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    A lot of the time I can be random. You know say stuff that doesn't make se- MUFFIN! *eats muffin*
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    Wherever Sesshomaru-sama spirits me away to! *waits to be spirited* DAMNIT!
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    Monogopo....Monolo.....The one with the racecar!
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  1. ah i took the dating quiz. that thing is sooooo accurate i date sesshomaru *whistles*
  2. plz let it b true!!! plz plz plz!!! i'm dyin over here for more epis! *keels over* blah!
  3. Fanfics eh? Interesting. No doubt ther are some stinkers *reads fanfic about charrie not even from inuyasha* as with everything, but i'll look for some good stuff
  4. i want more seasons! these re-runs are killing me! *watches shippo gets an angry challenge for like the eigth time* these will be the death of me! *bangs head on compy* when will movie 3 b translated into english anywho? wanna see both sexy silver-haired dog demons fighting common enemy (inu and sessy)
  5. Onto the subject of him seeing less action. This bothers me too, but in a way it just goes to show his superiority more if he can knock out an enemy in less than two seconds then by all means he should. no point in delaying a fight unless you are ego thirsty (thinks about all the lines inuyasha says before killing his foe) he cuts right to the point. he doesn't even have to shout the names of his moves. Iron Reaver, Windscar, and Backlash wave are not really included in his vocabulary that much... with the exception of the times that he talks about inuyasha's moves.
  6. Did it work? I dont know how to insert pics so i'm tryin stuff out
  7. UNGODLY?!?!? most unacceptable personally i have never played the game, but it looks interesting (besides the part wher sessy is ungodly)
  8. nah i dont think it was losing the arm that did it. it was meeting rin. that definately did SOMETHING. besides the few epis after he lost his arm he teamed up with naraku and killed whole bunch of other humans too. s'all bout rin .
  9. woo i knew it! Sessy IS the best! i'm not alone *does dance of happiness* ya. the only flaw i could find in him was the fact that one of his arms is missing that was inu's fault the show should revolve around him...no questions....
  10. out of pure curiosity i'm wondering who the publics fave charrie outta these two is. so, who do you like more? Inuyasha or Sesshomaru? My personal fave is Sesshomaru.
  11. Hiei! he is short and kicks butt I have not met a person yet who can look me in the eye and say straight to my face, "That whole dragon of darkness stuff was soooooo stupid and un-cool." They just couldn't say it before goin insane lol
  12. slim954010

    who do you hate?

    Ayame...grrrrrrr....just look at her with her red pig-tails and all *shifty eyes*. I dunno, mayb its the fact that she likes koga dat ticks me off either way, her and this person coming on the show soon named Sara must go.
  13. Ginta: Do you think he'll notice we died his hair while he was sleeping again? Hikaku: Maybe if we just keep quiet and creep away slowly we can be gone before he notices... Inuyasha: What're you all whispering about? Ginta and Hikaku: NOTHING!!! (sry if i destroyed their names somehow my spelling blows^_^; )
  14. Gotta go with Sesshomaru-sama! He so mysterious, and its cute when he holds hands with Rin. Not to mention the fact that he is super powerful demon, that already makes him awesome! Plus Sessy is total stud:drool: lol
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