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    i am fangirl of flying_Monkey
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    where ever monkey last put me
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    making lord mokey happy
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    keeping family in line. (it's harder than it sounds)
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    IY, FB, YYH, kenshin, and TMM
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    Blood rain 2
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    comic party, diabolo, Pita-Ten
  1. Miyu

    doodle doodle sketch

    these are a few cartoon doodles and this sketch i decided to do when i was bored so yeah
  2. Miyu

    Microsoft Word

    i use it all the time, and my name is uncommon so i even had to add that with in the dictionary. But the green and red under lines bug the hell out of me, esp when it says "fragmant (consider revising)" yeah i have gotten that one alot and ever time i press "ignore once" it comes up again pisses me off, but over all i think word is a good program.
  3. Oh My God!!! did you hear that miroku is actually a unic? Hell yah, sango told me all about it in the hot springs!
  4. Miyu

    who do you hate?

    jaken is starting to annoy me along with Shippo. I dont know what u 2 r talking about but i think Kanna is cool
  5. Miyu

    Who would it be?

    i wouldn't mind if inuyasha - koga asked me out, i personally like them all....but sadly my heart has been stolen, and i must seek it
  6. Miyu

    Miroku fan club

    ...er right then...i'm a fan but not the obessing kind of fan that i believe you are but yeah
  7. i swear i didn't mean to get her pregnat!!!
  8. yup yup i argee with lady and hell cat.....hehe fluffy ^ ^
  9. Miyu

    The Ancient Clan

    0.o you guys are all very crazy and in human........owell that's why we're all here right?
  10. sry i think i ruined the game for u guys will this make it better?
  11. site 4 salad fingers; http://www.weebls-stuff.com/toons/salad+fingers/ oh and annoying love that one too; http://www.weebls-stuff.com/toons/annoying/ not needed but just thought u guys would like it
  12. never watched or heard of foamy Invader Zim South Park Futarama Family Guy Beavis and Butthead Simpsons Salad Fingers
  13. that movie was sad as hell!!! i watched it, it made me cry..my mom came in asking what was wrong all i could do was point at the tv and cry even more.
  14. Miyu

    The Ancient Clan

    calm dmn HB.......I MUST KNOW MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. Miyu

    The Ancient Clan

    ^ ^ very awsome kuwa...cant wait for the 3rd chapter
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