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  1. Miyu

    doodle doodle sketch

    these are a few cartoon doodles and this sketch i decided to do when i was bored so yeah
  2. Miyu

    Microsoft Word

    i use it all the time, and my name is uncommon so i even had to add that with in the dictionary. But the green and red under lines bug the hell out of me, esp when it says "fragmant (consider revising)" yeah i have gotten that one alot and ever time i press "ignore once" it comes up again pisses me off, but over all i think word is a good program.
  3. Oh My God!!! did you hear that miroku is actually a unic? Hell yah, sango told me all about it in the hot springs!
  4. Miyu

    who do you hate?

    jaken is starting to annoy me along with Shippo. I dont know what u 2 r talking about but i think Kanna is cool
  5. Miyu

    Who would it be?

    i wouldn't mind if inuyasha - koga asked me out, i personally like them all....but sadly my heart has been stolen, and i must seek it
  6. Miyu

    Miroku fan club

    ...er right then...i'm a fan but not the obessing kind of fan that i believe you are but yeah
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