2. Theres just something about FLCL, something that I don't think can be described....but whatever it is...its pretty cool
  3. I want to see the 4th movie, but I'm waiting until its out in English.
  4. Sesshomaru does care about about Rin and Jaken, no matter what he says. I mean, if he didnt care about them they would both be dead by now.
  5. I just can't stop watching it now.....Its freakin hilarious!!
  6. I don't think you can put the plot into words....
  7. Yeah, I've seen all 3 so far (I'm awaiting the fourth one), and I think 3 is the best so far.
  8. Well, whatever then. I guess some things we're better off not knowing.
  9. Did anyone else notice Izayoi calling Inu-papa dearest? I found that to be pretty cool, considering the 3rd ending for Inuyasha is titled Dearest.
  10. Wow, awesome answers, but I'm still curious how all their parents died and where Tetsusaiga's sheath was. In the episode where Inuyasha defeats Sessy and takes the Tetsusaiga he leaves with Kagome and WITHOUT the sheath (you never see it come to him or see him find it) and when you see them come out of the portal the Tetsusaiga is in its sheath. Its possible it came to him and they didnt show it, but I still wonder where it had been, because it was nowhere near Tetsusaiga. And as far as Kagome's skirt goes....its magical.
  11. Here are a few Inuyasha questions I would love to have answered if I could: Do Inuyasha and Miroku ever shave? Can Kikyo be killed, and if so how? (I would love to know...) Does Sesshomaru ever eat/sleep/shave/bathe? (it rhymes..lol) Where did Inuyasha get Tetsusaiga's Sheath? How old is Sesshomaru? Where is Sango's Mom, Miroku's Mom, Sesshomaru's Mom and Kagome's Dad? What flavor noodles does Inuyasha eat? Thats all I can think of for now, I'll probably have more later on. If you guys have anymore please post them.
  12. Yeah, I needed to find a funny anime, not that Inuyashas not funny, its just not meant only to be funny like Flcl, you know what I mean?
  13. I watched this twice on [adult swim] and all I can say is......wow. Its so complex yet laid back in its own way, it really blew my mind, too bad its only 6 episodes long.
  14. Yeah, the Dragon Twister blew my mind.....Inuyasha's father doing the Wind Scar was freaking cool as well.
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