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    NJ its better for now
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    being an ass, drunking, anime , ect
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    target back room team member - pwned
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    initial-D , all of them
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    fight club
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    The Eyes of the Dragon
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    dirty mags =)
  1. i got a pepsi shirt thats all in japanese and a carton of cigs and i bought myself a 12pack thats about it no family visits either muahahah
  2. the56ker


    the cartoon before the movie kicked ass also >< btw def kids movie but from the groups perspective that i went with cabbit,eppy various others its softcore robot p0rn ><
  3. i would say my min is 100$ 150 tops 28mpg ^_~ and my car is almost 20years old
  4. hmm i got one packed away somewhere its a cheapo cost me like 20$ on ebay i think retail is like 40$ does the job just needed to get an extended barrel so i could increase the psi of the shot without exploding the balls in the chamber i think its an eagle II or somthing like that tippam in the brand i beleave
  5. atari 2600 nes snes turbo graphics sega /master console gamboy brick/pocket/color/sp DS sega saturn sega nomad game gear virtual boy sega 32x/ sega cd n64 ps/ps1/ps2 psp wii xbox gamecube ... i feel like im forgetting a few but meh thats the general over the years
  6. my house is a trailer (big tin can) painted dark red and its got a sheet metal roof and we re-tarred it last year so its black too add too it and for some ungodly reason my room is always 20 degree's hotter then outside ><
  7. hehe im using xp pro ^_~ did a little registry edit and some modification to windows files to set my look up
  8. not too much you?

  9. meh movie wasent that bad it was a little fast paced though for an indiana jones movie honstly though its not much differnt from the older movies sooooo....
  10. =D how's it going?

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