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  1. OMG I miss Battlefield 2042....was the best game ever! Miss the big titan fights.
  2. The comment everyone is thinking....Oh look its that game Infinity Wa- cough I mean Respawn Entertainment made? I was surprised how much the game reminds me of Titanfall.
  3. Yeah I'v been playing now and also got my old account back too from when it came out(the birthday ingame mails were nice with lvl 20 boosts). Sledge has both of my account names but if anyone else wants to add them Mail Eppette for my one account and Riful Omega for the other account. The game is definitely a lot different from release and bit easier to grasp. Has a weird feel as a cross between TERA's active battle and a traditional MMORPG.
  4. Yeah we are all still around kicking.
  5. One explanation about google not getting it cause the FCC might not have allowed it due to them already owning Twitch's main competitor YT
  6. The first 2 DA games have a different lead protagonist.
  7. mmmm cant wait for this explosion fest =D
  8. This is probably an April Fools joke
  9. Megan Fox is the worst possible choice for April....Michael Bay just needs to stop.
  10. Eppy


    X'D The futility of this makes me laugh * several chibis in robes start chanting in a mysterious tongue as portal start opening revealing suits of flesh and metal* Here come the suits of destruction! *numerous EVA like giants start appearing left and right as the chibis start clamoring into them.* Let these holy units of destruction loose unto these feeble beings that sought peace in these days of yore! *all the Units start to activate the eyes glowing red as they start their charge towards the infidels!*
  11. Eppy


    *watches the chibi's pin Sana-chan down then a handful pull out feathers and grin all evil like*
  12. *patpaptpat* i blame you.

  13. *Walks up to a giant cage hiding in the back of the AC Vaults* Why hello there my pretties =D *hundreds of beady eyes stare at me as I break open the lock and open the door* GO!! LET CHAOS REIGN ACROSS THE BOARDS!!! *Darting out of the dark cage comes forth hundreds of Chibi Eppy's to cause havoc wherever the go* muahahaha *2 Chibi's separate from the horde and make a B line towards Strider*
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