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  1. *cries* I was on your side meanies! *rolls away to find suitable weapons Aha! *pulls out a sword fashioned from over starched jeans* (Yay inside jokes) *begins smacking chibi eppys away, making a bee line for eppy himself* This attack may or may not have been my fault lol
  2. *patpaptpat* i blame you.

  3. *grabs an arm full of chibis and cuddles them* yaaayyyy!
  4. I had mine out when I was 11 >_>; surgery was fun to sleep through but yes recovery sucks...
  5. yes hooray me! lol. too bad shit hit the fan on my vaca and had to come home early ;;
  6. I seem to only post when I have a life update, but hey. I love AC >_>;; Anyway, here I am 21 years old. I've been place and made mistakes. Let's start where I think I left off. I stopped taking meds altogether and I am happy to say I am doing amazingly well! I was living in Austin, Texas with ryouga_p-chan for a bit and we moved back here to California. Alas, nothing lasts forever. We would have been dating for 3 years next week, but things just got complicated. I don't really feel like delving too much into it so I shall continue. He is moving back to Texas in September and I will be moving back in with my parents which I am totally excited about! It means I have to find a home for my cat but that's okay. She will be happier being an only pet. I will miss my apartment and my feeling of freedom but my parents, God Bless them ;, are paying for my school. For the first time since 2006 I am signed up as a full time student. Yep, you heard me, Sana is going to school for a degree! I will be studying Early Childhood Education. Things just feel so good for me right now. I have a FANTASTIC vacation planned before school starts. This Friday I am roadtripping it up to Washington, stopping off in Oregon for a few days as well. Then I have Jury duty then it's off to Anaheim for Blizzcon 2009! Then school. I cannot wait for this school year to start So that's pretty much my update in a nutshell!
  7. d'oh! well i hope it gets up and running soon. cuz i'm -always- on facebook ;
  8. cam O_O our convo cut off cuz my phone died >_

  9. I used to drink about 5 MINIMUM a day. I'm down to about 1 every other 1-3 days now. O-o
  10. Otay <3 mine's allyann4

  11. noeCamron on AIM nowadays FYI.

  12. Mike runs dual monitors. Yup. Oh and don't mind the little red square haha. Confidential crap >.<.
  13. not too much you?

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