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  1. Stinkerbell: Oh I know what you mean about idiot reviewers! I wrote a retelling of The Little Mermaid staring Rin and Sesshoumaru, and somebody just now had the audacity to review me ASKING ME TO REWRITE THE ENDING TO A HAPPY ONE JUST FOR HER. I fell off my chair...are people really so stupid that they think they can tell someone how to write their fanfiction? If she wants a happy ending she can write her own darn story. If you want to find a link to the fic, go to this forum post.
  2. *TEASER* ...I got past the bone trap forest and darted into a giant whale skeleton with flesh still clinging to its bones. I saw a bowl in the middle, a strange torch of blue light and many grotesque white crabs that crawled all around. "Hello?" I drifted to sit by the large bowl. Suddenly, a piece of the darkness wrapped around my tail! I shrieked in fright. "So...here is the little mermaid." I heard a low voice from above. "I knew you were coming to me." Then Naraku descended from the ceiling. He had the lower body of an eel that intertwined itself endlessly about the whale's ribcage and ended in flukes shaped like fans. Fleshy, twisting tentacles extended from his back, one of which held me firmly still. Long black hair floated around his sickly white face. His narrow eyes reminded me of blood droplets that gleamed in cruel pleasure at my plight. His eyelids were pale blue like the unnatural torch. He might have been handsome if his eyes weren't so cold and mocking. I felt his icy fingers wrap around my shoulders. Our faces were mere inches apart. My heart beat so hard I saw my left breast moving. "Please, Naraku...if you knew I was coming, then surely you know what I came for." Naraku laughed softly. "You want to become human so that Sesshoumaru will love you enough to mate with you, thus granting the soul you desire. It is a foolish wish that can only leave you in pain, Rin, but...if you're willing to pay the price, I'll grant it for you." He smiled at me, his face so deceivingly gentle. "Anything." I shivered. Fear twisted my voice small. "No price is too high for a soul." "Good." The tentacle holding me up relaxed, letting me slip to the ground. Naraku tossed a serpent into the bowl to clean it and then began adding several foul ingredients. A tongue, serpent scales, the eye of a squid and crocodile tears. The last was some of his own dark blood. He looked up at me. "It is a good thing you came now. One more day and you might have ended up waiting a full year for my help. Now...this potion I am making will cause an alchemic reaction that will turn your tail into legs. Once you drink it, you will become human forever. You will never again be able to join your family in the sea." "All right- " "The potion will cause you agony when you swallow it. Every walking step will feel as if burning swords stabbed your feet. Shall I continue?" I set my brow and pushed my hair out of my face. Grandmother once said one must suffer in order to be beautiful. Now I understood what she meant. "Yes." The whole story is here. I really had fun doing this fic. Really tested my imagination and my ability to take what Hans Christian Anderson wrote and flesh it out while mixing the story into the IY canon.
  3. I haven't seen the movie where he gets stabbed in the fluffy yet, but I bet the blood is coming from him as he got stabbed through the fluffy and into his skin or whatever. Ouchie.
  4. It's somehow connected, it grows like a bandolier around him when he transforms. It's just so.....so......FLUFFY..... ; I wonder how heavy that thing really is.
  5. Sesshoumaru does have a few character flaws - he's arrogant, selfish and doesn't care much for his own friends in battle, but that changed when Rin came around. Now I've noticed he tells Jaken to get back before he starts beating ass.
  6. Sesshoumaru pwns everybody
  7. Date: Sesshoumaru Hero: Inuyasha Villain: Kanna
  8. This was already discussed? I never saw the topic header But we saw both ends of it when he was lying in the woods after the Wind Scar tore him up. Plus, I think he could move the pelt because it is somehow enchanted to obey whoever wears it and learns to command it, kinda like when he gave Jaken the Staff of Heads(Ninjoutu?) and said he could keep it if he could learn to use it. I like to think of it as an extension of him that isn't attached, just like he sometimes uses his swords as an extension of himself. Also, there are pictures from behind that show the fluff is nowhere near being attached to his butt
  9. "I can trick or treat faster than YOU!"
  10. Sometimes Inuyasha bugs me, but only when he's acting like a total jerk.
  11. Doesn't it just get irritating when people call it a tail? It isn't even attached to Sesshoumaru's backside! I swear if I see one more fanart showing it growing off his tailbone or read one more fanfic where he makes it wag, I am going to have a fit.
  12. Gargoyles Teen Titans Beavis and Butthead Family Guy Futurama
  13. *points to sig* Soukenmaru. He's the child of Sesshoumaru and Rin. The picture in my sig is just an edited screenshot I manipulated to get an idea of how Soukenmaru would look on the show. But I have pictures that I actually drew on my Deviantart account. Newborn Soukenmaru Closeup Holding his swords Personality wise, he's a mix of both parents. He can be as serious and stonefaced as dad, but at the same time he can be playful and a little childish like his mom.
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