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  1. And I can't believe how much my old posts on the archive make me cringe... Or the fact that I remember several of these screen names.
  2. It was OK, if not a bit over-excessive on the fan service (perpetual panty shots). I wish it stuck a bit more to the manga, since they barely even hinted at Tskune's power. Would have also been nice if they gave the alter-ego more time, though I guess I can't complain. Watch it, but don't expect anything profound; it's just another ecchi romantic comedy, but with vampires (which is a plus).
  3. @eppy: My laptop has 128 megs and runs XP.. It's slow as heck when I try to multi-task, though.
  4. It could also be a problem with your powersupply, if all else fails you may want to take a look at that, or your heating system. If your fan is broken on some systems your machine will re-start when it gets to hot (like my laptop).
  5. I was going to say FireBird, but seeing as how that's already taken, I'll recommend Gmail for webmail, if you were going to make a new email account. Loads better than Yahoo. Especially seeing as how most people I know get a lot of good emails in the 'bulk folder'. Anyway, if you don't have an invite I can email you one. Another email client is Eudora, though it is not as good as FireBird, since it has ads. Off Topic: Wow, the smilie selection has really changed
  6. So, I'm a military redneck, and not in the military? Does it count if they were 22 shots at the seaguls X'D
  7. Inuyasha88

    Who Knew?

    What? My little brother can lick his elbow!
  8. Carebears AND Southpark??? How does that work?? Off Topic: I don't go to newgrounds, too much pr0n and my computer is monitered
  9. By Anime I meant Japanese Anime, since most people don't connect Anime and American cartoons together.
  10. Yes! Family guy is sweet! WAIT!!!!!!!! You NEVER herd of FOAMY??? You have never seen Amity Ville toaster? What sheltered life have you been living?
  11. Well, What is your favorite non-anime cartoon? This in includes internet toons too. 1.) Foamy the Squirrel 2.) South Park 3.) B&
  12. There's a plot, you need to squint when you're looking or it. X'D
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